3-Spiritual Breakthrough

Scripture: “The LORD will go forth like a warrior, He will arouse His zeal like a man of war. He will utter a shout, yes, He will raise a war cry. He will prevail against His enemies.” -Isaiah 42:13

Prayer: Lord, You are the creator of all things, seen and unseen. You are high and lifted up, and You have the name that is above all other names. You have all power and authority, and there is no end to Your Kingdom. You are God forever and there is no other.

storm_clouds.jpgBaghdad is shrouded with spiritual darkness. Spiritual powers have set up camp there to promote wickedness and oppression. We need a breakthrough Lord, so we call on You.

Jesus, we ask that You consider the poor and oppressed of Baghdad, the widows and orphans, and those who love peace. Let Your compassion be stirred, and Your anger aroused. Come as a mighty warrior Lord, raise a war cry over Baghdad, prevail against Your enemies, and route the powers of darkness from that place.

Break their power over the people, deny them their place of honor, judge their evil deeds and chase them from their strongholds. Release Your angels to contend with these evil spirits and subdue them. Undergird the efforts of the peacemakers, and smile down upon Baghdad with Your presence. In Jesus name, amen.

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  1. 711
    Betsy P. Says:

    Father, Your Son promised to send the Holy Spirit after He ascended to You. He did this!His promise was kept. You promised in Joel 2:28 to pour out Your Spirit on all flesh, sons and daughters, old and young, servants and handmaidens. You have and are fulfilling this promise. WE ask You to include the people of Baghdad, Sadr City, and all of Iraq. Let the awesome, unconquerable, unavoidable Holy Spirit descend upon hearts and minds today bringing many hundreds and thousands and millions into Your Kingdom. Then, there will be such a spiritual breakthrough as Iraq has never known before, and You will be glorified as You deserve. I ask this in the name of Jesus the incomparable, amen.

  2. 710
    sabrina Says:

    Heavenly Father, I am agreeing in prayer with the true believers of Jesus Christ for a true spiritual outpouring and breakthrough for everyone in Iraq. In Jesus name I pray and give thanks; and cover Your sheep with the Blood of Jesus from the crown of their heads to the soles of their feet. Amen

  3. 709
    Sharon M Says:

    Father, Every good and perfect gift come down from the You the Father of light. I ask that You present the Iraqi believers the special gift of Your presence in some form. I ask for dreams and visions and miracles. You are the one true God. Let Your light shine in the dark areas of Iraq. Expose the plans of the enemy. Let truth blanket the areas of government. In the Name of Jesus. Thank You Father.

  4. 708
    Dottie Says:

    Dear Father protect the Iraqi citizens from the hand of those who do acts of terror. Protect the armed forces who lay their lives on the line each and every day to protect the innocent. Remove the one who causes evil acts over Baghdad. Return Baghdad to the City of Peace. Father thank You for hearing and answering our prayers. I love You Father and praise Your name for who You are. I pray in Jesus name. Amen

  5. 707
    Lily Bright Says:

    Dear Lord
    What a blessing to know You, and for You to know me by my name.
    Lord, there is no greater honor that I can give You within my heart; than I have already! You are my King multiplied to the millionith degree!
    Lord, I already know that You are working on my behalf, and that You will answer each of my prayers and petitions; because I pray by faith,and, You have honored my prayers in the past.
    Lord, I pray for a spiritual breakthrough not only in our lives here in the US, but, Lord,I am praying for a breakthroug now,because, it is urgently needed in the Middle East.
    Lord, I ask that You protect the citizens in Baghdad, and that Your Holy Spirit leads and guide each person, this day.
    Lord, I pray in Jesus name,
    Amen and Amen

  6. 706
    Luann Beasley Says:

    Dear Lord of all, I thank You that You want me to pray to You on behalf of the oppressed in Baghdad. Lord, what great love You have in Your heart for the poor and oppressed around the world! I praise Your loving name! Lord, I ask that You would bless these dear prople who are suffering because of the evil that is in the hearts of messed up minds, confused by Satan. I pray that You would protect them and open there hearts to You. May they seek You and pray to You throughout their days. May they feel Your great love and peace surrounding them!! I also pray for those who have sinful, dark minds and hearts. Maybe they do not see what they are doing. I ask that You would make clear to them the evil that resides inside and causes such trouble and pain. Lord, may Your mercy fall upon them as they turn from their evil ways. Lord, I thank You for the mercy and love You have bestowed upon me! I thank You for allowing me to be Your child and I just pray for the souls that are in such need of Your great love and mercy. Help them to come to You!! You are our one and only Lord of all and I thank You so much for not turning away from us!! Thank You for Your promise of eternal life with You. Your ways are so beautiful! All glory and honor be Yours, dear Jesus!!

  7. 705
    Karola Says:

    Father, You are the greatest and nothing is impossible for You. We still very much need Your divine intervention in Baghdad. Now more than ever the path is open. I humbly ask that evil may be cast out, that You may shine Your bright light into all the places that are still filled with darkness, pain, suffering, wickedness and oppression. Lord, please open hearts where there is a chance to feel a little drop of Your Goodness, Your Grace, Your Love. Father, just like I feel Your loving arms around me when I am in need, please keep strong the peace loving people of Baghdad and our troops who try to make this peace possible for them. Surround them, Lord, with Your never ending love and create for them the opportunities to plant seeds of peace, love and support. Cast out evil, Lord, rebuke those who support violence and make a path for freedom and peace. In Your son Jesus’ Holy name I pray, Amen.

  8. 704
    David Vega Vega Says:

    Señor, Tú eres dueño de todo lo que existe tanto visibles como invisibles. usted es eterno y no hay nadie que se oponga a lo que usted quiere hacer, ahora Dios tennos misericordia de todos nosotros porque te necesitamos. Te pido por la cuidad de Bagdad que rompas toda atadura demoniaca y toda obra de oscuridad que se ha posecionado. En el nombre de Jesús, Amén.

  9. 703
    Sabrina Says:

    Heavenly Father, In Jesus name let there be a great spiritual breakthrough taking place through out Iraq! Let the spiritual captives be set free in Jesus name to worship and confess Him through out the land! I cover this prayer and all of God’s children with the Blood of Jesus. Amen

  10. 702
    Dottie Says:

    Dear Father I pray for Your angels of peace and love to cover Baghdad in the days and weeks ahead. Do not allow the wicked one to take over this city. I pray that You would bind any who are seeking revenge over this city. Father there is more death and dying in Mexico and I pray that the media would report honestly about what the real hot spots are in our world. I am at peace because I know that You are in control, but many are worried for their future and their families future. Send Your Holy Spirit over our land and may Your truths be known to every citizen in the whole world. Again nothing is impossible for You. Let us make a joyful noise over our land and Praise Your Holy Name. I pray in Jesus name. Amen

  11. 701
    Lois Says:

    Father, I come to you and ask that you would deliver the city of
    Baghdad from all its shrouded spiritual darkness. Spiritual powers are still there to set up camp there and promote wickedness and oppression. We need a breakthrough Lord, so we call on You in faithfulness knowing you love these people, and can do ALL THINGS that mankind can not do.

    LORD, I ask that ALL EVIL POWERS to be broken that lies heavy over the people. Deny them Lord God of their place of honor, judge their evil deeds and chase them from their strongholds. RELEASE YOUR ANGELS FATHER to contend with these evil spirits and subdue them. Undergird the efforts of the peacemakers, and SMILE DOWN LORD, UPON Baghdad with Your presence. In Jesus I pray and give you all the glory for answered pray, Amen

  12. 700
    clifford grant Says:

    praying for Baghdad Iraq. may jesus´ peace be over Baghdad.

    today in jesus name!!!!!!!! for your protection over the believers there and those that seek peace.

  13. 699
    Ann from AL Says:

    Praise you Father for sending Yeshua. I agree with my sister’s prayer above and ask that you protect your sons and daughters living in Iraq. Give them wisdom and understanding to share the good news of your Love. May those who don’t know you have dreams and visions that will propel them into your arms. in Jesus’ name. amen

  14. 698
    Luann Beasley Says:

    Lord Jesus, the people of Baghdad need You so much! Lord, may Your mercy and love be with them. Father, thank You for allowing me to pray to You. Thank You for who You are! So wonderful You are! I pray in confidence for the city of Baghdad. I ask that You would chase away the evil there. Lord, please expose their evil plans and may Your plans unfold. Lord, I ask that You would guide the missionaries there to where You want them to go. Open the hearts and minds of the Iraqi’s to Your glorious truth! May Your name be adored in Iraq, Lord Jesus! For Your glory and joy. Amen.

  15. 697
    Dottie Says:

    Dear Father I agree fully with the prayer prompt today. I will just add AMEN,AMEN to this prayer. Hear our prayer Father I pray in Jesus name. Amen

  16. 696
    Betsy P. Says:

    Father, You are the Lover of men’s souls. You have created us and You love us so much that You sent Your Son, Jesus, to die for us. Oh, dear God, the enormity of Your love is beyond our comprehension. God died for mankind!

    It’s nighttime in Baghdad, Karrada, and all over Iraq. Please visit the people there as well as our soldiers with dreams and visions and songs in the night, with rhema words and Your still, small voice. Hold each one close and introduce him/her to the Father of spirits. May many souls in Iraq come into Your Kingdom because of what You are doing there in the night seasons. Begin with the troublemakers. And may so many hearts be changed, that no one would have the desire to wage war against another. I ask this in the name of the Prince of Peace, Lord Jesus, amen.

  17. 695
    Peggy Says:

    Father, We fly the banner of Jesus over this nation. Lord, we ask move this evil. You said if we had faith of a mustard seed we could speak to a mountain, and it would move. Move this mountain in Jesus name. Lord, we know the world is in a mess. We see the signs that point to your soon return. Help us to keep on track and target those places that need YOU. God may our prayers go out with boldness to accomplish your destiny for your creation here in Baghdad and all other places that are in conflict because of the evil ones. We stand firm in our faith. We pray your power and presence into hot spots of terror all over this world. Arise in those hot spots we pray and defeat the enemy that came to kill, steal and destroy. For those who don’t know you or those whose faith has weakened, we hold them up into your light, Jesus, that you may touch them, strengthen them and save them. YOU are our breath. We love you Lord, and we love your creation. YOU have the power to transform lives and this is our prayer for these people. Turn on your power and your light to transform these lives from death to life, eternally. Save their souls is my prayer. What does it profit a man to gain all the world and lose their soul? Jesus saves. AMEN

  18. 694
    Jean Says:

    Dear Father in Heaven, I started my yearly read through the Bible and read yesterday about Noah’s flood. I was impressed with the statement that the Flood, that severe and catastrophic judgment from God, came about because You were grieved that the whole earth was filled with violence because of human wickedness (Genesis 6:13). In our generation we have seen some of the most brazen use of violence designed to keep people subjected to others by means of force and terror. Perhaps it is of Your Holy Spirit that our hearts also are grieved because of these cruel and violent terrorist acts. Sometimes I wonder what it takes to cause someone to think they are doing righteousness by committing such cruelty and murder. I suppose it must take a great deal of searing of their consciences and denial of the inner voice that calls us to You. Today I pray that the consciences of those who have been given to violence in Iraq might be reawakened. Please give dreams and visions that will point to the truth, rather than indoctrination of lies. Please cause the violent ones in Iraq to suddenly dread that they will eventually give account to You for every deed they have performed, facing the only living God, Who is angry every day when people mistreat and murder others. Please silence the mouths of liars who stir up and inflame others to commit these atrocious acts. Please watch over the lives and homes of the innocent of Iraq to protect them from further threat or harm. Please especially keep Your own people under Your sheltering and protective care, and help them to make a difference for good in their homeland. May Your Name be rightly honored as You provide for Your people. In Jesus’ Good and Faithful Name. Amen.

  19. 693
    Dottie Says:

    Dear Father there is none like You. You rule and reign over all the earth. I trust in You Father to come to the aide of the helpless in Iraq. Protect the weak and those who cannot stand up for themselves. Send a revival across this land. Some day every knee will bow and every tongue confess that You are LORD. We need You Father to send a fresh wind and fresh fire across Iraq. Evil forces continue to cause death and distruction and I pray that this will turn around and Iraq will live in peace. Bless these Your people and show them the way the truth and the light. I pray in Jesus name. Amen

  20. 692
    Betsy P. Says:

    “Majesty, worship His majesty, unto Jesus be all glory, honor and praise. Majesty, kingdom authority flow form His throne unto His own, His anthem raise. So exalt, lift up on high the name of Jesus. Magnify, come glorify Christ Jesus, the King. Majesty, worship His majesty. Jesus Who died now glorified, King of all kings.”
    “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, there’s just something about that name. Master, Savior, Jesus, like a fragrance after the rain. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, let all Heaven and Earth proclaim….kings and kingdoms shall all pass away, but there’s something about that name.”
    We magnify You Lord of Heaven and Earth, and we exalt You over all situations in Baghdad, Haifa, and all of Iraq. May the spirit of salvation flow through that nation sweeping every person into Your Gospel net. For You love the people of Iraq and those who are trying to help move that nation into a time of peace and security. You are so great, Father, that You love the ones who are causing chaos, also. You want every person to know You, to love You, and to obey You. May it be, Father, for we are praying in the name of Your Son, Jesus, amen.

  21. 691
    Judy Says:

    Evil lurks in Baghdad and Iraq, Lord. Suicide bombings of the innocent…death and persecution of the Christians. Continued efforts by the insurgents to stop this nation from becoming a place of peace and prosperity. Move on the leaders, Oh God, that their desire for peace and unity among every group will prevail. Convict the hearts of leaders to do what is right in Your eyes. Create situations among the troublemakers that will cause them to lay down arms and leave the country. In Your beloved name, Jesus, I ask. Amen.

  22. 690
    Sabrina Says:

    Heavenly Father, I pray for spiritual breakthrough to take place all over Iraq. I pray that Jesus Christ will be worshipped. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

  23. 689
    Peggy Says:

    Father. Release your warring angels to take captive the evil ones in Baghdad. Cause all their efforts to fail. Cause them to tremble with fear and confusion. Let their communications be garbled and unclear. Cause the fall of this evil power operating in Baghdad. Release protection and peace to those who belong to youl Promote them to places of power and authority to do good. Let your word go forth and many come to know Jesus and receive eternal salvation. Bless the work of those defending the helpless. Keep them from death and advance your kingdom. AMEN

  24. 688
    Lily Bright Says:

    Dear Lord
    I thank You in advance for all the Blessings that will be restored upon Your children(those living in the Middle East included),I thank You and am praying for a spiritual breakthrough,for Your children, in Jesus name.
    Amen and amen

  25. 687
    Dottie Says:

    Dear Father I pray for Baghdad today. Remove any who are seeking to do harm to the innocent there. Father nothing is too hard for You. Return Baghdad to the City of Peace. Protect its citizens especially the children and the eldrely who cannot often help themselves. Father they need You to be in the midst of the city removing any of these evil forces. Only with You can this be accomplished. I pray for them in Jesus name. Amen

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