8-Favor for the Police and the Troops

Scripture: “And let the favor of the Lord our God be upon us…” -Psalm 90:17

Prayer: Father, we thank You that You are a God who hears and a God who cares. You hung all the stars in the sky and not one of them is missing. You know when we sit down and when we stand up, and nothing escapes Your notice.

soldier-helps-child.jpgJesus, we ask for Your help in granting our soldiers favor with the Iraqi people. Where there have been offenses, we ask for things to be repaired, and for trust to be restored and even increased. We ask that good deeds would not go unnoticed, and that those who are the recipients will tell many others the story of the goodness that was shown to them.

Lord, let the bonds of trust and partnership increase through favor with the Iraqi people. We ask for an atmosphere of goodwill to come down and favor that promotes partnership for a free Iraq. We ask for Your divine help, in Jesus name. Amen.

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  1. 469
    Lily Bright Says:

    Dear Lord
    I thank You for another day which You have made! Lord, there is no one else who is found to be so forgiving and loving as You! All power and Honor is in Your Hands; so, it is with confidence that I call upon You bridge the gap between the Iraqi police and the troops; Lord, knit them together, in Jesus name,
    Amen and Amen

  2. 468
    Natalie Turner Says:

    Dear Lord I agree with this prayer: be with our troops,bless them and keep them from harm,and help them to find favor with the people in Iraq.
    In your name I agree with this.

  3. 467
    Ruth Nunn Says:


  4. 466
    Faye Says:

    Lord God I praise Your Holy Name. I ask that You will place a wall of protection around our troops and the Iraqi police officers. Help them to work well together and with integrity. I pray that no evil thing will harm them as they do their jobs. Please let the people of Baghdad to help these men and women if there is any possible way. Let them pass on information that might be of most importance to these officers.
    In Jesus’ Precious and Holy Name. Amen

  5. 465
    Lois Says:

    May Your deeds be shown to your servants, Your splendor to their children. May the FAVOR/beauty of the Lord our God rest upon us; estabilsh the work our hand for us— Yes, establish the work of our hands. Psalm 90:16-17

    Jesus, may you graciously give help in granting our soldiers favor with the Iraqi and Afghani people. Where there have been offenses between the Iraqis and Aghanis with our soldiers, bring forth trust, reconcilation, and favor for each of them. May all things be repaired, restored, and rebuilted. Bring Peace in the land of Iraq and Afghanistan, and help them to have their spiritual eyes and ears opened. Draw these lovely people and souls into your Kingdom Lord. We ask that all good deeds on both sides would not go unnoticed, and that those who are the recipients will tell many others the story of the goodness that was shown to them.

    Lord, let the bonds of trust and partnership increase through favor with the Iraqi and Afghani people. LORD God Almighty we ask that during Ramadan that the enemy will not take advantage of our troops and think of them a “infidles” We ask that their hearts will be transformed by the Holy Spirit; and your love, grac, and mercy. Let there be an atmosphere of goodwill in each country toward paartnershiop for a free Iraq and Afghanistan. We ask for Your divine help, in Jesus name. Amen.

  6. 464
    Sherrill Says:

    Dear Father, help us to never forget there are mothers and fathers in the armed forces protecting our nation; that there are young men and women who have just started to live as adults with their whole lives before them fighting our enemies. Father, with the whole depth of our being we pray that you protect these selfless individuals, send them home soon safe, whole and sound. We look to You, Lord, for only You can help us now. We ask it in Jesus’ Mighty Name, Amen

  7. 463
    M. Thompson Says:

    Dear Lord:
    Please send a spirit or reconciliation and appreciation through the camps of the US Soldiers and the Iraqi and Afghanistan people.
    Let them realize that help has come. Running water into their homes and rebuilt schools and hospitals is coming and a way to elect their officials.
    Violence will be minimized and contained. Food and electricity and water will be supplied.
    Open their eyes to see all the possibilities and let them embrace our Soldiers and thank them heartily.
    Thank you Lord for the bonds that can come from this. Please bring favor and appreciation.
    In Jesus Name we pray, thank you so much, amen.

  8. 462
    Marsha Kumar Says:

    Father,I ask that You would pour out Your Grace upon the military in Iraq. May they be ignited with a vision that they are not there in vain but they have a purpose. May they have favor with the Iraqi people and may the Iraqi people have favor with them. May our military be protected and directed by Your Holy Spirit. May there be transformation in the land. We call the people of Iraq into the Kingdom. We pray that their spirit eyes would be opened and their spirit ears would hear the Word of the Lord. We pray for an outpouring of the Spirit in the camps of our military. May there be a passion for You. In Jesus Name, Amen

  9. 461
    Betsy P. Says:

    You are our Shelter, our Rock in a weary land, our Refuge, our Strong Tower, the righteous run into it and are safe! Lord, during Ramadan, some Muslims think that it is an appropriate time to kill the “infidels”. Please turn back the enemy of our soldiers at the gate. Rebuff the onslaughts against them. Hold up Your shield before them. Enfold the soldiers in the secret place of the Most High. Bind them up in the bundle of life with Christ Jesus.

    Lord, we do agree in prayer for favor for the soldiers. Cause them to behave with integrity, living with the commandment to love their neighbors as themselves, and to love their enemies in mind always. Bless their efforts to do this.

    I agree in prayer for the comfort of the families of the soldiers and civilians who have died in terrorist attacks. Carry the broken hearted, and bind up their wounds. In the name of our compassionate Shepherd I pray, amen.

  10. 460
    Jackie Says:

    Father I am grieved by the news of four US soldiers lost this day in Iraq. I pray for the families that will be receiving this terrible news. Give them strength and comfort. Hold them tightly and provide for them in the days and months ahead. I pray for favor to be with our troops. Favor and protection in battle, favor with the Iraqies and Afghan armies and the civilians. Bring the enemy under Your feet Dear Lord. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

  11. 459
    Luann Beasley Says:

    Lord Jesus,
    Thank you for all You have done for Iraq. Thank You for loving the people of Iraq. I pray that you would open their eyes and hearts to You. Help them to see how You are blessing them through the work of our troops. May You alone be glorified, but may our troops be trusted and respected. May Your glorious Word be spread throughout the land! Praise be to You Lord! Amen.

  12. 458
    nursella johnson-Lawrence Says:

    Father God,
    We ask that Your favor be upon the people of Iraq. Bless the soldiers and policemen as they work assiduously among the people. Shelter them from the evil one who will try to hurt them We ask for Your guidance over the city or Iraq. Help that the people will put their trust in You as their Lord and Saviour. Save those who need to be save Lord before it is too late. Your coming is sure and we ask that You will show Yourself powerful to those who think that they are running things. Comfort those who need to be comforted,provide for those who need Your provision. We again ask that You protect the children, and old folks from the evil one. We ask that You will see them safely through this time of crisis,and uncertainty.
    WE believe that You have the power to see the troops through this difficult time that they are experiencing. Bless their families back home and help them to be encourage.This we ask in Jesus Name – Amen.

  13. 457
    Faye Says:

    Father God I praise Your Holy Name. I pray that the Iraqi police and our troops work well together. I pray that they will work with integrity and that the people of Baghdad and all of Iraq will see the professionalism of them all. Please place a wall of protection around them and keep them safe. I pray that peace will come to all of this region and that our troops may return home.
    In Jesus’ Precious and Holy Name. Amen

  14. 456
    Dottie Says:

    Dear Father we have read that there will be wars and rumors of wars. We know that in the wars, you have been in the center and you have the world in your hands. We come praising you for all you are and all you have done to restore peace to many situations. Help us not to grow weary in our praying for we know that you hear and answer.
    Father keep our troops pure in thought and deed. May they not give the enemy any reasons to gloat over any actions they may do. Spread the word about all the good they are doing and how they are touching the young peoples lives in Iraq. May they always set high standards for themselves and those they mentor. I pray in Jesus name. Amen

  15. 455
    M. Thompson Says:

    Dear Lord:
    One of Your many splendid Names is Repairer of the Breach.
    Lord, Prince of Peace, we know we cannot stop all wars, but we also know that in the end, You will invade the earth and put an end to all wars.
    “Young men will learn war no more and they will beat their swords into plowshears.”
    We know that a Christ rejecting world will soon feel the wrath of God.
    But Lord of the Harvest, until then the sifting of the wheat and the tares is underway, please cause a repair to come as a refreshing to all conflicts that our US Soldiers are engaged in.
    This will facilitate the good that they are doing. This will allow a time for righteousness to rush in.
    This will allow hearts that seek truth to find it.
    Please Lord of the Harvest send Laborers into the field and the fields are white and ready.
    Hearts are hopeful that peace will come someday. And someday it will.
    Please repair the Breaches in Iraq and Afghanistan today Lord Jesus so that good will can flow between leaders and the Soldiers and the peoples in these torn up lands.
    In Jesus Name we pray, Amen

  16. 454
    Lois Says:

    May Your deeds be shown to your servants, Your splendor to their children. May the FAVOR/beauty of the Lord our God rest upon us; estabilsh the work our hand for us— Yes, establish the work of our hands. Psalm 90:16-17

    Father, we give thanks that You are a GOD who hears and who cares for Your children. It was YOU who hung the stars in the heavens and none of them are missing. Thank You Father, that you NOTICE us when we sit down and when we stand up.

    Jesus, grant to our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan FAVOR with the people. REPAIR ALL the offenses that have come against our troops, and may TRUST be restored and increased in the name of Jesus. Grant to them dear Father an atmosphere of goodwill and FAVOR that promotes an partnership for a FREE Iraq and a FREE Afghanistan. Send down dear Jesus DIVINE HELP to our soldiers in the name off Jesus. Amen and Amen

  17. 453
    Sherrill Says:

    Father, please protect our servicemen and women in foreign lands and even those here in the states. Help them to know they are loved and appreciated. We pray for the peace of Jerusalem and the world. Bless those who yearn for peace. Amen

  18. 452
    Lily Bright Says:

    Dear Lord
    We thank You for Your Goodness and Mercy! Lord, we thank You for Your faithfulness in protecting our military troops and the Iraqi police force.
    Lord, I ask that You show special favors for these two great forces, as they seek Your wisdom how to guide the citizens in Baghdad, in Jesus name,
    Amen and Amen

  19. 451
    Natalie Turner Says:

    Dear Lord Jesus, please answer this prayer and give our troops favor with the Iraqi people,because they love them and you,be with our troops,guide and keep them in you will.
    In Your Name I pray this prayer. Amen

  20. 450
    Sarah Says:

    Dear Father,

    I come to You asking that You would be with the police and troops in Iraq today. Please give them favour with the people, and let there be a strong sense of unity and cooperation. Father, I’m not sure what Your plan is for this area, but I do ask that Your will be fully performed. It’s great to know that You are in complete control and nothing takes you by surprise.

  21. 449
    Mary Tebault Says:

    Blessings to you, Lord. You are worthy of all praise. Thank you for the prayers of your people. Thank you that you stand outside the boundaries of time and yet are as close as our next breath. You hear and answer before we even cry out. Bless our troops, Lord. Grant mercy and truth to go before them, providing good relationships with the Iraqi & Afghani people. Grant wise counsel to your troops, and place foolish counselors in the midst of the enemy. Be glorified, Father, through the work of your son Jesus carried out by the Holy Spirit.

  22. 448
    Joan Gintella Says:

    Heavenly Father, I come to you today and ask you to grant favor to our soldiers with the Iraqi people. Let there be a band of trust between them that will not break or shred. I pray for confidence and courage for our soldiers and the Iraqi people. They are leading a tough life and I pray for their lives to be peaceful today. Protect them from danger and harm and keep them from all evil. In Jesus name, Amen

  23. 447
    Claudette Says:

    Dear Heavenly Father in hte name of Jesus Your son,

    I am ask for Your Divine Favor for day to day living, in Baghdad.
    Lord, the arm forces and the Iraqi policemen needs Your Devine protection and Your Provision today, as they pursue to protect the citizens in Baghdad, shield them Oh Lord day and night.
    I ask and believe that You will show favour and will cause the Gospel of Christ be shared to the nation, in Jesus name,Amen.

  24. 446
    Tress Cole Says:

    Lord help our troops to fullfill the mission that has been set before, them in peace and compassion. Let all the people see that they are there to help the people set up their nation in peace.
    We wish for them peace and comfort in the days ahead. Give them a heart filled with love and understanding toward all people. Let them be a vessel for the Lord and show fourth your Glory and Power.
    All things are possible with you Lord. With faith we may ask what we will and you will grant our request. Hear the cries of your childern cring out to you in the wilderness! Send the comfort of your Holy Spirit to comfort them in their time of need!
    Lord we trust that you will make a way out of no way and we look to you for all the answers to all we seek. We pray this in faith in the Name of Jesus Christ! Amen

  25. 445
    Dottie Says:

    Dear Father I pray for the bonds of trust to increase and that the peace that has been so hard to come by would be able to be kept firm. LOrd may the people learn to trust our troops and cooperate in any way they can to help rout out the enemy. Send your angels of peace and mercy over Iraq and help our troops to be safe and return to their families soon. I pray in Jesus name. Amen

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