16-No Innocent Casualties

Scripture: “He will have compassion on the poor and needy, And the lives of the needy he will save.” Psalm 72:13

Prayer: Lord, how awesome are Your deeds! There is no one who is mighty like You. You are Lord over all the nations of the earth. You have made the heavens, the earth, and everything on it, the seas and all that is in them. Let the whole earth be filled with Your glory.

innocent.jpgLord, I come with boldness before Your throne of grace and I lift up the innocent people of Baghdad who are caught up in this struggle for freedom. Let Your hand of compassion reach out over them today, and protect them from harm. According to Your word, “save the lives of the needy.”

I stand with Christ against all those who would target the innocent in Baghdad. And for the duration of this hour, on this day, I say “NO Innocent Casualties!” This hour is a NO CASUALTY hour! Let the angels of God be dispatched to protect the innocent; and may the compassion and protection of the Lord fall upon their shoulders like a cloak of safety. In Jesus mighty name, amen.

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  1. 305
    Jeanne Says:

    Heavenly Father, It just seems as though life everywhere is getting more and more chaotic. Since the birth, death and resurrection of our Savior Jesus the Christ we know that all this time has been ‘end times.’ Father God, it sure seems as though we are getting closer and closer to the time when the trumpets shall be blown and Christ will return. Lord, we pray for those who do not yet know The Savior and pray the Holy Spirit to touch those hearts to bring them to Jesus. We pray you will upon all of Iraq today too Dear God! Thank you for the power of prayer, and we especailly thank you for Jesus the Savior. Amen!

  2. 304
    Amanda Says:

    Father please protect the innocent. Reveal the plans of those how would harm them. Send warriors to stop them from harming women and children. Let no child be left fatherless today. Let no wife mourn for her husband today. You are the banner over those you love. Cover them today, hide them in the shelter of your arms.

    For every foot soldier today I ask for a shield to be placed around them. Guard them from every snare that has been placed in their path. Give wisdom to the commanders so they can lead with integrity. Save the soul of one soldier today.

  3. 303
    Loretta Worthy Says:

    LORD, we declare no innocent casualties in Iraq and today we include Afganistan. Let the evil plans of the perverted minds roll back on them. Their plans will not prosper nor bring them any pleasure. The violent and perverted ideology is cursed at its roots and cannot bear fruit any more forever. Let the branches wither quickly. We pray in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

  4. 302
    Caroline Says:

    Heavely Father, We just ask that the innocents would be hemmed in according to Your Word. Cover them with Your hand of protection today and everyday. In Jesus Name. amen

  5. 301
    Ester R. Andres Says:


  6. 300
    Felix Montalvo Says:

    I am in total agreememnt with these prayers Lord God You are the King of Glory. Let Your Glory go forth through this region manifesting signs, wonders and miracles That these people that You are God and there is no other God like you.
    Let your Angels minister unhinderred
    In Jesus Name.

  7. 299
    Dawn Says:

    O Lord, protect the innocent, especially the little children so they may grow up without thinking violence is normal. Give them a hope and a future. Lord of all, from the babies to the elderly, protect them this day, make it a day of blessings! Thank You, God. With Love, Amen.

  8. 298
    nina Says:

    Thank You Father for hearing our prayers. Please bless us with Your presence in this world to help the innocent, lead the strong, lift the fallen. There is no doubt we need You, Father. Please protect the people of Iraq and the people of the region of pure hearts, Please stop the spilling of innocent blood. I know this does not please you. Thank You Father for our brave peacekeepers who try so hard to protect the innocent. Please help them do this. Be their armor and source of strength. Help them know You and that YOu are there. We love You Father. May millions continue to know Your son and have peace. In Jesus name I pray in faith, Amen.

  9. 297
    Sabrina Says:

    Heavenly Father, let there be no innocent casualties today or in the days to come. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

  10. 296
    Joan Gintella Says:

    Lord, I stand in agreement with my brothers and sisters in Christ that this be an hour and even a day of no innocent casualties. I boldly ask you to cease the destruction caused by the Evils in Iraq and Afghanistan. Continue to protect our soldiers and allies. In Jesus name, Amen and Amen

  11. 295
    Jackie Says:

    Great God of heaven, earth and all of creation, let it be so as has been posted in prayer here today! In our Saviors name we pray. Amen.

  12. 294
    Lynn Says:

    Father God, we come before You, we greatfully and humbly come before Your throne of grace, thankful that we are able to, through no ability of our own, realizing we can do nothing without You, realizing our sinfulness and need for a Savior, which we have found in Jesus. Because You have given us the grace to do so, we boldly come before You, knowing You hear every word we post here, knowing You know the things we don’t or even know what to post, for Your Spirit even groans for us when our words don’t come. As we gaze upon the picture from today’s prayer, our hearts are captured by the child who can’t choose any of the things of his environment. Intercede for him and all the children of Baghdad, Iraq and Afghanistan, Lord! Keep them safe, let them see the provisions of protection You have provided for them in our soldiers, and their own soldiers whom ours have taught. And a child shall lead them….may they see and understand in a more clear way than adults ever could Your Love, Your Provision, Your Truth, and be the eyes for the adults in their lives. Protect each one of our soldiers, Father, undergird their efforts with Your shield of safety that You would provide them all escapes from any harm. Command Your angels to go before, to the sides and behind them, behind them, ready to deflect any evil that attempts to come their way. It is in Jesus mighty and precious name I pray! Amen and Amen.

  13. 293
    A. Sadler Says:

    Holy Father, I interceed over the young this morning. May they grow in your precious care. Protect them, guide them and teach them your ways. Preserve their lives today and everyday so they may hear the gospel and be saved. Lord, use the many Christians serving in Iraq today as a light and as missionaries to spread the gospel and to demonstrate your love. Protect all those serving at this time. You are our protector, provider, healer and father. We need you in this hour and always. In Jesus Name, Amen.

  14. 292
    Faye Says:

    Father God, I praise Your Holy Name. I ask that You will place a hedge of protection around the innocent people of Baghdad. I pray that they will have the necessities of life, food, water shelter, and clothing. I ask You this hour for there to be NO CASUALTIES of the innocent people of Baghdad.
    In Your Son Jesus’ Precious and Holy Name. Amen

  15. 291
    Natalie Turner Says:

    Dear Jesus, You are the Lord of all,and you can do wonderful things! In your name today,I ask you to send you angels down to watch over and protect the people of Sadr City,and let nothing happen to the little ones there!Let them grow up Loving and Praiseing you.
    Let no one be killed today,help this war to end,so that people can live in peace and safety.
    In Your name,and for your glory..Amen

  16. 290
    Jean Says:

    Blessed and Loving Heavenly Father, I agree in prayer for Your protection over all in Baghdad and Iraq who have been unwillingly caught up in the conflict of war. I pray that You will indeed watch over them to keep them safe. I pray You will bless Your own people, Dear Lord, who have bravely remained in the land, especially those who have remained for Your sake, and let them be safe under the shadow of Your wings. Most of all, Dear Father, I pray for healing to come to that land so that its citizens might be able to safely return to lives of peace and stability. I pray that all who want to keep stirring up the conflict, and those who hope to wield power by means of terror or war will entirely run out of resources and energy to prolong this any further. May they melt away and fade away out of that land never to be a threat again, but even more, Dear Lord, may they see and acknowledge the wickedness of their ways and lay down their arms in repentance. In Jesus’ Precious and Holy Name. Amen.

  17. 289
    stacy Says:

    Dear Heavenly Father,
    NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST THE INNOCENT SHALL PROSPER..AND CLOSE THE MOUTHS OF THE LIONS..AND HINDER THEIR WORK…MOVE THEM OUT OF THE AREA..and to regions of confusion where they will wonder what they actually had to do..and just forget and go home!!!
    Shield the innocent ones with your warring and ministering angels…encamp around them…..Your angels of messengers of light and fire….May the Holy Spirit draw people to Christ..to repentence and full deliverance and salvation in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth…we say amen..

  18. 288
    Janice from Georgia Says:

    Heavenly Father,

    Again I come into Your presence through Jesus in intercession for the innocent people in Baghdad and Iraq. Lord, I do not know how many people in that nation are enemies of the people but You know how many and You know exactly where they are located. They think they rule the spot of earth they are on and the surrounding area. But Lord, You are mightier than they are and You have forces in the supernatural realm upon which You can call to do Your bidding. I pray that You would trip them up as they try to cause harm to the innocents. Make the ground rise up under their feet where they stand and topple them just where they are so they realize it is from You and You are acting to protect who they seek to harm. They are so evil in their planning Lord and You alone are able to destroy their plans. Of course You have more methods and ways than I could think or imagine so I pray Your will and Your way be done. Please act soon so many innocent lives can be saved who are potential believers in Jesus as Lord. Thank You for blessing Baghdad and Iraq again today. Amen

  19. 287
    Felix Montalvo Says:

    Abba, Father
    InJesus Name I Pray and stand in agreement with the Prayer center staff Heavenl Father understanding that this is more a Spiritual Battle that has come forth unto the natural Lord I release your Angelic host to do battle in behalf of the Innocent ones, Father Romans 12-13 Declares that as we give you full obedience to serve you that you will open Glorified In Jesus Name, Father help our Soldiers to do battle for youe Glory.
    not only in the physical but more so in the spiritual,
    In Jesus Name

  20. 286
    Renae Says:

    Dear Lord, I stand with my sisters and brothers in prayer today and agree–no innocent casualties today in Jesus Name. Send mighty angels to do warfare over Iraq and we thank you for your protection on all the innocent children,mothers, and families who desire freedom. Protect our troops also and encourage them today. May there be a mighty moving of your Holy Spirit at our military bases and across this Nation. May eyes be opened to see who Jesus is and ears unplugged to hear the Truth that is only found in HIM. Amen.

  21. 285
    Sherrill Says:

    Father, we pray for those war torn cities. Father, we feel the pain of those who have lost loved ones. We pray no innocent ones are harmed, we pray our troops are protected from the top of their head to the soles of their feet. We pray for the Iraqi police and those who yearn for freedom in their country. We pray for our leaders to make Godly decisions concerning the future of our country and the world. We come against the demonic spirits in our land who would come against God’s Word being taught and preached here. We pray for the peace of Jerusalem. In Jesus’ Name, Amen

  22. 284
    M. Thompson Says:

    Dear Heavenly Father:
    We thank you that we can turn to you in prayer today for the safety of the US Soldiers and the innocent people caught in the crossfire of war.
    Lord, please dispatch the Holy Angels from Glory to walk and patrol alongside our US Soldiers in the streets of Baghdad and all of Iraq and Afghanistan today.

    Let these Holy Angels, who excell in strength, who carry out Your Commands, overpower the enemy’s weapons of skill and might. With Heavenly artillary cause no casualties to occur and miraculous escapes from the grasp of evil and cruel men, and escapes from death.

    Lord put your banner of love to cover our Soldiers and bring them home victorious and whole in mind, body and spirit.
    Be thou our Savior today and always! In Jesus Name we pray, Amen

  23. 283
    Lois Lively Says:

    Our Heavenly Father, Which art in heaven, Hallowed be your name. Let us your people raise up praise and glory unto your precious name. Your Kingdom come, and Your will be done on earth as its written in heaven. Father I thank you for this day you given us and say good morning, may your blessing be upon this day. YOU ARE AWESOME AND YOUR LOVE, MERCY, AND GRACE IS PRECIOUS. I come in agreement with all the prayers above about the innocent ones.

    I stand with Christ against all those who would target the innocent in Iraq, afghanistan, and Israel. And for the duration of this day, I say “NO Innocent Casualties!” This day Lord pour out your judgement and justice upon the evil ones. Send down your angels Lord God Almighty to protect the innocent; and may the compassion of the Lord fall upon their shoulders like a cloak of safety. Father, bless our troops and the Iraqi troops who are fighting for freedom and peace. Comfort all the needy with your love. Give shelter to those who have no home. Give clothes to those who are naked or barely clothed. Lord give food to all the needy in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Israel and may they have more than enough. SHINE FORTH YOUR LIGHT UPON THIS NATION AND BREAK THROUGH THE DARKNESS. LET YOUR LOVE REMOVE ALL HATRED IN THEIR HEARTS AND MIND. I ask this now in the Holy name of Jesus, and give him all the praise and glory for answering our prayers. Amen

  24. 282
    Beverly Says:

    Lord, let your wisdom and understanding flow to the leaders of Bagdad. Let there be wonderful witty and clever ways to network and bring health and prosperity to the people of Iraq. Let her enemies be confounded and distroyed. Let all who work evil be banished and those who promote terror flee! We thank you Lord! Let all see the treasures in Iraq’s people, children and youth and develop these wonderful treasures and give them hope and a grand future! Praise you Jesus, It is happening!

  25. 281
    Sharon W. Says:

    Abba Father, Holy One. Thank you for your presence and for hearing our prayers. Once again, we lift up the people of Baghdad and Iraq before your throne. We ask for comfort and peace to reign in Iraq and we ask that you open the door for the working of the Holy Spirit to come in. The people are hungry for another and better life. They have voted to have democracy and freedom. We cry out to you to give them that chance. Give them an opportunity to accept your mercy and grace. We pray for the military leaders and the soldiers who are protecting us from this enemy. Pour out your power and love upon them today and draw them to you. We pray also for help for those who survived in Burma and China, please have mercy and let those who go to help not be hindered. Thank you, In Jesus’ name I pray.

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