17-Protection for Fathers

Scripture: “Keep me, O LORD, from the hands of the wicked; protect me from men of violence who plan to trip my feet.” -Psalm 140:4

Prayer: Father, You are the Lord of the impossible. You are the God that knows when we sit down and when we stand up. You know the number of hairs on our head, and nothing escapes Your notice.

muslimfamily.jpgWe come to You in Jesus name and ask for divine protection over the fathers and the households in Baghdad. Lord, we ask right now, that You would intervene on behalf of a father in Baghdad today and that instead of tragedy, there would be deliverance from death.

Father, release help from Your throne to keep the fathers safe so they can protect and provide for their families. Keep these dear people from the hands of the wicked, and protect them from the schemes of violence.

Lord we also lift up the soldiers who are fathers, and ask for a special protection and blessing over them today. Guard them Lord with Your divine protection. Surround them with Your favor like a shield. Guard their going out and their coming in, their rising up and their lying down. You alone are able, and we agree together for this in Jesus name. Amen!

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  1. 594
    Ellizabeth H Says:

    Father protect the fathers today in this country that have a heart for their family..reveal Yourself to them Lord and bring them into the kingdom…

    show them who You are so that they can love , protect, and guide their families.
    Thank You Father,
    In Jesus Name

  2. 593
    peggy Says:

    Father, I am interceding for all fathers everywhere that you would ease their burdens. I pray you would call out to them and they would answer and turn to you. You are the one who loves us and truly cares for us. We bless you God and thank you for your mercy and grace that helps us in times of need. Thank you for putting dads has heads of households to provide and comfort their families. I pray particularly for dads who have little control of their lives like the innocent dads caught in the evil in Baghdad. God I ask you would rescue them and set their feet on solid ground. Be their peace I pray. AMEN

  3. 592
    Dottie Says:

    Dear Father there are many fathers today who will not be able to spend father’s day with their children. I pray for you to keep them in the hollow of Your hand and bring them home safely to their families. Father put your cover of protection around them and give them a peace that passes all understnading this father’s day. Be with the leaders in Iraq and Afganistan so that they will make wise decisions. Father thank you for hearing our prayers on behalf of all the fathers. May Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. I pray in Jesus name. Amen

  4. 591
    Betsy P. Says:

    Thank You, dear Abba, for the privilege and the right to call You Father, and to be called the sons of God! Wow! There is none like You! I love You and give You honor this moment and always.
    May You cause the fathers in Baghdad, including Karrada, to lie down in peace and sleep tonight. May they have sweet and refreshing rest without fear of the enemy. May they wake having dreamed of You in all Your glory, and having committed their lives totally and completely to You. Set angels around the fathers in Iraq to accompany, guard and defend them, if they are peace loving. And, for the troublemakers, we cry “mercy!” May they come to know You, love You, and serve You, in Jesus name, amen.

  5. 590
    Peggy Says:

    Heavenly Father, You are so good to us. I thank you and I praise you for the wonderful Father you are. I pray blessings and favor from your hand on the fathers of Baghdad and the fathers of the military presence there. I pray they feel your presence with them. That they talk to you and KNOW you and your love for them. I pray they will walk with you and be following your instructions for their lives. I pray protection and love be theirs. I ask for hard hearts to soften and receive from you the love you have for them. In Jesus name I ask. AMEN

  6. 589
    Sherrill Says:

    Letter to those who love freedom and peace:

    You are always on My Mind. -God

  7. 588
    Ellizabeth H Says:

    Father, we know Your heart is for families and for fathers..
    We also know that You are the God who protects and wars against our enemies.
    We ask that You protect all the fathers today…keeping them safe from deatha & injury…

    Thank You for protection for all those on the battle field from all over the world.
    keep them safe as well Father.
    Bring them to Yourslef and let them see Your love for them…
    protect their families ..
    Lord we give You praise for hearing and answering our prayers.

  8. 587
    ruth Says:

    Dear Father,as our celebration of fathers is coming,let me thank you for being my Father and caring for me.We can never praise and love You enough. Thank You for sending Jesus our Savior. Father place a hedge of protection around all the fathers in Baghdad.Father You and only You know the hearts and minds of all.Bless us Father and help us to keep blessing those in harms way.

  9. 586
    Sharon M Says:

    Yes Father, we ask for Your divine protection over the fathers’s of Baghdad who seek peace and want a free society in Iraq. I pray for the eyes of the people to be opened to who their true and only savior is – Jesus of Nazareth, who loved them enough to die for them. What a beautiful concept. I pray that these precious people get a vision of a Father who loved them so much He gave up His very own son to save them. Oh give Your children opportunities to tell this story and the desire to do so. Bless them, Father,

  10. 585
    Dottie Says:

    Dear Fater I pray for protection over the fathers today. May no family have to shed tears over their loved one. Keep these fathers in the hollow of your hand and direct their thoughts to pure and honest speech. May they have their families best interests at heart. Watch over the fathers who are putting their lives in danger every day to try to keep the peace in Iraq and Afganistan. May your will be done in their lives I pray in Jesus name. Amen

  11. 584
    Jean Says:

    Dear Father in Heaven, I especially pray for fathers in Iraq who have received threats, and for their families. I pray for safety for all the citizens in Iraq and that they might be able to live in safety in the land of their inheritance. I pray that those who would make such threats or be willing to carry them out might become fully aware of sin and righteousness and of judgment and take careful heed to the condition of their own souls in Your eyes. May they be released from the lies and deceptions that have caused them to think that they are doing the will of God when they threaten and when they murder. May the families who have been threatened or those who might be targeted find refuge and safety under the shadow of Your wings. In Jesus’ Pure and Righteous Name. Amen.

  12. 583
    Lois Says:

    Lord, you are Holy and worthy of all praise and glory. Thank you dear Father for watching over us, and for loving us so much. Your love and faithfulness reigns endures forever. YOUR Kingdom reigns forever and ever.

    We come to You in Jesus name and ask for divine protection over the fathers and the households in Baghdad. Lord, we ask right now, that You would intervene on behalf of a father in Baghdad today and that instead of tragedy, there would be deliverance from death. Father, release help from Your throne to keep the fathers safe so they can protect and provide for their families. Keep these dear people from the hands of the wicked, and protect them from the schemes of violence. Release angels from heaven and have them surround our soldiers there in Baghdad, and keep them for all harm of the enemy. Give our soldiers strageries in how to defeat the enemy, and to encourage the Iraqis to move forward into their peace and rebuilding their land. In Jesus’ name I pray and give all the glory to you Father. Amen

  13. 582
    Tress cole Says:

    Dear Lord we ask for your divine protection for all the fathers and mothers. Everyone who are responsiable for the care of all the childern. Lord put your angels at guard around them day and night. Allow no danger to come to them in anyway. Let them have peace of mind that they can rest in peace and know that your eyes are always open. We pray that they will teach their childern to love and respect you Lord!
    Lord we ask these things in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. We trust that it is done! Amen

  14. 581
    Betsy P. Says:

    Father, God Almighty, there is none like You. Only You could have imagined the plan for marriage and procreation. Only You can provide the protection and provision for all of the families of the earth for each day. You are so great that our minds cannot comprehend Your greatness. Therefore, we humbly bow before You and acknowledge You as our Refuge, our Strength, our Source of all that we need.
    Please apply Wayne’s prayer, and the prayers of our siblings to the people of Baghdad, the area of Dawrah, all of Iraq, including our troops. Please flood the land with Your Holy Spirit and the knowledge of Your Son, Jesus, the Savior of the world, the Lover of our souls, for we ask in His name, amen.

  15. 580
    Peggy Says:

    Father, You are Dad over all creation. We cry out to you for your protection over families and especially to the Dad’s who take their role of authority responsibly in doing everything within their power to to take good care of their family. You made them the head of their homes, please help them to hear from you that you as our all wise Father of all creation, would guide them and keep them safe from all harm. Father, without you we perish. We love you and worship you and adore you. We thank you that you are a merciful and forgiving God and Father but also a just Father who knows how to correct your children. Lord, help us to remain steadfast to you. We trust you Father that you hear our concerns and are already at work to answer. I praise and bless you for the promises you have given us and that you are trustworthy never to leave or forsake us. Our hope in Jesus is sealed and secure. Lord, please go before the innocent ones and defend them. May they come to know you as Lord over all. AMEN

  16. 579
    ann schnapp Says:

    Lord Jesus, we pray for all the parents who are soldiers, fathers and mothers, that you would ease the pain in their hearts from being away from their children. We also pray for the children left here at home, and for those who are taking care of them during the time their parents are away. You said, “Let the little children come unto me”, and we pray that in their spirits the children of these brave soldiers would KNOW you and that you are with them. Amen

  17. 578
    ruth Says:

    Abba,my Father,I humbly ask for protection for all the fathers in Baghdad.Father,You made the supreme sacrifice of Your Son Jesus for us,for our sins.Thank You Father,Son and Holy Spirit.Lay a curtain of protection around each and every father in Baghdad.Turn the ones who are following Satan to Lord Jesus.Open eyes and ears!End the Conflicts.Come Lord Jesus!! Amen

  18. 577
    Lois Taritas Says:

    Father We come to you this morning, thanking you for breath of life, for the fresh rain of your spirit. Father I pray men would repent and turn to you oh God so they can take their place you have called them to. Release your spirit of repentance and prompt them to release their burdens and give them to you for your yoke is easy. Thy Kingdom Come!!!!!!!

  19. 576
    Lily Bright Says:

    Dear Lord
    I thank You for Your goodness and mercy; I thank You for being with the people in Iraq! Lord, I lift up every soul living in Baghdad and Afghanistan.
    Lord,I ask specifically that husbands and fathers living in Iraq be protected from every evil spirit and that You Lord, protect each one from physical harm, in Jesus name.
    Lord, I give You Honor and Praise,this day!!
    Amen and Amen

  20. 575
    Janice Says:

    Heavenly Father,

    You are so full of blessings and always coming up with creative ways to do good in the lives of Your multitude of children. Thank You for the myriad of ways You have come up with just in this one day to be helpful and encouraging to them. We do come together on this website, and first of all we say thank you for Wayne who put it all together. What a wonderful father he was to his girls and a tremendous example of just how much a Christian man can accomplish. Thank You for his gifting and influence. Now we pray for all the fathers who live and work and visit in Baghdad and Iraq. Please Lord keep them all safe. I pray You will help them to flee temptation that comes before them. Help them along Your way to purity and righteousness. Help them to be faithful to their wives and have good marriages so the children will have the many benefits provided by that stable home life. I pray You will provide an education for any of the fathers who are lacking in that regard. Please provide jobs for the unemployed. Please provide good help for any who are single dads. I pray there will be special provision for the fathers who are serving in the military in the land so that they are able to have regular contact with their children back home. Do not let there be any communication breakdowns just because of the distance between loved ones. Lord, You know what each of the fathers need most. I pray Your best blessing for each one. In the name of Jesus, my Lord and Savior, I ask most of all that they each will know of Your great love for them today. Amen

  21. 574
    Dottie Says:

    Dear Father I pray that you would watch over the fathers in Iraq and Afganistan. May they have the best interests of their families in their heart. May they be true to their families and serve them as the head of their households.
    Father also protect the fathers who are away from their families who are sacrificing their lives to bring peace to all people. Bring them home safely I pray. Thank you for bringing home the men and women from Iraq to IGMR in Pa. Everyone who was in Iraq came home safely. Praise and thanks to you Heavenly Father for answered prayers. And now I pray in Jesus name for these fathers who are at risk and ask you to keep them in the hollow of your hand.

  22. 573
    Lois Says:

    Heavenly and gracious Father, I come before you and in humbliness to bring before You the fathers in all of Iraq who need You and Your Divine healing. I give you praise and honor for “who You are” our redeemer and Savior.

    I ask dear Father that the men who are fathers be led by You and the Holy Spirit to become men of Integrity. I ask dear Father that you would intervine on behalf of a father today in Baghdad, and bring deliverance from death instead of tragedy. In the name of Jesus, heavenly Father, send down from your throne room help to the fathers, so they can protect and provide for their families. Keep these dear fathers and our soldiers who are fathers safe, and bless them with the protection in Psalm 91. Give to all the fathers , and our soldiers dreams and visions Lord of Your love and of their destiny. OPEN THEIR EYES to see that its You who provides, heals, restores, and gives them courage and strength for each day. Thank you sweet Jesus that You are the one we place our trust in, and that You are our King that reins forever. In Jesus’ name I pray and all tahe glory is yours Lord. Amen

  23. 572
    M. Thomspson Says:

    Dear Lord: We thank you for your beautiful pattern for humanity. Your design of a father and mother, recreating themselves in their offspring, yet the baby being totally unique from all the people that ever walked the face of the earth. How incredible to fathom such a Creator! Your Family pattern has the Father in the highest position to love, protect and provide for his family. With no father there are widows and orphans open to threats from cruel people and in these last days many are cruel. Widows and orphans are Your special charge. You tell the widows to “let the widows trust in Me saith the Lord” and you tell the orphans: “I am the Father of orphans.” In James 3 you say that perfect religion is in caring for them. So Lord, please restore Your Divine Order, after the New World Order, which we know has to come for 7 years, but after that, when You Come Again, You WILL restore Families in Your Divine Order. Father, Mother, children. Father being the covering of them and You being the covering of the fathers. Lord, help us endure until that time. In Jesus Name we pray as we groan for our Redemption, Amen.

  24. 571
    M Tebault Says:

    Thank you for your love of people, Lord – that it is not your will that any should perish but that all should come to know Jesus as Savior and Lord. Please protect the fathers of Iraq today, as well as our troops who are fathers. I lift them before your throne and ask for your mercy and help in time of need. Many are needy, Lord. May that drive them into your arms. May they question their belief system and seek truth. Deliver them from death and from all traps the enemy has set.

  25. 570
    Peggy Says:

    Father, I am praying for father’s everywhere, but particularly in Baghdad. Raise them up with power to protect their families.
    Give them insight from you as to what to do about everything. Protect them from all harm. Give them courage when they are weak. Lead them out of all evil. Guide them along safe paths to places of peace and refreshing in your presence. We all need you GOD. Each one of us. But you have given fathers authority over their own so I am asking for each father today give them wisdom that they may keep their families safe from all harm.
    Praise you Jesus for going ahead of us and taking all our sins upon you that we may live and be free. In your name I pray. AMEN

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