7-Agreeing With Believers in Iraq

Scripture: “Bear one another’s burdens, and thus fulfill the law of Christ.” -Gal 6:2

church.jpgPrayer: Dear Lord we thank you for your promise that where two or more are gathered in your name that you are there, and that you will answer the request that is being agreed upon. You are a promise keeping God, and you keep your word and manifest your faithfulness each and every day.

Right now we want to stand with our brothers and sisters in Iraq, and we want to ask for a wave of divine help as they begin to rebuild their nation. Extend your favor in a special way over your children, as they step forward to see your Presence and blessing be sown into the foundation stone.

Give them courage, to go and do and say; give them peace to wait and trust and persevere; give them strength and vision to bring about the patterns, plans and purposes of your heart in their land.

Thank you Lord, that when we approach your throne of grace, that you have promised to release your grace and mercy to help in time of need; shower Iraq with fresh rain, release healing winds and the dawn of new things. We declare that the earth is the Lord’s, and we bless the strategic nation of Iraq in Jesus name. amen.

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  1. 224
    char Says:

    Thankyou, Lord! You said if we lack wisdom, all we have to do is ask, and You will lavish it on us.Im asking that for our troops and the police! Im going to say thankyou ahead of time -In Jesus Name! Thankyou for the knowledge to apply Your wisdom. And , Lord ! That they will meet the author of all wisdom- You! In Jesus Name

  2. 223
    nina Says:

    Thank You for Your love. Holy Holy Holy is what the angels sing in heaven as we too sing about our Holy Father. We stand here on the earth with outstretched arms to the heavens seeking Your face, Your guidance, Your protection, Your grace. Please lead us. Lead our commanders, our troops and the Iraq officials Lord to where they need to be and what they need to do. Allow for the Holy Spirit to take their every step. Finding clues, escaping the bombs and bullets, being at the right time and right place, and finding all the support from the people. I pray Jesus for protection of our peacekeepers and Iraqi people. Please continue to work in the minds and hearts of the haters so they may see a new and better way, Your way. Please protect this online prayer patrol effort surround this system and all involved with Your favor and blessing. This I pray in Jesus mighty name forever, Amen.

  3. 222
    Dottie Says:

    Dear Father we pray for your wisdom to lead guide and direct the officers in charge of their units. Give them devine power from above. Keep them safe as they work for peace. Thank you for their sacrifice as they are seperated from their loved ones. We pray too for all the citizens of Iraq that their hearts may be turned towards you. Work your miracle and bring peace to these citizens who have suffered much. Send your angels to protect our troops and theirs. We pray in Jesus Name. Amen

  4. 221
    Lois Lively Says:

    Heavenly Father I come tonight before you with a loving heart, and in humbliness. Thank you for the care and protection you are giving to ALL YOUR CHILDREN. Thank you for another day to be glad and rejoice abecause of your love, mercy, and grace. You are the most loving and awesome God that rules over the whole univese. YOU RULE!

    LORD, let YOUR wisdom be used today to bring victory in the battle over “Good vs Evil” Holy Spirit and heavenly Father I ask that you would be the families of both troops and give them comfort, love, mercy and grace in understanding your Word. Lord, I decree that this land will be back into your hands, and YOUR WILL AND PROSPERITY WILL BE DONE in restoring it back into the beauty it was in the beginning. Lord, you are the only one that can give life with your right hand and riches and honor with your left hand. Bless everyone today with health and wealth in the name of Jesus. I pray this and give you the Glory for answering all our prayers that went up before your throne. Amen

  5. 220
    Alice Carrel Says:

    Father in Heaven I stand before You this day in behalf of the TROOPS and the POLICE in Baghdad. I ask for Your WISDOM, DIRECTION and KNOWLEDGE to be upon them as they strive desperately to bring PEACE and LAW and ORDER to Baghdad. I pray that the POLICE and the people will be receptive of what they are being taught. I pray Lord that NO DECESSION will be made with out being brought before Your Throne. Lead them down the best pathway for their lives, advise them and watch over them. In Jesus name….Amen

  6. 219
    Lucy Tuck Says:

    Dear Lord I pray that Afghanistan and Israel, as well will have the wisdom to avoid the terror that is plaguing them, too. Iraq, be at peace, we declare, Afghanistan, Israel, as well, be at peace, according to your wonderful Word. Peace be still to the storm, the waves, the wind, and the war, and may the Lord of Hosts, who is the commander in chief of the armies of Heaven, win these terrorists’ wars, amen,

  7. 218
    Ann from AL Says:

    Oh Father, our hearts are really heavy when we look with our natural eyes at the victories the enemy of our soul has on a daily basis! But we choose to remember that YOU are the only true and living G-d and that you KNOW all things. The Battle is yours, Lord and we will stand with our armour on to resist the evil one. Protect our troops with your divine wisdom and power. Expose the tricks and lies of the enemy. Bring forth millions of people from the Middle East into YOur glorious Kingdom of Light so they may have salvation thru the HOly Name of Yeshua. Amen

  8. 217
    Joan Bowe Says:

    Heavenly Father, God of wonders, God of Lights, how marveleous are Your ways. Blessed are You, oh God and blessed are we to know You. Hallelujah!!!

    Holy One, please guide the soldiers and police in Baghdad, granting them wisdom and understanding in these days as they move forward to build and establish this land. Guide them and protect them and draw them near to You, in whom all answers are found and all life is given. Teach them Truth and protect them from the hand of the enemy, in Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

  9. 216
    Janice from Georgia Says:

    Heavenly Father,

    I come into Your presence through Jesus for He is the only way. You are so wise in directing the paths of Your children. You see the whole picture and can lead people to where they need to go to advance the work of Your kingdom on earth. I pray this day that You would give Your exceedingly wise counsel to guide the military and troops in Baghdad and Iraq so they may quickly secure the peace and declare victory over the enemy forces that work so hard to bring down any peace in Iraq. You know just the right moves and the right timing for the military and police to carry out Your plans. Support them fully with the needed supplies, personnel and encouragement from superiors. Thank You Lord for meeting the needs of the innocent people through the work of the military and police. Amen

  10. 215
    jane Says:

    Lord, give us all a fresh anointing to keep praying every day for this city, this country, this region, the troops and for all the people whom you love. Give us your grace to keep going and to have faith that this war will bring good and that many will come to know You, their true God and Savior. Keep our soldiers protected and use them to glorify You. Thank you for the privilege of being a part of this mission. We love YOU!

  11. 214
    Faye Says:

    Father God, I praise Your Holy Name. I pray that today the troops will have and use wisdom and discernment in their plans and actions. I pray for their safety throughout this conflict. You said that You would always be with us; just now, Lord, help them to feel Your presence.
    I pray these things in Jesus’ Precious and Holy Name. Amen

  12. 213
    Nancy K. Says:

    Father God, you are The Most High God. Lord, it is YOU that turns the hearts of kings, like a watercourse, in Your hands, Father, I speak over the hearts of our warriors that they be drawn to You. Grant them might, and infelxibility to temptation. Maintain our righteous cause. Thank you Lord, that we are the head and not the tail, we are above and not beneath, we are before and not behind. Whatever is spoken in secret by the enemy, Father, cause it to be proclaimed from the rooftops. Your Name be Glorified forever.

  13. 212
    Luanne Says:

    Lord we pray that you would give divine wisdom and counsel to our troops and their leaders. Lord, you know who is for us and who is against us. Reveal to our troops those of the enemy who have infiltrated our troops or Iraqi forces. Lord, you see the plans that the enemy has laid and you say in your word that you laugh at them. We ask that you reveal the plans of the enemy. Shine your light on their lairs. Deliver us and our troops from the evil one and bring this war to victory. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

  14. 211
    MThompson Says:

    Dear Heavenly Father:
    You have heard Brother Wayne’s prayer for divine intervention, wisdom and strategies for today’s mission.
    I’m in Mathew 18:19 total agreement with this prayer.
    Please enter into Your War Room in Heaven and issue forth Divine Decrees for our Soldiers as they chart their plans and strategies for victory.
    Please send your angels to implement these Divine Directives.
    These promises are for those who are inheritors of the Kingdom of G-d. But if there are yet Soldiers not yet come in, Lord, you rain on the just and unjust, so in Your mercy please extend the same Heavenly benefits to ALL US Soldiers, saved and unsaved.
    But, through it all, Lord Jesus, through it all, bring those Soldiers who still hold back, into a saving personal knowledge and relationship with You, so they can enjoy the benefits of living in peace, victory and power now and later for all eternity.
    Please give wise counsel in all directions for all missions today Lord. Also the protection necessary to carry out those instructions and please kind Lord Jesus, let there be victory where Your Purposes subdue evil in ALL it’s guises.
    Be G-d over Iraq, Afghanistan and Israel today and bring Glory to Your Name! In Jesus Name, Amen

  15. 210
    Sharon W. Says:

    Heavenly Father, I pray for your divine mercy to cover each soldier and peace officer in Iraq today. Please bring peace soon to this region and end the violence. Only you can speak and bring peace and change the hearts of sinners. In the name of Jesus, I pray.

  16. 209
    Ina Erickson Says:

    O Father, I lift up to you today the country of Iraq, that you will be make known to all, that your presence will be made know to each person, whether friend or foe, each one is your dear child and many don’t know it. Send your spirit of love to fill each heart, each mind, each soul,to glorify you and bring each one to a saving faith in you, to fill each heart with love not fear and hate.
    In Jesus Name, Amen.

  17. 208
    Sabrina Says:

    Heavenly Father, give our troops the victory, wisdom and knowledge that they need in all areas. Keep Your Angels of protection and favor encamped all around them. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

  18. 207
    Ester R. Andres Says:

    Father God, we thank you so much for the love and mercy which You continuously giving to the military and police officers situated in Baghad. Father, You know the delicate situation facing by our Bagdad soldiers, military and police officers and we pray that You protect each one of them by Your most precious blood shed on Mount Calvary. Let Your peace surround that place. Give knowledge and wisdom to our soldiers whenever there is agitation of danger that arises from that place. You are our Protector.Thank you Father for every life’s that are struggling for peace in that place. In Jesus’, we pray.Amen.

  19. 206
    Sharon Says:

    Dear Heavenly Father,
    Please be with each soldier, whether s/he is from the United States, our allies, or from Iraq. Give each one of them wisdom in every situation today. Father, in Jesus’ name, I call in for each one to have eyes to see, ears to hear, and hearts to understand Your voice. Give every solider Your divine intuition so that they will know how to prepare for battle, and how to anticipate the plans and intentions of the enemy. Keep them open to Your guidance, putting aside their own understanding, preferring that You order their steps today. Thank You for Your divine, supernatural protection over each of them today. Thank You that You especially advocate for those whose goal it is to work for peace and righteousness. We ask that Your kingdom come, and that Your will be done in each of their lives, and in this war. In the name of Jesus I pray, amen.

  20. 205
    Laura Says:

    Father God and Savior
    Amen and AMEN to Pam’s prayer that if our servicepeople do not know You that do come to know You as their personal Savior. Father we await to see what You have in store for this country and we pray for our country as we select our President this year – we know that no power is in place that You have not ordained Father so help us do Your will on earth.
    In Jesus Name we pray

  21. 204
    Michele (NJ) Says:

    Father, we praise you because You are a warrior for Your children. We ask You for wise counsel for those training to be deployed as well as the soldiers already in Baghdad. I especially ask for the NJ National Guard preparing to leave in June. Please let them realize the severity of the situation and rally around each other in unity. I pray for a particular Christian commander, that he would be a role model and encourager to his men. I pray they would take their mission seriously and prepare. Teach them all they need to know about the battle they are about to enter.
    Arm them with compassion and a heart for you as well.
    In Jesus precious name. Amen

  22. 203
    Pam Says:

    Dear Lord,
    I pray for the safety of our fighting men over there today. I pray that they know you first of all. If they don’t Lord that they will. Make a way for them and let their hearts be ready to accept you wholeheartedly and never go back. I pray they would seek your face, ask for your wisdom, your guidance, your direction, your plans they are to follow. May they hear you and you alone clearly and be obedient to your commands. Come forth for them and foil any plans the enemy might be planning against them. Let them be victorious in you. Let them recognize it is all because of you and give you the glory! Amen and Amen

  23. 202
    dolores kulik Says:

    Bless the people of Haifa today Lord; may they feel Your gentle touch and conviction to do the right thing today Lord so they will have peace in their land. Your word states that the righteous may have many troubles but You Lord will deliver them from all. Thank You for that promise for our military, allies and leaders in Baghdad today. Bless them with increased wisdom/guidance from above. In Jesus Name, I pray. Amen

  24. 201
    Lucy Tuck Says:

    Lord, I believe Your will is that we fight to defend innocent peoples, including Baghdad, Iraq, and Israel. We have an Ally, over there in the Middle East. Lord, I know you honor that. I know that as we pray for the peace of Jerusalem you will make us, secure, and bless us, as we bless Israel. Now, that Iraq is so close in proximity, to Israel, it is imperative we win the war over there, in order to secure the region for peace, for the spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. So I am in agreement with this prayer that our military be precise, be safe, be wise, be absolutely successful, in every way, everyday, without fail, and their mission, be accomplished with Your Spirit guidance and active assistance. As You hovered over the waters above the Earth, Holy Spirit, please hover over Baghdad and all of Iraq and the Middle East, and activate your covering over every innocent soul, every soldier, amen. Also, thank You, Oh God for peace here, in the USA, too, and it’s Your favor, that gives us this. Forgive our sin of taking babies’ lives, dear Lord.

  25. 200
    MThompson Says:

    Dear Lord:
    We thank you for all Your wonderful help and answers to our prayers. Please send more prayer warriors to this site so that the combined effort will be even more powerful.
    Lord Jesus, we know that whenever we call upon You that You always hear us. Please attend to the needs today of each and every US Soldier today and cause them to feel Your Presence and love.
    Let the Soldiers learn how to come to You for guidance and counsel and reassurance and comfort for everything, no matter how big or small. Please put in the hands of each Soldier your Word and Promises also.
    Give Guardian Angels to surround each Soldier throughout the day and through the night. Please give our Soldiers “a song in the night season.”
    For You are the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and as You guided, covered, and fought battles for them, be the same G-d, Jahovah, of the US Soldiers too.
    They will then have everything in the spirit world first, then the physical….for You are All Sufficient.
    Father, may angels present these petitions to You in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen

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