6-Protect the Innocent Civilians

Scripture: “Rescue the weak and needy; Deliver them out of the hand of the wicked.” -Psalm 82:4

Prayer: Lord, Your name is high above every name that has ever been named. You are exalted high above every created thing, and You rule the universe from Your throne on High.

baghdad_children.jpgYou are a Father to the fatherless, and You watch over the poor and needy. Lord, we ask that You would hear the cries of the people of Baghdad and deliver them from the hand of the wicked. Protect them during this time of uncertainty and rebuilding.

Surround them with Your favor as a shield and keep them safe. Give our troops great compassion and vigilance to keep the families of Baghdad from harm.

Lord, Your heart is near to the widow and the orphan; hear the cries of the oppressed and come to their aid. Break the yoke of violence that rules in that city, and set the people free from fear. Judge the wicked for oppressing the innocent, and deliver the weak out of their hands. In Jesus name, Amen.

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  1. 737
    luann beasley Says:

    Father of love and mercy…I praise You for all that You are!! Dear Father, please protect the little ones in Baghdad. Father, there is so much evil there as You know. Oh dear Father, please guard them with Your angels. They need to hear of Your great love for them. I pray that You would bless them with Your great truth. I pray that You would send missionaries there to share Your Word with these children. I pray that they would learn all the things children need to learn. I pray this in the loving and wondrous name of Jesus!! I exalt Thee, Father, Son and Holy Spirit!! Amen.

  2. 736
    Betsy P. Says:

    Father, You are the Champion of the children and the widows of Baghdad, Karrada, and all Iraq. We come in agreement asking You to reveal Yourself to them as their Husband and Father. Provide for them, protect them, grant them dreams and visions and songs in te night of Your love. Cause them to come to know Your Son, Jesus, I ask in His name, amen.

  3. 735
    Claire F Says:

    Lord God, I ask that these men & boys of Iraq would find something positive to fulfill & give meaning to their lives, to plant & harvest, to build, to repair, to heal, to entertain. They have few skills but to keep watch, clean a gun and destroy or hold captive; they are afraid of peace because they have few skills to fall back on. Give them peace of mind that you have a plan for them and will see them and their families through if they lay down their arms. I pray that you put other opportunities in their paths and that they recognized them. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, I pray.

  4. 734
    luann beasley Says:

    Father of love and mercy beyond measure…I come to You although I am not worthy. I ask that You would hear my prayer on behalf of the poor and needy in Iraq. Father, please protect them. Please help them to receive all that they need. I pray that they would learn of Your love for them from Your believers there. I ask that compassion rises in all the good people in Iraq and that hearts are filled with the desire to give what is needed whether it be food, clothing or shelter. Father, please fill us with Your compassion and love. We need You! I pray this in the holy and loving name of Jesus. Amen and amen.

  5. 733
    Jim R Says:

    Lord, you are gracious, merciful, and good. As you did for Lydia in Thyatira, please open hearts today in Baghdad, and all of Iraq, to receive the gospel by which we are saved (1 Cor 15:1-4). Thank you Lord. It is your will that the people of Iraq be saved, and changed from the inside out.

  6. 732
    Betsy P. Says:

    Father, I agree with this prayer prompt in every point, and ask You to cause our united intercession to be effectual, availing much for the people for whom we intercede. Let the people of Baghdad and all Iraq experience the awesome love which You demonstrated to them when Your Son died on the cross at Golgotha. Cause them to come to You to be healed, delivered, restored, and redeemed. I ask this in the name of Jesus, Lover of our souls, amen.

  7. 731
    luann beasley Says:

    Lord God of love and mercy, I praise You for You love the poor and needy. Father of love, please bless these people. I ask that You be with all the police and troops and help them to be holy. Help them to learn Your truth and to desire You above all things. I pray that You have Your way with them. Please protect Your believers in this nation. Help them to share Your truth with the poor and needy and all the people You desire they meet. Open hearts to You, I pray dear Jesus! Be glorified in all of Iraq. I pray this in Jesus’ holy name. Amen.

  8. 730
    BOB - COLORADO Says:

    Heavenly Father – with others I come to You this day asking for Your presence with the children and young people in Baghdad. No doubt there are many of the children that are orphans – without any family – but being taken care of by YOU. My heart goes out to them. When I think we are having Vacation Bible School for our children, having the privilege of telling them about Your Son Jesus, I pray that some way the children there will be told about You and Your Son. Possibly that could be by a tourist there, a Service Person, or even by one of Your followers who are residents there. We know that You love the little children – Your Word tells us so. Thank you for the assurance. AMEN

  9. 729
    Betsy P. Says:

    Father, Lord God Almighty, I ask, in addition, that You would protect the innocent in their minds, emotions and spirits. Send forth Your Word, Lord, and let their be the light of the knowledge of the Truth found in Your Son, Jesus, in Whose name we pray, amen.

  10. 728
    luann beasley Says:

    Great and loving Father God…thank You so much for the gift of prayer and for Your loving faithfulness to Your children all over the world. All glory be Yours. You fill us with Your truth and I thank You!! I pray that You would bless the dear people in Baghdad that are poor and oppressed. I pray that Your truth reaches their ears. Please protect Your missionaries there and fill them with Your loving Holy Spirit. Help them to share Your great Word with all the people in safety and in Your great love. Open the hearts and the minds of the people to receive Jesus into their hearts. I pray this In the holy name of our Lord, Jesus. Amen.

  11. 727
    luann beasley Says:

    Holy, holy, holy…Lord God almighty, heaven and earth are full of Your glory! Hosanna in the Highest! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord…Hosanna in the Highest!! I just praise You Father, Son and Holy Spirit for Your love for all Your children, but especially for the needy ones. You are near to the widow and orphans, the poor and oppressed. I thank You for Who You are and how much love You give. Thank You, Lord Jesus for revealing Your love. Please be with the poor and oppressed peole throughout Iraq and bless them in the land where they live. Help them to know it is Your loving hand upon them. Deliver them from death and help them to come to know our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I pray this in Your name Lord Jesus. amen.

  12. 726
    Bruce Says:

    Father in Heaven, we bring before You the people of Baghdad and we thank You for watching over them. Send Your angels to guard them and their families and protect them from the enemy who would do them harm. May this day as we celebrate Good Friday be to them a day of discovery as they realize that Jesus gave His best for them so that they would be with Him forever .Thank You for caring and loving them Jesus .amen

  13. 725
    luann beasley Says:

    Oh dear Lord of life and love…how we need You! I praise You for Your great love for all Your children. Lord, please be with the needy people in Iraq. Please protect them with Your mighty and loving hand. I pray for peace among their leaders. I pray for unity among the troops and police as they go about their duties. May they work together as one for You! I pray that Your believers there would be so in love with You! I pray that You protect them from evil. And, I ask that You guide them with Your Holy Spirit as they share Your truth. Help them to be careful! I thank You, Father, for Your great love, and I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  14. 724
    Lauren B Says:

    Oh Father,
    Thank you for the precious people of Iraq. In teaching Iraqi refugees today, I see that they are just like us in the way they love their children and want a brighter future. I pray that your son Jesus will be their light, here and in Iraq. You are the only one who gives peace. Let them experience your love through American troops today. Here their cries and rescue them from darkness. We love you, Lord, and ask that you give us more love for your people.
    In Jesus’ name.

  15. 723
    Lily Bright Says:

    Dear Lord
    It is an honor to call You Lord! You are King of Kings; The Glory and Lifter of my head.
    Lord, be Glorified today, as I lift Your name on High.
    Lord hear my prayers today, as I pray for the nation of Baghdad.
    Lord, protect the innocent people and children, in Jesus, Your Son name,
    Amen and amen

  16. 722
    luann beasley Says:

    Lord, You are beautiful! I love You! I pray for the needy people in Baghdad that You would bless them with Your glorious truth! In Jesus’ holy name. Amen.

  17. 721
    Sabrina Says:

    Heavenly Father, protect the innocent civilians living in this country. Let no hurt, harm, or danger come near their dwelling place. In Jesus name I pray and give thanks. Amen

  18. 720
    Donna Says:

    Father in heaven, protect the innocent ones in Baghdad today, particularly the children. Surround them with your angels and Holy Spirit. Give them eyes to see You. Give them ears to hear You. and let their hearts be open wide to know and love and serve You. Bless all the little children who come to You today! Amen

  19. 719
    luann beasley Says:

    Praise and glory be to the one and only God! Heavenly Father, I thank You for Your love for the poor and afflicted. Praise and glory be to YOU!! Please Lord bless them in all the ways they need and help our troops to do the best they can. May they all learn of Your greatness in Your Word and through the power of Your Holy Spirit! In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

  20. 718
    Roberta Says:

    Father,as we look at the faces of these precious Iraqi children, pictured above, we ask you to have mercy on them and shield them from harm. Bring them and their families into the kingdom and comfort them. With You all things are possible. Thank You for hearing. Thank you for answering, for we ask in the powerful name of Jesus. Amen

  21. 717
    Donna Says:

    Already, LORD, the Iraqis are fighting among themselves. Our soldiers were there to help, but only You can change men’s hearts. What we long for, Father, is that You would draw men to You in Iraq so that Your glory would be seen by all. Deliver them from darkness. Bring in Your marvelous light. In Jesus’ name. Amen

  22. 716
    David Vega Vega Says:

    Señor, grande es tu poder y tu amor es ilimitado. Un día toda rodilla se doblará y confesará que usted es Dios eterno. Ahora te pido por la gente de Baghdad que los librs de todo mal, de todo ataque que impulse el enemigo. rodealos con tu favor para que estén seguros. guarda a las tropas para que vigilen bien. en el nombre de Jesús, Amén.

  23. 715
    Betsy P. Says:

    Jesus, Lord, Savior, these are Your children that for whom we are interceding

  24. 714
    luann beasley Says:

    Father of love and mercy, I just thank and praise You for loving Your Iraqi children! I pray that You will bless them with Your divine Presence, will and ways to guard and guide them through this horrible time of conflict, destruction and death. Please bind the evil one, I pray! Lord, have Your way and be glorified! I ask this in the loving and powerful name of our Lord, Jesus Christ! Amen.

  25. 713
    Mary T. Says:

    Dear Lord: Thank you and Praise You for Your Word and Your Son Jesus who came to save us all. May there be daily salvations in Baghdad for all the angels working overtime there. For all the prayers directed there and for all those that stand there and shine their light. May You shine forth in Iraq in the hearts and spirits and eyes of those that live for you. May that light penetrate the deepest darkness and say to those that live in darkness….”Come, here is the light, here is safety and here is peace. Here is Jesus.” In Jesus Name we pray, Amen.

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