5-A New Day For Baghdad

Scripture: “All the nations you have made will come and worship before you, O Lord; they will bring glory to Your name.” -Psalm 86:9

Prayer: Lord, we declare that the earth is the Yours and the fullness thereof. You are the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end, the great creator, and in You we live and move and have our being.

baghdad_god_speaks.jpgFather, we ask for Your blessings to come down upon the city of Baghdad. We proclaim that this piece of geography would come under the sway of its Creator and that Baghdad would become a place of peace, and even a refuge of peace in the days to come. Father of mercy, release Your healing, and begin to realign this city with Your original destiny.

We agree that Your kingdom would come and Your will to be done in Baghdad. We ask that You would stop the people who want to cause further damage in this region, and raise up peacemakers: men and women of wisdom who can usher Baghdad forward into a season of fruitfulness and health. Nothing is too difficult for You dear Lord, and so today we ask for Your intervention and Your original intentions for this city to be secured. In Jesus name and for His name’s sake we ask this. Amen.

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  1. 461
    Jackie Says:

    Father you are a maker of new days and new beginnings. Thank you for the hope and desire you have put in the hearts of the Iraqi’s even in the midst of hardship and suffering. We pray that You would continue to transformed Iraq into country where there is freedom to worship You and the ability to pursue a life with opportunities in peace and safety. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

  2. 460
    Judith Cook Says:

    Father God. it is such a blessing to get to pray for the courageous men & women of Baghdad. Lord Jesus, please keep them so safe. Give them the wisdom of God as to their every step in Iran. I plead the precious Blood of Jesus over them & their families back home, in the states. Let the wicked fall into their own traps, while the American, British, & ALL soldiers take back all the stolen souls, land & booty, even as the Children of Israel did. Give them prophetic dreams/visions. Show the enemies over there, that You ARE GOD & that You are the God of miracles! Thank You Father.

  3. 459


  4. 458
    Dottie Says:

    Dear “Father I am in agreement with Warren’s prayer to restore Bagdad to the “City of Peace”. Thank you for what has been accomplished in Iraq. May peace overcome all the obstacles that are being put forth to disrupt that peace. I pray in Jesus name. Amen

  5. 457
    Tress Cole Says:

    Lord let Your Mercy and Peace fall down on Baghdad right now. We thank You Lord for all that You have aready done. Thank You for blocking some of the violence movement of the enemies. We see Your hand in so many situations the people face on the daily bases. You have protected so many and all times.
    Remove the peacebreakers from the midst of Your righteous people. Allow no evil to touch them in Jesus Name. Confuse the wicked in their own ways. Lead them to the end of themselves. Make them not know which way to go or what to do. Leave them to stumbble over their own trapps. Lead Your people in peace and safety we pray! Hold the righteous up to see You in all Your beauty and goodness Lord.
    We believe that Your will, will be done. In the Name of Jesus Christ we pray! Amen

  6. 456
    Janice from Georgia Says:

    Heavenly Father,

    Today I lift up Baghdad to You who made heaven and earth. You are our creative God and we ask that You fully establish peace in Baghdad and Iraq. Please protect all the troops that are there during this holy time of the year for Christians. I pray there will be tolerance between the various groups who have religious differences. And when and where possible I do pray for conversions of faith from whatever to Christianity. I know You want to see many lives saved by what You have offered through Jesus’s sacrifice. Please Father, allow the Holy Spirit to work an awakening to Jesus in Baghdad and throughout the Middle East. I pray eyes will be opened to the love of the Lord and that people will want to escape the grip of religions that are not based on a loving, living and forgiving God as You are. Thank You Lord for all the moments of peace known in the world this day for they are all from Your giving heart. May You be glorified mightily throughout this season of celebration of the risen Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

  7. 455
    Betsy P. McAllister Says:

    O Lord Jesus, 2,000 years ago when You entered Jerusalem riding on a donkey, the people believed that You were their King. And You were. How amazed they would be to know that, today, You have people all over the world from among the Jews, as well as those grafted in from every nation. Truly, all the world comes to praise You today.

    Thank You for choosing us to be Your people who praise You! Be exalted in Baghdad, too, and in all the ME, Your earthly home. Be exalted among the military and the police and all civilians.

    we praise and honor You this day. Hallelujah to the King who reigns upon His throne! In Jesus’ name, amen.

  8. 454
    Jean Says:

    Gracious and Merciful Heavenly Father, I thank You so much for how You work among us and in our lives. Thank You, also, that we can always know with certainty that Your purposes all work together for the good of those who love You and who long to follow in Your ways. Often, however, the way You work things out is not always the way the we would have chosen, and the unexpectedness and the hardness of many situations can shake us up, and cause us many doubts. Is this also part of Your plan, Dear Lord, to challenge our confidence in the things we can see and hear, to drive us to confess our absolute need of You? I pray today for the people of Baghdad and of Iraq. For key people that You have put in place to lead that nation into stability and peace, may they recognize their dependence on You and align their decisions and actions with Your known will. For those who oppose peace and threaten others’ safety, Please disturb their peace and trouble their sleep until they are willing to surrender their will to Yours and allow You to bring about Your purposes for Iraq. And for Your troubled and hurting people, will You bring something this very day that encourages them and helps them to look up, confident that their redemption is very near at hand. May it be Your will that is done in Baghdad and in Iraq today. In Jesus’ Lovely and Holy Name. Amen.

  9. 453
    Lois Lively Says:

    Father, we ask for Your blessings to come down upon the city of Baghdad, and other cities of Iraq. We proclaim that this piece of geography will come under the sway of its Creator and that Baghdad would become a place of peace, and even a refuge of peace in the days to come. Father of mercy, release Your healing, and begin to realign this city with Your original destiny.


    On this day and each day thereafter, Lord, let this scripture fall upon the land of Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel, and Palestine. WE COMMAND the seeds that was planted there to SPRING FORTH from the earth. Lord, we RELEASE a NEW DAY TO BEGIN in the land of Iraq which is full of hope and blessings from YOU. LORD GOD release a NEW DAY in the land of Afghanistan, Palestine, and Israel and BRING FORTH your peace and hope to these people. LORD, WE RELEASE HEALING(physically & spiritually) upon Iraq, Afghanistan, and Israel. BRING FORTH DIVINE HEALING (physically & spiritually) to our soldiers. BLESS our soldiers with a NEW HOPE, PEACE, WISDOM AND KNOWLEDGE. WE COMMAND that Iraq to come into alignment with Your orginal destiny. WE COMMAND the people who will bring further damage to Iraq to STOP. Holy Spirit confict their hearts of stone and bring forth a new heart within them. With your help Holy Spirit may they receive a thirst and seek the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior. In the name of Jesus I pray and give all the glory and honor unto Him. Amen

  10. 452
    Sue Baron Says:

    I believe BPP has made a big difference in Iraq.

    However, in recent months the USA has become in greater peril than is Iraq. I would love to see this same effort for preservation of our country’s Christian values, our traditional American way of life, and our constitution as the foundation of our legal system, via a USA Prayer Patrol.
    I have no clue as to how to do this, but I am willing to help.

  11. 451
    Becky Says:

    Lord Jesus,

    Protect our warriors in Baghdad, today.

    Provide for Your Word and Your Truth to be proclaimed in Baghdad, today.

    Prevent evil in Baghdad, today.

    “Who will separate us from the love of Christ? Will hardship, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword?

    No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.”
    Romans 8:35,37

    Praises to Your Name, Lord Jesus.

  12. 450
    Terese L. Cole Says:

    Heavenly Father we ask that your peace fall upon Baghdad this day. Lord we bind all evil spirits that try to sweep terror on the people and curse the Land. Lord you are the creator of the universe and all power is in your hands. We lift them to you right now sweet Jesus! Let all the nation behold your Glory. Let them know that you alone are God. There is no God except you and nothing escapes your sight.
    Craddle them in your love and help them to over come all the wrong that they have lived through in the name of Jesus! Show them a love like they have never known and humble them to receive you as their Lord and personal Savior. Lord you are the cure for all that is wrong in the world today. If they would look to your Word, they will find all the answers are there waiting to reveil the truth and freedom for all lost souls.
    Lord we trust that by our faith it is done and we pray in the name of Jesus Christ! Amen

  13. 449
    Jean Says:

    How very great You are, Dear Lord God! How wonderful it is to see Your Holy Spirit at work in our world, how precious to hear Your voice, or to find tokens of Your grace and kindness to us in unexpected places! Thank You so much for Your mercies, grace and kindness. Heavenly Father, we believe in great things for Baghdad and Iraq, because You are a great and mighty God! And we have already heard amazing stories of how You have answered prayer and brought redemption to some who are in that land. Please have Your way in that nation today. May strongholds of evil be brought down, may evil find no hiding place and may light and righteousnes come forth like the dawning of the day bringing blessing and every good thing to all who put their hope in You. In Jesus’ Precious and Holy Name. Amen.

  14. 448
    lily bright Says:

    Dear Father
    It is with gratitude that write my petition to You;
    Lord, we need help; and we are asking for Godly wisdom and understanding to know how to pray for our men and women in Baghdad.
    We ask that You bless the men and women in Iraq as never before, in Jesus name.
    We truly do ask for a new day for Baghdad, in Jesus name,a new day for those that are lost, to be saved.
    Amen and Amen

  15. 447
    Mary Tebault Says:

    Father, in Your Mercy, reveal Yourself to the people of Iraq and Afghanistan. Show them Your true nature. You are a god of LOVE, JOY, PEACE. You are a god who weeps when Your children choose the wrong path and suffer the consequences. You are a god who yearns for Your children to recognize Your goodness and return to You. Open their eyes, Lord. Be glorified today.

  16. 446
    Jackie Says:

    Father God, we can tell the enemy is at work with trying to keep this website down. Satan believes that if he can keep us silenced then his evil works prevail like they did this morning in Hillah Iraq. Lord, arrest the hands of the wicked!!! Hear our prayers Lord. Do not let any territory be taken back by satan. Keep the people of Iraq and our soldiers safe O Lord. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

  17. 445
    Lucy Tuck Says:

    Father in Heaven, may all of Iraq, Israel, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and everywhere our fighting armies are standing for freedom from terrorism, be secure in Your wonderful cloud and fire and smoke, with ministering angels, to protect them, amen. In Jesus,the Messiah’s name, amen.

  18. 444
    Becky Says:

    “But Jesus came and touched them and said, ‘Arise, and do not be afraid.'”
    Matthew 17:7

    Let those who live in Baghdad, those who guard Baghdad and those who govern Baghdad seek only Your Counsel.

    Blessed be Your Name.

  19. 443
    Dottie Says:

    Dear Father bind up all those who would want to disrupt the peace that has been won in Bagdad. Lord turn any away who are terrorists and are seeking to bring harm to the innocent. Father you know that there are leaders who wish harm on Isreal and are trying to destroy the people there. Lord send your angels of mercy over these cities. I have peace in my soul that you are in control of all of us. At the same time my heart greives for those innocent children and their parents who are in the middle of all this conflict. I come pleading for peace in all of these regions Father. Thank you for who you are and for loving us even when we don’t deserve it. Please release your powers to end this conflict in the middle east. I plead and pray in Jesus nmae. Please allow the troops and their families to be reunited soon. Amen

  20. 442
    Jean Says:

    I praise You, Merciful Father in Heaven. How good You truly are, and how wise in all Your ways! Hallelujah! I do look so forward to the day, Dear Lord, when all the nations will worship before You and give glory to Your name. But for now, we have trouble in this world. I believe that is because there is still more that You are wanting to accomplish for Your Kingdom in drawing lost sinners to Yourself and transforming families and communities by the Gospel of Your grace. Help all of us who call on Your Name to grab hold of the things You have given us to do and press on in Your service. May we not be turned aside by any of the distractions that might come before us or temptations that could lure us away from Your will. Please give strength to Your people who remain in Iraq, and those who represent them, to press on in doing Your will. May we be hearing of increasingly good reports coming from that land. Please restore strength to those who have been troubled or persecuted for their hope in You and help them to go foward in confidence to make a difference for good in their homeland. In Jesus’ Precious and Holy Name. Amen.

  21. 441
    Terese L. Cole Says:

    Lord Jesus we ask that you bring peace to the city of Baghdad. Lord you can do all things and we trust in thee. Lord we ask that you fill the men and women in the U.S military with your spirit. Give them the power over all evil in that city. Help many to repent and turn from their wicked ways. Lord you are the light that shines threw the darkest of dark, and nothing is hide from thy sight! Lord make your power known threw and by your people. We pray in Faith and Believe in thee. For you alone are God, there were none before thee and there will be no other every! We ask that your will be done in Jesus Name we Pray! AMEN

  22. 440
    Cathy from Wyoming Says:

    Dear Heavenly Father just as Daniel of Old Testament times stood by your Word may the people of Iraq have revelation of Who you are and see peace in the making. We thank you for the protection of those working for peace and know that nothing is impossible for you to fulfill your will!
    With joy in Jesus name, Amen!

  23. 439
    Alice Carrel Says:

    Father God, as I read over the opening prayer and all the prayers going up to You in behalf of the city of Baghdad today, I just want to tell You Lord that I agree with every heart felt word, and I along with all the others pray that you would hear our prayers for Baghdad and restore peace, unity and fill their land with Your Holy Spirit. Let all peoples in Baghdad SHOUT PRAIESE to Your Holy name. I ask that You OH Lord would let there be peace and let it begin today. In Jesus Name…….Amen

  24. 438
    Luanne Says:

    Lord, we look for the new day in Baghdad, when our faith will become sight. Lord, we look for that day when what you have promised and what you have proclaimed over Israel, Iraq, and the world will come to fruition. Lord, we look for you, our Lord, our Savior, our Redeemer to come. Come quickly, Lord Jesus, come quickly. Lord, we ask that you would come now in spirit and in truth. Thank you, Jesus; thank you, Father. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

  25. 437
    Jackie Says:

    Oh Father, what a beautiful prayer left today by Lois. MAY IT BE according to Your will and glory.
    In Jesus name I pray.

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