12-Escapes from Death

Scripture: “God is to us a God of deliverances; And to GOD the Lord belong escapes from death.” -Psalm 68:20

Prayer: Lord, all power belongs to You. You rule and reign, unchallenged in the heavens. You are far above all rule and authority, power and dominion, and every title that can be given.

troops.jpgWe claim Your word that, “to God the Lord belongs escapes from death.” We ask that You would deliver from danger and from the jaws of death the soldiers and police serving in Baghdad. You are the God of the impossible, and we ask that You would release impossible escapes for these brave men and women today.

We thank you that You will hinder weapons aimed at the peacemakers, and prevent the detonation of bombs designed to spread terror. You are the One who breaks “the bow and cuts the spear in two.” We believe that many will be caught away from the grip of death today, and will walk before You in the light of the living. In Jesus Name. Amen.”

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  1. 100
    Coy Says:

    I am agreeing with Angela that all these things shall come to pass, in Jesus’ name, amen.

  2. 99
    Patrick Vaughan Says:

    O death, where is thy sting, O grave, where is thy victory. Thanks be to God who gives us the victory in Christ Jesus. Lord Jesus, You defeated death, hell, and the grave at the Cross of Calvary. You took captivity captive and gave gifts to men. You gave the gift of life; life abundantly and eternal life to all that would receive you. May many receive your free gift of eternal life and salvation today. Those who receive you will never die!!

  3. 98
    Gindy Gatewood Says:

    Thank you Father God for saving Sam, John and James from the IED strike on their Humvee September 25th. It was your hand that blocked the explosion so that those young men could walk away from a “destroyed” vehicle. “He will rescue them from hidden traps and shield them from deadly hazards.” Psalm 91:3 Thank you for spritual, emotional, physical and mental healing of all our toops. You are an awesome God. Thank you for healing Baghdad.

  4. 97
    Angela Says:

    Dear Father God,
    We worship You, we give thanks to You, we praise You for Your glory. For You alone are the Holy One – we praise You for Your glory.
    We thank You Father for raising up our brave military men and for all of the brave military men from Iraq and other countries around the world. Give them all
    a divine revelation of Your love for them and be
    magnified in their lives. May those who do not yet
    know You be brought to a saving knowledge of You.
    Protect them all with a mighty hedge of protection. Uncover every hidden threat and may
    every plan of the enemies be utterly brought down
    and destroyed. May every plan of Yours, Abba
    Father, be put into mighty mighty force. Send Your mighty warring angels of heaven to go ahead of our military and the peace keeping forces in Iraq to bring deliverance from the oppression there and to prepare the way for victory (“Not by might, nor by power, but by Your Spirit”). Comfort those who have lost friends and
    loved ones and bring healing to those who have
    been injured. I claim triumph over the enemies of
    democracy and peace in Iraq in Jesus mighty name.

  5. 96
    Nathaniel Bowens Says:

    Lord, give the spirit of patience and love to those who are persecuted for their faith in you that they may always be true and faithful witnesses to your promise of eternal life. Grant peace to the whole Middle East. Please send One Angel to destory the evil that keep the Holy people from you.Your Angel’s O Lord are so powerful that one Angel can destory a whole Army of evil spirit. Give them the peace only you can give. I ask this in Jesus name. Amen.

  6. 95
    Judith Connell, Greenbank, On., Canada Says:

    Amen! Amen! Amen! We know the Holy Trinity wishes only the best for Iraq and so we do pray that all the innocents in Irag not just Baghdad be spared even accidental death.

    As well, Lord, please see our vision that Karrada become a thriving, INTERNATIONAL, shopping area.

    Return tolerance as well as peace to Baghdad!

  7. 94
    nina Says:

    Blessed be Your name Father. Thank You for your love. All of your creation here, there, before and now, is your forever wonderful tapestry woven with blessings, Your will, challenge, free will, impurities of our fallen human nature, miracles, life, death, Your holy spirit, and Jesus’ saving grace. We know by faithfulness and prayer another thread of hope will be woven in. You are the Weaver Lord. Help us to remember that. Please protect our soldiers, the peacekeepers. Please protect the people and comfort the brokenhearted. I pray for a miracle that will bond all the peace seeking people and Muslims together and to become people of strength and vision, more than they have ever known. Let this force be so strong that the haters will cower to Your will. Let Your Glory be known not only in Iraq but in the U.S., in our government, and the nations. I pray in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen

  8. 93
    Dottie Says:

    Dear Lord you have blessed us with immeasurable love through your Son. You want our fellowship and we love you for your goodness to us. Thank you Lord. We come bringing our military to you and ask that you watch over them. Give divine guidance to the leaders who must make hard decisions concerning the war. We do not wnat any more to perish. Bring peace holy wisdom and blessings upon the people of Iraq so that they may live together in harmony.Peace Lord Peace is what we long for for our brothers and sisters who are trying to bring about that peace. We pray in your Holy Name Amen

  9. 92
    Carrie Says:

    Daddy, as I write this both Rosh Hashanah and Ramadan begin. Protect Your own, Lord, and bring dreams, visitations, and revelations to those who are caught up in religious fervor for a false god. We claim no deaths or injuries for the warriors, allies, and police protecting the land that brought us some of the greatest disciples and patriarchs. During this season of celebration for millions we stand in the gap for the protection of our brothers and sisters in Christ and for those who do not yet know You. Strengthen our warriors according to Your Word and bring them home safely and soon.

    To the prayers offered before, and to the scripture and prayer offered for today’s Prayer Patrol I say Rock On & Amen.

  10. 91
    Mary Says:

    Lord, we thank you that you are able to protect your people in any circumstance. We pray for you guidance for the military leaders and that you would establish leaders in our country and in Iraq that would be able to make wise decisions. We ask you to remove those from power who are not making wise and prudent decisions that effect the lives of people in our country and in Iraq.We claim your grace and mercy our troops and for the people in Karrada and that you would bind that evil powers that inspire destruction in this neighborhood. In your precious Name. Amen

  11. 90
    nhele Says:

    DEAREST ABBA FATHER GOD in JESUS HOLY NAME i pray You send Your Angels to gaurd and protect and keep them safe from all harm. Also cover our MILITARY HEROES of the USA with the full ARMOUR of GOD and the BLOOD of JESUS. LORD we are trusting You and Your instructions to Your Angels to keep death away from our MILITARY and we praise your name for doing so. AMEN

  12. 89
    Dan Says:

    In the Name of Jesus Christ, the Power of the Word of God, and the shed Blood of Jesus Christ the Son of God. I decree “NO MORE DEATH TO THE PEACEKEEPING SOLDIERS IN IRAQ’. God miraculously stop the killing of those who are dedicated to help bring liberty to people people in Iraq.

  13. 88
    Jean Says:

    Dear Father in Heaven, I pray again for Your will to be done in Baghdad, and that peace and stability will soon be established. Please give an extra measure of strength and keen insight to those who are fighting for that purpose. I pray that the enemies of peace will be driven from their strongholds and their hiding places and scattered in every direction. Please protect and hold as precious in Your sight the lives of civilians and of peacekeepers and work Your purposes in this part of the world. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

  14. 87
    Adda Says:

    Lord Jesus, shine the light of your peace into the hearts of your people…and remind us that all people are yours. Bring light into dark places and send your angels to protect the troops from harm Return them home in safety.
    In Jesus’ holy name I pray.

  15. 86
    Ruth Nunn Says:

    Father, send Your angels to fight for the people of this land. Protect the life of the peacemakers. Bring this land into peace soon. Protect the lives of our military leaders.

  16. 85
    Renae Says:

    Our Father who never slumbers or sleeps and is always at high noon. Thank you for your watchfullness over Baghdad today and the surrounding cities, and military bases. Keep our soldiers safe today and those who want peace. Send angels to protect your church today—many Iraqi Christians are facing persecution at this time. Thank you Lord. We ask this in the mighty Name of Jesus. Amen

  17. 84
    Betsy Says:

    “Forever, O Lord, Thy Word is settled in heaven.” Psalm 119:89 We declare that Your Word of protection for the troops, police, government leaders, and citizens of Baghdad, Iraq are settled and established in Your throne room. Hallelujah! Praise God! the faithful and true God of the universe.

  18. 83
    Don and Nancy Says:

    Amen Dear Lord Amen
    In Jesus Name, Amen

  19. 82
    Thelma Draper Says:

    Psalm 68; God is already beginning to arise, and His enemies to scatter; let them also who hate Him
    flee before Him!!
    Father; Thank YOu for being a loving almighty God, Who loves us and keeps His promises. Thank You for the progress in Bagdad and Iraq…You are answering prayers….protect our troops today….
    in Jesus name….amen

  20. 81
    Sherrill Says:

    Father, we know that You control the universe, but You have given free will to man. You know the future and have proclaimed it in Your Word. We ask that You protect our troops in harm’s way, that You bring them home soon safe and sound. Protect the Iraqui police that are fighting for freedom for their country, and protect our allies who are standing with us in the field. Come against those evil ones who attack us and show them You are the One True God. We ask it in Jesus’ Name, Amen

  21. 80
    Sharon Weems Says:

    I come before you, Lord, adoring and worshiping you today. I thank you for the peace and stability that is coming in Iraq and especially around Baghdad. I pray in the name of Jesus for salvation and safety for the men, women and children of that country. I pray for the Christians who suffer much hardship because of their belief. I pray for each soldier today for the blood of Jesus to cover them over, under and all around. I ask for safety for the leaders of the new government, for the police and all who seek to keep law and order. In Jesus name.

  22. 79
    Lily Says:

    Lord! I pray your Kingdom Come, and your Will be done this day in Baghdad. I pray that this country be ruled with justice,compassion, and with
    as “Iron Fist”; in order that righteouness be restored there.
    In Jesus Name,

  23. 78
    Lily Says:

    Lord! I pray your Kingdom Come, and your Will be done this day in Baghdad. I pray that this country be ruled with justice,compassion, and with
    as “Iron Fist”; in order that righteouness be restored there.
    In Jesus Name,

  24. 77
    Carolyn-mother of a soldier Says:

    Abba Father I come to you with thansgiving and praise today. I come boldly to your throne of grace,to obtain mercy and grace before you. Have mercy Lord on the precious people of Iraq. And Lord I do believe that you guard over those who guard over us. In Zachariah 2:5, you gave me that verse to stand on for Pfc Sarah W. Your Word says, “For I, saith the Lord, will be unto her a wall of fire round about, and will be the glory in the midst of her.” I thank you for that promise today Lord. And I pray that promise for all of the peacekeepers today. Be that wall of fire round about them and You O Lord, be the glory in the midst of them. To you I give all praise, all honor, and all the glory. Blessed be Your Holy and Magnificent Name! AMEN!

  25. 76
    RW Says:

    Oh Lord my God , when I in awsome wonder, consider all the works thy hands have made. I see the stars , I hear the rolling thunder Thy power thruout the Universe displays. then sings my soul , my savior God to thee. How Great thou art , How great thou Art. You can make the moon and stars and the entire universe, how can we not put the entire war in your hands. We do that right now Lord, because we can not seem to have the knowledge to end this war so we committ it to you and ask you to brng it to an end. Protect lives. comfort the grieving, heal the injured , heal the broken hearted and the children. Lord god speak thru the believers that mny will come to know you . thank you for giving th Chaplains added enduranceand strength to go in very difficult situations to comfort and share your word. Blessed be the name of the Lord. In the precious name of Jesus we pray, AMEN

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