Back From the Brink…

CH Hawkins, a Brigade Chaplain with the 82nd Airborne, shared the following story reprinted from the Adopt-A-Chaplain newsletter.

“One leg was already over the railing on the bridge across the Tigris River in downtown Baghdad, and within seconds Al was going to drop into the water below, committing suicide and ending the disappointment and pain he could not seem to escape. Then three words miraculously changed his life.

From nowhere and from no one, he was taken back by a bold voice that simply cried out to him, “Jesus loves you!” Then as he paused, it came again, “Jesus loves you!” Dumbstruck and inexplicably moved in his heart he pulled his leg back from the railing, and immediately began asking “Who is Jesus?” “Where can I find him?” He literally ran home and asked again “Who is Jesus and where can I find him?”

Never having heard of Jesus, he somehow thought that he was a person that was “coming” to Baghdad. Telling his story of near death at his own hand and the amazing revelation that had literally pulled him off the bridge, his father said, “Jesus has to do with Christianity. There’s only one evangelical church in Baghdad let’s go there and ask about him.”

So Al’s whole family went, only to find out that the church was having something called a “revival.” And on the first night he’d been in a Christian Church, he heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and he and his whole family were gloriously saved.

Today as an interpreter hired by the U.S. Army, Al says, “I just want to spread the Gospel of Peace to my people. ” I do not care if it kills me or costs me everything, I must share the message!”

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