Dawrah – Hot Spot

Dawrah – A predominantly Sunni enclave in southern Baghdad, Dawra is now one of the six most violent neighborhoods in Baghdad, according to casualty statistics from the city’s morgue. Kurdish and Christian families have been forced to leave the once-peaceful district. U.S. forces are expected to concentrate on this enclave early in their new security operation. *

Give the Lord some gratitude!
Update Jan. 2008 except from Time’s article posted Jan 13, 2008

When Captain Nicholas M. Cook arrived in the Dora neighborhood of southern Baghdad in May 2007, the place was like a ghost town. Nearly 50% of the homes were abandoned and the residents that remained rarely ventured out. Only the crackle of gunfire pierced the streets. “Everyday it was like clockwork — 10 to 11:30 am gunfire would start. They would break for lunch and then start up again in the afternoon,” says Cook, a West Point graduate from Lansing, Michigan who is on his second tour in Iraq.

Today the neighborhood’s abandonment rate is closer to 5%; where there used to be just 11 shops, 160 shops are now open on the main street. There hasn’t been a major incident against Cook and his men for almost three months…
(another field report -the walls come down)

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*Copy from the Council on Foreign Relations

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    Teena Jones Says:

    Lord hedge them in. Surround them with your presence! Open their eyes to recognize Your work in their midst. Soften their hearts to see and believe!

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