10-Protection for the Troops and Police

Scripture: “Blessed is he who has regard for the weak; the LORD delivers him in times of trouble. The LORD will protect him and preserve his life; he will bless him in the land and not surrender him to the desire of his foes.” -Psalm 41:1-2 (NIV)

Prayer: God of power and might, there is no one who can challenge Your power or authority. You are the King of all creation.

I bring before You the troops and police serving in Baghdad today. They are there to protect the weak and the helpless. According to Your word, I call forth the protection they need today.

Deliver them from death and let the plans of those who hate peace fail, and their bullets fall to the ground. Most High God, we ask for You to defend those who defend the weak — surround them with Your favor as a shield. May Your angels guard them and lead them out of the snares of the wicked.

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  1. 22
    Barbara Says:

    Father-God, we can KNOW that You love us and care for our troops because the enemy is not allowed to triumph over us. oh Father, that our leaders would lean on You, trust in Your power to save, and RELY upon Your strategies and energy to bring peace of holy variety to this troubled land of Iraq and city of Baghdad. Father, no matter what the discontents say or do… we ask for YOUR TIMING in all things. By YOUR HAND, keep our troops in place UNTIL Your work is done… but O Father, we do pray in earnest that they not be kept from us one minute longer than necessary for accomplishing Your holy will in that foreign-to-us place. Bless the citizens with safety and protection. Bless them as they strive to put their forces together in such unity as to carry the load themselves and relieve our armies to come home. It was once impossible for the Sanhedrin, the Romans, the Jews to agree on anything, but they agreed to crucify Jesus. Oh LORD, that the factions in Iraq, in particular, Baghdad, would UNITE and AGREE to work in harmony, respect every life, honor GOD in truth, and live in peace. If You, O Lord would allow such contrary forces to agree on crucifixion, you can SURELY allow contrary forces to agree on living in peace! It was YOUR will that JEsus be delivered into the hands of sinners. Oh FATHER, we believe it YOUR will today to deliver the captives, heal the broken-hearted, and SAVE the LOST SOULS all over the world. For JESUS CAME for that single purpose, that NONE should perish! Oh LORD, that we would be right in time and in step with Your plan, neither running ahead nor lagging behind. I ask one further thing of You, Lord… and that is confirmation and affirmation of our involvement there for all the world to see. SO MANY WORDS over the dam of propaganda, Father, SHOW US YOUR LIGHT in this war. In JESUS’ name, AMEN!

  2. 21
    Donna Says:

    Father God, you alone are worthy of praise & honor. I pray today for those serving in Iraq – both military & civilian who are attempting to make the land safe for families to thrive & grow. Protect them Father – give them wisdom & discern about all of their activities. Keep them from harm & thwart the plans of those who would harm them. May You be gloried and honored in the brave work of these men & women who place their lives in danger for the protection of others. In Jesus Holy Name, Amen

  3. 20
    Laura Cummins Says:


  4. 19
    mCHRISTe Says:

    Dear Lord protect our troops as they fight for freedom. Help them accomplish thier goal. Be with our troops and the Iraqi police. Help our troops train the police, and help the police gain control before the Congress decides to pull our forces out. Be with the Congress and help them to see when its Your time to pull out so that we may succeed. I pray this in Jesus precios Name. Amen.

  5. 18
    Lila Brummett Says:

    Blessed Jesus, I ask you to send your warring angels to stand by our troops and the innocent people of Bagdad, carry them to safety, Let your Holy Spirit hover over them daily as they do the jobs that have to be done May they feel your omnipotent precesence all around, as they eat, walk, march, sleep, cover them with your precious blood and keep them safely every hour
    thank you, Father,hold them close

  6. 17
    Loretta Worthy Says:

    Father, We lift up our troops and declare protection for each and every one. We pray for their complete deliverance from all harm. Just like the Hebrew children in the Babylonian furnace, we declare that fire will not burn them, nor will any other method of death be effective against them. Make them invisible to their enemy and let them unharmed walk through the enemy’s midst to safety. Bullets will not penetrate their bodies and bombs will not hurt them. No weapon formed will prosper against them. The enemy will know that God is with our troops, for nothing shall by any means hurt them. We declare their safety and protection in the name of Jesus. Amen.

  7. 16
    Lois Says:

    God of war, go forth on behalf of our military and the Iraqi police and prevail over the enemies this day in Haifa and the surrounding areas. Give wisdom to troop commanders and government leaders as they work to bring about peace and stability in these regions. I declare that no weapon formed against our troops will prosper, and that You Alone will deliver them from the snares and traps of the enemy. Put a hedge of protection around each of our soldiers and reveal Yourself to those who do not know You as the Lord of All. Remind them that it is not by might nor by power, but by Your Spirit that the enemies are brought down and defeated. Strengthen them to be of good courage and not to lose heart. Draw those who do not yet know you with Your cords of love. Encourage the weak and faint-hearted. Stretch forth Your Mighty Hand and deliver the oppressed and afflicted and set the captives free. Do these things in the Name of Jesus and for Your Express Glory to be revealed. Amen and Amen!

  8. 15
    Bondservant Says:

    Father, I join my voice with others around the world who pray for your protection on our sons and daughters who are in harms way. Watch over them and protect them. Guide them by Your Spirit. Lord we join our shields of faith to stop the fiery darts of the enemy. Set the people of baghdad free from oppression. Let them see and know You and Your love for them. Confuse the enemy and let the enemies plans fall to the ground. Father help our soldiers keep their focus on You. For when we acknowledge You in ALL our ways, You make our paths straight. We praise You for Your Mercy and Grace. Let it cover the city of Baghdad and transform the city for Your purposes! In Jesus name and finished work. Amen

  9. 14
    Amie Bothwell Says:

    [PS 91:1-16 -KJV]
    [PS 124:7 Our soul is escaped as a bird out of the snare of the fowlers: the snare is broken, and we are escaped. -KJV]
    [PS 34:7 The angel of the LORD encampeth round about them that fear him, and delivereth them. -KJV]
    [Numbers 14:9 Only rebel not ye against the LORD, neither fear ye the people of the land; for they are bread for us: their defence is departed from them, and the LORD is with us: fear them not. -KJV]
    We thank you that you are mindful of every troop and their families, and we praise you as the Lord of Hosts who rules the invincible armies of heaven. We plead the blood of Jesus over every troop and allied force and we decree Psalms 91 over them daily including their missions and orders, bases and camps, vehicles, outposts, families, etc. We decree and speak life in abundance over every troop and release the mighty angels of Lord that excel in strength to encamp round about and to keep them in all their ways continuously. We command and declare that every snare purposed against our troops and allied forces is broken such that they escape all evil and trouble now. We resist every defense of the enemy and command it to depart, to flee, to be scattered. We bind every affliction, trouble, and wickedness from rising up the second time in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Amen.

  10. 13
    Becky Says:

    “Bear ye one another’s burdens. and so fufil the law of Christ.” Galatians 5:2

    Pour out your Mercy upon those who are bearing this burden to bring freedom into Iraq. Walk with our troops and those Iraq citizens who are working with our troops for good.

  11. 12
    Carrie Says:

    Lord, we stand in the gap for our warriors. Cover them with Your wings, and I claim Psalm 91 over them. Protect the police and our allies who are standing up for what is right, and strengthen all of the incredible men and women You have provided. We claim them for Your glory and honor. Reveal the plans of the enemy. Daddy, if King David could pray for the fall of wicked men, then so do I– smoke ’em, Lord.

  12. 11
    Melodie Says:

    Our dear heavenly father,
    Bless not only those who are worldly weak, but bless and defend the ones who are spiritually weak. Let angry and impressionable teenagers find their true worth in working for good. Free them from fear and hate. Let them find true role models provided by your love for their guidance. Bless the individuals who now seek to promote their viewpoints through violence. As the dear Christ awakened Saul of Tarsus, awaken them to their potential for perpetrating peace. Let them see the world more clearly — as governed by your authority and not by other people. Let them see others as fellow children of God, worthy of life and respect, and not fearfully or hatefully viewing others as enemies to be destroyed. Let us too, have this same Christly perspective towards them. Help us to live up to our great duty to bless our enemies, to pray for those who despitefully use us. Strengthen us to fully, not partially obey Christ that the full power of his love be put to bear on this great matter.

  13. 10
    Julie Dalgarno Says:

    Let the redeemed of the Lord say so, whom He hath redeemed from the hand of the enemy. Let the wicked forsake their way, and the unrighteous
    man his thoughts, and let him return unto the Lord, and The Lord will have mercy upon them.
    Thank You Lord for Your great Love.

  14. 9
    Judy from Ohio Says:

    Lord, We ask that you provide extra protection for the police and soldiers in Bagdhad who are there to keep watch and guatd the city. Hold back satan’s forces and disperse the demons of darkness. We lift up to you those who were injurerd in the bombing of the bridge. Comfort their families and bring comfort to the injured. Amen and amen.

  15. 8
    Thelma Draper Says:

    Father, I am in acreement with the prayer today….You have promised to protect and keep the
    poor and the helpless….We pray for all the
    people in Iraq and Bagdad, that a hedge of
    protection be around them today…in Jesus’s name.

  16. 7
    Frank & Nancy (USMC Ret'd) Says:

    Dear Lord, Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, Sovereign over the city of Baghdad, all Iraq and the entire Universe. You are LORD and there is no other. We trust You to work out Your will and purpose for all of Iraq and all the people living there. We entrust the care and keeping of the weak of Baghdad. Those who have no involvement in the violence but still are subject to being victims. Watch over them O Lord, encircle them with a covering of protection. Cause them to know it is You who protects them. Let the Holy Spirit move upon them so they will know Your great love for them and draw them to Jesus. Thank You Lord for the thousands of Iraqis who have put their trust in Jesus since this war began. Use this war, as You use everything, to work out Your will and purpose for everyone in Iraq…civilian, police, the military and the leadership of that country. Set the citizens of Baghdad apart as a people who will love and serve the Great King of Kings and LORD of Lords. Raise up thousands and thousands there who will follow in Your train. To You be all honor and glory, now and evermore. Amen.

  17. 6
    Jill Says:

    Father, The picutre that came with this today Lord made me really cry. I can’t imagine being shot at or having to shoot at anyone. God bless and protect the hearts of our soldiers, get this done and bring them home, in Jesus Christs precious name, Amen

  18. 5
    Kathy Hilliard Says:

    Lord, I join together with my fellow ‘Soldiers in Christ’, asking that you to do Your will Lord, in all Iraq. We bless your Holy Name!! I love you Lord!! Amen

  19. 4
    kyle Says:

    Father God in all Your sovereignty I pray that this would end that the evil forces in play would be put under were the belong. may the righteous shine. in Jesus Name we pray!

  20. 3
    Barbara Says:

    Thank You, Father-God, that our country has taken a stand for the “weak,” in another land and is seeking to teach and model the way to better lifestyles. Help us remember that these people do not have to subscribe to life as “we” traditionally know it. Continue to protect and deliver our troops from the “moments of high trouble.” Include, dear Lord, under Your mighty wing of protection, those Iraqi troops and police who are striving to upgrade life for each civilian in Baghdad and all of Iraq. Satan’s strongholds in this land have broken Your laws of LOVE for too long. It is TIME, O LORD, for You to act on behalf of GOOD MEN, who NEED a SAVIOR, a COUNSELOR, and a Refuge, Stong Tower, and DELIVERER! Enable these dear people to TAKE BACK the dignity of life that the enemy of their souls has stolen. Let hope arise within the private citizens of this country and these cities that GOD is GOD and that His desires are righteous and holy for them. Let them CRY OUT for Him and incline their ears to the hearing of His Word. OPen their eyes to SEE the motivation behind our participation in this war and prepare their hearts to receivethe Gospel of Jesus Christ. Instill YOUR strategies for victory into the hearts of our troops and especially their leaders who sit around the planning table daily. SHINE LIGHT on the enemy’s plans before he has a chance to carry them out. IN JESUS’ name, AMEN.

  21. 2
    Sherrill Says:

    Even tho’ I don’t get on my PC every day, please know that I pray continuously for our fighting men and women all over the world, our allies as well, the Iraqi police, for Israel and the peace of Jerusalem, and first of all, as the Bible dictates, for our leaders and those in authority. I pray for our policemen and firemen, doctors with lives in their hands, paramedics and ambulance drivers, and all those in the caring profession. Last but not least I pray for the widows and orphans. Thank You, Father, that You hear and answer the prayers of Your people.

  22. 1
    G & G Says:

    Praise God for His goodness. Thank you Father for watching over those in the land of Iraq. thank you for your word that is being shared thru out the land. May our Military men and women know their need of a Savior and trust you for salvation. Lead those that know you in Bagdad and all around Iraq to share your wonderful message of salvation to those that do not know you. Peace in the land would be wonderful but more important is pease in the hearts of each and every person in Iraq. Bless them Father with your peace.

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