12-Escapes from Death

Scripture: “God is to us a God of deliverances; And to GOD the Lord belong escapes from death.” -Psalm 68:20

Prayer: Lord, all power belongs to You. You rule and reign, unchallenged in the heavens. You are far above all rule and authority, power and dominion, and every title that can be given.

troops.jpgWe claim Your word that, “to God the Lord belongs escapes from death.” We ask that You would deliver from danger and from the jaws of death the soldiers and police serving in Baghdad. You are the God of the impossible, and we ask that You would release impossible escapes for these brave men and women today.

We thank you that You will hinder weapons aimed at the peacemakers, and prevent the detonation of bombs designed to spread terror. You are the One who breaks “the bow and cuts the spear in two.” We believe that many will be caught away from the grip of death today, and will walk before You in the light of the living. In Jesus Name. Amen.”

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  1. 325
    Lois Lively Says:

    Gracious Father, I thank you today for the answers to our prayers laid before your throne. Thank you Lord, shining forth your Light and Love upon the people of Iraq and Afghanistan. Thank you Lord, for blessing Your people in Israel and the Gentiles all over the world. I lay down now the prayer found in Psalm 143 and 144.

    To our soldiers and Israel i pray “Let them hear of unfailing love in the moring, and HELP THEM TO TRUST IN YOU. Show them how to walk when they come to you in prayer. SAVE THEM from their enemies, Lord, and let them hide in you. May your gracious Spirit lead them forward on a firm footing. Lord God almighty bless them and BECOME THEIR ROCK. give them strenght for war and skill for battle. Let them see You before them as a shield, and let them take refuge in you”. To Iraqi and Afghani soldiers I say “The Lord God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob are with you. Look up onto the heavens and call upon His name. Ask Him for guidance in the way to fight for your freedom and peace. Look with open eyes and see the Lord in our soldiers that know Him. HE IS THE ONE that will turn your barren land into a flourishing garden, and bless you in health and prosperity. HE LOVES YOU very much and calls on you to follow Him”. Lord I DECREE THAT today and many day will be a day of escape from death and the enemy. I DECREE THAT there is some hungry hearts for peace even amongst the enemy camps. I can see You Father reaching out to touch them with love and mercy also. I give you praise and glory that this is done in the name of Jesus. Amen

  2. 324
    M. Thompson Says:

    Dear Lord:
    Your Word says that “If God be for us who can be against us?”
    You also say that “If the Lord had not been on our side, when their anger rose up against us we would have been overwhelmed, the great flood waters would have swallowed us up.”
    “But the Lord was with us and we escaped like a bird from the fowler’s trap.” “Yes, we escaped in the Name of the Lord.”
    Dear Lord, be with our Soldiers when in battle, eating, resting and sleeping. Surround them with Warring Angels at all times and whisper to them all you have to say to them. Give them ears to hear and hearts to understand Your critical message.
    Give them releases from sin, hate and death. Shield them with the Armour of God. Ephesians 6. We LOVE you our US Soldiers!!!!!! We go in spirit with you in Battle.
    But Jesus is also your constant Companion “Sticking closer than a Brother.” In Jesus Name we pray, Amen

  3. 323
    Renae Says:

    Our Dear Lord, Thank you for your hand of protection on our troops today and the people of Iraq & Afganistan. May their steps be guided by you and may they stay out of harms way. Expose the plans of the enemy and may truth and justice be accomplished. Encourage your people Lord. May this war come to an end soon…in victory for all who have labored so hard for freedom. We ask this in the mighty Name of Jesus. Amen.

  4. 322
    Rebecca Says:

    Lord God in Heaven, You are our source, our deliver, our redeemer, our salvation. Your will be done in Iraq & Afghanistan as it is in heaven…YOUR WILL!

    “We claim Your word that, “to God the Lord belongs escapes from death.” We ask that You would deliver from danger and from the jaws of death the soldiers and police serving in Baghdad. You are the God of the impossible, and we ask that You would release impossible escapes for these brave men and women today.

    We thank you that You will hinder weapons aimed at the peacemakers, and prevent the detonation of bombs designed to spread terror. You are the One who breaks “the bow and cuts the spear in two.” We believe that many will be caught away from the grip of death today, and will walk before You in the light of the living.”

    Lord God, I ask that You would place the spirit, the attitude of “I can run through the troops and I will leap over walls” for You God. Instill in us, those who are seeking, pursueing Your will for our lives and for Your will in Iraq. I know I want this in my life. Give those in Iraq, that know you, the same jolt of spirit. Give us strength, wisdom, we can do anything with You Our God……Thank You My Lord, My God.

  5. 321
    nhele Says:


  6. 320
    Alice Carrel Says:

    Heavenly Father, we stand before Your Throne this day in behalf of the TROOPS and Police in Baghdad and ALL of the Middle East and ask that this will be a day of NO DEATHS. I ask You to COVER them with the BLOOD of JESUS and PROTECT them from the evil one and may they find rest in the shadow of YOUR WINGS. In Jesus name I pray these things…Amen

  7. 319
    Geri Says:

    Great King of Heaven, Lord of Hosts! I say Amen and amen to all these written prayers, and to all those not spoken! Lord we believe you do the impossible, and that nothing happens without Your seeing it. Grant today that Your mighty and strong angels guard and fight on behalf of every soldier working to bring peace to this region. May You perform such remarkable acts that no one can doubt You have brought them to pass! May You and You alone get glory in these events. We praise You Lord that You are mighty to save and will intervene on behalf of Your people. Save them from death and injury. Precious Father – we give You honor and glory and praise even now for what You are doing and are about to do. In Jesus Name and for His sake I ask these things.

  8. 318
    Natalie Turner Says:

    Dear Lord please watch over our troops to day,be with each man and woman serving in Iraq and all over the world today.
    Let there be no deaths there today.
    In your name I pray. Amen

  9. 317
    Daddy's Girl :O) Says:

    Father, We come before You in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ. We thank You that You have placed a hedge of protection around our troops and the police of Baghdad. We apply the blood over them. We thank You for posting your angels around them. We thank You for hemming them in and being their rear guard! We thank you that evil plans are being hindered and coming back on the heads of those who made them ! We thank You for pouring out Your Spirit upon all flesh & for taking hearts of stone and making them hearts of flesh. Give the people in this area eyes to see, ears to hear, & hearts to understand. Thank You that as for me and my HOUSE we shall serve the Lord. We declare that all who are called to be a part of God’s house SHALL SERVE THE LORD !

  10. 316
    Amanda Says:

    Lord your word says that you came to give life and to give it more abundantly. Please preserve the lives of those in this city who follow after you and those you want to bring to yourself. I ask for the plans of the wicked to be turned against themselves and that nothing they plan would work.

    For every soldier I ask for a hedge of protection like you had around Job. Guard their hearts and minds today. Restore energy, hope, faith and love to all your children today. You are a good God, a provider, friend, protector and Savior. Extend your mercy upon every soldier today in Jesus name.

  11. 315
    Dawn Says:

    O Lord, grant so many miraculous escapes from death and from bodily or emotional harm today that all around Iraq people notice and are amazed. May the people know what You have done and see Your glory. In Jesus Name, Amen.

  12. 314
    Lynn Says:

    Father God, we, Your warriors, stand in prayer and agreement that Your grace and peace would flood Karrada, Sadr City, and overflow to all of Baghdad, Iraq and Afghanistan! Give the people there the ability to see the hope and joy that is in Your people who live there and our soldiers. Give them the desire to have that hope and joy themselves, that they may give their hearts to You also. Grant our brave soldiers escapes from death and harm, miraculous escapes that all might see Your glory! Protect each one by day and night, that Your shield would be their covering, their safety. Oh, that no harm would come to any, Lord. I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen and Amen.

  13. 313
    Thelma Draper Says:

    1Chronicles 29;11-12 YOURS, O Lord is the greatness,and the power, and the glory, and the victory, and the majesty; for all that is in the heavens and the earth is YOURS; YOURS is the Kingdom, O Lord, and YOURS is to be exalted as head over all……YOU reign over ALL….
    In Jesus’s name….amen

  14. 312
    Luanne Says:

    Lord, we pray the blood of Jesus over our troops, the Iraqi Police, the civilians, and yes, over the insurgents and terrorists! WE pray that you would hover over Iraq and draw many people to you. We know that one can chase a thousand, and two can chase ten thousand, and Lord as we agree together in prayer may every spirit of darkness flee over the lives of everyone in Iraq. We especially pray against spirits of death and destruction today that they have no place to rule. We pray against spirits of terror and fear, they have no place to rule. We pray that you would release your light and your glory over these regions. In Jesus name, Amen.

  15. 311
    sharon.weems@tstc.edu Says:

    Lord you are the great I AM. We claim victory over the enemy in Iraq and Afghanistan through the blood of Jesus. We come before your mercy seat to seek help for the people of Iraq and Afghanistan. We also pray in the name of Jesus for the people of Iran. We ask that you deliver them from the insanity of the leader who hates Israel. We pray especially for the soldiers and military leaders today as they protect and work to bring about freedom for the people. In the name of Jesus, I pray.

  16. 310
    Stan and Shannon Roberts Says:

    Lord, Bless your holy name!! Lord, thank you for confirmation in the word and prayers today. Last night on another prayer watch we prayed the very prayer of today’s!! These are the days of unified watchmen on the walls! We stand in one accord and we strike down in the spirit the demonic attacks over our soldiers and over the nations. We know that You alone are the Sovereign One and we are Your people, Your Ambassadors, Your Warriors! We stand, we pray, we proclaim victory. We cover our soldiers and the innocent Iraqis/Afghans with the Blood of Yeshua. We breathe the Ruach Ha’Kodesh of Messiah over them for them to walk in the lands of terror with no dread and with the anointing that breaks the bonds of the enemy! Shout to the Lord all the saints and break the territorial demons that hold Iraq in bondage. Loose and anoint! Bless and keep our soldiers, go before them and behind them them! Cloud by day pillar of fire by night! We thank and praise You Lord that we can know You hear us and this day we have won the war and any battles that come our way! Praise You Yeshua! Bless Israel and Jerusalem! Bless all on this watch!! In the name of Yeshua!!

  17. 309
    Lily Says:

    Lord; Thank You for providing a way of escape from the clutches of death, for our servicemen, and our civillians in Baghdad).
    Lord, be their “Shield and their Buckler”
    I pray furthur that each person is annointed with the oil of the Holy Spirit.
    I ask that You give Your angels charge over our Military, civillians, and the Iraqui citizens:
    Lord; Thank You for protecting each one, in Jesus name,
    Amen and Amen

  18. 308
    laura Says:

    Please bring uity among the troops and police serving in Iraq- watch over them and protect them as they strive together to bring unity and democracy to Iraq more spo Father we pray for those in leadership to act and lead Iraq
    In Jesus Name we pray

  19. 307
    dolores kulik Says:

    Thank You Father God for blessing the peacemakers of Haifa today in Jesus Name. Thank You for blessing our military and Iraqi police that patrol Haifa, Baghdad and Afganis. We pray psalm 91 for all of them today. Confuse and confound the wicked so all types of weapons will not work for them ever again, in Jesus Name we call forth Your angels from on high to guide our troops to safety today and always. We glorify Your word that states ” All things are possible with You.” Amen and Amen

  20. 306
    Luanne Says:

    Lord, we ask that this would be a day of discouragement for the enemy. We ask that dissension and discomfit would rule in their camps. Lord, we ask that a spirit of defeat would rule in the camps of those who plan terror attacks. Lord, we pray that many would give up and join the peacemaking efforts. Hallelujah! Lord, we pray for Apostle Paul like conversions — that many who were planning acts of hatred would turn around and bless the very ones they planned to destroy. Hallelujah! May this be a day of breakthrough in Iraq! May you receive all of the honor and all of the glory for what you are doing. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

  21. 305
    Lily Says:

    Dear Father
    I thank You that provide our military and our civillians an escape from all evil works, and even
    from the hands of Death;
    Awesome God You hold their precious lives in Your hands.
    Thank You for providing an escape from Death for(all people living Baghdad).
    In Jesus name I pray,
    Amen and Amen

  22. 304
    Helen Dixon Says:

    Please note I have changed my email address from rejoice@gloryworks.com to the above address
    Thanks for your faithfulness

  23. 303
    Judith E. Connell Says:

    The whole world needs to know that the Holy Trinity is able to do the impossible at all times. They need to know that He formed the universe from nothing. We all need to accept that the Wonderful Lord loves us all and we need to thank him for that every day. Praise Him because we are nothing without Him.

  24. 302
    Faye Says:

    Father in Heaven, Holy is Your Name. I pray that You would place a hedge of protection around our troops and the Iraqi police officers. I ask that the enemy is not able to shoot off their weapons. Please place a snare around them and let their plans fail.
    In Jesus’ Precious and Holy Name, I pray. Amen

  25. 301
    Jean Says:

    Blessed Lord of Heaven and Earth, may You be rightly praised in all the earth today. Heavenly Father, I thank You for the brave men and women who serve in the military and police in Iraq today and pray that You would be their shield of safety and protection in all their endeavors. May the general trend in the land be toward the restoration of peace, laying down of arms and resolution of all difficulties. Heavenly Father, I look forward to and pray for the soon return of stability to that land and its healing so that its leaders might be able to move freely in regard to the rebuilding and governance of that nation. May there soon be a just resolution to all difficulties and conflicts. In Jesus’ Precious and Lovely Name. Amen.

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