6-Protect the Innocent Civilians

Scripture: “Rescue the weak and needy; Deliver them out of the hand of the wicked.” -Psalm 82:4

Prayer: Lord, Your name is high above every name that has ever been named. You are exalted high above every created thing, and You rule the universe from Your throne on High.

baghdad_children.jpgYou are a Father to the fatherless, and You watch over the poor and needy. Lord, we ask that You would hear the cries of the people of Baghdad and deliver them from the hand of the wicked. Protect them during this time of uncertainty and rebuilding.

Surround them with Your favor as a shield and keep them safe. Give our troops great compassion and vigilance to keep the families of Baghdad from harm.

Lord, Your heart is near to the widow and the orphan; hear the cries of the oppressed and come to their aid. Break the yoke of violence that rules in that city, and set the people free from fear. Judge the wicked for oppressing the innocent, and deliver the weak out of their hands. In Jesus name, Amen.

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  1. 687
    LOLITA Says:


  2. 686
    Betsy P. Says:

    Father, we honor and bless You as Lord of Creation. Nothing escapes Your sight, and no problem or situation is beyond Your power to save. We are coming before Your Throne in agreement for the protection of the innocent in Baghdad, Shula, and all or Iraq.
    May You all sufficient grace be extended to each one. Be the shelter and hiding place of each one. Be the Strong Tower of each one. Reveal Yourself by Your Holy Spirit to each one in the face of the Savior of the world, King Jesus, I ask in His name, amen.

  3. 685
    Luann Beasley Says:

    Dear Lord, I praise You for You hear the cries of the afflicted, poor and needy. Lord, thank You for all that You are!! I ask that You would bless the needy people in Baghdad. Lord, protect them and bless them in the ways they need. I pray that Your believers there would share Your great truth with them and that Your Holy Spirit would move in their hearts and souls. Lord, we need You! Have mercy on us and bind the evil one that wants to take us from You. I thank You for the gift of prayer and I pray these things in the name of Jesus our Lord and Savior. Amen.

  4. 684
    Jan Erickson Says:

    Today LORD as most of the prayers of America are focused on our NATION, may many not forget our men & women who are out there defending our country. I often think of that old song “Over there,over there, send the WORD, send the WORD over there, that the Yanks are commin’ the Yanks are commin’ and we won’t be back till it’s over, over there” Praise you GOD that you keep America going out and bless those that go & thier families back home.Keep America Praying!!!!

  5. 683
    Lily Bright Says:

    Dear Lord
    I pray that You protect the people in Baghdad; I ask that You especially protect the innocent civillians.
    Lord, I pray this in Jesus name,
    Amen and amen

  6. 682
    Carla Jo Says:

    Protect the troops with Your Name above all names. Amen

  7. 681
    Donna Says:

    Father, Protect the innocent civilians in Baghdad today. Bind the strongman who does not care whom he maims or destroys. don’t let any of his schemes or devices work today. Father, I cry out to You for wisdom for bringing Your kingdom into Iraq. Only when Your Spirit resides in the people will there be true peace. Embolden Your people to spread the good news. Let their words be few but true, and full of love and hope and joy. In Jesus’ name. Amen

  8. 680
    Betsy P. Says:

    Father, Your Word says, “God is already beginning to arise and His enemies to scatter….like wax melts before the fire; like smoke is driven away, so drive them away…but let the people be glad, let them rejoice with gladness, for God has triumphed mightily!” Psalm 68.
    May You perform with Your hand for the people of Baghdad, Adhamiya, and all Iraq what You have spoken with Your mouth in Your Word. May there be episodes of the miraculous there today, I pray in the name of Jesus the miracle working Lord, amen.

  9. 679
    Luann Beasley Says:

    Lord Jesus, You are holy and righteous! You make no mistakes! Lord, have Your way in Baghdad. May Your will be done and may Your name be praised in all of Iraq. These people need You so much! Oh, Jesus, please guide Your believers to those who so desperately need to learn of Your great love and mercy. May testimonies flow from their hearts and lips and may Your name be exalted. Bind the evil one who comes to kill, steal and destroy. Lord, thank You for hearing my prayer. I praise You! I love You! Amen.

  10. 678
    sabrina Says:

    Heavenly Father, protect the innocent civilian of Iraq. Let no evil come near them or their dwelling places. In Jesus name I pray and give thanks! Amen

  11. 677
    Carla Jo Says:

    Lord G-d, Rescue/Deliver the weak and needy. Do it however You like. We look for a good report. Amen

  12. 676
    Jean Says:

    Blessed Lord God Most High, please show Yourself powerful to protect and deliver all who put their trust in You. Please help those who call themselves by Your Name to trust You and not give way to fear that can lead to all kinds of error, poor judgment and even sin. May they remember Who You are, and the call to self-denial that is foundational to the faith that they profess. We know that there are many troubles remaining in Iraq. I pray for the safety of the widows, children and of families. May those who perpetuate violence and terror be rebuked. May their numbers diminish and soon disappear. May the leaders of the nation find ways to effectively secure the safety of all those who desire peace and stability. May Your will be accomplished in Iraq. Thank You, Lord! In Jesus’ Holy and Righteous Name. Amen.

  13. 675
    Dottie Says:

    Dear Father I pray for the families of the soldiers who were killed in Iraq yesterday. I pray for the children and widows and ask that they be taken care of by the leaders in Iraq. Protect these innocent little ones I pray in Jesus name.amen

  14. 674
    Lois E Says:

    Lord God, I thank you again for this day, and for the sunshine. May Your name be lifted up and be glorified; for You and You alone is worthy of praise, glory and honor. May the heavenlies and the earth always show forth Your glory, and may we apprecieate them with all of our heart.

    We exalt you above every created thing, and You rule THE UNIVERSE from Your throne on High. You are a LOVING Father to the fatherless, and You WATCH OVER the poor and needy. Lord, may Your ears always hear the cries of the Iraqis and of our men and women over there. May they receive help and deliverance from the hands of the wicked. Protect them heavenly Father, and give them all the wisdom and understanding they need to rebuild their land. May YOU RECEIVE all the glory and honor for helping them, and show forth favour unto our toops and all the Iraqis as a protective shield around them. Give them all strength, health, wealth and love. In the name of Jesus I pray. Amen

  15. 673
    Jim in NH Says:

    Lord, we are always disappointed, confused, angry and deeply saddened when we hear about the loss of our precious soldiers, as we have today. Please give us the grace and strength we need to deal with this setback, and encourage us Lord to continue to be faithful in prayer in spite of this. Rally us Lord. And please overwhelm the friends and family of those who were lost with your amazing love and a peace that passeth all understanding.

  16. 672
    Audrey West Says:

    Dear Father,

    Please be with the base personnel that was attacked today and help the soldiers regroup and especially for the families of the fallen. May they be at peace and know that You are God. I pray Lord for the fatherless in the U.S. and the fatherless in Iraq. Please Lord be together with the poor and needy of Iraq. In Jesus precious name, Amen. And Lord, please help our soldiers be safe . I Love You , Lord. Audrey West

  17. 671
    Betsy P. Says:

    Lord God Almighty, You are worthy to be praised, honored, worshiped, and adored for ever and ever. We lift our eyes and our hearts to You, trusting in You to fill our every need and the needs of the innocent civilians, as well as of our soldiers, in Baghdad, Dawrah, and all of Iraq. We look to You alone, for from You comes everything that we need.
    May the innocent in Iraq run to the shelter of Your wings and find there complete peace and protection. Be their strong tower, their defense and their deliverer. I ask this in the name of our Savior and King, Jesus, amen.

  18. 670
    Dottie Says:

    Dear Father I pray for the children in Iraq. May Your mighty hand protect them from dangers. You have said in Your Word that we should care for the widow and the orphan. Lord give our troops wisdom to see the ones who are in need and may they minister to them. May they be a witness of Your great love for all people. Nothing escapes Your view Father and I just want to praise Your Holy Name today and give thanks to You for always hearing our prayers. Keep us vigilant in our prayer life and never forget to lift up our troops and those in need in these countries where there is much strife and heartache. I pray in Jesus name. Amen

  19. 669
    Betsy P. Says:

    Lord Father God, we acknowledge Your greatness that is manifest in all of Your creation. We have no excuse for not bowing before You and acknowledging You as our Creator, Protector, Provider and Deliverer. And this is true for the innocent in Baghdad, Mansur, and all Iraq.
    Open the eyes of the blind, even among the children, so that they might know You, love You, and serve You. May there be a great outpouring of Your Spirit, like a flood in Iraq today drawing souls into Your Kingdom by the millions. Be glorified and lifted high Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, amen.

  20. 668
    Jean Says:

    By Your mercy, Dear Lord God, may those surrounding nations that have been arming insurgents in Iraq be stopped from doing this any further. Please watch over the safety of the Iraqi citizens, especially the children, and especially believers who have been recently targetted. May Iraq soon be transformed into a nation in which the citizens can live without fear. Thank You, Dear Lord. In Jesus’ Precious Redeeming Name. Amen.

  21. 667
    Dottie Says:

    Dear Father protect the ones who are weak and need protection from the enemy. Hold the children close to You Father and may the bad influences that surround them not be a stumbling block for them. Help our troops to be vigilant and protect the weak and the orphan and widow.Father bring Iraq through this time and may peace rule and reign over this land. I pray in Jesus name. Amen

  22. 666
    Jan Erickson Says:

    Father God…..Let your KINGDOM come and your WILL be done….in & thru us, your manifested sons & daughters…..we groan & travail.

  23. 665
    Betsy P. Says:

    “There is none like You. No one else can touch my heart like You do. I could search for all eternity long, and find – there is none like You. Your mercy flows like a river of life, and healing comes from Your hand. Suffering children are safe in Your arms. There is none like You. There is none like You. NO one else could touch my heart like You do. I could search for all eternity long, and find – there is none like You.”

    Please, dear Father, cause Your mercy to flow to the orphans and other children in Baghdad, Adhamiya , and all Iraq today. Heal them and gather them up in Your arms. Cause them to know Your great love for them. Touch each heart with a desire for You – a desire to know You. Teach them Your forgiveness that they might forgive others. Be glorified in the lives of every child and baby in Iraq today. And may our soldiers and others value the innocents, and care for them watchfully. I ask this in the name of Jesus who came as a defenseless baby in the womb, amen.

  24. 664
    Sabrina Says:

    Heavenly Father, I pray for Your divine protection for all of the innocent civilians and our troops, and true allies. In Jesus name I pray and give thanks. I cover us all with the Blood of Jesus. Amen

  25. 663
    Lily Bright Says:

    Dear Lord
    I thank You for another glorious day, today! Lord, write to you because I love You, and because I need Your favors, today! Lord, I can do nothing that is good,without Your favors, and mercy.
    Lord, I stand in the gap for the unsaved ones in Baghdad; I pray Your Kingdonm come, today, in each Iraqi person’s life. I pray further that each individual is protected from hurt, harm, and danger,in Jesus name.
    ***Lord, I pray as the Psalmist pray; in Psalms 140-verses 1 thru 4.
    1. Deliver me,(the Iraqi people),O Lord, from the evil men;Preserve me (the Iraqi people), from violent men,
    2. Who plan evil things in their hearts;
    They continually gather together for war.
    3. They sharpen their tongues like a serpent;
    The poison of asps is under their lips.
    4. Keep me,(the Iraqi people), from the hands of tthe wicked;
    Preserve me (the Iraqi people)from violent men,who have purposed to make my,(the Iraqi people),steps stumble.

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