17-Protection for Fathers

Scripture: “Keep me, O LORD, from the hands of the wicked; protect me from men of violence who plan to trip my feet.” -Psalm 140:4

Prayer: Father, You are the Lord of the impossible. You are the God that knows when we sit down and when we stand up. You know the number of hairs on our head, and nothing escapes Your notice.

muslimfamily.jpgWe come to You in Jesus name and ask for divine protection over the fathers and the households in Baghdad. Lord, we ask right now, that You would intervene on behalf of a father in Baghdad today and that instead of tragedy, there would be deliverance from death.

Father, release help from Your throne to keep the fathers safe so they can protect and provide for their families. Keep these dear people from the hands of the wicked, and protect them from the schemes of violence.

Lord we also lift up the soldiers who are fathers, and ask for a special protection and blessing over them today. Guard them Lord with Your divine protection. Surround them with Your favor like a shield. Guard their going out and their coming in, their rising up and their lying down. You alone are able, and we agree together for this in Jesus name. Amen!

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  1. 144
    Laura Says:

    Heavenly Father
    Father of All
    We pray for protection for families in Baghdad as well as other countries where war and strife, conflict and mayhem are the norm rather than the exception. Fathwe we pray for Your peace, Your love and mercy on all.
    In Jesus Name we pray

  2. 143
    Sabrina Says:

    Heavenly Father, I also pray this prayer for the fathers in here America. I pray this prayer for all those who are not yet fathers. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

  3. 142
    Carol Says:

    Dear Father,

    Once again we are praying for Shula and all who live there, bring them to yourself and change that city for your Glory. Lord for all of our Troops who are away from Home this Thanksgiving Season we know how lonely they will be, please pour out your Spirit of Peace and Joy and let each one feel your presence like never before
    and Lord move upon this war to end it and bring our brothers and sisters home for good…. in Jesus Mighty Name Amen! Carol

  4. 141
    Tammy Says:

    Dear Heavenly Father, I come to you in great thankfulness for all that you have given and done for all our Men and Women in Iraq. I pray that the hearts and minds of the fathers of Iraq can be filled with peace and your protective presence.

    Father I ask that you give hope to those and their families. I pray a protective hedge around them and their families and that some day with in your devine power that they may know peace.

    Lord I ask that you continue to watch over our Men and Women serving over there, that they may know that what they are doing has a purpose and they they are being guided and protected by you. Let the families of these soldiers know that you are and always will be there to watch over them. Give those that have lost loved ones peace with in themselves and know that even though they have left this worldly world, you are and always will be their protector and love them always.

    Amen to all those that pray and continue to pray for peace and love to reign.

    I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ.


  5. 140
    Sherrill J. Boyd Says:

    Precious Adonai, King of the Universe and Creator of Heaven and Earth. I agree with my sister Carolyn for the safety and peace of her daughter, Sarah and son-in-law, Christopher. I pray the 91st Ps. over them and over Matt the marine, Brian C., Andy W., and Larry N. May their units also be under the protective cover of the wings of the Almighty until they return safely to their families.
    May the fathers of Baghdad also be covered by Your protective shield until they can come to know You as their Heavenly Father. May they learn to love and cherish their wives and mothers of their children.
    Be glorified in Baghdad, O God, our Heavenly Father. Amen

  6. 139
    Carolyn-mother of a soldier Says:

    It is with a heavy heart that I write this, knowing that the Holidays are coming up, and for 2 that will not be home to be with my family. My son-in-law Christopher, and my daughter Sarah, both serving in Iraq. But with a grateful heart seeing God’s hand on both their lives, watching over them and protecting them. I give thanks to the Most High God for His hand on their lives. And next year God willing, we will have quite a celebration! AMEN! And so… for all of the Iraqi Fathers and Mothers, and all of our Military Personel, I pray this prayer of blessing found in Numbers 6:24-26 “The LORD bless thee, and keep thee: The LORD make His face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee: The LORD lift up His countenance upon thee, and give thee peace. AMEN.

  7. 138
    Jean Says:

    Dear Father in Heaven, I am mindful that when You preserve the fathers and the families of a nation You are showing mercy to the most weak and vulnerable ones, the children and the needy for whom we have been praying. Dear Father, I pray that You will indeed have mercy on the citizens of Bahgdad and that we will soon see the day when the families of that city and of that region can live in safety and in peace. For the families who have sent troops to try to bring about those purposes, may they see their loved ones return in safety and good health. Father Your are merciful. May Your will be done in Baghdad today, and in Iraq, and Afghanistan. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

  8. 137
    Laura Says:

    Father of All Lord Of All
    AMEN and AMEN to the prayers before it – You are amazing God and how we praise Your Holy and Wonderful Name for who You are in our lives, Your Holy Presence in us -AMEN LORD
    Father thank You for all my brothers and sisters who have prayed before me today and thank You for those who will pray after me – You are OUR FATHER – who unites us in mind and spirit and we pray Father for all in Baghdad and Iraq.
    We love You and Serve You our Father in Heaven in whose name we pray

  9. 136
    Laura Says:

    Father of All
    AMEN and AMEN to the prayers before it – You are amazing God and how we praise Your Holy and Wonderful Name for who You are in our lives, Your Holy Presence in us -AMEN LORD
    Father thank You for all my brothers and sisters who have prayed before me today and thank You for those who will pray after me – You are OUR FATHER – who unites us in mind and spirit and we pray Father for all in Baghdad and Iraq.
    We love You and Serve You our Father in Heaven in whose name we pray

  10. 135
    Judith Connell, Greenbank, On., Canada Says:

    Blessings for the fathers and their families. Have them understand the incredible knowledge that God does know the number of hairs on our head and does know the grains of sand on the shore. This mysterious knowledge is special and brings each person so very close to the Holy Trinity.

    Praise the Lord for His wisdom to give protection to the families to keep them inspired to do only His will.

  11. 134
    Lois Lively Says:

    Heavenly Father, I come to you today in the late afternoon hours to give you praise, and to say thnk you for your love, grace, and faithfullness. You are worthy heavenly Father and you are Holy. May we bring you honor and our prayers be as a sweet aroma to your nostrils.

    Father, I ask that you would PROTECT ALL THE FATHERS in Iraq and other countries in the Middle East. Place your protective hedge around them and their families that no harm BY the enemy can hurt them. May you and the Holy Spirit bring forth Your Gospel through your opened doors, and allow them to receive dreams and visions of God’s love and destiny for them. May the dreams and visions bring a change into their lives towards You Heavenly Father. BLESS OUR BRAVE MEN AND WOMEN IN THAT LAND FIGHTING FOR FREEDOM IN IRAQ AND AGAINST THE TERRORIST ENTERING AGAIN ON OUR LAND. Place a protectie hedge around them and be their fortress, shield, strong tower, and banner. Let them have peace in their mind about their families and provide ALL THE NEEDS OF OUR TROOPS. Let your love and glory fall down upon Iraq and bring Iraq to your plans and destiny along with THE HOPE only You can bring with new prosperity. In the name of Jesus I pray and say Thank you for answering all our prayers. Amen

    Comment by Lois Lively

  12. 133
    Alice Carrel Says:

    Dear Lord, I ask You to keep Your Loving and protecting hand over the fathers in Baghdad, Iraq and all other middle east cities. I ask You Dear Lord that their children will be receptive of their fathers teachings.Guide them down the best pathway for their lives,advise them and watch over them. I pray that You Father God will give them the strength to stand firm in their faith for You.Surround their cities with Your protective Angels, give them peace and hope for a brighter tomorrow. We love You Dear Lord and we love Your Son Christ Jesus and it is in His name I pray.

  13. 132
    RW Says:

    I praise you dear Lord for all your blessings and for the love you have shown to us all. You are truly an awsome God. we ask you today to bless the land of Iraq with peace. May the evil ones lay down their guns and bombs and turn their hearts to you. May peace come rapidly to this country that is so full of people that are hurting. Give them comfort and show your love to them so that they will have the desire to know you personally. thank you for answering my prayer today. AMEN

  14. 131
    nina Says:

    Thank you for this day Father. Please Lord protect the Fathers, who are the supporters, the protectors, caregivers. Lift them so they can be inspirations to the younger generations to push forward with this plan of peace and prosperity for their country. Please be with them Jesus and show them the way, in Jesus name, Amen

  15. 130
    Dottie Says:

    Father I lift up the fathers in Bagdad and surrounding cities. Encourage them and keep them safe. Bless the fathers who are serving in the military. Be with their famalies while they are away from home. May they follow your example and be a loveing father. Father we again ask for peace to come to Iraq so that all fathers can come home and the fathers there can love and protect their famalies. We pray in Jesus name. Amen

  16. 129
    Ruth Nunn Says:

    Father, we hold every father in this land before You. You made them fathers so they could reflect Your love in this world like no one else can do. Fathers give purpose to their children’s lives, to both the boys and the girls. There is no one on earth like a loving fahter. We trust You with the life of every single father of this land. Protect them. Encourage them. Let them know how very special and valued they are to Your heart.

  17. 128
    Kelly Says:

    We take for granted so many things Dear Lord. Our safety, our silence at night. Please God Allow the people of Baghdad to feel these things that we take for granted. Help the fathers of this region feel your presence. Help them to know you. The Leaders are so Lost Lord. Help them to find their way home. Today, I pray that one lost soul return to your grace Lord. In Jesus Name We Pray…AMEN….

  18. 127
    david Vega Vega Says:

    Padre, perdonanos; ten misericordia de todos nosotros los que habitamos en tu planeta y que se haga tu voluntad.
    En el nombre de Jesús, Amén.

  19. 126
    Paul Ramseyer Says:

    Loving Father,

    We pray that our chaplains and other followers of Christ in the military in Irag will have a bold witness for Jesus among their fellow troops. Also we pray for a hedge of protection around the Iraqi pastors and their people. May their witness bear much fruit among their Iraqi neighbors and friends. For Jesus sake. Amen

    Paul R.

  20. 125
    Sarah Says:

    Dear Father, Thank You, that we can come boldly and call You, Abba Father. Thank You for adopting me into Your wonderful family, and for making me a joint-heir with our Lord Jesus Christ. Please guide and strengthen the many fathers in Iraq who are struggling to lead and protect their families. Please show them that You alone are the Source of true wisdom, and that You want to help them with their problems. Please help the dads in the military who are missing thier families so much. Please let them hear from home in some way today and be encouraged to know that their family is doing fine. Please help them to be faithful to their spouses, and when they’re finished their time away from home, let them have a joyful reunion. Please keep them safe.

  21. 124
    Thelma Draper Says:

    Father, You are all knowing..and You know every need of Your children…I claim Your promises to lead and guide our troops and all the fathers in Bagdad, and Your will be done…and deliver us from evil…in Jesus name….amen

  22. 123
    Kim Says:

    Dear Lord, protect the father so they will be there for their families. In Jesus’ Precious Name, I Pray, AMEN

  23. 122
    Norm & Linda Says:

    Father God,
    Please speak to the hearts of the fathers in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran. Let them know that you do care how they treat their families, that they need to be Godly examples of love and protection, obedience to You and to Your written Word the Holy Bible. Convict them of their sins, and bring them to repentance and salvation in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ of Nazareth, your One and Only Son. Bind Satan and his demons and send them to the pit of hell or whatever place you have for them to go. When these fathers turn to you, Heavenly Father, bless them, guide them, protect them, direct them in the way they each should go as protectors of their families. Amen!!!

  24. 121
    Janice Says:

    Dear Heavenly Father,

    I pray that in Baghdad that every day may be like the day known as Father’s Day when the fathers are honored for their place in society. Let each father strive to be the best father that he can be always remembering that he is made in Your image and You are the One who gives good gifts to Your children and they should do no less for their own children. Bless all the soldier dads who are far from home. Let their influence in their families transcend the distance between home and where they serve military duty. Thank You for all the lives of fathers who have been spared despite the war. Let new fathers or substitutes come into the lives of the children who have lost their fathers to the war. Let there be no more loss of lives of the fathers. Let them not only live physically but give them each the opportunity to develop their spiritual life with knowledge of Jesus so they may be blessed with eternal life.
    Through Jesus, Amen.

  25. 120
    Joan Bowe Says:

    Dear Heavenly Father, there is no doubt that the role of father is so important in our lives. Please protect the fathers in Iraq from the deception of the enemy and bring them to Your Truth. Holy One, we ask that You would protect their lives and led them to that which is the good and perfect will of God. Grant them wisdom and understanding that they might teach it to their children. Show them Your mercy and grace that they might give it to their wives, their children and to others. Help them to rise up as men of honor, fit for the King’s purposes, and a knowing that they are loved by their heavenly Father. Let it be so, in Jesus’name we pray. Amen.

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