17-Protection for Fathers

Scripture: “Keep me, O LORD, from the hands of the wicked; protect me from men of violence who plan to trip my feet.” -Psalm 140:4

Prayer: Father, You are the Lord of the impossible. You are the God that knows when we sit down and when we stand up. You know the number of hairs on our head, and nothing escapes Your notice.

muslimfamily.jpgWe come to You in Jesus name and ask for divine protection over the fathers and the households in Baghdad. Lord, we ask right now, that You would intervene on behalf of a father in Baghdad today and that instead of tragedy, there would be deliverance from death.

Father, release help from Your throne to keep the fathers safe so they can protect and provide for their families. Keep these dear people from the hands of the wicked, and protect them from the schemes of violence.

Lord we also lift up the soldiers who are fathers, and ask for a special protection and blessing over them today. Guard them Lord with Your divine protection. Surround them with Your favor like a shield. Guard their going out and their coming in, their rising up and their lying down. You alone are able, and we agree together for this in Jesus name. Amen!

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    Sherrill Says:

    Father, I know that whatever happens, you will see us through. We have Your Word and You are not man that You should lie nor the son of man that You should repent. Many men and nations have tried to destroy this nation and the nation of Israel, but You have always upheld them. We look to You today for protection for our troops, the nation of Israel, and our allies. Help the leaders to hear Your voice obey Your Word. You are our only hope. In Jesus’ Name, we pray, Amen

  2. 468
    Betsy P. Says:

    Father of all, You understand the loss of a Son. You understand that there are forces in the heavenlies that desire to kill, steal from, and destroy every person on the planet, and especially the fathers who bear the image of God with the purpose of procreation, protection, and provision.

    Lord, You know the end from the beginning. We don’t know why some die at an early age, and some in old age. But, You know all about it; and we trust You.

    We trust You to protect each living human being until his/her purposes for being on the Earth are accomplished. We trust You, Lord, to protect and to preserve, according to Your plans.

    Please comfort those whose loved ones have given their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan. Grant peace to those whose loved ones are in places of danger. Please protect our President, too, and guide him clearly to do as You would have him to do. In Jesus’ name, I ask, amen.

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    Ann from AL Says:

    Father, we adore you and thank you for being so faithful, loving, and kind. Thank you for your provision in every area of our lives. Forgive us when we grumble and complain and forget how merciful you are to us. May the fathers in Iraq find their provision in You. May they come to know you in an intimate way thru your Son, Yeshua, the Messiah. Pull back the curtain of darkness and let them see the TRUTH. Draw them by your Holy Spirit into salvation and show them how to be good fathers to their own children. AMEN

  5. 465
    Sharon W. Says:

    Lord, We ask that you hear our prayers today for the fathers who are stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan today. Give them encouragement and blessing today and draw them through the power of your Holy Spirit. We pray also for the fathers of Iraq and Afghanistan. We pray for your Holy Spirit to draw and convict each one of sin in their lives and draw them to you, the only true, and living God. In the name of the Son, Jesus, I pray.

  6. 464
    Lynn Says:

    Father, You are the example of the love of a father for their child. Thank You for that! Thank You for the perfect love You have shown for us, even though we can act as prodigals, even when we don’t deserve it. Bless the fathers in Iraq and Afghanistan, Lord. Give them love for their children and families. Give them the way to provide for their children and families. And especially for our military there who are fathers or fathers-to-be, bring them safely home. Surround them with Your favor as a shield! I pray in the precious name of Your Son, Jesus, Amen.

  7. 463
    Jackie Says:

    Great Father of all bless and protect the father’s in our military and the Iraqi’s and Afghan fathers. Help them to be all that You want them to be to their children and to You. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

  8. 462
    carole Says:

    FATHER of all fathers, Protector of all, we praise you for the way that you have designed the family to operate, giving us the Family of God as an example. YOU, as our Heavenly Father, are never apart from us, yet because of sin in this world, these earthly fathers are not with the families that you have given to them. Instead of being there physically to guide and comfort they are in a foreign land fighting to preserve the freedoms of their children – and ours! They have sacrificed the comforts of home to put their lives on the line so we can enjoy freedom. Please surround them with your protective shield, Lord, and may they be assured that their Heavenly Father is the One in control, and desires a heart that is submissive to the real COMMANDER IN CHIEF – YOU! Father, I ask your mercies on the Iraqi fathers, too, and may they understand the sacrifice that YOU gave for their eternal freedom.

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    Ruth Nunn Says:


  11. 459
    David Vega Vega Says:

    padre Santo, tu nombre es Bendito por todos los siglos; eres quien todo lo puedes hacer. Te pido por los padres y los hogares de la ciudad de Bagdhad brindale protección divina. Haz lo mismo también con los soldados que estan por esa ciudad, si, líbrales de todo ataque del enemigo porque tu eres nuestro escudo Eterno. En el nombre de Jesús, Amén.

  12. 458
    Lois Says:

    PSALM 140:4 — O Lord, keep me out of the hands of the wicked. Preserve me from thoe who are violent, for they are plotting against me.
    PSALM 56:9 — On the very day I call to you for help, my enemies will retreat. This I know; God is on my side.
    PSALM 57:1 — Have mercy on me, O God, have mercy! I look to you for protection. I will hide beneath the shadow of your wings until this violent strom is past. Father, Jesus our Sabvior, may these words be lifted up to you for your will and purpose for the men in Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel, and our soldiers who are fathers. I ask now that You look upon them and give them favor.

    May all of them that are fathers say; I will call on God, for he will rescue me. May they pray for your help and guidance every morning, noon, and night. Help them Holy Spirit to plead aloud in their distress, and know that the Lord hears their voice. Help them Jesus and Holy Spirit to know that YOU will rescues them and keep them safe from the battle waged against them, even though many still oppose them. YOU dear Lord are GOD, and our king forever, and YOU hear us and YOU make us humble. Place a protect hedge of fire around all the fathers LORD. Bring our men & women home safe and with a sound mind that is full of PEACE GIVEN by You. In the name of Jesus I pray and give all the honor and glory to God. Thank you for listening and hearing our prayers lifted up to your throne room. Amen and Amen

  13. 457
    Dottie Says:

    Dear Father you are able more than any one on this earth. I pray for the fathers in Iraq,Afganistan and those who are in far off lands. You know their needs this day. Protect them from enemies without and within. Keep them safe. Keep them morrally pure. Hold them in the hollow of your hand and mark their steps. Father I give you praise and thanks for hearing and answering. You are an awesome God and I love you. I pray these requests in Jesus name. Amen

  14. 456
    Tress Cole Says:

    Dear Lord we ask that You protect the fathers of Baghdad today. Give them the wisdom needed to see to it that their families are safe. Allow them to learn the truth of the Word of God. To install in the hearts of their love ones oh Lord.
    Let Your word be as a wall tall and strong that nothing can tare down. Fill them with Your spirit and let their life impact all who come in contact with them!
    Protect all the US troops that are fathers as well. When they return home, let their family notice they have been changed by a mighty God of love and forgiven. Make Yourself know sweet Lord, through all who place their faith and trust in thee.
    We give thanks and praise to the Mighty and Holy Lord of the universe. We place our faith in the Name of Jesus Christ! Amen

  15. 455
    Becky Says:

    Lord Jesus,

    I cry out for those who are being tortured for Your Name.
    Reveal Your Presence in the midst of their suffering.
    Stop those who torture as only You can.

    ” Let them be ashamed and brought to mutual confusion who rejoice at my hurt; Let them be clothed with shame and dishonor.” Psalm 36:27

    Lord Jesus, our Hope and Redeemer protect our warriors, their families and our nation from evil.

  16. 454
    Elizabeth Says:

    Our Father and Our God:
    Thank you for protecting the Fathers and calling for love between the fathers and their children. (Last verse in Malachi)

    Lord, if you see love between fathers and their children and love of the children for their fathers You say you bless the land.

    You are our Father and we are your children. We thank you for making it so.
    Please supernaturally protect fathers so they can provide for their children.
    In Jesus Name we pray. Amen

  17. 453
    Judith Cook Says:

    Lord Jesus, the time has come for You to be GLORIFIED, in Iraq, & in ALL the world! Protect the innocent ones, worldwide! May all who you call, lift up their voices, & cry out to You–to be saved! I cover the Soldiers of goodness & ALL innocent ones,with the Blood of Jesus Christ!

  18. 452
    Sherrill Says:

    Father, help us to stand against those who would destroy our Christian morals and Constitutional way of life. We pray for our young men and women far from home who are protecting our freedoms and fighting for the freedom of other nations and peoples. Father, we pray protection all around our soldiers now in harm’s way. Help us to overcome the enemy and his evil god who prefers death over Your gift of life. Open their eyes to see the Truth, in Jesus’ Name, we pray, Amen

  19. 451
    Jean Says:

    Loving Heavenly Father, I praise and thank You for Your great wisdom and mercy among us all. Help us to acknowledge Your goodness in our own lives, and the wonderful grace You show in answering our prayers. May the nation of Iraq be strengthened as You raise up fathers who are devoted to Your Kingdom and filled with Your Spirit to nurture their families. May the members of the forces who are fathers, or mothers, be brought safely home to their loved ones and may they find the strength, following their tour of duty, to minister Your grace to their children and spouses. May You be honored. In Jesus’ Precious and Holy Name. Amen.

  20. 450
    Lynn Says:

    Father, shower Your grace, favor, mercy and protection on all the fathers in Iraq and Afghanistan who long to just provide for their families and keep them safe. Stop those who plan evil and violence, killing many innocent people. Stop them dead in their tracks, cause their plans to fail and fall back on themselves, Lord. Keep all of our dear troops safe. Give them wisdom as they search for evildoers. Keep the Iraqi and Afghan armies and police safe also, and free of corruption. I pray in Your Son’s holy name, Jesus. Amen.

  21. 449
    Lily Says:

    Dear Lord
    We do lift up all Father’s serving in the military in Iraq and other Middle Eastern Nations; Lord, I pray a hedge of protection around each person.
    Lord, I pray Godly wisdom will be in the hearts
    of all! in Jesus name.
    May each person’s name be written in the Lamb’s Book of Life! This is my solemn prayer.
    Amen and Amen

  22. 448
    Alice Carrel Says:

    Father God, we THANK YOU for this PRIVILEGE we have to come humbly before Your Throne of GRACE again this day. THANK YOU for ALL the LIVES YOU have SPARED this day. A DAY for NEW BEGININS. THANK YOU FATHER for FIGHTING OUR BATTLES WITH SATAN FOR ALL YOUR CHILDREN.THANK YOU for the MANY BLESSINGS IN OUR LIVES. THANK YOU DEAR LORD for the TROOPS who are GOING to the AID of YOUR INNOCENT ONES in Baghdad, Iraq, Afganistan and all other places where YOUR CHILDREN ARE SUFFERING from the RAVAGES OF WAR. THANK YOU for the UNITY between the LEADERS, the POLICE, the TROOPS and YOUR GOOD PEOPLE who LOVE YOU and who LOVE PEACE. And now OH! SOVEREIGN LORD we ask YOU to KEEP YOUR LOVING HAND OVER the FATHERS who are trying to PROTECT their families. We ask YOU FATHER to GIVE them WISDOM, STRENGTH and POWER over the evil one. We know it is NOT YOUR WILL for any one to suffer, let these fathers see YOU at WORK in their LIVES, HEARTS and in their LAND. FILL them FATHER with YOUR HOLY SPIRIT that will BRING HOPE for a BRIGHTER TOMORROW. Grant them GRACE,PEACE HEALING and let this be a DAY of NO KILLING and or VIOLENCE, instead FATHER FILL their DAY with SONG, SHOUTS and PRAISES to YOU.In Jesus name I ask these things of YOU…..Amen

  23. 447
    Becky Says:

    Lord Jesus,

    Let the fathers who live, work and patrol Baghdad be blessed with Your Protection from harm, today.

    Let their eyes be opened so they may see You as their Protector, today.

    Let their hearts be softened to Your Message of Salvation, today.

    May they choose You as Savior and Lord of their lives, today.

    Glory to Your Name.

  24. 446
    Natalie Says:

    Yes!Dear Lord,Watch over the fathers in Iraq and Baghdad,be with the families,and help them to know about you Lord,help them to know how you died on the cross for them,and turn to you as their Savior.and please watch over all our troops,be with them and help them to be able to pray to you in freedom.in Your name I pray.Amen

  25. 445
    Dottie Says:

    Dear Father protect all the fathers in Iraq today. May your devine presense hover over all the fathers so that they may be kept in your care. Keep the fathers safe who are away from their families and reunite them once again with their wives and chldren. Lord speak to the hearts and minds of the fathers and may they be honorable in all they do so that their character will not be questioned. I pray in Jesus name. Amen

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