20-Protect the Children

Scripture: “May he vindicate the afflicted of the people, save the children of the needy, and crush the oppressor.” -Psalm 72:4

Prayer: Lord, You are the God of the innocent. You look upon those who are oppressed with great favor and compassion. Your heart is toward the humble, and those who are cast down.

child.jpgI bring before You the children of Baghdad, and I ask that You would protect them today. Dispatch Your angels to watch over them and keep them from harm. Decree from heaven that this day be the “Day of the Child” in Baghdad. A day when no mother has to pick up her lifeless child from the street, and no father is seen weeping with a body in his arms.

According to Your Word Lord, “vindicate the afflicted today, save the children, and crush all those who promote violence and terror.” Let Your light from heaven shine down on Baghdad, and drive back the darkness. In Jesus name, amen.

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  1. 284
    June Says:

    Amen Lord God,
    You have promised to protect your children and to lift up the lowly. You have promised that you would bring the haughty (oppressors) to their knees and humble them.
    Hear the prayers of those who are oppressed and lift them up – move the oppressors far from them and let your children live in peace. AMEN

  2. 283
    elizabeth from south carolina Says:

    Yes Lord hear this prayer and answer from Your Throne room.
    protect the precious ones Lord! Your Kingdom come today as it is in heaven!

  3. 282
    dolores kulik Says:

    Thank You Father for blessing the children of Haifa, Baghdad, Iraq, and Afganistan today in Jesus Name. Crush and destroy the evil spirits that work thru those that enjoy terror and violence against these innocent ones. Silence them Father, and bring Your ministering angels to protect and guide the children to safety each day. Give their parents, Your visions/dreams of who You are and what You have in store for them, let Your Glory come over all the children today, use them for Your Names’ sake, in Jesus Name, so be it.

  4. 281
    Caroline Says:

    Heavenly Father,
    We come before You in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We know that children have a place in Your heart. Today, we come in agreement asking You to cover the children of Baghdad and this area with Your hand, tuck them under Your wing and shelter them from all harm. Post Your angels about them and speak to their hearts about You. Draw them sweet Papa, into Your love. Show them Your glory, strength, compassion, Spirit, and give them a VISION of hope. Thank You for the plans that You have for their lives and a renewal of self worth in their lives. Help each of them to know that they are special and loved by You like no other can love them. We bind confusion and fear away from them in Jesus name and loose Your Word, Spirit, & purpose ! In the mighty and precious name of Jesus.

  5. 280
    Dottie Says:

    Dear Father I lift up the children of Iraq to you tonight and pray for their safety, Cover them and hold them in the hollow of your hand. Crush the enemy who would do harm to these innocent children. May our troops be a good example to them and may they grow to value freedom and peace for their land.
    Nothing is impossible for you dear Lord.We pray for all of Iraq that peace would prevail and we pray this in Jesus name. Amen

  6. 279
    char Says:

    In The Name above every Name-JESUS!Oh, Lord that Your angels would go forth and shield the children, and stand between them and all harm-we draw a Blood line around them and declare The Blood of Jesus, the passover lamb will cause the angel od death to flee In Jesus Name. Bless You Lord! The Mighty fortress , their shield and buckler. You alone are God – we praise Your Name, for putting terror on the people who are causing it -In Jesus Name. Amen

  7. 278
    Lynn Says:

    Oh Heavenly Father – we do stand united under the authority of Jesus as You have given us this job to do – we command that no weapon meant for harming our soldiers and our allies will be effective over this month that alQueada has declared a step-up in attacks against the US military. You have said that when we ask, we should believe and not doubt. Father, I believe that You will honor our requests for our soldiers. Help us to do our part – to increase our prayers to You and worship of You. Help us to not fear during this time, but to stand firm and solid in the knowledge that throuh Jesus we can do all things because He gives us strength. We are commited to You, and commited to pray daily. Thank You, Jesus, Father God, that our requests go straight to Your ears. It is with confidence and love that I pray in Jesus name. Amen and Amen.

  8. 277
    Audrey West Says:

    Oh, Lord,,

    You are for the children. Please protect them today and keep them safe and parents away from all anxiety. Let the children play freely without fear of bombs or violence. Let the children hear about Your gracious love and peace that passes all understanding. In Jesus’s precious name. Amen.

    I Love You, Lord!
    Audrey West

  9. 276
    Audrey West Says:

    Oh, Lord,,

    You are for the children. Please protect them today and keep them safe and parents away from all anxiety. Let the children play freely without fear of bombs or violence. Let the children hear about Your gracious love and peace that passes all understanding. In Jesus’s precious name. Amen.

    I Love You, Lord!
    Audrey West

  10. 275
    Audrey West Says:

    Oh, Lord,,

    You are for the children. Please protect them today and keep them safe and parents away from all anxiety. Let the children play freely without fear of bombs or violence. Let the children hear about Your gracious love and peace that passes all understanding. In Jesus’s precious name. Amen.

    I Love You, Lord!
    Audrey West

  11. 274
    Faye Says:

    Father, I praise Your Holy Name. I cannot look at the face of that child in the picture today without weeping. Father, will You please help him and all of the others like him that are probably running from rubble to rubble looking for their father, mother or other family members. PLease make Baghdad a safe place for these oppressed people. Let them have shelter, food and clothing. Please, Father, hold back the enemy; they have destroyed so much.
    In Jesus’ Precious and Holy Name. Amen

  12. 273
    Carolyn-Mother of a soldier Says:

    Father God, I come to your throne of grace asking for the mercy of these innocent ones,that they might find grace through you Almighty God. I cry out for the children of Iraq. I cry out for their safety Lord. Send your angels to encamp round about them keeping them from all harm. I plead the Mighty Blood of Jesus over every Iraqi child. Our soldiers as well. And for my 2 babies that are over there fighting for the freedoms that we take for granted. Keep them in perfect peace whos mind is stayed on thee! AMEN and AMEN.

  13. 272
    BELLA Says:


    Send those innocent childrens the light from

    Heaven? ? God Bless them Give them the courage???
    Many Thanks

  14. 271
    Pat Fike Says:

    Today, Lord, in light of the new Al-Qaeda threat in Iraq, we come before you with boldness to ask for the people, soldiers, and police of Iraq. But especially, Lord, we ask now for our U.S. and coalition forces in Iraq. We ask Lord that you send forth your warrior angels to fight in behalf of our soldiers during the next month. We pray for your special protection against the darts and arrows of the enemy against our forces. Be round about them as the walls are around about Jerusalem. Give them songs of deliverance and dreams in the night seasons that they may have strageties against their enemies. We pray you would give General Petraeus and all in command, special wisdom, revelation and knowledge above their own to know how to fight this enemy. We also ask that the forces of darkness behind Al-Qaeda and the Sadr Brigades be neutralized in the name of Jesus. We ask Lord for your Blood to protect the people of Iraq, their armed forces and ours. We pray that the work of enemy will fall to the ground and become useless. As in 2 Chronicles 20, we pray that the enemy will begin to fight among themselves and all their threats and intentions would be met with the High Praises of God’s people in behalf of those who are facing this threat. Lord we Praise Your Glorious Name, for unto the Lamb and unto your Throne be Glory, and Power, and Honor and Blessing forever, and forever more.

  15. 270
    Betsy P. McAllister Says:

    Your Word, O Lord declares, “The Lord is a Warrior!” Please be the Heavenly Warrior that You were against Pharoah, against Goliath, against Sennacherib, and so many other powers who got in the face of Your children, and threatened them. Show Yourself as the One Who fights for YOur people. Show Yourself as the God Who loves and cherishes and protects the little children from the enemy who is so much greater than they are. You are the Creator of the Universe and You hold all life in Your hands. We are helpless without YOu, and we cry to You for mercy. In Jesus’ name.

  16. 269
    Janice from Georgia Says:

    Heavenly Father,

    I pray that You would remove from Baghdad and Iraq the dangers that threaten the well-being of the children in that land. So much violence has been a part of their existence that they hardly recognize the sound of peace. They have known little of freedom to come and go without looking out for some enemy to do them harm. Please Lord make a better life for them. They could not choose where they were born. It is not fair that they should have to suffer so much violence in their homeland. I call out to You on their behalf to secure their land. Bind up the enemy so they are no longer to be feared. Melt the weapons so they are no longer to be used by the enemies against the children and their families. Keep the suicide bombers far from where the civilians gather. If their bombs must blow up then please let it be far away from any child or relative of the children. Please turn the destruction meant by the enemy forces to harm the innocents to be turned inward to do away with any plots conceived for future injury. Lord, I call on You day after day to make a good difference in Baghdad. I know You must get tired of hearing from me but I will sound like a broken record on behalf of the dear children. Please bring peace to stay in Baghdad and Iraq. Through Jesus, Amen

  17. 268
    Patricia/Greenville, SC Says:

    Abba Father, we praise You Oh Lord as we know that this minute all the children are hidden and protected under the wings of your angels. They are invisible to anyone wishing them harm. No mother will ever have to be in tears over the loss of a child. We praise You for Your provision for each and every circumstance that comes to threaten these children. We thank You that You are an enemy to their enemies and that You will crush any force that threatens them. We praise You for Your light which shines in darkness bringing hope and peace where there is fear and anxiety.. We do plead the blood of the lamb over all of Your people as watch Your glory unfold…In Him…Patricia

  18. 267
    Sherrill Says:

    Father, amid our joy and love of life, our happy days here among this blessed country, we will take time out never ever forgetting those who died for us to be safe and secure today. We thank God for those who have passed on, but especially we ask You, God, to bless those who are fighting today for these privileges. Help them to know they are not forgotten, Lord. We ask it in Jesus’ Name, Amen

  19. 266
    Rebecca Says:

    Father, Father, You are our protector, our comforter, our shield in a time of battle. Father God, cover, hide, shield, protect the children in Iraq today and tomorrows. Lord our hearts break at the thought of buring one of our own children. For you love those children far more then we can comprehend. Father you see, hear the anguish, sorrow from families losing those they love, in Iraq,& Afghanistan, daily. Father have MERCY on them, us. Let today be a day of miracles! The future of any nation or people is in our children. Father raise up those who will grow up to know You, and love You. Lord, again I pray for our troops and those sent to Iraq & Afghanistan to bring peace….Lord send forth Your Angels, Your front Guards & Rear Guards. PROTECT THEM, In Jesus Name I Pray. The Wondeful Name Above Every Name! JESUS!

  20. 265
    Joan Gintella Says:

    Yes Lord, we come in agreement that this be the DAY OF THE CHILD in Baghdad. Let there be no deaths of children today Heavenly Father. Put a hedge of protection around each and every child in Baghdad today to keep them from ALL danger and harm. We also ask you to put a hedge of protection around our precious American soldiers for this entire day and night. Blessed be the name of the Lord. In Jesus name, Amen and Amen

  21. 264
    Laura Says:

    Our Father, Our Dad in Heaven
    We pray for these innocent children who get caught in the cross fire each day, live with the terror of not knowing if they are safe, if their families are safe and we ask that You hold them close to You as You did the children who sought after You while on earth. Fathwe we seek You too as Your children and ask that You defend these children and send the right people in their paths to share Your good news!
    Thank You Father we can ask these things in Your Son’s most Precious Name

  22. 263
    Pam Says:

    Dear Father,
    I would come before you today on behalf of the precious innocent children of Baghdad. You said to let the little children come unto you. Lord send your mighty angels to guard and protect them..let them remain unharmed.Let them grow up to worship and adore you in that place…see your hand upon them, realize it was you who spared them, have a witness on their lips always of your glory. May this be today in Jesus name! Amen and Amen!

  23. 262
    Joan Says:

    Dear Heavenly Father, I come before you with a heavy heart for the people of Iraq, and the coalition soldiers of all nations that are fighting for the freedoms for the Iraqi people. Threats have been made against the U.S. Soldiers and those working with them. I pray for your protection of these soldiers and Iraqi. Please guide them in their ways and blind the ones that are trying to destroy this country and its people. Confuse them Lord, and lead them away from their destructive desires. In Jesus Precious Name, I pray. Amen

  24. 261
    Judith E. Connell Says:

    Who takes care of the children? The Lord God on High. Our part is to pray. And that we will do!

  25. 260
    Lula from Jasper Al. Says:

    Father God Creator of heaven & earth & the full-ness there of; I come to You in earnest prayer to plead for the protection of the little ones,the frail,broken & downhearted in Iraq and throughout the land of covenant! These are Your peoples Lord Jesus & as You are not a man that You should lie nor a man that You should repent, let Your word re: these peoples manifest its-being! Lord I praise You & You alone. For you are the God of the impossible, the God of ALL wisdom & understanding! Confuse the “dark ones” that plot evil in dark places. Lord let Your Holy Light shine forth to foil their evil thirst for innocent blood! In Jesus name I thank You, Amon

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