3-Spiritual Breakthrough

Scripture: “The LORD will go forth like a warrior, He will arouse His zeal like a man of war. He will utter a shout, yes, He will raise a war cry. He will prevail against His enemies.” -Isaiah 42:13

Prayer: Lord, You are the creator of all things, seen and unseen. You are high and lifted up, and You have the name that is above all other names. You have all power and authority, and there is no end to Your Kingdom. You are God forever and there is no other.

storm_clouds.jpgBaghdad is shrouded with spiritual darkness. Spiritual powers have set up camp there to promote wickedness and oppression. We need a breakthrough Lord, so we call on You.

Jesus, we ask that You consider the poor and oppressed of Baghdad, the widows and orphans, and those who love peace. Let Your compassion be stirred, and Your anger aroused. Come as a mighty warrior Lord, raise a war cry over Baghdad, prevail against Your enemies, and route the powers of darkness from that place.

Break their power over the people, deny them their place of honor, judge their evil deeds and chase them from their strongholds. Release Your angels to contend with these evil spirits and subdue them. Undergird the efforts of the peacemakers, and smile down upon Baghdad with Your presence. In Jesus name, amen.

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  1. 461
    nina Says:

    Dear Heavenly Father thank You for hearing our prayers and for help and love You extend to us. Please Father keep our Iraqi friends and our brave troops under Your wings protect them and hide them from the ever so strong evil presence in that part of the world. We know the events unfolding may impact the entire region there and security of all. We trust in You Father. There must be smillions of good hearts there, those who know you and those who don’t. I pray Father that these ones, which are so many, will be able to see the truths, see through the lies. I pray that they see and know evil where it truly lies. I pray that they are moved by the truth and have sympathy for those who are suffering in all the region including Israel. Please Father give them courage to come together and stand up to this violence that they do not wish to happen. The silent majority is surely much more in numbers and in power. I pray for miracles, angel visitations, visits by Your beloved son and Holy Spirit guidance and unveiling of the truth. Encourage them to openly and publicly condemn the actions of those that hate, murder and destroy lives and nations. Please rise Your anointed ones and good hearts in Palestine, Pakistan,Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, Turkey, India, Africa, Iraq, Jordan, Saudi, …the Muslim world. May they even stand up for Israel.
    Please protect the Muslim nations including Africa, from hostile take overs by the oppressors and aggressors. Stir up their defense and ability to fight them. Allow them weapons of truth and Your word. I pray this in faith by Jesus mighty name and authority, Amen.

  2. 460
    Dottie Says:

    Dear Father I pray that the peace that has been won in Bagdad will prevail. Lord you who know everything, our future and theirs work a miracle in this city that was onece known as the City of Peace. Restore calm and order so that the citizens may live normal peaceful lives. Thank you Father for all you have done. Surround the families who have to be seperated at this time. Watch over their men and women and bring them together once again. Heal the broken hearted who have given the ultimate sacrifice for their country. Be with the middle east situation and restore calm there as well. I pray in Jesus name. Amen

  3. 459
    Terese L. Cole Says:

    Dear Lord we Thank You for protecting the innocent people of Irqa/ Bagfdad. Lord Keep your Angels camped around them. Allow no evil to come near their dwelling place.
    Lord Thank You for protecting our troops. They couldn’t have made it this far without you! The saying is true, you can never be, where the Lord can’t find thee. Your love for the people of the the world is so pure and true. A love that we can depend upon to see us threw this life.
    Help to expose all who causes conflict amoung the peacemakers, OH Lord. Bring the darkness to light, cause them to self destruct, starting with a transformation of their heart’s. Help them to return from their evil ways!

    Protect all troops, citizen’s and peacemakers!
    We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ! AMEN

  4. 458
    Lois Lively Says:

    Dear Lord God Almighty, I come today with a humble heart to your throne of grace. I thak you Lord for all the answers and wonderful things you have done in 2008 for our soldiers and iraq. Thank you also for helping out in Afghanistan and in the land of Israel. I now give you the following:“The LORD will go forth like a warrior, He will arouse His zeal like a man of war. He will utter a shout, yes, He will raise a war cry. He will prevail against His enemies.” -Isaiah 42:13

    Lord, I pray or I should say I COMMAND that you will be the “warrior” that will arouse your zeal and become a man of war. Arise Lord, give our a SHOUT, raise your war cry, and prevail against your enemies. I COMMAND THAT the Irais, Afghanis and the Israelites be lead by your Spirit and fullfill YOUR WILL in their lives and in their countries. I COMMAND the enemy to fall down on their knees and beg for mercy and grace for all the errorionus things they have done before you. Lord let your light shine down on those who love you and may that light flow from them unto all they come across in their paths. May our soldiers be blessed this year, and be given afresh new wisdom and knowledge. may they be given strenght that is supernatural and the courage only you could give. I pray this and ask that YOUR KINGDOM COME AND YOUR WILL be done through the whole year of 2009. In the name of Jesus Amen

  5. 457
    Renae Says:

    Our Dear Lord, We thank you so much for answered prayer over Baghdad and Iraq. The enemy is being pushed back. May your will continue to be accomplished in this war-torn land and may your Holy Spirit move strongly on the Iraqi people to convict them and show them their need for a Savior found only in Jesus Christ. Continue to protect your people Lord and encourage the troops from our country American and also those from England and Australia. Keep them safe. In your mighty Name we pray. Amen

  6. 456
    Jean Says:

    Gracious and Loving Heavenly Father, I praise You for Your wonderful ways! May it be Your will that is done on earth, as it is in Heaven. May it be Your will that is done in Iraq today and in the coming days! Thank You for the power of prayer, and for the many who have been praying! May You be pleased with what takes place in Iraq today. May there be hearts that soften and turn to You, Whom to know is life eternal. May there be spiritual healing in Iraq as well as social and political healing, and may the poor and needy ones who have suffered through this war find emotional healing and physical healing according to their needs. May Your people, who name Your Name, take courage and rise up to represent You in that nation, being the salt as well as the light You have called them to be, and as they step forward in faith to do so may they see the strongholds of darkness fall and be broken before their very eyes to the praise of Your Holy Name. In Jesus’ Lovely and Holy Name. Amen.

  7. 455
    Jan Says:

    Heavenly Father, Thank you for another blessed day
    to praise you and thank you for giving us faith and
    being able to minister to others who have little or
    no faith. Help the light of Christ flow from us,
    bringing calm and peace to those living in fear and
    sadness. Be with the homeless and hungry in Sadr
    city, create trust in the children, women and men
    there toward our Military. Give their hearts the
    desire to work side by side, trust and greatly respect our Men and Women working for democracy and
    freedom for Sadr City. Cause the people there to
    willingly give up and expose evil plotters and
    outsiders who would kill innocent people. Be with
    the children, instill in them that our Military
    is kind and honest and there for them, so that
    they will remember when they become the Leaders of
    Sadr City. Be with our Military, not only in Sadr
    City but throughout Iraq, Afghanistan and world
    wide, help them keep the faith, knowing that you
    are always with them. Send forth the Holy Spirit to guide them with wisdom, discernment and calm.
    Let peace become a reality in the Middle East.
    Father, we lift up Israel and Palestians, Gaza to
    you for your intervention, we pray you will help
    them to resolve their problems and restore peace
    to their countries, that no more innocent lives are lost. Bless our Military throughout the world
    giving them joy and peace, knowing that this too
    will pass away and they will soon return home to
    their families and loved ones. We ask all in the
    Name of Jesus. Amen

  8. 454
    joan gintella Says:

    Lord, I come to you today asking boldly that you remove the Demonic forces that are at work in Iraq and Afghanistan. Protect the innocent citizens and the men, women and children who cannot defend themselves Lord. You are all they have and they need to know that Lord. Shine your light of grace, mercy and salvation upon them so they will know you are Lord – their Lord, their Saviour and Redeemer. Protect the peacemakers Heavenly Father. Father, without you we are nothing, we cannot accomplish anything without you and your saving grace. We give you the praise and the glory for the reduction in deaths of our military and our allies. And we ask you to continue to watch over them, protecting them from all danger and harm. In Jesus name Amen and Amen.

  9. 453
    David Vega Vega Says:

    Señor, Tu dominas sobre todo por lo tanto no hay otro igual a tí. Te pido Dios Eterno que tengas compasión de todo ser humano que sufre en Baghdad, Sí, Poderoso Dios ten Misericordia y rompe toda obra o intento de destrucción del enemigo de Nuestras Almas. En él nombre de Jesús, Amén.

  10. 452
    Lily Says:

    Dear Lord!
    I thank You for your Goodness and Mercy toward us all; if it had not been for You on our side, we would have all perished at the hands of the enemy of our souls!
    Lord, I thank You specifically for the lives You saved in Iraq! You have prevented a lot of Disaster from occurring in Baghdad, at the hands of the enemy of our souls.
    Lord, thank You;and now Lord, I pray for a Spiritual Breakthrough for all the Middle Eastern Nations;
    I pray especially for Iraq! Lord, may Your Kingdom Come, and Your Will be Done this Day, in Jesus name

  11. 451
    Lynn Says:

    Father, continue to provide breakthroughs over the lands You have loved and cared for. Thank You for the peace that has begun there. Thank You for the safety You have provided! There is still much work to be done before our troops leave. May the citizens there see You in those who know You, Lord. May belief start in areas all over the country that will grow and increase as flames of fire spread. Provide spiritual breakthroughs, Father! And provide safety for each of our troops. Bless them, protect them as You love them. I pray in Jesus holy and precious name. Amen and Amen.

  12. 450
    lula of Jasper, Al. Says:

    Yes and Amen to todays prayer for Baghdad!Lord go forth out of your place as a Lioness protects her cubs. You are the Mighty Lion of Y`Hudah Lord and You will defend and protect Your own. You are the bright and shinning morning star!!!Arise oh Lord, the people of Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan,and your choice land Israel need you…In Yeshua I pray and thank you Father, Your will be done. HalleluYah

  13. 449
    Dottie Says:

    Dear Father I ask taht you reveal the dark spirits that are invading Bagdad. Bring them to their knees and bind their evil ways. Father we ask for peace to come to Bagdad. Thank you for what you have done thus far. Thank you for hearing your peoples prayers. We love you Lord and know that above all you are in control and we can have peace in our hearts. Father protect our men and women who are the peacemakers and all of the Iraqi peacemakers. Free this country from the evil one I pray in Jesus name Amen.

  14. 448
    Becky Says:

    “I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help. My help cometh from the Lord, which made heaven and earth.” {Psalm: 121:1,2

    Moment by moment we lift up our prayers for Your Deliverance from the evil that threatens to choke out hope, life and peace

  15. 447
    Jean Says:

    Blessed Father in Heaven, Lord of Heaven and of earth, may Your will be done on earth, as it is in Heaven! May this be so today, and in the coming days, Dear Lord, for where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is peace. May Your Name also be the praise of all the earth! I pray that powers of darkness will be made to flee at the mention of Your Name. May Your people who remain in Iraq take courage, and hold on to the promises You have shown them. May fears soon be replaced by joy and gladness as peace returns to Iraq. May I be so daring as to pray that when peace returns that nation might be an influence for good in all that region and a credit to Your glory. In Jesus’ Precious and Holy Name. Amen.

  16. 446
    joan gintella Says:

    Lord, I ask that the spiritual darkness in Baghdad be swept away by Your mighty hand. Let your love shine brightly over Baghdad today and may salvation come today to at one person who has been causing death and instruction. I ask you boldly to continue your watch over our soldiers, give them courage, peace and hope and put your precious love all over them today. In Jesus name, Amen

  17. 445
    Rebecca Says:

    Our Lord God,
    You have showed Yourself mighty in our eyes! Lord it isn’t over until YOU say it’s over. We will keep believing, we will keep on praying, we will keep pressing in….until You say it’s over!

    “Let Your compassion be stirred, and Your anger aroused. Come as a mighty warrior Lord, raise a war cry over Irag & Afghanistan, prevail against Your enemies, and route the powers of darkness from that place.”
    “Break their power over the people, deny them their place of honor, judge their evil deeds and chase them from their strongholds. Release Your angels to contend with these evil spirits and subdue them. Undergird the efforts of the peacemakers, and smile down upon Iraq & Afghanistan with Your presence.”

    In Jesus name, amen.

  18. 444
    Don and Nancy--Oregon Says:

    Father, we acknowledge Your control,
    May the people of Your Name be guided this day.
    Bless Your People in the Middle East, all who call upon Your Name.
    We ask for You to do battle for Your Namesake.

    We ask for our own Nation as we wait for the answers You know are coming.

    Keep our troops in Baghad and all the Nations of this world.
    Show Yourself!!!
    In Jesus Name, Amen

  19. 443
    Katie Rhodes Says:

    Father in heaven, Holy is Your Name. Thank You for showing us the glory of God in the face of Christ. Let those who follow Jesus be caught up in the wonder of Him today. May believers in Iraq be strengthened in His presence today. May unclean fears have no hold on them, as they walk with Jesus in forgiveness, in love, in truth. Let them see Your breakthrough. Let the Lion of the Tribe of Judah roar over Baghdad today, releasing the light of the gospel, the power of God for salvation.

  20. 442
    Betsy P. McAllister Says:

    To You and You alone we offer praise, glory, honor and thanksgiving, O Holy God! Be glorified in all the earth today and everyday as You show forth Your power, Your mercy, Your judgement, and Your love. We, Your people extol You, and give You thanks for hearing and answering our prayers.

    May all demonic influences in Baghdad, Iraq,
    Afghanistan,and Israel be put down, never to rise again. And may Your Holy Spirit prevail in those places forever. In Jesus name, amen.

  21. 441
    nina Says:

    How Holy You are Father. I pray for continued spiritual awakenings for the people of Iraq and the region. I pray for the wonderful workings of Your Holy Spirit to open eyes and hearts. I pray for the striking down of any evil forces or spirits that could harm, destroy, deceive, or get in the way of Your of will for Your people and Your kingdom. Help them know You Jesus. In Your Holy name I pray in faith, Amen.

  22. 440
    Sharon W. Says:

    Father, you are indeed an awesome God. You own the cattle on a thousand hills. You own all of Iraq and you own the people. The powers of darkness have no authority except what is given by you. We ask today that you lift you voice and speak against the powers that want to keep Iraq and Afghanistan in darkness. We know that you have given the gift of eternal life through your Son, Jesus to all people and we pray today that the people of Iraq and Afghanistan be brought from darkness to the light of Jesus. In His name, I pray.

  23. 439
    Carol Says:

    Heavenly Father, Protect our soldiers from the enemy today. Take them out of harms way. May they not be in the path of destruction. Encourage their hearts.

  24. 438
    Amanda Says:

    I lift this city and the people in it to you this morning. Save a lost soul today and bring them to the knowledge of your peace. Comfort all of those who know you and make a mighty army of them through their prayers. May this city be taken in spiritual warfare and the leaders be removed and replaced by those who are pursuing peace.

    I pray for every soldier that is in this town and I ask for holy protection. You Lord are their rear guard and I ask that you go before them and protect them as they protect the people of this city.

  25. 437
    Jan Says:

    Heavenly Father, Thank you for all you are doing to
    protect and support our Men and Women in Iraq, Afghanistan, and around the world who are unselfishly striving to create freedom and righteousness. We lift up Adhamiya today and ask you
    to send forth Angels to intervene and destroy evil
    of any kind from happening. We pray for the children, men and women of Adhamiya, fill their minds and hearts with peace and help them to see our Men and Women as their victors. Let the light of Jesus shine forth from them. Send forth your Holy Spirit to guide them, give them discernment,
    and wisdom to know and detect any danger or know
    what to do for the betterment of Adhamiya. This we also ask and pray for all of our Military throughout the world. We know that no weapon formed against us will prosper and we claim that
    victory. Be with our Military Men and Women as
    they do your will. Send forth your love and peace that they will be refreshed and calm, knowing you
    are there. We pray for their salvation too. Bring them close to you that miracles would happen and they would know that they know you are with them.
    Thank you for the victories you are bringing to all of them. Bless each and everyone of your precious children, we ask all of these things in
    Jesus Name. Amen

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