7-Agreeing With Believers in Iraq

Scripture: “Bear one another’s burdens, and thus fulfill the law of Christ.” -Gal 6:2

church.jpgPrayer: Dear Lord we thank you for your promise that where two or more are gathered in your name that you are there, and that you will answer the request that is being agreed upon. You are a promise keeping God, and you keep your word and manifest your faithfulness each and every day.

Right now we want to stand with our brothers and sisters in Iraq, and we want to ask for a wave of divine help as they begin to rebuild their nation. Extend your favor in a special way over your children, as they step forward to see your Presence and blessing be sown into the foundation stone.

Give them courage, to go and do and say; give them peace to wait and trust and persevere; give them strength and vision to bring about the patterns, plans and purposes of your heart in their land.

Thank you Lord, that when we approach your throne of grace, that you have promised to release your grace and mercy to help in time of need; shower Iraq with fresh rain, release healing winds and the dawn of new things. We declare that the earth is the Lord’s, and we bless the strategic nation of Iraq in Jesus name. amen.

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  1. 249
    Jean Says:

    Dear Loving Heavenly Father, may You be greatly blessed and praised in all the earth any may Your great and wonderful purposes be accomplished through Your church in Iraq, and individually through each person You have called to Yourself to trust in You. Dear Father, as I have been praying for the healing of Iraq my foremost prayer has been for the spiritual healing of that land, knowing that when and where a people submit to You all other things are set in order. Please give strength to Your people in Iraq today. Many of them have experienced great trauma during the course of this war because of the violence and the bombings of their churches. Some live daily under threat for their lives and safety. Many have turned to You and clung to You though it seemed as it was at great peril to their lives and families. Yet You have promised, dear Lord, that weeping endures for the night, but joy comes in the morning. In this world we will have tribulation, You have said, but You have overcome the world. Dear Lord, throughout history when Your people have endured great hardship and persisted in trusting in You You have done great and awesome things in building Your kingdom. Please help Your hurting people in Iraq to take courage in that understanding and in Your constant Presence to help them and to press on to the joy that follows tribulation. May they soon see the fruit of their patient endurance come forth in Iraq and be deeply encouraged in their souls. In Jesus’ Precious Name. Amen.

  2. 248
    Judy from Ohio Says:

    Father, I am reminded of Esther and her comment “I am come for such a time as this.” Please guide our brothers and sisters in Iraq to be Esthers for their generation.

  3. 247
    Sarah Says:

    Dear Father,
    Thank You for my brothers and sisters in Iraq; please bless them today. Let them feel Your strong assurance that there can be peace in their country. Please help them to continue to hope in You even though they may feel daunted by the seemingly insurmountable obstacles around them. Please give them Your faith, and a peaceful trust in You. Please let them know in some way or another that they have other Christian brothers and sisters all over the world praying for them, and lifting them up before Your throne. Thank You for the care that You have for each and every one of Your children.

  4. 246
    Angela Australia Says:

    For these precious in Your sight people of Iraq, May they know deep in their Spirit the strength and power that our GREAT GOD of the universe, Our Father bestows on His children, We pray today for an empowering of Your Church in this country, Let revelation knowledge be theirs of the wonderful salvation of Jesus, May the airwaves be used for knowledge of who Jesus really is…Only You Jesus can deliver and satisfy…Angela Australia

  5. 245
    Katie Rhodes Says:

    Father in heaven, I agree with these prayers that come from the heart of Jesus through Your people. Amen to the glory of God through fallible, needy people, in Jesus’ Name!

  6. 244
    Ann from AL Says:

    Father, we are in agreement that Your Word must be confirmed by signs, wonders, and miracles. Thank you for the faithful believers who are leaning on your completely for their provision and protection. Bless them. Put a ring of fire around them and post their angels in strategic places! Open the eyes of the blind and cause the lamb to walk! Amen

  7. 243
    Tom Victor Says:

    God wants his Church in Baghdad to become a witness of his divine nature, purposes and power. Let’s pray for God to empower and enable his Church by the power of the Holy Spirit. Let’s also ask God to dispatch the hosts of heaven to surround and protect his Church from every assignment of the enemy.

  8. 242
    Janet White Says:

    Send preachers to preach the Word to Baghdad and confirm Your Word with signs and wonders! Thank You, Lord!

  9. 241
    linda Says:

    Bless the Lord, o my soul, and thank You for granting us our hearts desire, because we desire You. For You alone hold us up and preserve us.

  10. 240
    jane Says:

    We were saddened over the latest violence in Iraq yesterday, but we will not give up! Give us your ability to keep up the faith and not grow weary of well doing. We are the army of God who might fall one step backwards but will pray 10 steps forward. This will not keep us from continuing the fight for the souls of your created ones. This is a test and I pray we will not fail.

  11. 239
    Joan Says:

    Our Heavenly Father, we thank you for watching over our troops and the Iraqi citizens striving for peace in Iraq. We pray for your continued wisdom, guidance and protection for all of them. Place your shield of protection between them and those who wish to do evil. Amen

  12. 238
    Faye Says:

    Father God, I praise Your Holy Name. I ask today that You will be merciful to the people of Baghdad and keep them from harm. I pray, as they rebuild, that they will have the provisions that they need, food ,clothing, and shelter. I pray that the leaders and other people doing the restoration of Baghdad will work well together and have a common goal. In Jesus’ Precious and Holy Name. Amen

  13. 237
    Eileen Wright Says:

    Father, Most High God! You command is and encourage us in Your word not to overcome by evil, but to overcome evil with good! I prayer for the believers in Iraq, both Iraqi, American, allied and all others whom you know Lord. I lift them up to You and I ask that you would encourage them with Your presence! Embolden them with Your courage, prosper with them with Your riches, heal them of their afflictions! I pray that they will not be overcome by evil but that their light, no matter how seemingly small will shine forth and overcome the darkness around them. I come against the plans of Satan for Iraq and I claim that he is defeated, and has no power in this place, in Jesus Name! Amen.

  14. 236
    Dawn Says:

    Yes, Lord, may the fresh rain wash over them and wash away differences and give them renewel in every way. Bless and comfort the hurting and hold them in your arms and show them there is a Way! In Jesus Name I pray. Amen.

  15. 235
    Betsy P. McAllister Says:

    Father, according to Your Word, we rejoice with those who rejoice in Baghdad at the beneficial things that have been accomplished; and we weep with those who weep because of the devastation of yesterday. Father we will never give up, we will never quit trusting in You to make all things new and beautiful in Your time. We will never doubt Your Word which says, “I believe that I shall see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living!Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage; yea, wait for the Lord!” Ps. 27:13,14. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  16. 234
    Mary Nell Hall from New Braunfels, Texas Says:

    I pray that the leaders of Irag will trust in the Lord with all their hearts and lean not on their own understanding; that they will acknowledge God (the Creator of the universe and Father of the Messiah, Jesus Christ) in their midst and allow Him to direct their paths as they form government policy and pray for peace in their land. May they repent of hatred over differences and seek the unity of the Holy Spirit. I pray this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen

  17. 233
    Kim Says:

    Dear Lord,the people of Iraq are in my prayers, please bless them as they try to build a better place to live. Open their hearts so they will come to know you and be blessed by you. In Jesus Precious Name, AMEN!

  18. 232
    Thelma Draper Says:

    Father; We do come before Your throne with all these thousands of prayers for Iraq and Bagdad
    knowing that You answer our prayers. We praise YOU and Bless YOU for Your unfailing love and mercy for all the people who are trying to get
    their nation back together. And only YOU know how
    they can do that….I pray YOUR wisdom for all
    their leaders and all our troops to get YOUR will
    done…Maranatha Lord Jesus….

  19. 231
    Barbara Says:

    O Father of Abraham,Issac and Jacob, Maker of heaven and earth,the Alpha and Omega for yesterday today and forever, my prayer to You is for the people of this city as well as for the cities all over the world, that they will come to know Your greatness, and the love that you have for each of us. That they have never cried a tear or felt a pain that you did not feel. That they will experience the joy and security that comes from trusting in You. I also pray for their protection from the evil one that seeks to devour Your people. And that the enemy will be made weak will not prevail. In The Name Of Jesus I pray for these people, amen

  20. 230
    Janice from Georgia Says:

    Heavenly Father,

    We do gather together through the abilities afforded by access to the web. Thank You that the Baghdad Prayer Patrol was formed to give spiritual support to a land that so much the darkness tries to dominate. But God I know that while the people of Iraq, and Baghdad in particular, are hard pressed on every side they are not crushed, they are perplexed but not in despair, they are persecuted but not forsaken, they are struck down but not destoyed for there are those there who are always carrying about in their bodies the dying of the Lord Jesus that the life of Jesus may be manifested in their bodies. Where Jesus lives death never has victory! Please let every physical death be an occasion where You advance the life of Jesus into that society so they can all rest assured in the fact that You are forever victorious over death. All praise and glory to You God for You have overcome Satan’s last outpost which is death. I pray that You would give encouragement to the people of Iraq to know that their brothers and sisters in Christ are praying diligently and daily for their benefit. Bless them thoroughly this day even as they mourn for the bombing victims of yesterday.
    Please give them the peace that passes understanding and make them ever more determined to work toward their goal of freedom from oppression by the terrorists. You hold them in Your hands God. Please do not fail to show Your love in the most tangible ways. Through Jesus, Amen

  21. 229
    nina Says:

    Amen and Amen.

  22. 228
    Sabrina Says:

    Heavenly Father, bless the work that is of a good thing. In Jesus name. Amen

  23. 227
    Lynn Says:

    Dear Father, i too ask for protection for our brave military in all of Iraq and Afghanistan. Give them wisdom as they take each step – surround them with Your favor as a shield – to stay free from harm. Let them see any evil the enemy has planned so that they will avoid it. Encourage them also as they are away from loved ones, LORD, so their hearts will be at peace also. Extend Your hand of peace to the Iraqi forces and police also, that they will grow in numbers and strength to rise up to take charge of their country. May all these things take place and may You receive the glory, Father! Amen and Amen.

  24. 226
    Mary Brewster Says:

    Lord, I pray that you will speak to each heart of our military people to reveal who you are and what your will is for their life, especially for their salvation by believing and receiving Jesus Christ and what He did for us in giving His blood to pay the penalty for our sins so we wouldn’t have to pay in hell. I pray you will draw them with your mighty love for each of us individually. I pray for their safety and that you would be their companion. I pray they you will open their understanding when they hear or read your Word. Give them a hunger for it, Lord. I thank you, in the name of Jesus. Amen.

  25. 225
    Judy Chase Says:

    I thank you Father God that you never slumber nor sleep. There is nothing hidden that you will not expose. We thank you that your hand upon the men and women of our military and others who are standing with righteousness and freedom for the Iraq people. In Jesus Name I pray.

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