9-Disrupt Evil Alliances

Scripture: “Confuse the wicked, O Lord, confound their speech, for I see violence and strife in the city. Day and night they prowl about on its walls; malice and abuse are within it. Destructive forces are at work in the city; threats and lies never leave its streets.” -Psalm 55:9-11

Prayer: Father, Your sovereignty rules over all. You alone are God and there is no other; You are the Judge of the earth, and one day, every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord to Your eternal glory.

iraqi-fighters.jpgFather, we need Your help. We come before Your throne and ask that You would divide and confuse the plans of the men who are dedicated to violence in Baghdad. Disrupt the ungodly alliances that have been formed, and release division and strife into the camp of those who devise wickedness.

Lord, we asked that mistrust, doubt, and fear would cloud the decisions of those who seek violence: confound the wicked who work against the good people of Baghdad. Break down their channels of communication and make this day, a day of babbling in the camp of the enemy. In Jesus name we ask this. Amen.

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  1. 622
    Dottie Says:

    Dear Father I pray that You would disrupt the plans of the wicked. Do not allow them to carry out their evil acts. Father enter the hearts and minds of these who continually do harm to the innocent. Nothing is impossible with You Father and I know that You can turn their lives around for good. I wait on You Father because You have said that one day every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that You are Lord. Oh Father keep the peace in Iraq for these who long for peace. I pray in Jesus name. Amen

  2. 621


  3. 620
    Lois Says:

    Father, Your sovereignty rules over all. You are the one and only true God and there is no other; You are the only Judge of the earth, and one day, LORD God Almighty, EVERY KNEE WILL BOW and EVERY TONGUE WILL CONFESS that Jesus is Lord. Your glory will reign though out all eternity.

    Father, look down from heaven and see how much Iraqi, Afghanistan and Egypt needs Your help. I come before Your throne today in humliness to ask that ALL THE CAMPS of the enemy to be divided, and to confuse the plans of the enemy who are dedicated to violence in Baghdad, Afghanistan and Egypt. Disrupt and remove the ungodly alliance that is rising up in Egypt, and release division and strife into the camp of those who devise wickedness.

    Lord, we come before You knowing You reign and that all things are possible with You, our LORD God Almighty. In the name of Jesus I ask that you would bring forth mistrust, doubt, and fear as a cloud over the decisions of those seeking violence. BREAK DOWN ALL their channels of communication and make this day, a day of babbling in the camp of the enemy. May this all be done in the glory of Your name I pray and ask this in the name of Jesus. Amen

  4. 619
    Sharon M Says:

    Holy and Righteous Father, We ask You to consider the land of Iraq.
    Many lives have been shed in that nation in the name of freedom. We pray that You would send Your supernatural forces to finish the work that has been started. I pray for many more visions of dreams of key troublemakers that there may be many Saul to Paul conversions of leaders who help to usher in a free and ethical nation. Nothing is too difficult for You.

  5. 618
    Peggy Says:

    Father, We pray that you disrupt the communications of the evil ones operating in Baghdad. Confuse them and cause things to backfire on them or misfire. Cut off their supplies and isolate them. Divide them and let them be conquored. Bring liberty to the innocent and let them gain confidence and trust in the soldiers operating to defend them. Bring them strength to succeed as only you can do, Father. May your favor be with those defending the innocent, those on your side, God. Thank you GOD that victory is with YOU. AMEN

  6. 617
    Betsy P. Says:

    Father, we adore You this evening and always. Though it’s nighttime here in the USA, it’s the wee hours of the morning in Baghdad, Dawrah and all Iraq. I thank You and worship You for Who You are – the Ancient of Days, the Creator of all, the King of kings and Lord of lords. Be exalted in Iraq over every demonic influence that would steal, kill, and destroy from the people.
    Please grant dreams and visions of Your Son to those in Iraq who would wreak havoc, and give them a complete transformation of soul and spirit, in Jesus name, amen.

  7. 616
    Dottie Says:

    Dear Father I pray for the citizens of Iraq today. May each one know Your great love for them. Send wisdom and blessings through You angels of mercy and love. Instruct them and do stay the hand of the enemy who goes to and fro to see who he can devour. Bring justice bind the hand of the enemy that continues to try to ruin the peace that has come. Change hearts and minds for Your Glory. I pray in Jesus name. amen

  8. 615
    Lois Says:

    Dear graicious and Heavenly Father, I come to you today with a heart full of love and awe of Your power. I pray that Your glorious power will fall upon Iraq and her people today in a mighty way.

    Jesus, release Your powers over the enemy, and cause them to not understand their plans. Cut off all communication so they will be alone, and bring unto them dreams and visions of what they are doing. Help them to SEE who You are and come to You for forgiveness of their sins. I pray Lord that You would be with the soldiers their fighting for new life in complete freedom and for peace. Give them understanding from You, give them strength and courage to know what Your plans are for their country. Allow this year be the year that YOUR POWER, SPIRIT, and LOVE will be dominion in the name of Jesus. Amen

  9. 614
    Peggy Says:

    Father, I ask that you would move on behalf of those who desire to bring righteous rule to these land and her people. Lord, break the communications amongs the workers of evil. Cut their supply lines, and cause them to be alone and confused. Make your powerful presence evident over them causing them to tremble with fear and to reconsider what they are doing and who they are serving. Sweep through this land, Father. Change their hearts and minds to come to the knowledge that they are on a path that leads to hell. Show them GOD, where they have allowed evil to enter their hearts, and caused them to believe lies. Jesus, YOU alone are the way to eternal life. We who have been shown this and have believed in our hearts KNOW this to be true. GOD, we are asking for your hand to move for good. Restore this land and the people to live out the plans and purposes you have for them. Deliver them from all evil we cry. We ask for protection for the soldiers who are working so hard to free them. Save, them and use them to advance your kingdom on earth. In Jesus name I pray. AMEN

  10. 613
    Luann Beasley Says:

    I praise You Lord for Your love and mercy. I praise You for Your mighty plans and purposes. We need You so much! The people of Iraq need You greatly and I pray that the plans and purposes of the evil ones there would fail and cause extreme problems for them. Lord, I pray for protection for the innocent in Iraq. I pray that they would come to know You. I pray that Your holy name would be worshipped and adored in Iraq today. In Jesus’ precious name I pray. Amen.

  11. 612
    Dottie Says:

    Dear Father I pray that You would confound the enemy and turn them from their wicked ways. Do not allow Baghdad and all of Iraq to be turned over to those who continue to cause strife and harm to the innocent. Stay the hand of the wicked and do not allow the peace to be disturbed by a few who cannot see their fellow man live in peace. Many have been praying for so long for Iraq to remain at peace. Father show the real story to the world. There are many more places in the world that have many more killings each and every day. May the people not grow weary in praying for this country but keep them constantly in their prayers. I pray in Jesus name. Amen

  12. 611
    Jean Says:

    Thank You, Heavenly Father, for hearing our prayers. Today I ask for the authorities in Iraq to be both willing and able to identify the troublemakers who remain in that nation, and to take action to isolate and arrest them. May they be kept from doing further harm to the innocent citizens of that nation. Please especially keep the believers who live in and around Mosul safe in Your watchful care. In Jesus’ Holy and True Name. Amen.

  13. 610
    Lily Bright Says:

    Dear Lord
    I thank You for mercy and favor which You have shown towards the people living in Iraq; I ask that You continue to show favor toward the Iraqi police and our military personnel.
    I ask this day Lord, that if You find malice ,within the hearts of any person, or persons, that You break that spirit; and that You Lord, break any and all evil alliances; just as You did towards the people who conspired to build the “Tower of Babel”. I ask this in Jesus name,
    Amen and amen

  14. 609
    Luann Beasley Says:

    Lord of all, I praise Your glorious name! All heaven and earth are filled with Your glory! Lord, I ask that Your mighty hand of righteousness would be upon the soldiers and police in Iraq. Help them to disrupt the evil. Guide them so that they learn how to keep their nation safe from the enemy. And may all glory and honor and praise be to You, most High Lord of all. Amen.

  15. 608
    sabrina Says:

    Heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus, disrupt all evil alliances. Let them not prosper, or come to any agreement that is evil.

    Heavenly Father, continue to protect our troops, true allies, and innocent civilians. In Jesus name I pray and give thanks! Amen

  16. 607
    Dottie Says:

    Dear Father we praise You for who You are. We give thanks for being able to come to Your throne of grace and pour out our hearts to You. Father the Iraqi people need You more than ever. They are suffering at the hands of the wicked. I pray Father that You would Bind these who have no value for a human life. They do not care who they harm. Their hearts are filled with hate and malice. Father these need You and I pray for Your Holy Spirit to enter into their hearts and minds. Turn their lives around ,turn them from their wicked ways. Nothing is too hard for You Father. I pray in Jesus name. Amen

  17. 606
    Lilian Says:

    O Abba Father, we agree in united faith as we pray for your powerful Holy Spirit to disrupt the enemy’s evil schemes against the protector of the progress on the ground in Iraq. May your peace be upon the troops and Iraqi police as they call on the name of our Prince of Peace and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ as we pray and declare in his name the liberation of that precious aprt of your creation for your glory and honor. Amen.

  18. 605
    Jean Says:

    Dear Father in Heaven, I still plead for Iraq, and I ask specifically for the upright citizens, along with the needy and meek members of society to be protected from the evil deeds of those who love violence, pride and murder. Please set Iraq free from the devices of the proud. Please help those who trust in You to make a difference for the good of that nation. Please do bring confusion and disorganization to any who would plot or plan out deeds of violence. Please make them so ineffective in their attempts to overpower others that they might begin to question themselves and their motives. Perhaps there might even be room for repentance. Please soften hearts. Please break the hearts of those who seek to do evil, that they might sorrow for their sins and seek the better way. May they find themselves seeking You and Your mercy. In Jesus’ Lovely and Holy Name. Amen.

    Arise, O LORD, in Thine anger;
    Lift up Thyself against the rage of my adversaries,
    And arouse Thyself for me; Thou hast appointed judgment.
    And let the assembly of the peoples encompass Thee;
    And over them return Thou on high.
    The LORD judges the peoples;
    Vindicate me, O LORD, according to my righteousness and my
    integrity that is in me.
    O let the evil of the wicked come to an end, but establish the
    For the righteous God tries the hearts and minds.
    My shield is with God,
    Who saves the upright in heart.
    God is a righteous judge,
    And a God who has indignation every day. (Psalm 7:6-11)

  19. 604
    Lois Says:

    “Confuse the wicked, O Lord, confound their speech, for I see violence and strife in the city. Day and night they prowl about on its walls; malice and abuse are within it. Destructive forces are at work in the city; threats and lies never leave its streets.” -Psalm 55:9-11

    Father God, on this Your beautiful day, I come before You to ask that the presence of Jesus enter through the gates of Iraq, and break away all the darkness. Lord Jesus, break up all the hatred and plans in all the camps od the wicked ones. Put a protective hedge around the people of Iraq. Allow the spirit of Peace to fall upon the Iraqis and give them a sound mind. All day and night Lord cease the heart of those who are wicked with Your love, and send down the Holy Spirit to teach them Your ways. Let Your glory and presence be with the Iraqis and never leave them alone like you say in Your Word. In Jesus’ name I pray and give Hm all the glory. Amen

  20. 603
    Peggy Says:

    Father, I pray for the people of Baghdad. Change hearts Father to seek you. Lord, build a wall of protection around the innocent. Separate the evil ones from the innocent. Confuse the evil forces. Confound them and interrupt their communications so they can not function to be destroyers. Father, we need your help to bring victory over the presence of evil operating there. Bring peace to this land. Let our troops come home and let them know their sacrifices were worthy for you used them to bring peace to a war torn land oppresses by the evil ones. Set them free GOD to live as you destined for them. Be their GOD. I raise your banner over this land and declare it is your land and your people. AMEN

  21. 602
    Betsy P. Says:

    Break up evil alliances, we pray, Father God, in Baghdad, Haifa, and all of Iraq. We acknowledge Your Son as the Breaker, according to Your Word. And we ask that the Breaker exert His mighty power against the evil ones in this nation today, breaking up every stronghold of the enemy.
    Please fulfill with Your hand what You have said with Your mouth: “He that dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty [whose power no foe can withstand].” Cause Your Beloved to rest in Your secret place and under Your protection today – all the believers and all those who will believe. I ask this in the name of Jesus the One and Only, our Champion, amen.

  22. 601
    Lily Bright Says:

    Dear Heavenly Father;
    Lord, let today be the day that Your Glory once again shine down upon men and women living in Baghdad.
    Let this day be a day of renewing, and an awakening of those spirits within mankind.
    Let this day be a day to clear all wicked consciences, and that all evil deeds and alliances will be disrupted; in JESUS name.
    Lord, hear from heaven, and completely disarm both man and women of All evil alliances and deeds;
    Lord, I ask these favors in Your Son Jesus name,
    Lord Send A Revival to the Iraqi People!
    Amen and amen

  23. 600
    Elaine Says:

    God, please particularly protect the Christians in Baghdad and in Iraq, and in Afghanistan and in Pakistan. Please use our soldiers and military to do Your will, particularly in protecting all your innocent children there (particularly the persecuted Christians), and all that they have. Please keep them and their families and all that they have safe. We claim over them and Christians in the US, the UK, and all the allied nations, and all our troops and all their families, and all the support teams, the verse ‘I will lay me down and sleep in peace, for Thou Lord only makest me to dwell in safety’. Thank You God for the gift of life and for what You are doing.

  24. 599
    Dottie Says:

    Dear Father I pray that You would confound the enemy. Bring confusion to their minds and do not allow them to carry out their evil deeds. Father instead fill them with Your Holy Spirit so that their whole being will be washed in Your love and righteousness. Thank You for who You are and for always hearing our prayers. You do not wish that any should perish. May this message be heard by these who continue to bring harm to the innocent,to turn their lives around. I pray in Jesus name. Amen

  25. 598
    Jean Says:

    Dear Father in Heaven, please hear our prayers in time of need! Loving Heavenly Father, the prophet has said and it is true, that You are too pure of eyes to look upon evil, or to favor the wicked (Habakkuk 1:13). Yet this world is often troubled and even rocked by the actions of evildoers. Dear Father in Heaven, I pray that today, and from this time forward, the workers of evil and purveyors of violence who have been troubling Iraq might experience all the natural and logical consequences of their actions and choices without delay. Perhaps the discipline of consequences might cause them to take notice and come to repentance. Meanwhile, please help the citizens of Iraq who love peace. Please shelter them and hide them from the wicked, keeping them safe from harm. Please guide them and give wisdom, and help to know how they can make an effective difference for good in their nation. Please let Your will be done in Iraq and please save the people from the oppression of evil-doers. In Jesus’ Holy and True Name. Amen.

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