16-No Innocent Casualties

Scripture: “He will have compassion on the poor and needy, And the lives of the needy he will save.” Psalm 72:13

Prayer: Lord, how awesome are Your deeds! There is no one who is mighty like You. You are Lord over all the nations of the earth. You have made the heavens, the earth, and everything on it, the seas and all that is in them. Let the whole earth be filled with Your glory.

innocent.jpgLord, I come with boldness before Your throne of grace and I lift up the innocent people of Baghdad who are caught up in this struggle for freedom. Let Your hand of compassion reach out over them today, and protect them from harm. According to Your word, “save the lives of the needy.”

I stand with Christ against all those who would target the innocent in Baghdad. And for the duration of this hour, on this day, I say “NO Innocent Casualties!” This hour is a NO CASUALTY hour! Let the angels of God be dispatched to protect the innocent; and may the compassion and protection of the Lord fall upon their shoulders like a cloak of safety. In Jesus mighty name, amen.

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  1. 55
    Cynthia Says:

    Praise you Lord! Your eye is on the sparrow and I know you watch over the innocent of this world today. Thank you for your protection of them. Bless them and their enemies and show your Glory today in Iraq. Draw men unto yourself. In the name of Jesus I proclaim covering over the men, women and children and speak deliverance into their lives. God bless our troops and use them to show your love and mighty power and victory! I speak Peace to them today. The awesome peace that passes all understanding. Have your way in their lives, your will only be done. In Jesus precious name I pray. Amen

  2. 54
    CLAUDE Says:

    Our Heavenly Father – Almighty God, may righteousness and justice prevail to bring peace and freedom in this war torn nation. We lift up our prayer with millions of other that we may see the innocent people delivered and the enemies of freedom defeated. We ask for divine protection for our military forces and for Iraqi citizens who desire and hope for peace. We ask for wisdom and guidance for our president and leaders in congress and the military. In Jesus name, Amen, Amen, Amen

  3. 53
    Lois Says:

    Father, I thank you for this day which you spoke forth. The heavens and earth are so awesome that was created by your hands and spoken word. Lord, on this new day may there be peace in the land of Iraq. May the blood of Jesus be upon the children for they are innocent and need to know about the love of Jesus. Cover our troops over there with the blood of Jesus, and may they receive your wisdom about this war. Let your WILL BE DONE on earth as its written in heaven.

    Father, show forth mercy, love, your greatness to the people of Iraq, and help them to understand your ways and your truth. LORD, bring all this fighting and hatred to a complete halt in the name of Jesus. I DECREE that the CHILDREN WILL BE SPARED OF ALL THIS HATRED and they will see and know YOUR LOVE.

    Lord God Almighty may the fathers in Iraq become Your children and may they teach the children the truths and not hide them but will tell the next generation about the glorious deeds of the LORD. May they tell of your power and the mighty miracles that you performed in accordance with your word written in Psalm 78:4 I put this verse into your hands along with the people of Iraq and give you Glory for everything that will be done in the Name of Jesus. Thank you for listening to me and I give you ALL PRAISE AND GLORY in the name of Jesus our redeemer Amen.

  4. 52
    Marion Says:

    Father God:
    As the troops go out to search the buildings for insurgents and weapons in Bagdad and the surrounding area today and every day, may a contingent of angels go with them to protect them and to uncover all the hiding places in all the buildings and ground they cover. May every disguise fail and every enemy be recognized and taken captive. May those areas that have been cleansed be protected by Your assignment to your angels to guard the gates of the city, that the isurgents cannot return and set up shop again in those places. May they have no way back and no place to hide or work.
    Uncover the traitors in the local police and Iraqui military. May the ones who are fighting for peace and cooperating with our forces of liberation be mightily blessed and come to recognize You as God almighty who fights on the side of justice and peace. Thank you for those soldiers of the coalition forces who are willing to re-inlist when their time is up in order to see the job done. Thank you for the unity and motivation that our forces continue to have. Prevent them from having heat stroke and illness of any kind. I ask in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ who is inbedded in this surge to clear and cleanse the land of all violence and hatred.

  5. 51
    Wanda Says:

    Lord let the lives of the innocent be brought up to know and share the love of our Almighty Father.

  6. 50
    Brother Ray Eubanks Says:

    Father in Heaven, today we acknowledge our dependance on you, come to you with our face to the ground you created us from. We cry out on behalf of those who are not able to call on you for themselves. We do touch and agree according to Matt. 18:19 for the innocent to be spared today and we ask that in that deliverance they are given an opporutunity to call on you, to come to know you. We ask that our enemies be overwhelming defeated to enable the people of Iraq to rule themeselves and speed up the process of bringing our troops home. We love you,praise you, and give you all the glory, in Jesus holy and precious name. Amen!

  7. 49
    karen Says:

    Dear Lord,
    Please let there be no innocent casulties today in Dawrah or any city in Bagdad. Let there be peace today. Let the people know your love and come together as a nation. Please protect the children.

  8. 48
    karen Says:

    Dear Lord,
    Please with the children of Bagdad and th surrounding cities. Let them know and see God’s love. Let them know of love not hate. Please watch over all the soldiers who are there to help .

  9. 47
    Beverley Says:

    Yes, Lord I also pray for no more innocent casualities. Especially among families with children the loss is terriible. Protect them with your shield of love, Amen.

  10. 46
    Dottie Says:

    Father in heaven every day we hear of more terror acts on our troops and troops from all lands. Also the very innocent good people of Iraq who must suffer loss of loved ones just as our people are loosing loved ones. We implore you Father to put an end to this carnage. We do not understand but we are sure you are trying to teach us a lesson through all of this. Stop the terrorists from doing more harm, bind them Lord. Put your hedge of protection around the innocent. We are sure our prayers have saved many but our hearts long for an end to all of the fighting and for our troops to come home to their families. How long Lord Jesus we ask how long? Intervene in this blood bath of innocent citizens and soldiers. Protect their places of worship. Teach them to love instead of hate. We pray all of this in your most Holy and Precious name. Amen

  11. 45
    Dorothy Says:

    Father I join these people in prayer, thanking you for all the awesome things that You do to bless us each day. We know that if we approach your throne with faith and humility, You will heear our prayers. We ask today that you protect our troops, give them stength and knowledge and wisdom. Spare the lives of the innocent and turn the hearts of our enemies. End this conflict soon, Lord and bring our troops back home. In Jesus’ name. amen

  12. 44
    Mary Lu Says:


  13. 43
    Lois Says:

    Oh heavenly Father I come in humbleness and boldness before your throne. Father may the innocent ones throughtout Iraq been covered with the blood of Jesus. Put a protective hedge around our trooops and the Iraqi’s that are fighting with us. I agree with the other prayers that there will be “NO INNOCENT CALUALITIES” on this day, or tomorrow. Lord God Almighty put confusion within all the enemies camps in Iraq. Let all their bombs and weapons malfunctioned. I give you all Praise and Glory because you are our Mighty Warrior, and King of Kings. In the name of Jesus Amen.

  14. 42
    Don & Nancy Says:

    Precious Father, May Your Will be done in Baghdad and the Middle East today. We bow before Your Holy Will.
    We ask for Your protection over the innocent in this war torn place.
    May our troops and those from other countries move with intergrity and honor, making decisions directed by You.
    Mercy Lord, Mercy on those who know YOu as Saviour and Lord. May the knowledge of the Lord spread over this land and all the Middle East.
    May our Troops be able to make known the compassion and truth for which our Country stands.May the people of Iraq grow to trust and understand Who You are by the actions of our troops.
    Give courage, strength, honor and wisdom to our troops. Comfort them and their families who wait for them to come home.
    Protect our first responders who move to help not only our troops, but the hurting Iraqies when the evil distroy even their own people.
    Have mercy on us today Lord.
    I am so moved by the prayers of those who share this burden and I bow in agreement with them for You to move and bring Your will to this place.
    In Heaven may we all stand and rejoice together from every tribe and tongue and nation, all redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb!
    Rejoice, Rejoice all those who love His appearing.
    In the Blessed Name of Jesus,Amen,Amen

  15. 41
    Joan Gintella Says:

    I stand in complete agreement with the prayers of your people Lord, that the innocent of Sadr City be protected throughout this entire day and that no deaths occur in this city for this day. Let the people of Sadr City and the soldiers patrolling the city have a day free of bombs and snipers, and let the bullets of the insurgents fall on the ground instead of hitting their targets. May their bombs be useless and not go off as they plan. I pray for confusion in the enemy camps and that they will not be able to carry out their deadly deeds. Protect our soldiers, keep them from all danger and all harm for this day and bring peace to this city. In Jesus name Amen and Amen

  16. 40
    Laura Cummins Says:


  17. 39
    David Vega Vega Says:

    Padre eterno ten misericodia de todos nosotros,en el poderoso nombre de Jesús te lo pido.Amén.

  18. 38
    Kim Says:

    Lord of All, Most mighty in battle and full of comapassion, I ask this day that you not only protect the innocent but that you proclaim the goodness of our soldiers and that their good name will spread and cover up the lies of the enemy. Show the people that they are there to help them and let them tell others of their good deeds. In the majestic name of Jesus!

  19. 37
    Thelma Draper Says:

    Lord, You said to pray and keep on praying…..
    I claim Your promises to help these innocent
    people and save and protect them from the enemy.

    I pray this in Jesus’s name….amen

  20. 36
    Anne Lake (mother of 2 in Iraq) Says:

    Let us not grow weary in our sacrifices unto you oh Lord, as we come to the greatest alter of all, the cross. Lest we forget all You gave and how much we lack. You are the living, breathing, the most Holy, our God. We meet here to offer praise and thanksgiving and pray for your covering of these innocent people in the middle of the battle. Glory to your name.
    In Jesus name,

  21. 35
    Mary Says:

    Father God, let Your Supreme Love gather the innocent in Your arms and protect them. Fill our military personnel with wisdom and understanding to know where to look for the captured ones and reveal their location to them. I ask that they would be protected and kept from harm. May the precious shed blood of Jesus cover all our troops, protecting them and also providing healing for those injured in flesh, heart and soul. I pray for all the families of our troops. I ask that you would keep them from temptation and draw them to You and place your hedge of protection around them, keeping them safe for the troop’s return, at which time I ask that they would embrace their loved one with wisdom and understanding of what they have been through. I ask for favor for our president in the US and abroad and that the decisions that he makes would be pleasing to you. Your will be done in all things, in Jesus’ name.

  22. 34
    Sherrill Says:

    Father – No innocent casualities! Yes, Lord, let it be! In Jesus’ Name, I pray, Amen.

  23. 33
    Barbara Says:

    Awesome, AWESOME blessing of the Lord to read such prayers and find wholehearted agreement with them. THank You, LORD, for UNITY for Your cause against terrorism. THANK YOU God, for PRAYER. What a PLAN! The pot is melted at the foot of the Cross, dear Lord, just as You planned. Differences are laid aside when we come into Your very presence to speak with You. When we have finished “our say”.. O LORD, let our ears and eyes be open to hear and see TRUTH. May our hearts be open to BELIEVE and RECEIVE all that ours in Christ Jesus. BLESS all the prayer warriors that leave their mark here with full control over their own lives. Raise us up as HEALTHY and HEARTY soldiers in Your Kingdom. Hallelujah!

    Father-God, I can only add to what I’ve read here an exuberant and resounding AMEN… HALLELUJAH and AMEN! You have SET A WATCH over this city and indeed, the entire country of IRAQ with all its factions. We thank You and even as we are dressed with sackcloth and ashes, we KNOW there is a joyful celebration on its way! We give You praise that the ALL THINGS concerning these peoples are IN YOUR HANDS. HASTEN, O LORD, to perform Your Word in these places. IN JESUS’ name, Amen.

  24. 32
    Sandy Says:

    Good morning Lord, to a new day. A day that You have made. We people who You love. I know You are heartbroken by the evil You see. If it breaks our human hearts, what must it do to You. Your Son Jesus felt every kind of pain…for us..who are so ungrateful. Please Lord forgive us that we act and show ungreatfulness. Your Love is so deep. I pray for that Love to be upon the innocent. Comfort the casualties. I pray for healing..physically, emotionally and spirtually. Please bring this to an end. I realize our lives will not be perfect until You come, but I ask for Mercy over this Nation. Stop the evil ones that cause harm to the innocent. Thank You Jesus for so much of Your Love.
    In YOur Name I pray,

  25. 31
    G & G Says:

    thank you Father for answers to our prayers. You are in charge. Defeat the enemy as only you can. Protect the innocent and give our Leaders and our soldiers strength to endure. Touch them with your spirit and may Jesus Christ name be praised throughout the land. Thank you for allowing me to be one of the one that you have chosen to dwell with you forever. Allow many in the nation of Iraq to have the same privilege. We are so grateful to You for shedding your blood , Jesus for the cleansing of our sins and the renewing of our spirit. Help us to uphold those who have not yet heard and have not had the opportunity to come to know you. We know they are without excuse but Father allow your word to spread thru the land so that many with trust in you and see your mighty works. Praise You name .

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