34-Reveal the Enemies Plans

Scripture: “Because the LORD revealed their plot to me, I knew it, for at that time he showed me what they were doing.” -Jeremiah 11:18

Prayer: Father, You are the great I Am, the beginning and the end, there was no one before You and there is no one who comes after. You are the one and only true and living God.

soldier_binoculars.jpgLord, I lift up the troops and police that walk the streets of Baghdad today, and I bring them before Your throne of grace. You are the One who knows all things and nothing is hidden from Your sight.

I ask that You would reveal to these men and women who fight for peace, the plans of those who promote violence. God of light, bring that which is hidden in darkness out into the light. God of truth, break down the deception that hides the plans of darkness, and thwart every violent act before they can be carried out.

Lord, give the wicked no place to hide. Break down the walls of fear that give them cover, and protect those who would reveal their plans. Bless the troops and police with divine revelation, that lives may be saved and evil subdued. Amen.

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  1. 45
    Joyce Says:

    Heavenly Father I come in agreement with all these prays as we agree in unity nothing is imposable.GOD I ask for you light and glory go befor our Troop you are proticting them.and the peaple of bagdad that are need peace and you love salvation and help them to know the plain that are set up agenst them.revealyou plans to bring delivers thank you Father for your mercy and grace Amen

  2. 44
    Don and Nancy Says:

    Father, I come in agreement with all who love You and pray in Your Holy Name.
    Expose the enemy, reveal the hidden plot to our troops.
    I ask expecially about the IED’s Father. They take such a toll on our troops and all who are innocent victims.Give mercy to the innocent and to all the First Responders who are such targets.

    Again I ask for Angels to go before all the police and troops of all the Nations who are there with us. Reveal the plot and cause a great fear to come upon those who would do harm. May the enemy be thrown into complete confussion and fall into their own traps.
    May all those in Iraq and the Middle East who know You as Saviour and Lord be mighty in battle and protected to walk through this fire.
    Give the Christian troops and the Believers in Iraq power to be salt and light. May the Holy Spirit guide each of Your children moment by moment.
    In Jesus Name and by His Power we ask,Amen

  3. 43
    Thelma Draper Says:

    Father; You are the true God of all the earth…
    we belong to You…We claim your promises to
    help our troops in Bagdad…to protect them from
    the enemy….in Jesus name….amen

  4. 42
    Lois Says:

    Our dear heavenly Father, I come before you now in humbliness to ask you to show forth your GRACE, MERCY, PEACE, AND LOVE upon all of our soliers in the land of Iraq. May the people of Iraq and the entire Middle East come to know you for WHO YOU ARE. May they feel your presence upon them and know without a doubt that you are there to protect them and their land.

    All Mighty God I ask that ALL THE HIDDEN PLACES BE REVEALED to our soldiers and the Iraqi’s that our fighting for freedom. May all the places where the enemy has hidden the “weapons of mass destruction” be found and placed out into the open. Father please destroy the enemy, like you did for Joshua, David, and Elisha and let your windows open wide over the Middle East and pour down your light and your “Word”; be mighty there and clean the hearts and give forth YOUR FREEDOM TO THE PEOPLE. Bring forth your divine wisdom, revealation, and blessings upon the troops and police. In the name of Jesus I declare and decree that this is done. Amem and Amen.

  5. 41
    Samuel GOH Kim Eng Says:

    Kindly your angels send
    So that the wars will end
    With all parties willing to mend
    Without the need for peace to bend

  6. 40
    Nancy Says:

    2 Kings 6:17 Then Elisha prayed, “O LORD, open his eyes and let him see!” The LORD opened his servant’s eyes, and when he looked up, he saw that the hillside around Elisha was filled with horses and chariots of fire.”

    Father, I do pray that the hillsides and plains of Iraq will be filled with horses and chariots of fire that the Lord has placed. And I pray that our troops’ eyes will be opened, and they would see who is fighting on their side. And that they would be encouraged and strengthened. Amen

  7. 39
    Coy Hall Says:

    Lord I pray for the plans of the enemy to be broken asunder and the plans of God to be revealed and carried out in the Name of Jesus.Amen.

  8. 38
    Cindy L. Says:

    Lord God, Creator of heaven and earth. Go before our troops as they fight for peace and righteousness. May Your Holy Spirit blanket Baghdad and the entire Middle East. Lord, reveal the plans of the enemy. May our troops be lead by Your Holy Spirit. In Jesus name, amen.

  9. 37
    Jean Wheeler Says:

    I thank you, Father, for your mercies that are new every day. Thank you for hearing our prayers. Please let our men and women know You, that You are with them, that their sacrifices are not for naught, that you go before them and You make a way of escape. Thank You for their loyality, their dedication, their love. Keep all of their loved ones safe at home, keep them safe as they give their all for us at home. We love You, LORD. We trust You. Forgive me LORD for all my selfishness, may I remember all those who are serving You defending our freedom to worship You.

  10. 36
    Sharon Says:

    Deut. 7:20 “Moreover the Lord your God will send the hornet among them until those who are left, who HIDE THEMSELVES from you, are destroyed.”

    AMEN and AMEN!

  11. 35
    RW Says:

    One of our cousins arrived back in the U. S. last week. The family has had 2 girls and one boy in their family over in Iraq. We praise God that they are at home and safe. We hear things from them but we know that nothing we hear can be like being there amidst the turmoil of war. These deer people , Dear Father have been thru so much and it goes on and on. Grant them peace in their hearts as many of them trust in you. Allow the work of the Holy Spirit be magnified so as to see many come to know and love the Lord Jesus. Have a wave of dedication to the Lord come over this country. Help our service men and women that know the Lord and those within the country of Iraq that know the Lord to not be afraid to stand strong and lead others to the Lord and disiple them into a greater knowledge of Him. Get Bibles into the hands of the countrymen and allow them to read your word and learn of you. We trust you and know that your word is the only thing that will bring about true peace in the land of Iraq. God bless the people standing with us in prayer for this wonderful transformation in a country with so much darkness. Blessings and peace

  12. 34
    Laura Cummins Says:


  13. 33
    Brother Ray Eubanks Says:

    Father, in Matt. 18:19 you tell us that if any 2 touch and agree as concerning a thing, it shall be done. I touch and agree for heaven’s spotlight to reveal the snare of the fowler today and to set at liberty those that have been taken captive. I pray again that you would shatter the teeth of the enemy, that his words would fall to the ground, powerless to prevail against the prayers of the saints. I praise you for these that are standing watch over our troops and I pray our troops will have the opportunity to read the prayers, and receive encouragement and strength. Loose your Holy Spirit to bring forth revival in our armed forces today. Producing salvation, healing, and miracles today. Hallelujah, the Lord God Almight reigns.
    In the name of Yeshua, Amen & Amen.

  14. 32
    Sherrill Says:

    Father, we come before you with a heavy heart. We pray and stand in faith that you will hear and answer the prayers of your people. We come against the violence that would harm those who are fighting for freedom. I stand with those prayer warriors whose prayers are above. Let us send the enemy to flight. In Jesus’ Name, Amen

  15. 31
    Sara Green Says:

    Wonderful worded prayers that will defeat the enemy

  16. 30
    Jeanine Hensley Says:

    Father God: We give praise worship, honor, homage, reverance and thanksgiving to You for You alone are worthy to be magnified and glorified. Let Your presence enter Baghdad and all of Iraq. Bring the people of Iraq to You by whatever means You deem necessary. Let Your Holy Spirit hover over the Iraqi people as He hovered over creation. Create in them clean hearts and renew right spirits within them.

    Watch over all the military and security forces. Let Your light shine in their hearts. Keep, protect and provide for our military families and loose the funds they need to do their job there in Iraq from Satan’s grasping fingers. Release these funds to our Defense Department so these men and women have what they need to protect our nation from terrorism. Watch over Your word to perform it please our Father. In Jesus Name, Amen

  17. 29
    Loretta Worthy Says:

    You are our covenant God and you have promised us protection, deliverance and salvation. We claim these promises for all our service men and women in the world and especially in Iraq. When they encounter a flood, it will not overflow them. When they are surrounded by fire, it will not burn them nor even leave a smell of fire on their clothes. No weapon formed will prosper against them. A crowd seeking their harm cannot find them to do them harm. Devices sent to kill our service men and women will roll back upon the enemy from whence it came. The secrets of the enemy are not hidden from You, LORD. Reveal the enemy’s secrets to our men and women who are defending Iraq. We decree their deliverance from ambushes and sneak attacks. Expose hidden caches of weapons. Uproot and expose the the world the weapons of mass destruction that are still hidden in the darkness. We loose the light of Christ in all the dark places so nothing can be hidden. The plans and plots of the enemy cannot prevail. All is revealed and spoiled. Jesus Christ is Lord of Iraq. Terrorism and radical Islam must bow their knees to the Lordship of Jesus. We invite you, God, to loose your arm on our behalf in this war. Your will is done in Iraq as it is in heaven. Your Glory fills Iraq and all the Middle East. We declare it is so in Jesus’ name and it is so!

  18. 28
    Andrew Owens Says:

    Gracious God, help us and all those serving in our armed forces
    to keep you in the center of our lives. Then everything else
    will fall into place. Let Psalm 91 be our watchword as we do
    battle everyday with the Islamic fascists!!

    In Jesus” Holy Name,

    Andy Owens

  19. 27
    Marge Says:

    Amen, Amen!! …to every prayer I’ve just read… and prayed.

  20. 26
    Amie Bothwell Says:

    [Psalms 35:8 Let destruction come upon them at unawares; and let the net that he hath hid catch himself; into that very destruction let him fall. KJV]
    [Psalms 34:7 The angel of the Lord encampeth round about them that fear him, and delivereth them. – KJV]
    [Exodus 14:13 … for the whom ye have seen today, ye shall se them again no more forever. – KJV]


    We decree that destruction will come upon every enemy at unawares supernaturally, and that the very nets, snares, pits, ditches and evil works they hid for our troops, allies and friendly forces shall perpetually catch themselves. We further decree that the mighty angels of the Lord that excel in strength are loosed to continually deliver every one of our troops, allies and friendly forces from every destruction. We decree the enemies, wicked, foes, and workers of iniquity that our troops see today, they will see them again no more forever. We bind, forbid, and curse every affliction against our troops from rising the second time. We decree and command the door to irrefutable and unstoppable victory be opened to our troops, allies, and friendly forces instantanousely in the matchless name of Jesus Christ our Lord and inconquerable Saviour. Amen!

  21. 25
    Nancy R. Chung Says:

    I”ll say this prayer at 8:30 a.m. each day as many days as I could get to until we win the war.

  22. 24
    Carrie Says:

    I plead the blood over our troops and their families, and we stand in the gap for their protection. Holy Spirit, flood the region, our troops, and allies with wisdom, peace, and Your presence.

  23. 23
    Jean Burton Says:

    May the Spirit of the Lord rest upon all those who are making this huge sacrifice, may they experience a visitation of your Person, may they be comforted and that fear will flee from them. O righteous Father we ask that you intervene in this situation and that the people of Iraq have the opportunity to worship you freely and that darkness will flee.


  24. 22
    Katie Rhodes Says:

    Great and mighty God, we worship at Your footstool. Heaven is Your throne; You dwell in unapproachable light, and with the lowly people on this earth, with the humble and broken hearted. Halleljah! You poured Yourself out into lowly human form to take our sins to the Cross, to make a way for us to join You in the heavenly realms. Oh, You are good! Grant us to live worthy of Your kindness. By Your mercy, let the time of guns and bombs cease, and let the time of restoration come, in Jesus’ Name. Prince of Peace, work miracles in Baghdad today. Move the hearts of the people and their leaders to put down vengeance and hatred, and receive grace. We understand from Your Word, that perilous times will come, but until we are taken from this earth, let us never cease to pray that evil will be restrained today, that Your Kingdom will flood the nations with righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ, our Blessed Lord and Savior.

  25. 21
    Natalie Turner Says:

    Amen!Lord look on our troops today,protect them as they patrol those streets, and bring goodness,and your love to our Boys today.

  26. 20
    laurie Says:

    Holy Father, May your plans for the lives and hearts of the security people and police of Iraq and their families come to fruition

  27. 19
    Fred and Pauline Says:

    Just tapped in to your site- unbelievable blessing to come into agreement with so many for the breakthrough in this intense spiritual battle in Iraq.Our son is in the Army in Baqubah , as a Chaplain’s assisatant ,from him and from his parents- thankyou all so much for your interest and your obedience to intercede for this situation . Blessings and Victory !

  28. 18
    Thelma Draper Says:

    Deuteronomy 20;4 For the Lord your God is he that
    goeth with you to fight for you against your
    enemies, to save you.

  29. 17
    Edith Says:

    Lord, I thank You that You are a refuge and fortress. I ask that You hide the troops in You and that You will be a shield around them to protect them from every harm and danger. Amen

  30. 16
    Nancy Says:

    Father, We thank you for your divine protection over these men and women of valor who stand and fight for the freedom of others. We pray for peace that passes understanding over their hearts and minds, wisdom beyond their training, safety and renewed strength for each and every one of them Lord God in Jesus mighty Name. Amen.

  31. 15
    Joyce Says:

    Let your glory come down Father in Baghdad but and the entire Middle East. Let your Kingdom come Father, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. In Jesus’ name and for His sake, Amen.

  32. 14
    Gloria Ball Says:

    May the Lord, our God, give you favor, strength, resolve, and success in your endeavor to defend our country from terrorists.

  33. 13
    Dana Says:

    Thank you Lord, that my two soldier boys know you and love you, draw them and other believing military men and women closer to your heart. Give them your eyes to see. Help them to love others well. May many come to know you in a dry and weary land because of the lives of your children that serve. For us that miss them at home, give comfort and peace. Thank you so much for the priveledge of praying for them. What a loving “connection” you have provided. You are a good and great GOD! Mighty and Awesome is your Name. I love you Lord.

  34. 12
    Diana Says:

    In Jesus name I pray this prayer and stand on His promises in His word. Lord I lift up to you the troops patrolling the streets of Baghdad.

  35. 11
    ann viedenkamp Says:

    We pray that all hearts will listen to pronouncement of the Holy Spirit and act in aaccordance

  36. 10
    Dawn Phua Says:

    Father God,

    Even as the enemy comes in like a flood, You will raise up a standard against them. Pray that whatever evil that is “occult” or hidden will be exposed by Your Light. May key instigators who propogate sectarian violence to unstabilise Iraq be exposed and dealt with. Let Your Holy Presence touch the lives of the troops and police as well as their loved ones – giving them wisdom, compassion, mercy, protection,boldness, resolve, security and even salvation in carrying out their responsibilities. Let those who already know You be salt and light wherever they are placed. May You win this land through Your Love poured out over them. In Jesus’ Name. Amen

  37. 9
    Claudia Perez Says:

    Father I pray that you reveal to those in command, the plots of the enemy. Lord I pray mostly for the revelation of your son Jesus to both American soldiers as well as the enemy troops. Father I pray for spiritual victory over the city of Baghdad.

    In Christ name

  38. 8
    Sue Says:

    Father, reveal the enemy’s plans to our troops as you revealed Israel’s enemy’s plans to Elisha in the Old Testament. You are a miracle-working God and I ask this of you in the name of your blessed Son, Jesus Christ.

  39. 7
    Maribel Says:

    Dear Lord Jesus,
    Save the people of Mansur. May your words be preached in it’s streets and a may your peace reign. We beleive there is nothing impossible for You. Send your hand of salvation and protection over these people and open their hearts to your love.


  40. 6
    Mary Lu Says:

    No weapon formed against our military and allies shall prosper

  41. 5
    Julie Dalgarno Says:

    Ps.34-7″ The angel of the Lord encampeth round about them” Lord send a legion of angels to protect all our troops and deflect all the arrows that come against them in Jesus name.

  42. 4
    Ruth Says:

    Father You have given us all giftings for the work You have given us to do. I pray that those who have taken on the job to protect will sense and see Your Hand of Mercy to protect them. Be Thou their Rear Guard. Lord place a hedge of protection around them. Where they may be weak show Yourself STRONG. Where there is indecisiveness show Yourself CONFIDENT. Where there are broken hearts for the sorrow they witness show Yourshelf as the COMFORTOR. We call forth Your warring angels to wage war against the principalities of darkness. Let there be a turn of events to reveal Your Love for their nation and ours. Grant those who lead clear direction for the next move to bring Peace into these nations. Remembering Your Word…The Battle belongs to the Lord. Amen. Ruth

  43. 3
    Samuel GOH Kim Eng Says:

    Reveal the enemy’s plans
    Only You know where we stand
    Kindly show us Your peace trend
    That nobody dares object and offend

  44. 2
    Anita Says:

    Lord, we pray in Jesus’ name that you will surround the troops, commanders, and coalition with a mighty shield of protection. Surround also – all those who are Christian in this area and all of Iraq. And surround those who help our soldiers and commanders.

    But let all those rejoice who put their trust in You; let them ever shout for joy, because You defend them; Let those also who love Your name Be joyful in You. For You, O Lord, will bless the righteous; With favor You will surround him as with a shield. (Psalms 5:11,12)

  45. 1
    Katie Rhodes Says:

    In Jesus’ Name, yes, amen!

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