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We all like to blame people for things that happen. I want everyone to know that this prayer campaign is Victor’s fault.Victor Chroudhrie is a friend and apostolic leader working in North India. Although he has his hands full with a wonderful work among the villages, he still has the global vision to see God’s heart for the Middle East. A few months ago Victor send me this letter with a challenge to pray for Iraq, and the seed for the Baghdad Prayer Patrol was planted.Thank you Victor, it’s all your fault!

Dear Friends,

Without being judgmental about the pros and cons of the war in Iraq, it is obvious that the situation there is beyond military or political solution. The Pentagon has given many options but we know for sure that sending more American GIs will not solve the problem.

We also know that the war has many angles including sectarian bloodshed between majority Shias in the south and minority but dominant Sunnis in the middle with Kurds in the North. There is also the oil factor, that is with the Shias in the south and Kurds in the north but not with the Sunnis in the middle who have ruled (Saddam was a Sunni), and controlled the money and political power, they are now fighting for survival with their backs to the wall. Al Qaeda fighters, militia, sharp shooters, suicide squads and other terror groups are daily adding to the carnage. Sixty thousand people have died so far and hundreds are dying daily, as the country is reeling under civil war and sectarian violence.

They all believe in one Allah and read the same Quran but beyond that they have deep seated and irreconcilable differences. It is like the protestants and the Catholics.

However, the war is being used as a means to humiliate America and more specifically President Bush because of his overt Christian stand. In reality it is Christ who is the target. Almost all the media is focused in this denigration. We do not know the redemptive plan of God who is on the throne and has allowed this to happen. Only history will reveal this to us.

We all know that it is not just the Tigris and Euphrates that is flowing but a third river of blood is flowing in Iraq which is ready to burst the dam and overflow into other countries. We also know that the blood of the American GIs is not the solution but the blood of the Prince of Peace is the only answer to bring peace that passeth understanding in Iraq and indeed in all the troubled Muslim lands. Iraq is only the tip of the iceberg and it has ramifications in Iran, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Syria and many other Muslim countries, which are like tinders ready for the holocaust.

It is time for Christians in general and intercessors in particular to take up the promises of God, “If My people, who are called by My name will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then from heaven I will hear their prayer and forgive their sins and heal the nation.” -2 Chron. 7:14.

The ball is fully and firmly on the Christian court. Let us partner together to raise millions of intercessors, let every Christian be a 24×7 Christian and raise his/her voice and repent and pray to the Prince of peace, for shalom on His terms, in all the Muslim lands.

Every Muslim greets another Muslim with “Salaam Aleikum” without knowing that it was Jesus who started this form of greeting, “Shalom Aleikhum”, meaning “peace be with you” (John 20:19) and commanded us to do the same (Luke 10:5).

Remember, Persia (included both Iraq and Iran in the OT) gave us our forefather Abraham and many prophets, saints and heroes like Daniel, Shadrek, Meshak, Abidnego, Esther, Mordacai, Nehmiah and many others.

It is time we brought shalom in the lives of our Muslim brothers and sisters.

Shalom, V.


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