Sadr City – Hot Spot

Sadr City – A slum of cinder-block houses and some two million Shiites, this section of northeastern Baghdad has witnessed some of the war’s heaviest sectarian violence. Many of its younger residents are members of the Mahdi Army, a militia loyal to the anti-U.S. cleric Muqtada al-Sadr. Formerly named Saddam City, the district was renamed in 2003 after the Shiite leader and father of Muqtada, Mohammed Sadeq al-Sadr..*

Touch this map and bless the people of Sadr City in Jesus name,
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*Copy from the Council on Foreign Relations

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    Teena Jones Says:

    Lord as You break their hearts and all that will turn to You with broken and contrite hearts in this world; let the cry of all these hearts that the God of the universe show them and lead each believer in what they can do to stand and intercede on behalf of Jesus, for the lost. Let all Your followers weep for the blind, lost, forgotten, tormented, deceived and in bondage of one kind or another.Lyet Your people in Sadre and around the world remember that our wrestle is not against flesh and blood,but against principalities, powers of darkness. “Oh Lord let us dwell in Your Presence to lift up Holy hands. Lord I dwell in Your Presence to learn to walk with You. Lord I dwell in Your Presence to give thanks from the heart. Lord I dwell in Your Presence to worship You now.
    Lord I dwell in Your Presence to humbly hear Your way. Lord I dwell in Your Presence to kneel and obey. Lord I dwell in Your Presence to give thanks from the heart.(Some how You are at work snatching Your own and equipping them as they lean into You!) Lord I dwell in Your Presence to be washed in Your blood.

    You are Lord of all Creation, You are Lord of the light. You are Lord of all the Heavens and Lord of the night. You are Lord if Lord You walk in Holy Light. You are Lord of all the nations. And You are Lord of my alive!

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    Kris Says:

    Dear Lord of all the earth, I ask for the people of Sadr,, that you would protect the innocent there and open the eyes of the people to your truth. I pray that they would know the cross of Jesus Grace and understand how he suffered for their peace across the whole city, even as we see a cross at the crossroads of the photo here. Thank you, in Jesus name.

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