Good Job Holding the peace…

In response to the increased violence against civilians in Iraq, we launched the ‘Hold the Peace” campaign to cover this issue through the month of May.

Thank you for your faithfulness, so far the peace has help, and civilian casualties are down.

I might also mention that U.S. troops casualties due to hostile fire are also down. Overall, troop casualties are up, but not due to the violence we targeted in prayer.

From MSNBC: –Full Report
BAGHDAD – Iraqi civilian deaths fell dramatically in May after what was the bloodiest month of the year, officials said Monday, but a deadly bombing in a Baghdad market shows the dangers still facing Iraqis.

It was unclear whether the sharp drop in Iraqi deaths represented a significant improvement in security or a tactical decision by extremists to refrain from major attacks, perhaps holding their fire until U.S. combat troops pull out of Baghdad and other cities by the end of this month.

At least 134 Iraqi civilians were killed in May, compared with 290 in the previous month, according to figures compiled by three Iraqi ministries. Deaths among Iraqi security forces fell too, 31 in May compared with 65 in April, according to the government.

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