12-Escapes from Death

Scripture: “God is to us a God of deliverances; And to GOD the Lord belong escapes from death.” -Psalm 68:20

Prayer: Lord, all power belongs to You. You rule and reign, unchallenged in the heavens. You are far above all rule and authority, power and dominion, and every title that can be given.

troops.jpgWe claim Your word that, “to God the Lord belongs escapes from death.” We ask that You would deliver from danger and from the jaws of death the soldiers and police serving in Baghdad. You are the God of the impossible, and we ask that You would release impossible escapes for these brave men and women today.

We thank you that You will hinder weapons aimed at the peacemakers, and prevent the detonation of bombs designed to spread terror. You are the One who breaks “the bow and cuts the spear in two.” We believe that many will be caught away from the grip of death today, and will walk before You in the light of the living. In Jesus Name. Amen.”

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  1. 150
    nhele Says:


  2. 149
    Sabrina Says:

    Heavenly Father, to You be glory, praise and honor! May Your mighty hand of protection be around and on all of our men and women who are serving in hostile lands and environments. Protect those who are truly working on the same accord with our troops.

    Melt down the wicked plans of the wicked minded and hearts. Let their plans and weapons descend down to the abyss to never come to fruition or life again. Let Your peace rest, rule and abide in each and every heart where wickedness once took place.

    In the mighty name of Jesus, I ask and believe! Amen

  3. 148
    Joan Bowe Says:

    Yes, Lord, yes! Please protect these brave men and women who are fighting to bring liberty to these dear people in Iraq! May the plans and schemes of the enemy to bring harm fall to the ground and be ineffectual, in Jesus’ name we pray.

    Abba God, I am reminded of the incident that happened during the IIWW, when German soldiers laid down their arms as did the American soldiers during Christmas and celebrated it together. Because of a woman’s courage to set these two opposing groups to set their goals of war aside as they celebrated the Savior’s birth. Father, how much more if the Holy Spirit rise over this land and bring conviction to the people who are being influenced by the spiritual enemy, touching their hearts to receive the Good News and bring true peace and liberty to this land – not just this holiday season but always. Oh Lord, please open their spiritual eyes, protecting even the opposing warriers from the lies and darts of the demonic forces that they might “see” who Christ Jesus really is and accept Him as their Lord and Savior, rejoicing over the greatest Gift that was even given to mankind, God’s precious Son. Holy One, we pray this with deep desire and conviction, desiring that none should be lost but that they would come to everlasting life with You, through Your dear Son, Christ Jesus. It is in His name we pray, giving You all glory and honor. Amen.

  4. 147
    Laura Says:

    Loving Father in Heaven
    Our Emmanuel – God with Us
    We pray today for the people who continue to serve and protect the people of baghdad and Iraq – deliver them oh Lord not only from the perils of the war but deliver those who do not know You as their personal Savior – You are Supreme, You reign over all and we ask these things in Your Most Precious Son’s Name, Jesus

  5. 146
    char Says:

    Lord ! I am asking You! That there would supernatural manifestations all over Bagdhad . Lord that the angels would not be unaware. But that all would see them. Us, and the enemy alike! Show Your glory , Oh Most High God! Thankyou for the answer to this prayer! Show Your Glory – Oh , Lord! Show , Yourself strong on our behalf! IN Jesus Name!

  6. 145
    Becky Says:

    Dearest Lord Jesus,

    Embolden the minds of our soldiers to…lift up their eyes to YOU, for strength, wisdom and security comes only from YOU.

    Continue to pour out YOUR Mercy upon our soldiers and the people of Iraq.


  7. 144
    Dottie Says:

    Dear Father we pray for your protection to be over our troops and their police . We pray that no harm may befall them today and in the days ahead. Thank you for answered prayers once again. You are an awesome God and we praise and worship you. May the christians in Iraq be safe and may they be able to witness to their neighbors of the love of Jesus. Give direction to each peacekeeper. Give wisdom to the leaders to make wise decisions. We pray in Jesus name. Amen

  8. 143
    nina Says:

    Amen and Amen.

  9. 142
    Julie Dalgarno Says:

    Dear Heavenly Father,we praise You and exalt Your
    name forever. You are exalted over all the nations, Your glory is above the heavens. Who is like You, our Lord and God, who sits enthroned on
    high and stoops down to look on the earth. You
    minister to the needy, protecting our troops
    bringing righteousness to the land. We thank You
    Oh lord for Your Mercy, Grace and Love, let it be finished soon, and Your perfect will be done
    In Jesus Name

  10. 141
    Jean Pinkham Says:

    Dear Father, how we thank you for answered prayer and that LIFE in Iraq in ‘on the rise’. We pray for our troops, that they will know “escape from death” as your Word says. Thank you for every one of them and we pray your protection and blessing on all of our troops.
    In Jesus Name,

  11. 140
    Dan Says:

    God, today, we put a wall of fire to protect the soldiers as they fight this battles as unto You. Lord, that no enemy would be able to penetrate this wall with weapons of death. Fire of God be on the men and women of the United States military. Go forth and consume the enemies of peace. War with Your holy weapons of consuming fire. Lord, release the promise of the baptism of fire that is ours to have.

  12. 139
    Jean Says:

    Dear Father in Heaven, I pray for the safety and well-being of the troops and police serving in Baghdad today, and also for those in all of Iraq and those in Afghanistan. I pray that You will be with them and give them great wisdom and discernment to know what is the true nature of any situation they might be facing. Help them to know whether to go to the right, or to the left. Especially may those among them who fear You and trust Your Name find that You are helping them, and may they in turn be of great help and assistance to their companions.

    I pray not only for safety for these who are risking their lives for others’ well-being but for strength and for times of refreshment and healing. May they find times in which they are able to come aside and be rested and strengthened for the day ahead.

    Dear Father, after talking with the mother of one serving in Afghanistan I want also to pray for the families at home, the mothers, fathers, wives and children, who have sent their loved one into harms’ way for the sake of the safety of us all. May these dear ones sense loving support from their churches and communities and be encouraged deeply within themselves. Father, keep us mindful that we are the beneficiaries of their sacrifices and help us to find ways to make their burden a little lighter to carry. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

  13. 138
    Lois Lively Says:

    Father, I thank you, and praise your precious name for all your are doing in Iraq, Baghdad, and in Afghanistan. YOU have heard all our prayers and answering them in YOUR wonderful and awesome ways.

    Heavenly Father, I ask that your will be done on this day as its written in heaven. May our soldiers, the Iraqi soldiers, police, and the peachemakers feel your presence and your loving hand upon them. Allow them Father to have the veil removed from their eyes to see your wonders and Word as the lamp unto their feet. Allow them Father to have the wax removed from their ears that they may hear the Word, and hear your voice calling them to come unto me. I DECLARE that Your Word and Light will shine upon them and they will rise up as true soldiers of your cross. I DECLARE that they will perform your will and destiny you planned for them from the day of birth. FULFILL YOUR WORKS AND WONDERS YET TO COME AND YOUR GLORY TO SHINE DOWN BRIGHT AND GLORIOUSLY. In the name of Jesus I pray and say thank you for listening. Amen

  14. 137
    nhele Says:

    DEAREST ABBA FATHER GOD in JESUS NAME i pray that you would send your ANGELS to gaurd and protect all our USA MILITARY HEROES and all the people who wont peace in IRAQ and AFGANISTAN. I also ask you to please protect KATHLEEN, WAYNE’S wife by sending your ANGELS to gaurd her during her trip to Kashmir ,healing her please before she even comes back home. AMEN THANK YOU ABBA FATHER GOD FOR HEARING ALL OUR PRAYERS AND ANSWERING THEM. WE PRAISE YOU AND GIVE YOU ALL THE GLORY.

  15. 136
    Janice Says:

    Heavenly Father,

    As I scroll down my computer screen and read the many prayers brought before You on this website I am in awe at the beauty and thoughtfulness of the words of the dedicated believers who turn to You on behalf of the city of Baghdad. May You be overflowing with the messages to encourage You to continue to keep the peace in Baghdad and to not let anyone taste of death this day. Let Your love and Your words fill the hearts of people in that city. Remove any powers of the evil one that is trying to stir up trouble. Let every piece of earth there on which people stand be like an island of safety guarded diligently by Your staff of angels. We trust in Your ability to do good in that land. Please do even more than we can think or imagine to ask. In Jesus name, Amen.

  16. 135
    Kathy Says:

    Oh Jesus, please keep our brave troops safe today! Protect them from the enemy, and from the grip of death today. Do not let the weapons formed against them to prosper. We thank You Lord for Your watchful eye over them. Amen.

  17. 134
    MThompson Says:

    Dear Father in Heaven,
    Thank you for the heart of all my brothers and sisters today that hold each and every Soldier up to you for your devine intervention today, and each and every day. They claim your Word, knowing that it “never goes out void but accomplishes that for which it was sent.” We know too that the news is hearalding violence to be down. This gives YOU the Glory Lord because only You could accomplish this given the odds.
    Lord, in Jesus Name bless our Soldiers today in their hearts, it is Veterans Day, a Day to honor and show respect for our veterans. So before this Day is out let each Soldier know we honor, love and salute them. Please do this in Jesus Name, Thank you so much, Amen
    Thank you Brave Soldiers for answering the Call. We love you back here, your home of America salutes you. You are great and mighty men of war and God is on your side. Please keep close to Jesus and no matter what happens, you win. Whether you see Jesus face to face today, tomorrow, or whether you come back home, “you are more than a conquerer.” Paul, New Testament

  18. 133
    Laura Says:

    Loving Father and Protector
    We thank You for what we see Your hand has done through our prayers and Your Divine Control. We continue to lift up the soldiers and police in Iraq and ask that You grant them mercy and safety as they patrol and do their jobs. We pray for them as well as the people in Iraq – we pray for their freedom and spiritual freedom.
    In Jesus Name we pray

  19. 132
    Coy Hall Says:

    God bless and protect all of Baghdad and continue to protect and make victorious our troops, in the name of Jesus.

  20. 131
    Faye Says:

    Father God: Your Word says that “the evil ones will be cut down like grass”(Psalms 37:2&4)and we are to”delight ourselves in the Lord and He will give you the desires of our hearts.” Today, dear Lord, the desire of my heart is for the safety of all of the people in Bagdhad…our military and the inhabitants of this city. Father God, show Your might over these evil ones that do destruction to the city and let them fail in their conquest. In Jesus’ Precious and Holy Name, Amen. MARANATHA!!!

  21. 130
    Adda Says:

    Almighty God,
    I uphold the people of Iraq to you for your blessing this morning. Give them a yearning
    for your love and peace so that they may have hope and joy. Protect the women and children, the innocents, and bring them mercy and justice.
    May they proclaim you Lord and Savior in response to your amazing grace.
    We ask this in the name of your son, even Jesus.

  22. 129
    Sharon Weems Says:

    Heavenly Father, you and you alone can rescue the oppressed. We ask today that you rescue the oppressed people of Iraq, Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan. We ask that you speak the Word and the Holy Spirit will bring conviction to their hearts and minds. We ask that you speak the Word and the bombing and murder will stop. In the gospel of John you tell us that You are the Word and we ask today that you will speak your Word and bring peace and healing in these countries. In Jesus name I pray.

  23. 128
    June Says:

    Heavenly Father – In the Holy Scriptures it is written that you Word is a lamp unto our feet.
    Speak to those persons who are on your side and enable them to walk in the path that you light for them so they are able to stand, to protect and to rescue the weak and the oppressed. For the sake of the building up of your heavenly kingdom, give them ears to hear your heavenly voice in the middle of their earthly battles.

  24. 127
    Ann Says:

    Almighty and Most Gracious Father, Ruler over all creation. We ask this day that you provide “escapes from death” for our troops. Guard their footsteps as they patrol, sharpen their eyes as they are on watch, clear their minds as they have judgment calls to make, sensitize their awareness from danger and from friendly fire possibilities. As heavily armed and padded they may be, they are in danger and I ask for your protective Holy Spirit to surround them. In the Precious Name of Jesus and for His sake. Amen.

  25. 126
    Betsy Says:

    Father, I’m in agreement with the prayers of my brothers nd sisters in Christ; and I add intercessions for the persecuted Church in Iraq and Afghanistan. Shelter them under your wings today; cause Your Truth to be their shield and buckler; let them not be afraid for the terror by night or for the arrow that flies by day; though a thousand may fall at their side and ten thousand at their right hand, let it not come near them; because they have set their love upon you deliver them and honor them, satisfy them with long life, and show them Your salvation. In Jesus’ name.

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