Haifa – Hot Spot

Haifa – Home of the infamous Haifa Street, this central Sunni district has been the scene of heavy sectarian violence since the early days of the war. Dubbed “Purple Heart Boulevard” by American soldiers because of its many car bombs, the street and its surrounding area may be, aside from Sadr City, Baghdad’s most contested and violent neighborhood. *

Jan 2008 Update-
Prayer is working!!!
Excerpt from “World & News Report” article Posted January 10, 2008

For Haifa Street, a Welcome Calm
BAGHDAD – One year ago, Haifa Street’s high-rise apartments were the scene of some of the Iraqi capital’s heaviest fighting. Today, …In the Alawi market, a teahouse is still missing part of its roof, but locals are back playing dominoes and billiards. Three elderly men, their heads swathed in traditional red-checked scarves, sit drinking chai and discussing the day’s news. One of them says he feels “100 percent safe” in his neighborhood…

It’s not “Purple Heart Boulevard” anymore. Because prayer changes things!
Now we need to pray that the peace-loving Iraqis can hold on to what the troops have given them.

Touch this map and bless the people of Haifa in Jesus name,
then leave your prayer in the comment form below so others can agree


*Copy from the Council on Foreign Relations

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  1. 5
    K Whelan Says:

    Amen to all

  2. 4
    kris Says:

    God, please fill the people of Haifa with your truth and love and deliver them from evil. In Jesus name, amen

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    https://marvelcontestofchampionshackgen.wordpress.com/ Says:

    Thanks to my father who shared with me concerning this webpage,
    this website is in fact remarkable.

  4. 2
    Pam Eash Says:

    Father, We pray for the people of Haifa: That You will walk Haifa Boulevard, and that they will have dreams and visions of Issa (Jesus), and many, many residents will come to You and be saved. in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

  5. 1
    Linda Says:

    Father we come into agreement with your word to pray for those who persecute us…I thank you that you are a covent keeping God and so it will be every nation and tongue will confess Jesus Christ is Lord !! Holy Spirit come with your
    Light to illuminate and reveal Jesus the Messiah. I too have been praying for road to Damascus experiences for those blinded and deceived you are no respecter of persons come Holy One send your consuming fire it is not by might not by power or even governments it is by you Holy Spirt
    Hear our cry Father in Jesus name and by the power of your Holy Spirit

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