18-Unity Among the Troops and Police


“There was a period of time when coalition forces had to urge Iraqi forces to fight. That is not the case anymore. They are not only capable of fighting, but they want to fight for a sovereign Iraq.”
-Brig. Gen. Dana Pittard, commander, Iraqi Assistance Group, to reporters in Baghdad March 11.

Scripture: “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity!” -Psalm 133:1

Prayer: Lord, You count the stars and You know them all by name. You measure the waves of the sea and place boundaries on its shores. You know the hairs on my head and the thoughts and intentions of my heart. Nothing escapes Your notice, there is no one else like You.

soldier_police.jpgLord, I thank you for the brave men and women of the Iraqi police force and army. I ask for Your blessing of unity to be on them as they work along side the allied troops.

I focus on the military operations today in Baghdad, and I ask for your grace and favor to be with teams as they go out: help them to move together in unity, and to function as one cohesive unit. Knit them together, Lord, into a solid force for peace, and give them victory after victory today as they patrol the city. In Jesus name, amen.

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  1. 163
    Sabrina Says:

    Heavenly Father, let unity ring among our troops and the Iraqi Police force. Let Your presence rest heavily among them. Give them victory not just for today, but for every day. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

  2. 162
    char Says:

    Oh, Lord! I ask that You would send the angels to patrol the streets with them! Lord cover them under the shadow of Your wings! Oh, Mighty God! Arise , Lord and grant us victory-In Jesus Name!

  3. 161
    Audrey West Says:

    Dear Father,
    Please help the unity of the forces to be real. Let each soldier and police know that there is a special sweet aroma in the unity it shows. Please let them know it is from You! In Jesus name, Amen.
    I love You, Lord.
    Audrey West

  4. 160
    nina Says:

    Thank You for this day Father. Blessed be Your name in heaven and on earth. I pray in agreement with the faithful prayers said. Thank You Father for hearing our prayers and answering our prayers. There’s been less attacks in recent months- THANK YOU Father! Please keep Your hand on these soldiers and precious people. Allow Your Holy Spirit to surround this place with unison, victory, prosperity, and freedom that can lead to You. In Jesus name, Amen.

  5. 159
    Elaine Delafield Says:

    Sorry about the xmas card inquiry . I found it on you e-mail. I would love to ask you to have a Jerusalem prayer patrol. and sometimes I include that with the Bagdad one, but you do shuch a good job…maybe you would consider writing one each day for Israel and the U.S. Thanks so much. Elaine

  6. 158
    Elaine Delafield Says:

    Please send me the address of were to sent cards to the troops. I could not open the prayer central.net/bagdad/bless web site. Or I could not find it on the web. Thanks, Our church and our Aglow want to sent cards. Elaine Delaifeld

  7. 157
    Dottie Says:

    Dear Father may our troops and the Iraq military work together for to end this war. May they be able to determine who the enemy is and may you grant them wisdom for the task. Cover them with your mighty hand and lead them in the right direction. Give wisdom from on high.May your name be glorified through all of this. We pray in Jesus name. Amen

  8. 156
    Lover of Truth Says:

    Our Father Who art in heaven:

    We reverence Your Name and your wonderful attributes. We praise You today for all You have done in Iraq. Baghdad and the neighborhood of Dawrah. We thank You, Father for bringing life, health, peace, and prosperity to Dawrah today and in the days and weeks and months and years to come. Thank You LORD for the courage You have given to the Iraqi people to defand their nation and keep it safe. Thank You LORD that Your powerful presence is in the nation of Iraq and that it will be a model for the entire Middle East. Thank You that total victory will come to Iraq and the world will see that nation transformed as the leadership and citizens come to know Yeshua and His sacrifice for the sins of the world. Thank You Father that Iraq will become a beachhead for the world to have demonstrated before their eyes the power and conquest of love over hate, of humility over pride, of tenderness and mercy over destruction and death. You reign LORD. You are the King of Glory and the nation of Iraq will open the ancient gates and welcome Your presence. God of love and light may Your love and light penetrate the darkness of the world and cause many goat nations to become sheep nations who understand Your plans and Your will for humanity and the nation of Israel. May Your KIngdom come and Your will be done. MARANATHA COME LORD JESUS AND TAKE UP YOUR THRONE…In Your Name AMEN

  9. 155
    Carolyn-mother of a soldier Says:

    1st Chronicles 29:11-12 says, “Thine, O Lord, is the greatness, and the power, and the glory, and the victory, and the majesty: for all that is in the heaven and in the earth is thine; thine is the kingdom, O Lord, and thou art exalted as head above all.” 12)Both riches and honour come of thee, and thou reignest over all; and in thine hand is power and might; and in thine hand it is to make great, and to give strength unto all.” I pray Lord that you would strengthen the Iraqi soldiers, give strength to our soldiers as well. Only through you do they have the victory. Strengthen and unite the Iraqi and US military. Let them stand strong together. For United they stand Lord. Bring them the victory in Jesus Name. AMEN!

  10. 154
    Laura Says:

    Father, Redeemer and Friend

    AMEN and AMEN to the prayers said today on behalf of the Iraqi police and the military – we are one in accord Father so be in Your will to be done and we pray that these men and women will be in one accord to free Iraq.
    In Your Son’s Name we pray

  11. 153
    Joan Bowe Says:

    Precious Father, thank You for the blessings of a good report. Thank You that these dear people, men and women of the Iraqi police and army are rising up, ready to defend and protect the freedom that has been brought to it’s land. Oh, that they would come to know Your Dear Son from Whom true freedom comes.

    Please protect those serving in the police and army in Iraq and bring unity amongst them that they might work together and hold fast to that which they have received, in Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

  12. 152
    nhele Says:

    DEAREST ABBA FATHER GOD in JESUS NAME i pray for the mutuial respect,friendlieness and unity of purpose when our USA MILITARY HEROES and Iraq’s police and military go out on missions togather to accomplish peace in the country and cities of Iraq. Let a strong bond of trust develope between the two militaries and examples of Christianity our TROOPS show win many over to belief and salvation in JESUS CHRIST. i pray you would send your angels to gaurd and protect them as they go on patrols togather. AMEN

  13. 151
    Jennifer Says:

    And inroads for Christian soldiers to share their faith and encourage any Christian Iraqis. In Jesus’ Name we pray.


  14. 150
    Ruth Nunn Says:

    Father, bring unity among the police and troops. We trust You with their lives.

  15. 149
    Kim Says:

    Dear Lord, give them strength to protect their families.
    In Jesus’ Precious Name, AMEN!!

  16. 148
    Karen, CT, USA Says:

    Father God, you put us here for such a day as this and such a time as now. We praise your Holy name and give glory to your Son Jesus. We honor the men and women who serve our country and the people of Iraq who stand united in the cause of freedom and we pray Father you continue to give the people of Iraq visions and dreams of your son Jesus and his glory to bring Iraq into your divine purpose. We love you Father and know all things work together for the glory and honor of you God Almighty. Amen

  17. 147
    Faye Says:

    Lord, I praise Your Holy Name: I ask that you will give the Iraqi people the iniative to stand up for themselves. I pray for the police officers and the military that are instructing them to be safe. Let the enemy know that these officers will stand up against them to save their people. Let the enemy know that things are changing for the better and that their plans will not be completed. I Pray these things in Jesus’ Precious and Holy Name. Amen

  18. 146
    Sue Says:

    Our Dear Heavenly Father, we come to you this day with thankful hearts. We are so thankful to call ourselves children of God. How greatful we are that you care and guide us daily. Please be with every person who reads this message and especially our armed forces all over the world during this Thanksgiving time of the year. Bless them. Guide them. Place your hand on every one of them and give them everything they need to be safe and come home again. Amen.

  19. 145
    Janice Says:

    Heavenly Father,

    It is another day of patrols in Baghdad. It is another chance for the the military troops and the police to learn ways to act together in unison to increase the effectiveness of their actions. Where there are disagreements about how to maneuver let wisdom take over without the need for anyone to win in having their own way over the best way. Bless all the efforts to work together in unison. Let everyone involved recognize the better results from working as one force against the enemy. Let the Christians in the group shine the light of Christ brilliantly so that peace within the group will allow all to feel included in decisions and want to do the best at their assignments. Hear the prayers of the many who are united around the world in praying for peace in Baghdad. Through Jesus, Amen

  20. 144
    Carol Says:

    Thank You Lord for this day and thank You for our Troops fighting to keep our freedoms and liberties and for the people of Iraq and Afghanistan. I pray that you will continue to give them the wisdom and guidance that they need to do their jobs with honor and integrity. Bless them for their sacrifices and those of their families and loved ones back home. Give them serene thoughts of loving kindness and shield them with the wings of Your Angels. Bless the Iraqi people and people of Afghanistan and lead them with Your loving kindness. These things I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen
    Carol of Frost, Tx

  21. 143
    Alice Carrel Says:

    Father God I thank You for leading the troops in the right direction to teach the innocent men in Baghdad and Iraq to defend their cities,their land and their families. I thank You Lord that they are recepive of the Military who are there to help them. I pray that as Thanksgiving Day is getting closer that we will all remember to take that day and give thanks for all Your many blessings. And Lord I pray that there will be no fighting on that day and even the enemy will ceace fireing.Please Lord continue to bless Your loved ones in the middle east and may one terrorist turn away from satan an give his or her life over to You this day. Please grant Your people Grace this day Lord. In Jesus name.I pray . Let Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven…..Amen

  22. 142
    Sherrill Says:

    Father, it is soon to be Thanksgiving. Don’t let us forget that we owe You all that we have and are.

  23. 141
    Jean Says:

    Dear Father in Heaven, I give You thanks for those Iraqis who have bravely presented themselves to the military or to the police in order to work for the recovery and healing of their nation. Please be with them today as they serve, often at great risk to themselves, putting the well-being of others and the needs of their nation ahead of their own. I agree with the prayer that there would be unity among them. May they find excellent communication and great support for one another as they work toward a common goal, and may Your will be done in Baghdad and in all of Iraq to the glory of Your Name. May it be proved that there is more power in unity than in the enemy’s attempts to provoke fear. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

  24. 140
    Lily Says:

    Father; we come before You this sabbath day; thanking you in advance for what You have already done for our different troops,and also in the lives of the Iraqi people,(policemen).
    We acknowledge that You are our peace maker. Now Lord I pray for the peace of Jerusalem, as well as for peace and unity in Baghdad this day, as well as in the coming days.
    In Jesus name we pray,

  25. 139
    Sabrina Says:

    Amen and amen!

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