1-Protection for Leaders

Scripture: “Deliver me, O my God, from the hand of the wicked, from the grasp of evil and cruel men.” -Psalm 71:4 (NIV)

Prayer: Lord, you are God and there is no other. Your Name is unfailing. Righteousness and justice are the foundation of Your throne: love and faithfulness go before You. There is none like You, a great Savior and One who delivers the helpless.

We thank You that Your ears are open to the cry of the righteous. We come before Your throne of grace with confidence through the authority of Your sacrifice.

Together, we ask that You would protect and preserve the leaders in Baghdad whose lives are under threat. Lord, release escapes from death, we ask for Your angels to intercept and intervene on behalf of the men and women who are in positions of influence. Protect these people who will guide Baghdad and the nation forward in constructive and life giving paths in the days ahead.

Father, we bind the one who comes to “kill, steal, and destroy” in Jesus name. We ask that You would deliver these leaders from loss and destruction; that You would preserve them and prepare them to be the ones to rebuild this city and nation. We also lift up the Prime Minister in this time of transition, and we ask that You would protect him and give him grace, wisdom, and vision to lead his nation forward. Let Your will be done, and let your kingdom come, we ask this in Jesus name. Amen!

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  1. 70
    Sherrill Says:

    Father, Open our eyes and ears to see amd hear what You would show and tell us. We need wisdom in these crucial days. Guide our nation and its leaders in the ways that they should go. Father, we pray for our troops without ceasing, O God. Our allies and the Iraqi and Israeli people. Father, be merciful for we know not what to do.

  2. 69
    Jean Says:

    Dear Father in Heaven, may the well-being of the leaders of Iraq and Baghdad and of all who are working to find peace be found precious in Your sight. May many turn to You in prayer in that land, recognizing our humble dependence on You for all good things and may healing come to Iraq and to the Middle East. Please also watch over our troops in Afghanistan who are engaged in very a strategic battle in liberation of that nation from the Taliban. May it be Your will that is done in these lands and on this earth, and may we respond with grateful and submissive hearts because of Your great goodness and mercy over all. In Jesus’ Precious Name. Amen.

  3. 68
    Lois Says:

    Father, I thank you for this beautiful day, thank you for your precious Son, Jesus Christ, our LORD and Savior. I especially thank you for answering our prayers and bringing forth less and less violence and blood shed of the innocent people in Iraq and Afghanistan. YOU ARE FAITHFUL AND YOUR PROMISES ARE AMEN AND YOUR YES’ ARE AMEN. YOU LORD deserve ALL the glory, praise, and honor, you reign majesticaly in the heavens hallelujah.

    Precious Lord, I speak to Iraq and the Middle East and say “HE will not let you stumble and fall; for He watches over you and will not sleep. The Lord stands beside you as your protective shade. The Lord keeps you from all evil and preseves your life”. Lord be with al-Maliki, and may he receive your wisdom. Give him favor from you Lord, and help his weakness to become Your power in his life. Be with the other leaders that works along side him that Iraq will become a city of Peace and a city that knows You as their God.

    LORD my Savior and Guide, to Iraqis leaders and to PResident Bush I say “THE LORD IS FAITHFUL; HE will make you strong and guard you from THE EVIL ONE, WHO WANTS TO ROB, KILL, AND DESTROY”. Heavenly Father, bless and protect the prime minster of Iraq and his fellow leaders FROM ALL HARM. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit please hover over Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Middle East at this time and season. Open all the doors and windows to allow YOUR WORD AND THE LOVE OF JESUS to enter into the land and to know you as their Lord and King. Let them know that you are still the LORD GOD ALMIGTHY of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob plus let them know what was done yesterday in the Bible can be done today, and will still be done in the future.

    Lord, give forth your wisdom to ALL the leaders that is involved in this war. May they have peace of mind and know your plans for today in how to handle the enemy. BLESS OUR SOLDIERS father, and give them peace of mind and provide for them all their needs. I ask also that you would SUPPLY ALL THE NEEDS OF THOSE THAT ARE SUFFERING FROM THIS WAR. SHOW FORTH YOUR LOVE, AND GIVE THEM JOY AND BEAUTY IN PLACE OF THEIR ASHES. Father, your will be done on earth today as its written in heaven, and may your kingdom come soon. In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit I pray and give all glory. Amen

  4. 67
    Rebecca Says:

    2 Chron. 7:14 Then if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and heal their land.

    Blessing & Honor, Glory & Power, Riches & Wisdom & Strength, Be unto You Lord, Be unto you Lord who sets at the right hand God Our only Hope Lord…

    I pray 2 Chron. 7:14 over Bagdad & Iraq, it’s leaders today Lord. Protect them Lord, stop the evil one from influencing there lives, thoughts, ways. As your word says Humble them, speak to them, give them a desire to seek your face, and your face only. Guide them in YOUR ways. Lord you change a life in a instance, Lord bring change to these leaders and there nation. Let this change be a Glory & Honor to YOU. Lord as I agree with the prayer today, I am aware of each of my precious brothers & sisters who have excepted this call of Praying over Bagdad, keep us unified, pressing towards the Mark of the High calling..JESUS. We are warriors too, soldiers in Gods Army. Lord I thank you for each one, Bless them, as we pray for others, Lord remember our needs too. Do something special for each one. Thank you Lord for Wayne Dillard, He answered the call, what a blessing this has been in my life, Lord Bless His life, Lord whatever the need is, Lord supply it, fill him anew spirituly, a fresh anointing Lord, Bless Him! In Jesus precious Name I say Amen & Amen

  5. 66
    Renae Says:

    Dear Lord, We ask for your continued protection for the Prime Minister and his family. Give him wisdom and discernment in all the decisions he is making. We ask for your guidance and protection on the military leaders of Iraq and our country also. We thank you for the peace that is happening now in areas of Iraq. May it continue. In Jesus Name I pray. Amen

  6. 65
    bondservant Says:

    Father, I thank You that You are able to turn the kings heart as the water courses. Father we pray for righteous leadership in Baghdad. Father, we acknowledge that You are the one who reveals the Son. We pray that You will reveal Your Son to all those in leadership positions. Holy Spirit hover and prepare their hearts. Father open the eyes of understanding of those in leadership. Give them wisdom and understanding to accomplish all that You have for them. We give You all the Glory, for You are the author and finisher. In Jesus name and finished work. Amen

  7. 64
    Faye Says:

    Father God: I pray that You will give the leaders of Iraq wisdom and discernment. I pray also for their safety as they meet to work to solve problems in their country. I pray for the evil ones to be over taken by the military and that help will be there for the people of Bagdhad. Father, please protect the innocent children and women, and also the men from the violence in their city if it is Your will. I pray all of these things in Jesus’ Precious and Holy Name. Amen MARANATHA!!!!!

  8. 63
    Judith Connell, Greenbank, On., Canada Says:

    Lord, please help those in Baghdad who cry out to you and blast those who try to kill or maim those who wish only to make Baghdad safe. You hear the cries – we know that and we ask that those in power and those supporting that power be given wisdom and peace in the certainty that You are sending the Holy Spirit before them to destroy all those who embrace wickedness.

    Praise the Three in One!

  9. 62
    anna Says:

    Lord, I ask that you protect the citizens in Baghdad, especially the children. May you watch over them all and let them come to know your Son as Lord and Savior. Also, protect their new leaders and give them Your stength and wisdom through salvation through Jesus Christ. For we know a nation not ruled by You first and then Christian leaders is sure to fall out of your grace. I pray these things in your Son’s name, Jesus. Amen.

  10. 61
    Katie Rhodes Says:

    Father in heaven, thank You for faithfully loving at all times. We praise Your wisdom, so far above our own!

    Jesus said whatever we bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever we loose on earth will be loosed in heaven. Guide us to use these keys to Your Kingdom as we pray over Baghdad today.

    We agree to release peace in Jesus Christ over Baghdad today. We release the good news of Jesus Christ over Baghdad today. We release Your Spirit of power, love, and a sound mind over the leaders in Baghdad.

    We agree to bind all wickedness from that land this morning, and to cut off every evildoer from that city, in Jesus’ Name. Thank You for a flood of peace and good news over Baghdad even now.

    Thank You for sweeping the city of wickedness and evil, purifying the hearts of the soldiers and the citizens, and the leaders in all nations involved. Let Baghdad become a place of honor today, in Jesus’ Name.

    Father God, we agree especially for the young soldiers there: we release to them favor, protection in body, mind, and spirit; we release to them hope, good will, courage, integrity, wisdom beyond their years to trust in You, Lord, at all times and not fear.

    We ask You, Lord, to release from heaven all that we have released on earth. Grant us all to display honorable behavior today, in Jesus’ Name. We release a spirit of gratitude over America, that we would repent of pride, selfishness, and fear, that we would honor those who are sacrificing so much for us, and especially that we would honor the One who sacrificed everything for all people.

  11. 60
    Ruth Nunn Says:

    Father, we ask that you protect the leaders of this land. Encourage those who feel lonely and let them know that they are precious in Your heart. Give them the wisdom they need to accomplish their part in Your heart’s desire for them and for their people. Protect the ones they serve. We trust You with their life.

  12. 59
    Sharon Weems Says:

    God Almighty, thank you for another day in which to praise you and seek you in prayer. We ask for a special blessing on the people of Iraq today that you would protect them from harm. We ask for protection over the leaders in the government and for wisdom in all their decisions. Most of all we ask that your name be glorified and magnified in Iraq. All the other gods are idols. They cannot speak, or hear or do miracles. Only the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is alive and well and does exploits. We ask in the name of Jesus, or Lord.

  13. 58
    Cathy Winkels Says:

    Father I give you the glory and I thnak-you that we are seeing the fruit of our prayer patrol.I ask that much more be given as much has been taken from this land. Bring healing and joy to the people of Irag and let peace reign within its borders for all to see. In Jesus mighty name Amen.

  14. 57
    Doug Gamble Says:

    There is an article in today’s Springfield, Illinois newspaper about how the number of deaths for both US soldiers and Iraqi civilians is dramatically down. Everyone is trying to figure out why. Those of us that have been praying know why. Praise goes to God the Father, His Son Jesus, and His Holy Spirit. My son is serving with the US Army in Iraq and your prayers for God’s protection are much appreciated.

  15. 56
    Marilyn Says:

    Thank you for Prime Minister al-Maliki’s statement that he would protect the Christians in Iraq. Please give him courage to follow through on his promise. We ask for divine protection for the Christians who have remained. Give them boldness and grace to declare your love. Let the Word of the Lord be released over Iraq. For those who have already fled the country, please direct their steps. Lead them in paths of righteousness for your names sake. I thank you for lives that are being changed. Draw them into your family, Lord. I give thanks for all that You are doing.

  16. 55
    Lily Says:

    Lord! Your word declares that:Psalm 65:Verse 5-8(
    By awesome deeds in righteousness
    You will answer us,(our civillians and military in Baghdad).
    Oh God of our salvation(our military and civillians).
    You who are the confidence of all the ends of the earth,
    And of the Far-Seas;Lord (include Baghdad)
    6.Who established the mountains by His strength,
    Being clothed with power;
    7.You will still the noise of the seas,(of the sounds of destruction)
    The noise of their waves,
    And the tumult of the peoples.Grant them salvation and a time of refreshing)
    8.They also who dwell in the farthest parts are arfaid of Your signs;(include the people of Iraq).
    You make the outgoings of the morning and evening rejoice, Thank You for Your word, in Jesus name,

  17. 54
    RW Says:

    Thank you dear Father for all you have done and are doing in our lives. Thank you for hearing and answering our prayers concerning the war in Iraq. We again come to you today with thanksgiving for your protection of the children, elderly and parents that are on the side of good. Help them to be safe and have food, shelter, clothing and love. the little children are suffering so much. So many of them are without parents or one parent. All they see is destruction. Please, oh Lord, allow them to come to know you and have peace in their heart. Supress the evil ones so that their plans will not be able to be carried out. Help them to see that something supernatural is happening and have them lay down their guns and weapons , bombs, etc and turn their face to the God of the universe and come into a relationship with you. Oh Father, we bow our knees before you in gratitude for all you have given to us here in this land of the U.S.A. do not allow the evil ones pass laws that totally are against all of your laws. We need your power to be seen among those in authority in our land . Oh Father our hearts are so heavy as we watch the people of Iraq as well as here in the United States totally disregarding you. Bring a revival so strong that the entire world will know that it is You. thank you in the name of Jesus we pray, AMEN

  18. 53
    Kimi Says:

    Dear Lord, protect and guide the leaders of Iraq to a peaceful nation. In Jesus’ Precious name I pray, AMEN!!

  19. 52
    Sabrina Says:

    Heavenly Father protect the righteous leaders not only in Baghdad, but in other countries as well that are standing in support of Your will being done.

    Protect our military and perserve them and the true allies on the Iraqi police force. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

  20. 51
    Joan Bowe Says:

    Heavenly Father, Creator of heaven and earth, the earth is filled with Your glory. We are in awe of Your workmanship and Your goodness. We lift up our voices in thanksgiving and praises for You are so deserving of this. We come as Your people, humbled by Your love and might and bow before You in reverance and gratitude.

    Holy One, our need for You is clear. Our position in Christ Jesus amazes us. That we might call upon You and know You hear and answer our prayers is incredible to us. Thank You for Your loving kindness and mercy, for Your grace towards us who love You. Lord, this is not only to us, but available to all mankind. Father, in Jesus’ name we ask You to touch Baghdad today and all of Iraq. Allow Your Holy Spirit to hover over this land and these people, touching their hearts and spirits like never before. Open their eyes and their ears to Your voice and Your Truth that they might turn from the weakness of their false and the lies of the enemy who is a liar and only led men to destruction. Father, You have sent Him Who is The Way, The Truth and The Life. May these precious people from the leaders, the citizens and even those who have been led astray and are at opposing ends, come to know Him as their Redeemer, their Friend and coming King, in His Name we pray. Hallelujah!

  21. 50
    Judy from Ohio Says:

    Father, We are mindful that leaders of the world’s countries serve only at your will. Today we ask that the leaders of Iraq be open to your unseen guidance and willing to lead their country into an era of peace and calm. Please continue to guide our leaders as they make critical decisions in the days and weeks ahead. As always we give you the honor and praise that is yours alone. Amen

  22. 49
    Renae Says:

    Lord we ask you to protect the Prime Minister of Iraq and his family. Send your warring angels to surround him in his going out and coming in. Give him wisdom in decisions that must be made. We ask that you will raise up strong leaders in every facet of Iraq. Encourge and protect your church; those who know you as Savior–Jesus Christ. May there be a mighty move of your Holy Spirit across this land. Give wisdom also to our USA Military leaders. May they look to you for guidance. We ask this in Jesus Name. Amen.

  23. 48
    N. Bowens Says:

    Almighty God, from whom all thoughts of truth and peace proceed, kindle, we pray thee, in the hearts of men the true love of peace: that in tranquillity thy kingdom may go forward, till the earth be fill with the knowledge of thy love:through Jesus Christ our Lord. All glory & honor is your almighty God. I pray that peace may be established in the Middle East & Iraq.

  24. 47
    Carolyn-mother of a soldier Says:

    O Father God, I praise your mighty name, I honor you Lord,I thank you for who you are, Almighty God. You are worthy of all praise. Hallelujah! Thank you Lord for the good report today. I have heard the casualities are down among our soldiers and the Iraqi soldiers. For this I glorify your Holy Name. Thank you Lord. I exalt you, and to you all honor is due! I pray for Prime Minister Al-Maliki Lord, I ask for his divine protection, I ask Lord for Godly wisdom for this man, and Godly direction. Be in the midst of the leaders today Lord guiding them with your mighty right hand. I thank you Lord for what is about to happen, that all eyes will be on Iraq, and they will have to say, this has never happened before. I sense a mighty move of your Holy Spirit in Iraq, for this is the month you have promised Lord, great and mighty are your works O God of Heaven. Rain down your Spirit in Iraq. In Jesus Mighty and glorious name! AMEN!

  25. 46
    Dottie Says:

    Father we ask for your protection for Prime Minister al-Maliki as he is under much pressure and stress. Father fill him with your divine guidance and help him to lead Iraq in a way that would be pleasing to you. Protect him and his family from harm. Bind up the ones who seek to do evil acts. Protect our troops. We have heard good news about the surge and we thank you that our prayers are being answered. We put our hope and faith in you Lord Jesus. We thank you for all the answered prayers. Help us to keep on keeping on. Let us not grow weary in our praying for we know that you are in the center of every one. Thank you Father we pray in your name. Amen

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