7-Agreeing With Believers in Iraq

Scripture: “Bear one another’s burdens, and thus fulfill the law of Christ.” -Gal 6:2

church.jpgPrayer: Dear Lord we thank you for your promise that where two or more are gathered in your name that you are there, and that you will answer the request that is being agreed upon. You are a promise keeping God, and you keep your word and manifest your faithfulness each and every day.

Right now we want to stand with our brothers and sisters in Iraq, and we want to ask for a wave of divine help as they begin to rebuild their nation. Extend your favor in a special way over your children, as they step forward to see your Presence and blessing be sown into the foundation stone.

Give them courage, to go and do and say; give them peace to wait and trust and persevere; give them strength and vision to bring about the patterns, plans and purposes of your heart in their land.

Thank you Lord, that when we approach your throne of grace, that you have promised to release your grace and mercy to help in time of need; shower Iraq with fresh rain, release healing winds and the dawn of new things. We declare that the earth is the Lord’s, and we bless the strategic nation of Iraq in Jesus name. amen.

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  1. 624
    ruth Says:

    Dear Father,Thank You for Your Grace.You are the All Mighty One the Maker of Heaven and earth. Please protect the believers in Baghdad.Give them an opportunity to share the word with others about Jesus.Submit the city to Your will.In Jesus Name I pray.Thank You Father for allowing me to come before You today,Thank You for the leaders who will lead this city into victory over the evil ones.Father open the eyes,and ears of the sons of Ishmael.Bless them today. Amen

  2. 623
    Lois Says:

    Dear Father, and Jesus, my Lord and savior, I come today to thank you for your new mercies and grace. I come also to stand in the gap for my brothers and sisters in Iraq and Baghdad.

    Thank you for being our example of true love, and help us to show forth Your love like You did while on earth showing the love of your Father. LORD, send forth a wave of divine help to our sibling in Iraq as they begin to rebuild their nation. Extend your favor in a special way over them, as they step forward to see your Presence and blessing be sown into the foundation stone.

    Give them courage, strength, and wisdom to go and do and say; give them peace to wait and trust and persevere; give them strength and vision to bring about the patterns, plans and purposes of your heart in their land. In the name of Jesus I lift up this prayer and the glory and honor goes to you and you only. Amen

  3. 622
    M Tebault Says:

    Jesus, thank you that you are the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the author and perfecter of our faith. Thank you that your promise to all who believe is to complete the good work you have begun in them and present them to the Father faultless, without blemish. Thank you for the joy that awaits us – that day when we and all who long for your appearing will rejoice before your throne. Thank you for what you are doing in Iraq to bring glory to your name.

  4. 621
    Betsy P. Says:

    Father, I am in agreement with Wayne’s prayer and the prayers of my siblings. We are so grateful for those in Iraq who know You. May they be a comfort to their neighbors who have loved ones who have died in the recent bombings in Baghdad. We continue to stand against this violence, and to hold up our siblings in Christ as they persevere amidst great suffering and strife.
    Help all who have been parted by death from loved ones to forgive the persecutors, the terrorists, the unruly, and the wicked.
    Pour out Your Spirit upon the citizens of Adhamiya. May they be able to say at the end of the day, ” I know that my Redeemer lives!” I ask all this in Jesus’ name, for He told His followers to ask what we will in His name, and You would give it to us, amen.

  5. 620
    Faye J. Says:

    Father God,
    Thanks you for this day. Thanks you for being God all by yourself. I pray your divine power and mercy over the people of Iraq that honor and praise your holiness. Give them strength, courage, and everlasting faith to let Your will be done. You are good all the time and know what’s best for your children. Your word is true and you are not a man that you would lie. Every promise you made will be fulfilled. Bless all that will seek You and those that don’t know You. I pray this prayer in the mighty Name that is above all Names, in the Matchless Name of my Lord and Savior Jesus, Amen

  6. 619
    Nancy Says:

    Father, I pray for the believers of Iraq. Thank you for these saints. I ask that you would be a shield around them. Pour out your peace on them as they live in a hostile invironment. Use them as the seed in this nation and bring about 100 fold. They are a light in a dark place and let that be evident to there neighbors. They are salt to this land. Give them wisdom as to when to share there faith and when to just be. Give them favor with those they live around. In Jesus name I ask.

  7. 618
    Luann Beasley Says:

    Praise and glory to You Lord of all! Hear my prayer Lord for the people of Iraq. Lord, You are above every burden and sorrow. Lord, open the eyes and hearts of the Iraqi people to You and Your greatness. Lift their eyes to You today. May they be filled with Your peace even though there is still violence around them. Praise be to You, Lord Jesus. Amen.

  8. 617
    Sherrill Says:

    Father, we praise and honor You today. You are the Almighty God, there is none beside You. We ask that You stand beside, comfort and protect our troops, their families at home, our allies and their families, and the Israeli troops and their families. Father, protect our nation and those nations whose people yearn for peace and liberty for all. Give us true leaders. Come against those who deceive us daily. Open the eyes of those who would throw away our peace and liberty and all our country stands for and help them see what is being done to our nation. Protect and bless our young men and women who are sacrificing their lives for a country which they may not even recognize if the politicians have their way. Father, we thank You for Your love, that You will never leave us nor forsake us. We look to You for our salvation. In Jesus’ Name, we pray, Amen

  9. 616
    Lois Taritas Says:

    Father it is the will of the Father that noone perish, so I pray for transformation, reconciliation, and the peace which p[asses all understanding. Thy Kingdom Come!!!!!!!!!

  10. 615
    Lily Bright Says:

    Dear Lord
    I lift up those Believers in Iraq who have kept their Faith in You, in spite of much opposition and even persecutions.
    I thank You for this remnant of people who not only know about You, but who Loves You also.
    Lord, I pray that Your Kingdom come in their lives today, and that Your Will be Done, in Jesus name,
    Amen and Amen

  11. 614
    Peggy Says:

    Father, I come this morning asking for your blessing upon the people of Baghdad. Lord help them to establish a peaceful nation where the people can be free to live as you destined them to live. Every man needs to live in a land without internal stife. Help them to grow strong in godly ways pulling together for the good of all. AMEN

  12. 613
    Claudette Says:

    2 Timothy 2

    God’s word is not chained. 10Therefore I endure everything for the sake of the elect, that they too may obtain the salvation that is in Christ Jesus, with eternal glory.

    11Here is a trustworthy saying:
    If we died with him,
    we will also live with him;
    12if we endure,
    we will also reign with him.
    If we disown him,
    he will also disown us;
    13if we are faithless,
    he will remain faithful,
    for he cannot disown himself.

    Pray that on the day of tribulation Lord strengthen us and help us to be continualy be true to You. To be faithful and obidient to your calling that we will be able to fullfill the calling You have for us. In jesus Namre I pray. Amen!

  13. 612
    shirley Says:

    Heavenly Father, I thank you that you look at peoples hearts and that you see us all as equals. I pray for the people of Iraq that they would have this revelation and a revelation of how much God loves them and that they would pursue you Lord Jesus with all their hearts. Amen.

  14. 611
    M. Thompson Says:

    Dear Lord: You Word says that “Mercy upholds Your Throne.” Well, if the righteous are scarcely saved then we need to rely on that mercy. Lord, look upon Iraq and the remaining US Soldiers there with Divine Mercy, please. Let Your loving care descend upon that land now and mold it into something that our US SOldiers can be proud of. They did such a great work there. There is a passage in the Bible that when the Lord returns He is going to declare, “Blessed is Egypt, My people, Assyria, (Modern day Iraq), the work of My Hands, and Israel, My Inheritance.”
    So the work of our US SOldier’s hands have been the work of the Lord Jesus’ Hands. This must be very comforting for the wounded Soldiers to know and for those families who temporarily lost a son or daughter there. Reunited families in Heaven is part of what makes Heaven Heaven. Rewards for work done on earth give Crowns to throw at Jesus’ Feet. We pray for Iraq’s destiny to be a refuge in the days ahead for all those who deserve it. In Jesus Name we pray, Amen.

  15. 610
    Janice Says:

    Heavenly Father,

    May Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. May Your will be done in Baghdad and Iraq. I pray that Your will includes a great blessing upon the people that will give them peace in their hearts and throughout the land. I pray for a drawing of them by the Holy Spirit to know You more completely and to understand the Triune God made up of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I pray they will grow spiritually and will be able to put aside any other gods and idols that distract from You. Please Lord, keep the troops in safety this day and evening. May You be greatly praised through song and prayers heard in all the households today. I pray in the name of Jesus, Amen

  16. 609
    David Vega Vega Says:

    Señor, solamente tú permaneces fiel, gracias Dios Eterno. Ahora te pido por nuestros hermanos de Irák pues bríndales tú protección divina y que niguna obra perversa del enemigo los gobierne. En el nombre de Jesús, Amén.

  17. 608
    ruth Says:

    Abba,thank You for allowing the people to have a voice in their own destiny.Protect them from harm.Let the bombs and fireams wipe out the ones who are trying to deprive this land a freedom. Abba hear their prayers.Give them the courage they need to defeat the evil dictators and leaders whos’ only thought is for their own power.Abba all things are able with You. Thank You for Your faithfullness,mercy and grace.We are so unworthy Abba as You well know,but give us courage,wisdom and faithfullness for You Lord. Thank You for Your son and His sacrifice for us.Thank You for allowing me to come to You again with my prayers.In Jesus Name.Amen

  18. 607
    Ann from AL Says:

    We know that you have a great plan for Iraq in the last days. Move upon your sons and daughters with courage, strength, wisdom and use them to glorify your name with signs, wonders, and miracles. Keep them safe from terror and plagues. Multiply them daily as they share your Word with others.
    As this nation tries to push forward with freedom and liberty, expose the plans of those who want to take over and make keep them bound. Keep those safe who go to vote and may they have courage to vote the way they feel, not how they are told.
    Give visions, dreams and revelations to all the people of Iraq so they will KNOW that Yeshua is the Way, the TRUTH,and the Life.

  19. 606
    Lily Bright Says:

    Dear Lord
    Again, I thank You for another day! Thank You for Your Goodness and mercy. We Bless You Lord Jesus!
    Lord God, I pray this day, that All who believe in the name of the Lord, will be in total agreement.
    I pray that first, all believers will believe in the Trinity; and next, I pray that each believer knows within his heart that You Will return one day for a church without a blemish.
    I pray that men and women everywhere, in all Countries, will be able to receive our Lord.
    I pray this prayer, in Jesus name,
    Amen and Amen

  20. 605
    Sharon M Says:

    Father, Thank You for Your goodness and mercy. I pray Your protection over those who are voting today. I pray that hope will soar as this election process is completed. I pray that they see a better earthly circumstance for their lives as you invade their spirits and they have a hope for a future with you in heaven. Strengthen the believers. Give them powerful words to proclaim and safety and faith and hope for their future and the future of their nation. Iraq come forth into your future. In Jesus name.

  21. 604
    Faye Says:

    Father in Heaven I praise Your Holy Name. I pray for all of the people in Baghdad who are Christians. I pray that they never lose hope because our God is the God of the impossible. Please help them to stand tall in their faith. I pray that they witness to all those around them to help them know that they can have peace through Jesus if they believe in spite of all of the conflict in their city. Please help them to stay strong.
    In Jesus’ Precious and Holy Name. Amen

  22. 603
    M Tebault Says:

    Isaiah 11:10-12 In that day the Root of Jesse will stand as a banner for the peoples; the nations will rally to him, and his place of rest will be glorious. 11 In that day the Lord will reach out his hand a second time to reclaim the remnant that is left of his people from Assyria, from Lower Egypt, from Upper Egypt, from Cush, from Elam, from Babylonia, from Hamath and from the islands of the sea. He will raise a banner for the nations and gather the exiles of Israel; he will assemble the scattered people of Judah from the four quarters of the earth.

    Thank you, Lord, that there is coming a day when you will rescue the remnant of your people from Babylon. Until that day, please continue to touch hearts and redeem lives. May they fulfill your plan for them.

  23. 602
    Lily Bright Says:

    Dear Lord
    I thank You for Your Goodness and Mercy; I thank You that You are an omnipotent, and discerning GOD.
    Lord, I am especially glad today that You have risen up other Believers in Iraq, and that they can now call You “LORD” I am in agreement with those Believers whom You have called, and together, we spiritually call on You to meet everyone of their needs; spiritually and physically.
    I am in agreement with each one of them that You tear the kingdom of darkness down in Baghdad, and that every soul is saved and sanctified, by the Blood of “Our LORD and Saviour” J-E-S-U-S CHRIST.
    Father, I pray this in Jesus name,
    Amen and Amen

  24. 601
    peggy Says:

    Heavenly Father, I stand with my sisters and brothers, in the gap, asking that you would help these suffering people. Lord set them free from all harm. Lord I pray they will be encouraged and strengthened in their journery. Lord, be near to each one who is crying out looking for protection. Raise them up at of this horrible pit. Give them a future and a hope that only You can do. Thank you dear Father for your love and your care. O God, save them I pray. AMEN

  25. 600
    Lilian Says:

    O gracious and all powerful Abba Father we praise and honor you as our Provider, Healer and Restorer of broken lives and souls in Jesus Christ’s mighty and holy name.We pray for Shula and the rest of Iraq by the power of your Spirit that are miraculous deliverance today from physical and spiritual assaults for our troops including our brothers and sisters on the ground. We pray and rejoice in the answers to this united prayer as you Holy Spirit anoint us to fight the evil that has no right over the innocent people and the defenders of peace on that precious part of your creation for your glory and honor.

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