Letter from a Soldier

I have been praying with your Prayer Patrol for a long time and I got an email from a friend’s son who is in Iraq and I wanted to send you a copy of it to encourage you. Thanks for all your work. Suzanne

Soldier’s Letter:
Thank you for sharing how so many people are praying…. to Him be all glory in this, as I am continually amazed at what He is doing! I tell you what Mom, things are happening over here!!! I have said this over the phone, but I will say it again here: I CANNOT believe the difference between when I first came here in 2005 and this deployment.

Things are far from perfect, and yet there has been such improvements, especially in security and safety, that I sometimes wonder if I am actually in the same country again.
While many things have happened in terms of the efforts of our troops and on the Iraqi side too, I can only attribute these amazing changes to God’s work here, and I truly believe He has responded to the prayers of saints all around the globe who are praying for this country.

I think back to last deployment, when you had that month of prayer for Iraq, and how things have changed so dramatically even since then…. all I can say is, Praise the I Am Who I Am, for He truly holds the nations in His hands and the ways of men in His palms!

Please tell all you know, rather, plead with them, to keep praying. Now is the time, I believe, that we need prayer most desperately of all times. While things have improved so much and hope can actually be seen, there is still so many problems and, without His continual grace here, I can easily see all that has been done and all the sacrifices that have been made lost into chaos and complete anarchy. Much more important than the security and stability of Iraq or the safety of the troops over here, though, is what He has been doing in men’s hearts!

I am so very excited…here at the base I have been at even just for a month or two, already several men have given there lives to Christ Jesus. There are troops from many different commands, as well as many different nations, here and it has been amazing (and unexpected) to see all the different people who show up at the worship services and Bible studies.

On a personal note, I have been SO blessed to be meeting with our Chaplain and a couple of other dear Christian brothers almost every morning for prayer…. you don’t know how much this means, especially after not having much fellowship last deployment, and now being able to share so deeply and honestly and to pray for one another. It is so obvious that it has been His work in bringing us together and it is His grace that is pouring down on our lives now! All praise to the One Who was and is and is to come!

Before I close, here are my promised prayer requests. Please, please, do share them with any and all who will pray. Any you know, ask them to come before the Almighty, for it only He Who can truly change men’s hearts…. I have said it before and I am more convinced now than I was then, that the true battle, both here in Iraq and throughout this planet, the REAL fight, is with saints on their knees, humbly asking the Father to do what He and He alone is capable of doing. Human means will fail us, the things of this world will pass in time, and yet He is “my refuge and my fortress, my God in whom I trust.” (Psalm 91).

Prayer requests for my unit, 2D Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion:

-Diligence and discipline to do our jobs well, even over long months

-Humilty and wisdom both for the leaders in our Battalion, as their decisions affect the lives of many men

-Healing and comfort for the families of those deployed, as many are hurting and it is often made much worse by t he separation and anxiety of deployment

-Prayers for our enemies… Our Father loves the terrorists and the insurgents just as much as He loves the Marines and I have heard stoires, AMAZING stories, of terrorists coming to Christ Jesus… this reminds me of Paul and how God completely and radically changed his life

-On a personal note, please pray that I might be close knit to the Father, especially that I might have good devotions, short accounts for my sin, and that I might delight in trusting and fearing Him.

Bought at great price,
Capt Rudd Olmstead, USMC

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