5-A New Day For Baghdad

Scripture: “All the nations you have made will come and worship before you, O Lord; they will bring glory to Your name.” -Psalm 86:9

Prayer: Lord, we declare that the earth is the Yours and the fullness thereof. You are the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end, the great creator, and in You we live and move and have our being.

baghdad_god_speaks.jpgFather, we ask for Your blessings to come down upon the city of Baghdad. We proclaim that this piece of geography would come under the sway of its Creator and that Baghdad would become a place of peace, and even a refuge of peace in the days to come. Father of mercy, release Your healing, and begin to realign this city with Your original destiny.

We agree that Your kingdom would come and Your will to be done in Baghdad. We ask that You would stop the people who want to cause further damage in this region, and raise up peacemakers: men and women of wisdom who can usher Baghdad forward into a season of fruitfulness and health. Nothing is too difficult for You dear Lord, and so today we ask for Your intervention and Your original intentions for this city to be secured. In Jesus name and for His name’s sake we ask this. Amen.

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  1. 11
    Renae Says:

    Amen! Bring Baghdad back to it’s original destiny Lord! You are a miracle working God and we speak peace to Baghdad now in your mighty Name for your glory.

  2. 10
    David Duchene Says:

    Yes, Lord…Your Kingdom Come!
    May the Lord Jesus Christ reign from Jerusalem soon…and then we’ll get some proper government!
    Even so, come Lord Jesus!

  3. 9
    Pauline Says:

    Amen! Heavenly Father, the whole earth and all that is within belong to you and nothing is difficult for our Lord! We thank you that city of Baghdad is realigning with Your original destiny. Together we shout ‘Shalom’ over this city!

  4. 8
    Marion Says:

    Father God, we thank your Holy Spirit for this prayer for Baghdad, and all the 1 minute prayers that have been prayed for the cities and country of Iraq and the related declarations that have been made since this prayer surge started, and may mighty, inspired prayers continue coming through the anointed people who are being and are yet to be used by You and may the numbers of those agreeing and adding to them be multiplied exceedingly until You answer by moving Your strong right arm and defeating Your enemies and bringing established peace to Iraq.

  5. 7
    Barbara J Solly Says:

    It seems you are able to just say what is already in our hearts! Thank you for doing that and the prayer of agreement is so powerful , the anticipation is great! The Father is good and Faithful to His WORD, Sincerely in Christ Jesus, BArbara J Solly

  6. 6
    Ruth Says:

    Lord Your Word declares You would dwell where our (their beet) have trod. I ask heavenly Father that You would annoint the feet of those who call upon Your Name for this land to shine forth the Glory of God. Where there has been injury we ask You would bring HEALING. Where there has been distrust there would be TRUST. Fight oh God on the behalf of the widows and children. Let a Father’s Love shower done on them and bring RESTORATION. Let there be Jonathan David relationships built between the nations that are fighting for order to be established in this land. Open the eyes of the soldiers to see the deception of the enemies. Snuff out the weapons that would be built to bring harm. Let Your Army be seen amoung the soldiers. As we declare the Battle belongs to the Lord. Amen. Ruth

  7. 5
    Ervin Says:

    Thank you God for the Baghdad prayer patrol and bless all those who are praying for all the people of Baghdad and our soldiers.

    I have been in Baghdad for over two years helping to train the Iraqi police and I know first hand that any unoccupied building is immediately looted. Go to the attached web site and see how God keep his hand on a Christain College in the heart of Baghdad. This college was abandoned almost one year ago and no one entered until last month when our troops set up there.


  8. 4
    Brenda Says:

    Yes and Amen,
    Our God is an awesome God! For let us behold the works of all His Glory and His splender thereof. But, let us not call to mind the former things or ponder the things of the past. Behold, He will do something new. Now it shall spring forth. Will we not be aware of it? He will even make a roadway in the wilderness, and rivers in the dessert.
    Bless God and all His mighty works. Bless you all who believe God for a miracle over this area of Baghdad. Thank you all for your standing in faith.

  9. 3
    char Says:

    Oh yes Lord ! Thankyou for hearing this prayer of destiny Lord ! Thankyou for bringing it backyo Your original intention. And for Ypur will to be done on earth as it is heaven. Blessed be Your Name ! Is anthing to hard for You Lord? Nothing

  10. 2
    Carla Says:

    Praise Be Unto you My Father let your will be done in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen!

  11. 1
    Nancy Ivy Says:

    Wow! This prayer was really powerful!! I felt the Holy Spirit moving so strongly! “Father of mercy, release Your healing, and begin to realign this city with Your original destiny.” This stopped me in my tracks!

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