18-Unity Among the Troops and Police


“There was a period of time when coalition forces had to urge Iraqi forces to fight. That is not the case anymore. They are not only capable of fighting, but they want to fight for a sovereign Iraq.”
-Brig. Gen. Dana Pittard, commander, Iraqi Assistance Group, to reporters in Baghdad March 11.

Scripture: “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity!” -Psalm 133:1

Prayer: Lord, You count the stars and You know them all by name. You measure the waves of the sea and place boundaries on its shores. You know the hairs on my head and the thoughts and intentions of my heart. Nothing escapes Your notice, there is no one else like You.

soldier_police.jpgLord, I thank you for the brave men and women of the Iraqi police force and army. I ask for Your blessing of unity to be on them as they work along side the allied troops.

I focus on the military operations today in Baghdad, and I ask for your grace and favor to be with teams as they go out: help them to move together in unity, and to function as one cohesive unit. Knit them together, Lord, into a solid force for peace, and give them victory after victory today as they patrol the city. In Jesus name, amen.

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  1. 588
    Terri P. Says:

    Lord God, You are Mighty, Powerful, All Consuming, All Wisdom and Understanding is from You. Love Respect and Honor flow from You! Unity is in Your inward parts and as we are made in Your Image all these things and more are supplied to us as Your Children! How Great Thou Art! We bless Your Wonderful Name!
    I am in agreement with thses who have prayed Father, we know that a spirit of division is not of You , but the enemy who roams around seeking whom he may devour. We bind that spirit of division and loose the assignment of confusion and lies of the enemy today In Jesus Name. We cry Unity and Victory Favor and abundant Grace and Mercy to be shed on our troops and the peacekeeping forces of Iraq! That together they will work to see the changes You plan for Iraq! That the blood shed and the sacrifices made are not in vain Father! We know the price is great, but will in the end bring victory and GLORY to YOUR NAME! amen

  2. 587
    Betsy P. Says:

    Father, You are the God of the impossible – the things that are impossible with man are possible with God. Thank You that You have done that which many said was impossible. You have produced unity among the coalition troops and the Iraqi police. We praise You and glorify Your Holy name!
    Increase the unity, we pray! Increase the peace. Your Word says that of His (Your Son’s) government, and of His peace there shall be no end! Glory to Your Holy Word!
    Cover the people of Dawrah with unity and peace today; and may they, the troops/police, and their families lie down in peace tonight and sleep. In the name of the Prince of Peace, Jesus, I pray, amen.

  3. 586
    Audrey West Says:

    Dear Lord,

    Please keep the unity going and help the Iraqi force be encouraged and steadfast at their Job. Please bless all the women and men who helped in their training and bring them all home safe and sound. In Jesus precious name, Amen. I Love You, Lord.
    Audrey West

  4. 585
    Lily Bright Says:

    Dear Lord
    I pray that Your Kingdom Come, and Your Will be done today in Baghdad, in Jesus name.
    Lord, thank You for being our God; I thank You that You are watching over our military personnel in Iraq; I thank You that by Your grace and Mercy You are keeping us in perfect peace, as we wait upon You.
    I ask today that there be unity among the troop and the police force, in Jesus name,
    Amen and Amen

  5. 584
    ruth d Says:

    Abba,Blessed Savior.Bring together all the troops,police and allied forces and connect them spiritually and of one purpose.Lord lay the Holy Spirit on these Blessed Souls and lead them to Victory.We will remember to give you all the Honor and Glory forever. Amen

  6. 583
    Sharon M Says:

    Holy Father,
    I pray for the unity that only you can provide. I pray for a finishing of what has been started in Iraq. let Your kingdom come and Your will be done. In Jesus Holy Name. Amen.

  7. 582
    lula jasper,al. Says:

    Amen to todays prayer Father.Bring Glory to Your name oh Lord, in Yeshua/Jesus’ name…

  8. 581
    Dottie Says:

    Dear Father I too pray that you would knit our troops and the Iraqi forces into one solid unit to work for peace for the people there. My prayer is for the people to co-exist together and work out their differences in a peaceful manner. Father direct their thoughts and help them to agree to disagree so that peace can prevail. I pray in Jesus name. Amen

  9. 580
    Dottie Says:

    Dear Father I pray for the troops that are patrolling in Iraq. Father keep them honorable and true to their word. Give them safety as they try to keep order. May they be respected by the people of Iraq and may they realize that all is being done for their good. Help our men and women and their police force to work together in harmony.Thank you Father for hearing and answering our prayers. Do not allow any blood to be shed today. May the ones who are plotting to do evil be caught in the act. Do not allow innocent men, women and children to loose their lives today. I pray in Jesus name. Amen

  10. 579
    Jean Says:

    Dear Father in Heaven, I pray for great success for those who endeavor to bring stability and peace to Iraq and ultimate victory. Thank You that even though there are those in the world who love violence and are bent on forcing others to conform to their ideals, the great majority of people long for peace and to live in safety with their neighbours, and most are willing to promote the peace and safety of others as well. Please empower the Iraqi troops and police and enable them to secure the peace of their nation. Please honor them for their sacrificial service in face of those who endeavored to use violent means to prevent Iraq from even being able to recruit forces. May the day soon come for the presence of the terrorist or the violent individual in Iraq to be little more than a distant memory. I pray also, Dear Father in Heaven, that those who entered Iraq during time of war in hopes of using terror and force in a time of the instability to promote their own ideals would be prevented from taking their violent ways into other nations. Please scatter them in every location in which they attempt to gather. Please cause them to question the lies they have followed and to open their eyes to the truth of theirs and others’ situations. May all who are among this group who will not change be found out, isolated, and kept from influencing others. In Jesus’ Precious and Holy Name. Amen.

  11. 578
    Faye Says:

    Lord of All I praise Your Holy N ame. Please watch over the troops and the police officers as they work together to lessen the violence in Baghdad. Help them to work with dignity and integrity. I pray that they will be able to help the pepole and them to trust in the troops and the police officers.
    In Jesus’ Precious and Holy Name. Amen

  12. 577
    M.Thompson Says:

    Yes Lord, you tell the proud waves of the mighty seas that they can go just so far on the shores of land and no further. You have drawn the boundaries which they cannot pass without Your express command. If you do command the waves to go past the boundaries you set, there is a Tsunami and a disaster. You speak to the sea and the wind and it obeys You. Lord, nothing surpasses Your Power and Glory and we adore You for You are our God and we will extol You! Lord, there is an attempt to unite the locals in Iraq and our Coalition US Soldiers. Please bless this effort and cause it to grow exponentially. Let peace flow like a river. Then we know from Your Promise, that You will Command Your Blessings when that happens. Thank you and we pray through the precious Blood of Jesus, Amen.

  13. 576
    Joan Gintella Says:

    Lord, we pray for continued unity between our troops and the Iraqi troops and police. Let their be a bond between them that cannot be broken. Put trust in our military into the hearts of each Iraqi soldier and police and let them know that we are there for them so that the enemies of the devil can be defeated. Shine the light of Salvation down on Iraq today and continue to protect our military as they try and bring peace to Iraq. In Jesus name, Amen

  14. 575
    Betsy P. Says:

    Father, You are great and you do miracles so great. I just read an article about the unity that You produced in a clean cut Caucasian teen and a teen of African ancestry who wears dread locks. This unity resulted in the brown skinned young man giving his heart to the Lord and being baptized. You did that, Lord. You forged that bond between them. And You are able to do the same for the coalition troops and the Iraqis.

    Confound the experts, O Mighty God, King of Earth and Heaven! Reveal the power of Your love this holy holiday season. Bring unity to those who are deemed enemies. Your Son has broken down the middle wall of partition between peoples all over the world. Let it be seen, Father, for I ask in Your son’s name, Jesus. Amen.

  15. 574
    Roberta Says:

    Father, we pray for unity among the Iraqi troops and police and our troops. All things are possible with You. In Jesus’ name, Amen

  16. 573
    lois taritas Says:

    Father We thankyou for your Grace and new mercies. Thankyou that you are God, We bless your name and we give you Glory. We thankyou for have have not given us a soirit of FEAR but of JOY PeACE and a sound MIND. In Jesus Name amen

  17. 572
    Joyce B. Says:

    Father in heaven I ask You to continue to strengthen the Iraqi people to stand up to the enemy so that our men and women will be able to come home soon. I pray You will be glorified today and blessed by Your people in Iraq. Have Your way today, let Your kingdom come Your will be done. I ask this in Jesus name Amen

  18. 571
    Mary Ann Says:

    Dear Father, There can be no unity apart from you. These people have been targets of the enemy for centuries, and his plot is to divide them and have them kill each other and our troops. Please intervene. Send your Spirit and your truth to each individual. Enable them to see their need for Jesus, and unite them in Christ against the true enemy of their souls. Let your light shine in Iraq and Afghanistan and Pakistan and Israel, and throughout the Middle East. Let your church rise up and be that light Jesus called us to be. Let these people of the East “see your star, follow it, and come to worship the newborn King.” We pray that your kingdom will come and your will be done in Baghdad today. In Jesus’ name. AMEN.

  19. 570
    ruth d Says:

    Abba,we worship You and praise Your Name.Thank You for Your Gift of Jesus our Savior and Lord.We ask today for strength and unity among the Irag police.Enable them to take control and assist them to keep the peace. End the corruption of the leaders and assist the good people to get themselves in positions of leadership.Thank you Abba.Keep our troops safe and well.Let no harm come to them. Amen Amen

  20. 569
    Audrey West Says:

    Father GOD,
    Your an awesome God and we pray for unity in our troops and troops of the Iraqi forces. Please help them continue to be unified in their effort to protect their country. Help them have teachable attitudes and help our coalition forces teach in humbleness and wisdom. Let Your light shine through Your believers there and let many people be saved in Jesus precious name, Amen. I Love You, Lord.
    Audrey West

  21. 568
    PAT Says:


  22. 567
    PAT Says:

    amwn amen

  23. 566
    Faye Says:

    Father in Heaven, I praise Your Holy Name. I pray that the military and the police officers work well together and with dignity and integrity. I pray that the common goal of safety for the people will be foremost in their minds always. I pray for their safety as they go about doing the job that they are qualified to do.
    In Jesus Precious and Holy Name. Amen

  24. 565
    Mary Says:

    Father I thank you for causing the people of Iraq to know you and for them to desire the peace and unity that you bring. Father I pray that you would reveal yourself to them today as the Prince of Peace the Savior of the world in Jesus name Amen

  25. 564
    Donna Says:

    LORD of all, How wonderful You are! Your deeds are awesome and Your ways are marvelous! How privileged we are to call You, “Father.”

    Today, LORD, I remind You of the needs of the people of Adhamiya. While much progress has been made, there is still much to be done. I ask for hearts turned toward reconciliation with each other. Let them find common ground to agree on so they can work together. LORD, I ask that the Christians be instrumental in working together for peace. Let the name of Jesus be high and lifted up so that all can see that He is Your Son and that He has come to make a way to know You. Let their words be few, but speak loudly. Let their actions and way of life speak volumes of how You love us! Thank You, LORD, for Jesus, and for sending us Your Holy Spirit! Amen

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