Sun- Hold the Peace

(Hold the Peace is a daily campaign of prayer through July 2009, to resist the current surge of violence in Baghdad. Please join us.)

Integrity for Leaders

Scripture: Righteousness guards the man of integrity, but wickedness overthrows the sinner. -Proverbs 13:6

Prayer: God of wonder, how awesome are Your deeds! You spread out the stars with Your righteous right hand and fill the seas with creatures of all kinds. You shape the mountains and the valleys, filling the earth with green grass, flowers, and trees. We marvel at the glory of Your creation.

Lord, I ask that You would guard the leaders of Baghdad from temptation. Give them grace to carry out their duties with integrity and respect for those they serve. Breakdown the power of corruption in that city that destroys trust and hinders the peace. Lord, You guard the man of integrity, so we ask You to strengthen their resolve to do what is right, so that You can surround them with Your favor like a shield.

Sweep aside and overthrow the wicked. Remove them from power and cause the righteous to flourish. Honor those who are working for peace, put Your wind at their back, and bless the work of their hands with Your divine seal of approval. We ask Lord for Your angels to be assigned to these men of peace to carry out Your desire for the transformation of Baghdad. We pray in Your name Jesus, amen.

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