5-A New Day For Baghdad

Scripture: “All the nations you have made will come and worship before you, O Lord; they will bring glory to Your name.” -Psalm 86:9

Prayer: Lord, we declare that the earth is the Yours and the fullness thereof. You are the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end, the great creator, and in You we live and move and have our being.

baghdad_god_speaks.jpgFather, we ask for Your blessings to come down upon the city of Baghdad. We proclaim that this piece of geography would come under the sway of its Creator and that Baghdad would become a place of peace, and even a refuge of peace in the days to come. Father of mercy, release Your healing, and begin to realign this city with Your original destiny.

We agree that Your kingdom would come and Your will to be done in Baghdad. We ask that You would stop the people who want to cause further damage in this region, and raise up peacemakers: men and women of wisdom who can usher Baghdad forward into a season of fruitfulness and health. Nothing is too difficult for You dear Lord, and so today we ask for Your intervention and Your original intentions for this city to be secured. In Jesus name and for His name’s sake we ask this. Amen.

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  1. 186
    Dottie Says:

    Father thank you for the peace that passes all understanding.Even though we hear of the unrest and turmoil in the middle east we can be at peace knowing that you are in control of all countries,people and the whole earth. We praise you for who you are. We know that all things that happen are for us to learn more of you. Oh Lord that all people whould know you and serve you. Bless our troops and theirs. Keep watch over the children and young people. May our troops be a good example for them.Bring peace we pray in your precious name Lord Jesus. Amen

  2. 185
    Lynn Says:

    Dear Gracious God:
    You are always moving even when we can’t see it or feel it. God moved in strategic places in Bagdad. Place Your people who hear Your words in the exact place to move on behalf of Your direction.Lord continue to bless Your leaders, Your runners, with peace and health to do all You have for them this day Lord.Amen.

  3. 184
    Rebecca Says:

    Lord… I call, and cry out to You These words, a Worship Song, Let it become a prophetic Word Over Iraq, today!
    How we need the River, Lord over Iraq.

    “Lord, I thrust for You
    There is no one else who satifies
    My soul, It longs for You
    like the deer panting for the water
    Now, I wait for You
    Take me to Your courts of glory
    fall upon me, Lord
    Give me strength to help me stand
    In this dry and weary land (Iraq)

    How we need the RAIN
    Living water flow to us AGAIN, we pray
    Shower down Your glory
    Shower down Your Grace
    Let Your holy presence fill this place (Iraq)

    Deep calls unto deep
    Lord, we seek to know Your glory
    For there is ONLY YOU
    And our hearts cry Abba Father
    Now, Lord Jesus come
    may Your love and grace restore us (Iraq)
    Breathe upon us, Lord
    Let your mercies be brand new
    Let the whole earth worship You

    Jesus. free us (Iraq)
    To worship in Spirit and truth
    Heal us, reveal to us
    Your power.
    Hallelujah, Arise and Awake…IRAQ!

  4. 183
    Rebecca Says:

    Oh My Heavenly Father, Abba, Jehovah NISSI!!

    I come to you today with a heavey heart. Lord you have told me to keep up with the news, and to listen to Your Voice. Lord I see and hear, that spies and traitors have infiltrated the ranks of Iraq’s soldiers and police. Why would that surprise me. Lord warn those of us who are seeking Your wisdom, Your Face. Sound the alarm, Lord. Prepare us, Lord. Abba Father…No more loss of life, our Soldiers, innocent men or women sent to Iraq to Help You Lord to bring Peace to a LOST, NATION. My heart breaks at the news. Lord I lift up the families of these young men. Lord be with them, send your Comforter! Comfort them like no one can. In this Tragedy, Lord Bless these families! Let none of us interceeding, to let down our guard, to relent to the enemy! For there are spies, traitors, wraped in sheeps clothing. They are there to do..kill, steal, and destroy. The enemy has changed it tactics, but I the Lord will prevail! Lord, I come against this snare, I bind the evil man sent from hell, that his purpose is to kill the Soldiers from the USA. Expose those, before they can do there evil work! Have mercy Lord on our peacekeepers. Prepare, let them know, expose the plan. Reveal, nothing hiden in the dark of night. Lord In The mighty Name of our Deliverer…Jesus… I pray for REVIVAL to flame in Iraq. Enemy, devil, you are DEFEATED!!

  5. 182
    Lois Lively Says:

    Through you LORD we live and breathe and have our being. I give forth YOUR Word in PSALM 85:11-12 … TRUTH SHALL SPRING UP FROM THE EARTH, AND RIGHTEOUSNESS SHALL LOOK DOWN FROM HEAVEN. YES, THE LORD WILL give WHAT IS GOOD, and our land WILL YIELD ITS INCREASE.

    LORD GOD, RAIN DOWN YOUR BLESSINGS, MERCY AND GRACE, LOVE, PEACE, AND JOY FROM HEAVEN UPON BAGHDAD AND IRAQ. We declare IN 2008 that Baghdad and Iraq will continuly come under the sway of its creator. All of Iraq and the Middle East will allow your truth spring up from the ground and your righteousness will look down from heaven. Our Lord and Master, you will bring Iraq to become a PLACE OF PEACE, and a REFUGE OF PEACE in the days to come. In this year of 2008 Lord, I humbly ask that the Kurds, Shiites, and Sunnis come together in unity, love, and humbleness by and through your grace and mercy.

    Lord God Almighty, for the year of 2008 I DECLARE AND DECREE still that Baghadad, Iraq, and the Middle East will be Yours. This geographical portion of land created by You WILL BECOME a refuge of peace. Father, let your light, mercy, love, signs and wonders fall uopon this land and realign it to Your orignal destiny, plans, and purpose.

    Father God, MAY YOUR KINGDOM COME AND YOUR WILL BE DONE IN ALL OF IRAQ AND THE MIDDLE EAST. Lord Jesus Christ, I give this region into Your hands and ask that all the “peacemakers” be raised up; those who you have given wisdom, let them usher Baghadad forward into a season of fruitfulness and health and wealth. Father, show forth YOUR GLORY UPON THIS LAND COMING DOWN FROM YOUR HEAVENS. Father, bless our men and women over there in Iraq helping them towards this peace and show them your wisdom and vision to follow in the year of 2008. Bring your intervention and orginal plans for this city to be secured in the name of Jesus and bring ALL GLORY unto You. Amen and Amen

  6. 181
    tony Says:

    Father I come to thee in the name of Jesus asking mercy upon the land of Bagdad, asking Father cleanse the land of all iniquity and strife fill the land with Your Holy Spirit come into our hearts and sup with us and end all evil. Jesus you are faithful to us even when weve been unfaithful and you will always lead us back to You, You Lord are high and look upon the entire earth and seek out anything that exalts itself against your knowledge, You are the reason I am here! Lord I ask that you bind confusion and heal our grieving hearts. Help us Lord to lead others to you. Amen and Lord remove the sin that so easily ensnares us.

  7. 180
    Claudette Price Says:

    Dear Heavenly Father, I come to Thee praying for Baghdad. For its innocent citizens, the police and for the soldiers. I also come to Thee concerning those bent on having their way and being led by the evil one. I don’t just pray for peace though, my Lord, I pray for the salvations of all of their souls. Yes, I’m praying big this morning but as John 3:16-18 says that Jesus died for the “whole world” and that my Father includes the Arab countries. All souls are precious in Your site and You do not want any to perish. Thank You Father. In Jesus name I pray. Amen
    Claudette from the USA “where freedom of religion” isn’t just something we need to take for granted. It is something we need to thank God for everyday and fight for it always from those who are trying step by step to take away from us!

  8. 179
    Joan Bowe Says:

    Precious Father, how in awe of You we are. Your goodness and mercy is beyond compare, Your loving kindness surpasses our comprehension. Lord, how You love all the people in Baghdad this day and every day. This little corner of the world is Your’s Father, as is it all. Reveal Yourself to these dear people and strengthen those who seek after You with wisdom, and understanding and rich revelation of Your plans and will for this land and, most importantly, of Who You are and why You sent Your Only Begotten Son, Christ Jesus, for all mankind. Holy One, it is our heart’s desire, like Yours, that none should perish. Please let Your Light shine over this region and allow Your goodness to draw all men (women and children) to Your bosom, in Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

  9. 178
    Laura Says:

    Oh Father AMEN and AMEN to the previous prayer
    YOu are the God of Glory and we ask that Your light so shine before men that they may see Your plan in this time and place for Iraq – Oh God of Heaven and Earth even so let this be a day of advancement towards peace and stability for this country. In Your time and In Your place Lord – we offer ourselves Your children as prayer warriors for this country.
    In Jesus Awesome Name we pray

  10. 177
    Dorothy Says:

    Father in Heaven, awesome God, Creator, Prince of Peace! We come humbly as a group of your believers beseeching you in Jesus’ name to bring about peace and tranquility in Iraq and the Middle East. We thank you for the progress made already. We thank you for the lives that have been sacrificed in the name of protection and peace. We thank you for those lives that have been spared. We thank you for ethical, hard-working leaders whose only aim is peace and normalcy. We ask that you clear their hearts of self-serving desires and politics. We humbly ask you, Father, to allow this peace to come about, that you bind up the enemy and change the heaarts of the unbelievers. Give our leaders, and soldiers strength and wisdom and safety. Work in the hearts of your followers to pray diligently and not grow weary. Wrap your arms around us all. In Jesus’ precious name. Amen

  11. 176
    Alice Carrel Says:

    Heavenly Father, I come before Your Throne to give You Praise for Baghdad. Thank You God that things are getting better for the people there. Thank You for hearing and answering all the prayers that is being lifted up to You for Your innocent ones. I ask that You would continue to keep Your protective hand over Baghdad and all of the Middle East. As I read Your Word it tells me all that You did for Abraham, Moses, David, Jacob,and so very many, many more. Now we are asking You to do the same for Baghdad, Iraq and the rest of the Middle East. Make a way For them to live by Your word Freely. Make straight their paths and free them from the evil one. Thank You Lord for the hope You have given them. In Jesus Name I Pray….Amen

  12. 175
    nina Says:

    Amen and amen.

  13. 174
    Dottie Says:

    Dear Father as we hear the good news about Bagdad starting to come back to normal,we praise your name and thank you for answering the prayers of your people. Father we hope and pray that the politics of leaders will not destroy the progress that has been made. Lord work in the hearts and minds of the ones who will make important decisions concerning the future of Iraq. Bind the enemy. We pray for their souls tonight that your Holy Spirit will invade their hearts so that they may turn to you and away from evil.Thank you for what you will continue to do in the middle east. We pray in your name Lord Jesus. Amen

  14. 173
    Lily Says:

    Father, it truly is a new day, a new dawning for Baghdad, Iraq! Dear God, let this miracle thing You have started in Baghdad continue on until we see Iraq in its’ fruition.
    Father, thank You for opening pathways that were closed. Thank You for the Harvest of Souls that we sense are coming in to a saving knowledge of You.
    I sense in my spirit the multitude of souls that will flock in to Your heavenly Sanctuary. That’s what we (Intercessors)are calling for.
    Psalm 72 Verses 1-4 declares!
    1. Give the King Your judgements,O God,And Your
    righteousness to the King’s Son.
    2. He will judge Your people with righteousness
    And your poor with justice3. The mountains will bring peace to the people,And the little hills, by righteouness.
    4. He will bring justice to the poor of the people;He will save the children of the needy,And will break in pieces the oppressor.
    Father may the word written here this evening take effect this day in Iraq, and Afghanastan.
    In Jesus Holy name,

  15. 172
    Claudette Price Says:

    Dear Heavenly Father I come asking peace to reign in all of Iraq. Know that isn’t to much to ask for since I am requesting this in Jesus’ name. I so pray for all of them. The innocent citizens, the police and their families and the soldiers and their families back home. I pray for the enemy also, my Father. Their minds, hearts and very souls are messed up with this killing for the evil one’s purpose. I so pray for all their souls to be won for my Lord and Savior, Jesus. I come to Thee in His name today as always. Amen

  16. 171
    Jean Says:

    Dear Father in Heaven, I want to praise You for Your mercies and for Your goodness to us all. May we, who love You, be evermore a people of praise and of thanksgiving. Dear Father, I pray that many in Baghdad might hear Your Word. May the noise and the strife in that land be hushed and may those who are intent on doing harm repent and lay down their weapons. I am so glad to be able to commit these things to You knowing that You care about each and every one, and that You are able to bring about these things. May many in Baghdad respond to Your wisdom and seek peace today. Father, for the troops far from home I pray encouragement and strength to do the job at hand, and the a very realistic hope of seeing this come to a soon and encouraging conclusion. In Jesus’ dear Name. Amen.

  17. 170
    Faye Says:

    Father God, I praise Your Holy Name!! I ask You , please, to raise up men of integrity, wisdom and discernment to be the leaders that the city of Bagdhad needs. Let them work together to bring peace to their land. Be with our military that have the job to help these leaders in any way that they can. I pray all of these things in Jesus’ Precious and Holy Name. Amen

  18. 169
    Sharon Says:

    Dearest Heavenly Father, we come before you again on behalf of the people of Iraq and Baghdad. We ask that you will let freedom ring and let your will be done in Iraq. Open the hearts and minds of people so they will know the peace that only you can give. Give courage and boldness to the Christians who are in Iraq and let the people hear the story of the birth and life and death of our Lord Jesus who saves us from our sins. If there are soldiers who have never heard the message, please send someone to them today. In the name of Jesus I pray.

  19. 168
    Rebecca Says:

    “All the nations you have made will come and worship before you, O Lord; they will bring glory to Your name.” -Psalm 86:9
    Bagdad! I say to you…This is the time! This is the day! The holy Spirit is calling you ! Calling you into SALVATION! Restoration! Unity! Peacifulness! To The Only Risen Son, JESUS! The time has come. This is your time, for I will begin a new work in you, from top to bottom. This work no human hand well declare, look what we have done! I the great I Am will be it’s author, For I AM the Author and Finisher of your Faith, Bagdad. I have heard your crys in the midst of this battle ground, I am sending a flame, a fire no human hand can put out. Revival is coming to Bagdad! Restoration is coming to Bagdad.
    Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

  20. 167
    Lois Lively Says:

    I give forth YOUR Word in PSALM 85:11-12 … TRUTH SHALL SPRING UP FROM THE EARTH, AND RIGHTEOUSNESS SHALL LOOK DOWN FROM HEAVEN. YES, THE LORD WILL give WHAT IS GOOD, and our land WILL YIELD ITS INCREASE. Father I add to this the scripture found in Isaiah 19:24-25(NLT) and stand in the gaps with your Words here that is so strong for this time and season. VS 24 And Israel will be their ally. The three will be together, and Israel will a blessing to them. 25. For the Lord Almighty will say “Blessed be Egypt, my people. Blessed be Assria(Iraq)the land I have made. Blessed be Israel, my special possesion!”

    LORD GOD, RAIN DOWN YOUR BLESSINGS FROM HEAVEN UPON IRAQ AND THE MIDDLE EAST. We declare and proclaim that Iraq and the Middle East will come under the sway of its creator, it will become a PLACE OF PEACE, and even a REFUGE of peace in the days to come. May the earth spring forth your truth through out the whole earth, and that your name will be known in all the nations you have made for your pleasure.

    RAISE UP, HEAVENLY FATHER, peacemakers: men and women of wisdom who will step forth and usher into Baghdad a NEW SEASON of fruitfulness and of health. Father let this be for the Middle East also. Lord I ask that you would RELEASE YOUR PLANS and intentsions for Baghdad and Middle East to be secured. I ask that you would PLACE A PROTECTIVE HEDGE OVER our men & women of the Armed Forced there in Iraq. BLESS THEM for their sacrifice they are making for our country and Iraq. In the Holy and powerful name of JESUS I pray this now and give you the glory for all you will do. Amen

  21. 166
    Pat Fike Says:

    Father, we pray for Your Divine Government to come upon the leaders of Iraq – raise up new leaders whose only desire is to see the people of Iraq and Baghdad at peace and rest. We pray for your enlightenment upon their minds and spirits and that you would reveal to them, the Prince of Peace, the Wonderful Counselor, the Mighty God, Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. We pray that every knee would bow and every tongue confess that Jesus in Lord in Iraq.

  22. 165
    Lynette Warren Says:

    Father, Thank You for Your goodness and Your mercy. Thank You that Baghdad is Yours. Have Your way in the land today. May Your strength live in the Iraqi Christians and be displayed for all to see. Stop the enemy and his workers of iniquity and cut them off from the living. Set the captives free in Iraq and bring Your fullness upon all who call on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. May Your Word be a lamp for the feet and light for the path of the Iraqi people.

  23. 164
    Joan Gintella Says:

    Father in Heaven, I ask that you dispatch your angels and put a hedge of protection around our soldiers and I ask for a healing in every city in Iraq. Please heal this country, mentally, physically, bodily, spiritually and emotionally and bring peace to this country . I would love to see these people come to you in faith Lord. Your will be done. In Jesus name I pray, Amen and Amen.

  24. 163
    Janice from Georgia Says:

    Dear Heavenly Father,

    Thank You for letting me be a part of the Baghdad Prayer Patrol. May the group always bring glory and honor to You each day with the prayers and faith they express to You and to the world. I pray that You would bless the systems operations of the BPP and make them always worthy of the great work they are called upon to do. If the volume of pray-ers should increase let the system be able to handle the fruitfulness of the ministry. If there should be any spiritual warfare trying to bring down the system I recognize Jesus as the most powerful authority and put my faith in Him and His name to defeat the enemy.

    This day I pray will be the dawning of a new day in Baghdad and let the fragrance of peace be in the air like the smell of rain coming in the distance or the smell of roses blooming in a peaceful garden. Let the air be freshened with smells of renewal instead of the smells of gunfire, death and wounded flesh. Oh, Lord, please bless Baghdad’s structures with stability and the people with perseverance until the new day is fully established with Your kingdom in its fullness overflowing with peace to other parts of the world. All praise and glory to You for the dawning of the new day even now in Baghdad. Through Jesus, Amen

  25. 162
    Sherrill Says:

    Father, help us all to be the best we can be and to serve You in our highest capacity. Our troops are serving in their highest capacity. Father, protect them today we pray. Amen

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