20-Protect the Children

Scripture: “May he vindicate the afflicted of the people, save the children of the needy, and crush the oppressor.” -Psalm 72:4

Prayer: Lord, You are the God of the innocent. You look upon those who are oppressed with great favor and compassion. Your heart is toward the humble, and those who are cast down.

child.jpgI bring before You the children of Baghdad, and I ask that You would protect them today. Dispatch Your angels to watch over them and keep them from harm. Decree from heaven that this day be the “Day of the Child” in Baghdad. A day when no mother has to pick up her lifeless child from the street, and no father is seen weeping with a body in his arms.

According to Your Word Lord, “vindicate the afflicted today, save the children, and crush all those who promote violence and terror.” Let Your light from heaven shine down on Baghdad, and drive back the darkness. In Jesus name, amen.

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  1. 9
    tony blandino Says:

    Lord bring the three warrior’s taken hostage home safe to their families. Please put a hedge of protection around all our warrior’s.

    In Jesus’s name,


  2. 8
    Kyung Sue Says:

    I have joined the prayer patrol,as I know that there are good people out there, who do pray, not only in time of need or crisis in their lives,but daily ( or weekly ), whatever your pattern.
    My heart goes out to all children, throughout our world..those who have lost their parents not only because of war, but also because of disease, and those of abuse.
    We will always have conflicts in this world, because some will always be tempted by the Evil one….
    The battle of the angels is ongoing, and unless
    we can get more people to pray ( Prayers is our
    communication with GOD )…..we lose more people to the Evil one.
    Let us therefore, join each other in daily prayers
    Let us send our prayers to heaven and let us grow in number, so we can one day say that we did our part in this world in the short time we are given.
    Praise GOD! Pray,pray,pray!

  3. 7
    Lisa Locklear Says:

    Make every day a Day of the child in Baghdad. They are the innocent casualties in this war.

  4. 6
    Dianne Says:

    Oh, the children…. my heart breaks for them. Of course, I will pray that this is the Day of the Child and that the Lord will protect each and every one of them. And that He has His will with the grown ups in Iraq.

    In Jesus’ name,

  5. 5
    Barbara J Solly Says:

    I am blessed even with the comments. They speak the Father’s Heart!

  6. 4
    Barbara Says:

    Aaaah, Yes, the children! I thank You, God, for all the pics sent home of soldiers loving the children. As I pray for their protection, I also pray that their memories of helping, caring soldiers will remain and that seeds of kindness sown in them will sprout and mature through the years, setting the stage for greater appreciation for what our guys and gals have sacrificed to do for them and to teach them a better way of life, working toward peace and unity. I believe, Lord, that there are those average citizens in Baghdad that SEE the truth in what our forces are doing. I believe, Lord-God, that the MANY are like those of us here who are peace-loving and God-fearing, but are caught in the vice of good and evil where leadership is concerned. I pray, O God, that these children will grow up to take a stand for RIGHT and for HOLY.. pure and untainted in the eyes of Sweet Jesus. TUrn Your SPirit loose on the children,I pray and raise Yourself a generation of peace warriors in this land we call Baghdad and Iraq.

    Thank you, Father-God for Wayne and his wife. Continue to bless their efforts to HONOR your name among the people of Iraq and to set the stage, by interceding prayer, for JESUS to reveal Himself and minister to hearts individually and corporately in that faraway from me land.

    In JESUS’ name, AMEN.

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    Dewayne Says:


  8. 2
    Sharon Yoder Says:

    Thanks for the “print prayer button”. and thanks for the immediate response! Thanks, Sharon

  9. 1
    Katie Rhodes Says:

    Thank God for this move of prayer for the people of Iraq. Thank God for your picking up the Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God, to bring down the schemes of the spiritual enemies who want to see this strife prolonged. May the Lord accomplish all His heart’s desire in Iraq and all the nations involved in the war, to promote righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit, to expose the schemes of the enemy, and to set the captive free. I look forward to every day’s prayer patrol.

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