17-Protection for Fathers

Scripture: “Keep me, O LORD, from the hands of the wicked; protect me from men of violence who plan to trip my feet.” -Psalm 140:4

Prayer: Father, You are the Lord of the impossible. You are the God that knows when we sit down and when we stand up. You know the number of hairs on our head, and nothing escapes Your notice.

muslimfamily.jpgWe come to You in Jesus name and ask for divine protection over the fathers and the households in Baghdad. Lord, we ask right now, that You would intervene on behalf of a father in Baghdad today and that instead of tragedy, there would be deliverance from death.

Father, release help from Your throne to keep the fathers safe so they can protect and provide for their families. Keep these dear people from the hands of the wicked, and protect them from the schemes of violence.

Lord we also lift up the soldiers who are fathers, and ask for a special protection and blessing over them today. Guard them Lord with Your divine protection. Surround them with Your favor like a shield. Guard their going out and their coming in, their rising up and their lying down. You alone are able, and we agree together for this in Jesus name. Amen!

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  1. 269
    stacy Says:

    Dear Abba,
    We ask You that you will protect every American and Allied soldier, innocent civilian in Afghistan and Iraq..The battle is Yours..You have covered their head in the day of battle…Lead them by the still waters of your shalom….May the Holy Spirit draw them to Christ….the only way, truth, and the life..no man comes to the Father but thru Him…
    In Jesus name..amen

  2. 268
    Jean Says:

    Loving Heavenly Father, I agree in prayer for the safety of all fathers who are in Baghdad today so that they might be well and able to care for the needs of their families. Please place a special hedge of protection around those fathers whose hopes and intentions are to serve You by caring for their families. Please also send special protection to the troops who are fathers, especially if their work places them in harm’s way, and especially as they take those risks for others’ benefit. Most of all I pray for peace and healing to be restored to Baghdad and Iraq so that all these fathers might be able to focus on the needs of their families and to be able to care for those families in a safe and stable environment. Bless the families who have loved ones serving in the military in Iraq, dear Lord. Be their special comfort and help in times of anxiety and stress and meet their needs in wonderful and special ways as they bear the sacrifice of having their husbands, sons and fathers engaged in this conflict. In Jesus’ Holy Name. Amen.

  3. 267
    Felix Montalvo Says:

    Abba, Father
    Your word declares that as Jacob lay on a rock:”He saw angels coming from and going to Heaven”, Father these are days that we need you to send your angels to minister to your people throughout this earth, let your angels open doors/portals of safety and close door/portals of danger. Father In Jesus Name Let your Holy Spirit have His way In Our Heart of Hearts.

  4. 266
    Katie Rhodes Says:

    Father God, according to Your Word, turn the hearts of the fathers to the children. Bless these men in their role as providers, protectors, loving mentors. Be Father to each of them and let them learn by Your example in Jesus Christ. Let them be open to Your Spirit to lead them to do what they see You doing, and say what they hear You saying, in Jesus’ Name. And so for all of us who have fled for refuge to the One who leads us to His Cross, to His empty tomb, and to His throne on high.

  5. 265
    Natalie Turner Says:

    Thank you dear Father God,First of all for sending your Only Son down to earth to die for our sins,it had to be a terrible choice to make,but Jesus was the only one that could do this,as He was,and is the sinless Lamb of God.
    I ask you now to watch over the fathers in Iraq,and all over the world;help them to be Good fathers,and raise their Children to love You and appriciate what You went through to send this gift; Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
    Watch over,and protect our troops,let Your Angels come down to deliver them from the enemy,as alot of them are fathers also,and You know their hearts,help them to be able to go home to their families soon.
    We give You all the praise and the Glory for all this,for we ask these things in Your precious Son’s name,Jesus. Amen

  6. 264
    Betty Perkins Says:

    Amen, Father, thank you for all Your benefits. I stand in agreement. ALL PRAISE, GLORY AND HONOR BE TO YOU, AMEN.

  7. 263
    Lois Lively Says:

    Heavenly Father, Our Elohim, I come before you today in humbliness and in faith believing in who YOU are –our great and gracious Lord and King. In your Word you tell us that you are the father of all mankind. You are our Alapha and Omega. You are the one that created us and knows all the plans you have for us all. I ask in Jesus’ name that you would be Jehovah Jira to all the fathers is Iraq, Afghanistan, and other parts of the Middle East. May you graciously and mercifully come down and intervene on the behalf of these fathers and deliver them from any kind of tradegy or death.

    Bless all our soldiers that are fathers in Iraq and Afghanistan, and put a protective hedge around them. Give them peace and knowledge that you are there with them and for their families back home. Be there strength, strong fortress, and banner Lord in the the mname of Jesus. Amen

  8. 262
    Judith E. Connell Says:

    What a wonderful thing to be able to request that You, Lord will protect the families of Bagdhad and other war-torn areas, especially the fathers and brothers and husbands.

    The Trinity is miraculous for us. We need Your help so much as insurgents are now using small children to be suicide bombers and so their targets need to have the understanding You make available for all the men who might interact with any suicide bomber.

    Praise, praise, praise His Holy Name!

  9. 261
    David vega Vega Says:

    Padre mio, grande eres, no hay otro como tú y te pido que cuides de todo mal a la nación de Irák. en el nombre de Jesús, Amén.

  10. 260
    M.Thompson Says:

    Dear Lord:
    Please protect our US Soldiers from all hurt and harm. Please dispatch Holy Angels to keep them in all their ways today and tonight. Be with them every second and speak tenderly to them and draw them with chords of love.
    Surround them with songs of deliverance and be thou their hiding place.
    Let joy surprise them and laughter ring in their tents. Tell them that this season is not forever, You are forever. Misery is but for a night season.
    In Jesus Name we pray, Amen

  11. 259
    Joan Gintella Says:

    Lord, we ask you today to put a hedge protection around every family in Iraq and Afghanistan . Also protect the family members of our soldiers in the Middle East. Give safety to our soldiers, guide them in every step they take Lord. Lead them away from the snipers, bullets, bombs, booby traps, anything that can mame harm or kill them. Give them peace and confidence. In Jesus name, Amen and Amen

  12. 258
    Janice from Georgia Says:

    Heavenly Father,

    Thank You for the fathers who live and serve in Baghdad and Iraq. You have blessed them with children so they are known as daddy, dad, papa or some other name of endearment in their language. The fathers themselves are precious creations of Yours, made in Your image. I pray Your hand of protection would be upon each of them this day so no child in Iraq becomes fatherless today. Keep the fathers safe from injury and illness. Stregthen them physically and make Your word known to them so they can honor You as their Father in heaven. You are so worthy to be glorified in all our actions. I pray many will be glorifying You this day for all the good and wonderful accomplishments You make happen in our world. Thank You Abba for the blessings upon the fathers, both those who live in Iraq and also those who serve in the military there who are from distant lands. Through Jesus, Amen

  13. 257
    Sabrina Says:

    Heavenly Father, I pray for protection over all fathers and those who will become, or desire to be fathers one day. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

  14. 256
    Lynn Says:

    Oh, Father, I again echo the prayers of my brothers and sisters in Christ! Oh, that You would keep our soldiers who are fathers, and all the citizens and soldiers of the Iraqi and Afghanistan armies who are fathers safe. For those in Iraq and Afghanistan, give them work so they have purpose and can provide for their families and have a hope for a future of peace. Lord, in Your divine deliverance I ack that You would surround all of our troops with Your protection, a shield of safety around them. I ask these things in Jesus name. Amen and Amen.

  15. 255
    Laura Says:

    Our Father – Our Heavenly Father who cares for us and watches over us – we are in agreement that Yor protect and watch over those Dads in Iraq whether serving as contractors, service people, Iraqians – no matter nationality, race, color or creed protect them please and more so Father send someone to tell them of You their Heavenly Father who offers salvation.
    In Jesus Name we pray

  16. 254
    Lily Says:

    Dear Father
    We thank You for Your Blessings and Mercy! We ask that You Bless and protect our Troop. Father, I ask that You Protect the fathers.
    In Jesus Name,
    Amen and Amen

  17. 253
    Judy from Ohio Says:

    Father, You have loved us with a Father’s heart.
    Now I ask that your love surround those fathers that are in danger both Iraqi and the troops. May they find a safe haven in you

  18. 252
    Alice Carrel Says:

    Fathre God, we lift up to you the fathers in Baghdad and all of the Middle East and the fathers and mothers who are serving in the Military and we sak for Your PROTECTIVE HAND TO BE OVER THEM, Matthew 18:18-20 says-What ever you bind and loose on earth will be bound and loosed in Heaven,and if two of you agree about anything you ask for it and it will be done for you,for where two or three come together in My name, there I am with them. Here we are Lord before You in behalf of the fathers in Baghdad. We BIND the strong man satan and loose every strong hold he has on Your INNOCENT ones in Baghdad. We stand on Your Word Lord and are trusting You to let no harm come to these brave men and women in Baaghdad and all of the Middle East who are standing true to their faith in You. Let Your NAME be GLORIFIED in Iraq and it’s cities. We know You are with them because there are so very many of us uniting together for these CHILDREN of Yours who have to live in such fear for their lives every day. PROTECT them Lord and grant them GRACE and PEACE. In Jesus name I pray…..Amen

  19. 251
    dolores kulik Says:

    Thank YOu Father for blessing the people of Mansur today in Jesus Name. Surround and bless our military troops too, Father God. Protect all the fathers of Mansur, Iraq, Baghdad, Afgan. and all of the fathers in our military. Release Your angels to keep them from death and injury so they can provide for their families. We thank You and Praise Your Holy Name………in Jesus name. Amen

  20. 250
    Audrey West Says:

    Sweet Jesus,

    I so agree with this prayer. The fathers need to be protected so they can love and protect their families.
    In Jesus name.
    I Love You, Lord.
    Audrey West

  21. 249
    Faye Says:

    Father God, I praise Your Holy Name. I ask you to place a wall of protection around the fathers of their families and keep them safe so that they can help to keep their families safe. I pray that You will show Your power against the enemy.
    I pray in Jesus’ Precious and Holy Name. Amen

  22. 248
    Sherrill Says:

    Father, we thank You that we can trust You. You watch over Your Word to perform it. We pray today for our troops and their families, our allies and the Iraqi police. Help us as a nation to come against the ungodly spirits that would rise up against us. Bless those of us who love this country and who love You. Amen

  23. 247
    Lula from Jasper Al. Says:

    Amen Lord God for protecting Yours in Iraq, AFGanistan & Israel.Lord as an Eagle looks to her you so You see after Your innocent ones until they are ‘called’ by You into what-ever mission You have planned for them/us. Praises and honor to YOU my Lord!! in Jesus’ name>>>Amon & Amon

  24. 246
    Alice Carrel Says:

    All Mighty God, there is none like you and none above you. We know Lord that You HEAR our PRAYERS for the INNOCENT ones in Baghdad and all parts of the Middle East. We hear of the GREAT things YOU are doing in these countries and in their cities. Father You know the ones who LOVE You and TRUST in YOU and YOU know the GREAT FAITH they have in YOU, most importantly GOD You KNOW THEIR hearts. I am PLEADING with You Lord along with all the rest who are praing for YOUR LOVED ONES in Baghdad and all of Iraq. We ask You Lord to strenghten them SPIRITUALY, PHYSCIALY, MENTALY,and EMOTIONALY. Protect them Lord give them courage and blodness. PEACE!!!LORD THEY NEED PEACE. wipe away their tears and bring JOY and LAUGHTER back into their lives. FLOOD their SOULS with HOPE and GRANT them GRACE this day. I come before YOU in BEHALF of the GOOD PEOPLE in Baghdad in JESUS NAME….AMEN

  25. 245
    Ruth Nunn Says:


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