8-Favor for the Police and the Troops

Scripture: “And let the favor of the Lord our God be upon us…” -Psalm 90:17

Prayer: Father, we thank You that You are a God who hears and a God who cares. You hung all the stars in the sky and not one of them is missing. You know when we sit down and when we stand up, and nothing escapes Your notice.

soldier-helps-child.jpgJesus, we ask for Your help in granting our soldiers favor with the Iraqi people. Where there have been offenses, we ask for things to be repaired, and for trust to be restored and even increased. We ask that good deeds would not go unnoticed, and that those who are the recipients will tell many others the story of the goodness that was shown to them.

Lord, let the bonds of trust and partnership increase through favor with the Iraqi people. We ask for an atmosphere of goodwill to come down and favor that promotes partnership for a free Iraq. We ask for Your divine help, in Jesus name. Amen.

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  1. 419
    Jean Says:

    Loving Heavenly Father, thank You so much for Your willingness to observe all that we do, and to sustain all who put their trust in You. Hallelujah! Today I pray that everyone, citizens, police, government and troops will work together for a common purpose, to achieve safety and security for the residents of Iraq. In Jesus’ Precious and Holy Name. Amen.

  2. 418
    Becky Says:

    Lord Jesus,

    Remind the Iraqi people of Saddam’s reign of terror.
    Reveal to the Iraqi people Your Will for their lives and their country.
    Resolve conflicts, real and imagined, between our warriors and the Iraqi people.

    Refresh, strengthen and protect our warriors. Let them see Your Majesty, Your Glory and feel Your Comfort on their thoughts and being.

    Glory to Your Name.

  3. 417
    Faye Says:

    Holy Father I praise Your Name. I ask that You would place a hedge of protection around our troops and the Iraqi police. Let them do their job with integrity. Please help them to locate the enemy before they can execute their plans. Help them to have faith and trust in You. I pray for those that are Christians may be able to witness to others in some way.
    In Jesus’ Precious and Holy Name I pray. Amen

  4. 416
    tress cole Says:

    Lord please let the Iraqie people know that the US Troops are there to help restore their homeland. They wish to see peace take over their land so they maybe able to return to theirs!
    Let the people see and feel your presence through the Troops and know that this is what peace is like. Help them to smile even when they don’t feel up to the task, so as to brighten the peoples understanding of who our Lord is!
    Show yourself through our Troops Oh Lord and let freedom bells start to ring for the Nation of Baghdad. In Jesus name we pray! Amen

  5. 415
    Audrey West Says:

    Father God,

    You are the most wonderful and awesome God!!!! You can do all things and we ask today that You would grant good friendships between our soldiers and the Iraqi and Afghanistan people groups Please Lord grant our soldiers favor and Your love for them. God ,Please give protection for all of them. In Jesus precious name, Amen. I Love You, Lord!!!!
    Audrey West

  6. 414
    Sherrill Says:

    Father, You made the universe and all that is in it. You sit in the heavens and laugh. You are almighty and sovereign. You will have the last Word. Father, we ask joy, protection, and peace to reign down on our troops and their families today. You have made them to be victorious in everything they do. Arise, Lord, we make Your enemies Your footstool. Amen

  7. 413
    Betsy P. McAllister Says:

    Father, faithful and true Father, thank You for all the prayers of the intercessors on BPP.

    Your Word – a song from the soldier, King David – says, “But make everyone rejoice who puts his trust in You. Keep them shouting for joy because You are defending them. Fill all who love You with Your happiness. For You bless the godly man, O Lord; You protect him with Your shield of love.” (Psalm 5:11-12 in the Living Bible) In the KJV, this verse concludes with the words, “With favor wilt Thou compass him as with a shield.”

    Father, I want to bring to Your attention today all of the soldiers, chaplains, and medical personnel on my prayer list. And I want to bring to Your remembrance, particularly, Michael Artalejo, Riley Gehan, Eric of the Armstrongs, Noah Sedberry, John Robson, Brian Burch, Jimmy McKinney, Trac Palin, and Beau Biden. Bind them up in the bundle of life with Christ Jesus. Draw them unto You, and let the Life Of Christ in them reflect such love to others that the lost will come to You.

    I ask this in the name of Jesus. Amen.

  8. 412
    Elizabeth T. Says:

    Our Father and Our God,
    We pray for Your Favor to encompass our men and women in Uniform. Let that favor be a shield against all aggression and violence.

    Please speak to the violent today and say, “Peace, be still.”

    Thank you Lord for promoting good will, trust and patience between all men today in Afghanistan, Iraq and Israel.

    May they learn to look to You for guidance, protection and provision for you are a Faithful God of endless Supply.
    In Jesus Name we pray, Amen

  9. 411
    Norm & Linda Says:

    Heavenly Father,
    We pray for the commander-in-chief of the U.S. military forces through-out the world– Barack Hussein Obama. His choice to ignore the National Day of Prayer, to tell other countries the United States is not a Christian nation, to sign his first bill– the death of the un-born, does not bode well for this nation, nor for our American military. We ask and pray, Father God, that you would speak to Mr. Hussein, who so revered the Koran in his youth, that the true God in Heaven loves him, and wants him to be with Him in Heaven, but that his words and actions, his thoughts and spirit, must turn to you– to your Son Jesus Christ, and to the promptings of your Holy Spirit, which, thus far, he has chosen to ignore. Dear God, do whatever it takes to bring this deceived man to salvation through the shed blood of Jesus Christ! Amen, and Amen!!!

  10. 410
    Sharon W. Says:

    Lord, we ask in prayer for the military to have unit with the Iraqi people. Help the soldiers show the people that they can be trusted. Please send your Holy Spirit to begin work in the hearts and minds of the leaders of Iraq. We ask in the name of Jesus or Lord.

  11. 409
    Lynn Says:

    Father, I, too, thank You for Your blessings to us and how grateful we are for the sacrifices of our troops. Surround them with Your favor as a shield, Lord! Help the Iraqi and Afghanistan peoples to see their goodness and good motives. Help there to be good will between them. May our troops be light to them for You. In Jesus’ holy name I pray, Amen.

  12. 408
    Jackie Says:

    Lord we thank you for the freedoms we have in this country. You have blessed us so that we can be a blessing to others. Our troops are such a blessing to us and we have sent them to serve and help the countries of Iraq and Afghanistan.
    I pray for blessing of favor for our troops and the Iraqi and Afghan police as they go about their day. Go before them in all they do. Make their paths easy and straight today. May no harm come near them or any innocent person. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

  13. 407
    Sharon Says:

    Heavenly father,
    I pray for divine encounters for your followers in Iraq. Let Your kingdom come in Iraq and Your will be done. Bless Your servents with favor and opportunity. Thank You Holy God – Creator of man, the author of every good and perfect gift.

  14. 406
    Jean Says:

    Loving Heavenly Father, how Great You are! What a great comfort it is to remember that You are God Who makes covenant, and Who keeps promises. Today we are looking for an outworking of your will in Iraq, and for restoration of that nation out of the past troubles of corruption, war, violence and the persecution of Your people. Today we are also remembering the service of the troops who are serving there at this time, and those serving in other parts of the world. Please help each member of the forces to consider their position under Your authority and to set their hearts and minds on doing what is right. Please refresh the weary ones, and comfort those among them who deeply miss their loved ones, and those who have seen and experienced many of the very troubling aspects of war. I pray that You will restore souls and encourage service and well-doing. I pray that as the troops apply themselves to seeking righteousness and serving others with compassion that the good deeds they have done will be noticed, understood and appreciated and that they will win favor and support from those they are serving. May all this result in opening doors for the establishment of peace and good government in Iraq, and in any other location in which the troops may be serving. In Jesus’ Precious and Holy Name. Amen.

  15. 405
    njohnson-lawrence Says:

    Oh GOD, You are the One that can give the peace that the people of Iraq need. We claim that peace and victory for them . Guide them in all truth-because Your word is truth.Protect them from the enemy. From some of their own family members who will seek to destroy them especially those who are calling on Your Name. Continue to keep Wayne and his family safe.Provide for them in the best way You know how. Thanks again for what You are going to do in the Name of JESUS. AMEN.

  16. 404
    Dottie Says:

    Dear Father I pray that our troops may be kind and considerate to the Iraqi people. May their actions cause those there to want to strive for peace in their country. Lord may nothing be done to any of the citizens to cause them to mistrust our men and women who are trying to help them win and keep the peace.thank you for hearing and answering our prayers. We love and honor you for who you are. I pray all this in Jesus name. Amen

  17. 403
    Tress Cole Says:

    Lord we pray that our troops will find favor with the Iraqi people. Let the people see that out troops are there to lend a helping hand. Let all their good deeds be noticed. We pray that many will be lead to Christ through their services.
    Let the people feel Your Mighty Presence through our troops. Lead them by Your Spirit we pray. Hope and Peace they can find in Your presence. They are never alone and nothing escapes Your sight.
    Allow our troops to safely spread the good News of who You are. Comfort can be found in the Word of God. Help the people to membrace Your Word and Your Presence Lord! Show them away of life like they have never known.
    God we place our trust and faith in You. We pray this in the Name of Jesus Christ! Amen

  18. 402
    M. Thompson Says:

    Dear Lord:
    We are all so full of wonder and gratitude at seeing before our eyes the answer to our prayers in Iraq. Who would doubt now the power of prayer? It has changed the course of Iraq and is ending the involvement of our precious US SOldiers.
    We all look forward to seeing them return as soon as possible.
    Now, is it ok to include in our daily prayers, Afghanistan? They need it now.
    Thank you Lord for hearing and answering prayer. You always do.
    In Jesus Name I pray, Amen

  19. 401
    Lois Lively Says:

    Father, I DECREE that FAVOR WILL BE POURED OUT UPON our soldiers, the Iraqis, and Afghanis. I DECREE that ALL OFFENSES will be BROKEN AND BOUND in and through your love and precious name of Jesus. I DECREE that ALL THE KINDNESS shown to the Iraqis and Afghanis will not go unnoticed. YOU are the one that see’s all and knows all. YOU are the one that rules over the world and everything is in your hands in accordance to how its written up in the heaven. BRING FORTH GLORY unto your name for you are the only on worthy of all praise, honor and glory. In the power of Jesus’ name I pray and claim this as done. Amen

  20. 400
    Natalie Says:

    Dear Lord Jesus, I come to you today to praise you,for you are worthy of our praise.
    This week is Holy Week, the week to remember what you did for us on the cross(I Thank you for that Lord with all my soul)
    I ask you to please watch over our troops Lord,
    help them to remember you,and live for you in everything that they do and say.Guide them and keep them safe.For I ask this in your name Jesus

  21. 399
    Mary T Says:

    Amen, Lord. Thank you that you’ve given Wayne the mind of Christ (1 Cor. 2:16). I thank you that you’ve made us unique to serve you – each one able to reach those you put in our paths. Thank you, Father, for the soldiers who know you as Savior & Lord, who live lives of integrity & humility. May you use their lives as a fragrant offering to draw many other soldiers and Iraqis into your kingdom. Thank you, Father, for the shed blood of Jesus which we commemorate tomorrow; for his leading many captives free; for the glorious resurrection we celebrate on Sunday. Teach us to number our days that we may gain a heart of wisdom.(Ps. 90:12). Be glorified today, Lord.

  22. 398
    Sharon W. Says:


    Thank you for every prayer that has been answered for the people of Iraq. Thank you for every soldier who fought and some who gave their lives for the freedom of these people. Don’t let it be in vain. Open the doors of Iraq so that fathers, mothers and children will know the truth of your word. Let them hear the message of salvation and let them come to you for forgiveness. Touch the hearts and minds of the leaders, let them dream and have visions of Jesus. In His name I pray.

  23. 397
    Jackie Says:

    Father thank you for this day and thank you for keeping our country safe from attack. Bless our soldiers and protect them as well as the Iraqi police and army. I pray your favor would upon them as the interact with the civilians and those in government. Where ever they go this day may there be peace. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

  24. 396
    Lily Says:

    Dear Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ
    Thank You Father for again watching over our military (men and women), in Iraq. You are an awesome God who meets all our needs according to Your Mercy and Grace.
    Lord, this day, I ask that You provide extra protection for our Troops, and the Iraqi Police,
    in the name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ
    Amen and Amen

  25. 395
    Becky Says:

    Precious Lord,

    Bind up the wounds of our warriors with Your Words,today.

    “Rejoice in hope, be patient in suffering, persevere in prayer. Contribute to the needs of the saints; extend hospitality to strangers.”
    Romans 12:12,13.

    Create a bond of fellowship between the people in Baghdad with our warriors that will honor You,today.

    Glory to Your Name, Oh Lord.

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