A little slice of Peace…

These notes from Matt, one of our Prayer Patrol members who recently deployed to Iraq once again.

This deployment is quite a bit different than the last one. I can tell you that we have been here 30 days now and we have not had a single significant event.

We have not been attacked by or found a single IED on any of our mounted or dismounted patrols. We have not received any indirect fire or any kind of attacks for that matter. The Iraqis that live in the area not actively part of the insurgency nor do they seem to be supporting it even passively.

I am not speaking for all Iraq or in any official capacity but from what I see here in our little slice of the pie, it seems as if peace has broken out here!

Three out of our top twelve High Value targets (bad guys) including the number one target were detained outside of our area and will not be coming back.
Did I mention that God is good? -Matt U.S. Marine

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