3-Spiritual Breakthrough

Scripture: “The LORD will go forth like a warrior, He will arouse His zeal like a man of war. He will utter a shout, yes, He will raise a war cry. He will prevail against His enemies.” -Isaiah 42:13

Prayer: Lord, You are the creator of all things, seen and unseen. You are high and lifted up, and You have the name that is above all other names. You have all power and authority, and there is no end to Your Kingdom. You are God forever and there is no other.

storm_clouds.jpgBaghdad is shrouded with spiritual darkness. Spiritual powers have set up camp there to promote wickedness and oppression. We need a breakthrough Lord, so we call on You.

Jesus, we ask that You consider the poor and oppressed of Baghdad, the widows and orphans, and those who love peace. Let Your compassion be stirred, and Your anger aroused. Come as a mighty warrior Lord, raise a war cry over Baghdad, prevail against Your enemies, and route the powers of darkness from that place.

Break their power over the people, deny them their place of honor, judge their evil deeds and chase them from their strongholds. Release Your angels to contend with these evil spirits and subdue them. Undergird the efforts of the peacemakers, and smile down upon Baghdad with Your presence. In Jesus name, amen.

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  1. 286
    Amanda Says:

    Lord you are the healer, protector, friend and savior and I trust in you to hear all the prayers being offered up today for this country. I thank you in advance for answered prayer.

    Guard our military today in your mighty power.

  2. 285
    Corrie Says:

    Thank you Lord, that you do indeed go forth like a warrior. Thank you Father, that you place a warring host of heavenly messengers around the people and geographical region of Baghdad. Lord, we need Your jealous love for the elect to be aroused. Like a Bridegroom whose love protects and covers bride, come O Lord and cover those who you have and will call to yourself. Awaken the spirits of your men and women in this location to intercede on their beds, as they go on their way, and as they sit in their homes. Awaken them in the night to cry out for the people of their city. Move mightily on their behalf; O Lord, save many people in this place, that your might, honor, and righteous standard might be raised up…that you might call this people blessed and honored. That we who stand on their behalf might break bread with them at the marriage supper of the Lamb. For Victory over bondage and deceptions we stand in this hour! This hour is an hour of BREAKTHROUGH in the heavenly and unseen places! We stand for the honor of Yeshua, the prophet, king, and savior to be raised up in this region, and for the peace and knowledge of God to forth like lightening upon the hearts and minds of its men. Thank you Father, in Jesus’ MIGHTY name. Amen.

  3. 284
    Ester R. Andres Says:


  4. 283
    nina Says:

    Thank You Father for hearing our Prayers. It is by Your will and spirit that allows us to have hope, allows for Your light and presence to be in a dark world. Please Father provide for Your awesome and ultimate protection over our troops, allies, and Iraqi people. Show Your might and glory in that region against the darkness. Jesus shield the innocent. Bring healing and comfort to the victims of the attacks. Bring Your strongest angels to the aide and by the side of the soldiers. These efforts and sacrifices here Father are for good, to help, to save, to make for a better safer world. Is this not within Your will? Isn’t this something that Jesus would do or support? I feel a sense of discouragement among people soldiers, family members, even Iraqis…especially when there are attacks. Please Father help them. Lift them, encourage them. Build up their faith and ours. You are Almighty. You are our Father. Only evil could teach a child to hate and brutally kill someone and themselves and celebrate it. Remind people that this is the darkness we’re fighting. Without the chance of liberty from this darkness and a chance to know You and the love of Jesus, this darkness would stay rooted there and spread eventually affecting everyone of us (which already happened). Please be us with Jesus, and show us the way. In Your awesome name I pray in faith, Amen.

  5. 282
    Betty Perkins Says:

    Psalms 83
    Keep not thou silence, O GOD, hold not thy peace, and be not still, O GOD.
    For lo, thine enemies make a tumult: and they that hate Thee have have lifted up the head.
    They have taken crafty counsel against Thy people, and consulted against Thy hidden ones.
    They have said, Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation, that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance.
    For they have consulted together with one consent: they are confederate against Thee.
    The tabernacles of Edom, and the Ishmaelites; of Moab, and the Hagarenes;
    Gebal and Ammon, and Amalek; the Philistines with the inhaitants of Tyre.
    Assur also is joined with them: they have holpen the children of Lot. Se’lah
    Do unto them as unto the Midianites; as to Sisera, as to Jabin at the brook of Kison.
    Which perished at Endor: they became as dung for the earth.
    Make their nobles like Oreb, and like Zeeb: yea all their princes as Zebah and as Zalmunna.
    Who said, Let us take to our selves the houses of GOD in possession.
    O my GOD, make them like a wheel: as the stubble before the wind.
    As the fire burneth a wood, and as the flame setteth the mountains on fire.
    So persecute them with thy tempest, and make them afraid with Thy storm.
    Fill their faces with shame: that they may seek YOUR NAME, O LORD.
    Let them be confounded and troubled forever, yea, let them be put to shame, and perish.
    That men may know that Thou, whose name alone is JEVOVAH, art the most high over all the earth.
    In Jesus Name, Amen

  6. 281
    Sharon W. Says:

    Heavenly Father, Let your peace flow like a river into all the troubled areas of Iraq. Let the military stand like a strong tower against the enemy who values death more than life. The principalities, powers and rulers of the darkness of this world desire to crush the righteous and bring death to all who oppose them. We know that at the name of Jesus all knees will bow. We ask for protection over the military today and guidance for the leaders. Let the government of Iraq stand strong against the insurgents who want death and destruction. Thank you Lord for our military who allows us to live in peace while they watch over us. We cry Holy, Holy, to the Lamb. Amen

  7. 280
    Joan Bowe Says:

    Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! We lift our voices and petitions to the throne room in Your precious name! Light of the world, shine brightly over Baghdad and all of the world! Let Your everlasting light piece the darkness and bring forth a healing to the land of Baghdad and every where it is. Greater is He that is in us than he who is in the world. Hear the unity of the brethren coming before You, for this area of the world especially, and send forth Your warring and ministering angels to fight the ‘behind the scenes’ battle that is touching the earth and allow the dear people of Baghdad and all of Iraq to be victors in You, Christ Jesus. May our heavenly Father be glorified through the Son and may Jesus receive the glory and honor He is so deserving of. Oh, Father, we speak victory in His name and thank You for it, in Jesus’ name. Hallelujah!!!

  8. 279
    Sabrina Says:

    Heavenly Father, I pray for spiritual breakthroughs to take place today in the lives of every born again believer in Iraq and all over the world. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

  9. 278
    Brother Ray Eubanks Says:

    Hallelujah! We like your servant David, trust only in your ability to deliver Lord. Even as David prays in Psalm 18:29For by thee I have run through a troop; and by my God have I leaped over a wall.
    30As for God, his way is perfect: the word of the LORD is tried: he is a buckler to all those that trust in him.
    31For who is God save the LORD? or who is a rock save our God?
    32It is God that girdeth me with strength, and maketh my way perfect.
    33He maketh my feet like hinds’ feet, and setteth me upon my high places.
    34He teacheth my hands to war, so that a bow of steel is broken by mine arms.
    35Thou hast also given me the shield of thy salvation: and thy right hand hath holden me up, and thy gentleness hath made me great.
    In greatness we arise, and call forth the angels of the Living God to make war against our enemies, and like our King, to make a show of openly defeating them in the Spirit realm, in the natural, and displace the enemy totally. Father, we thank you for releasing your Shalom in the aftermath, producing an area in which there is nothing missing, nothing lacking, nothing broken. In Jesus name, Amen.

  10. 277
    Judith E. Connell Says:

    Again,this is my favourite prayer.Lord, we ask You to bless and protect the women and children which is true religion to You. As with Moses, hold up the arms of the leaders to the enemies are able to see Your elders standing bravely before the insurgents. Let those who have no respect for human life or for an independent Iraq see how You do have proper respect for same and will reward those who turn to you and not to men like Al-Sadr who craves power but is a woos and runs and hides when the ‘big boys’ ride onto the scene.

    Again, Lord, provide all that the innocent people of Iraq require and let the men who practice Shira Law on women and girls feel the return from You and rightfully so. AMEN!

  11. 276
    Sharon Says:

    Dear Heavenly Father, in the powerful name of Jesus, we take authority over the darkness that is covering the minds of those who are deceived into believing the lies of the enemy. We command the dissolution of anything that has given the enemy the right to build strongholds in this city and in any other city in this world. We bring down these strongholds using the weapons You have ordained to be used in these circumstances — prayer, love, and truth. We call forth more light, more love, and more truth to penetrate this darkness. In the name of Jesus, we commission Your Holy Spirit to hover over the cities; and Your angels who excel in strength to move in and occupy the cities of Baghdad, Afghanistan, Darfur, Israel, and Palestine. We also lift up all the troops. We thank You for the shield of protection You have place around them. We call forth greater walls of protection and more angel armies to fight the enemy and win. We also lift up all children and young adults as they attend school here in the United States and all over the world. We take authority over the classrooms, and the grounds around these schools and we forbid anything or anyone to enter whose goal it is to go against Your will. We pray protection over each child, each teacher, and each worker in the schools. Father, we cry out for a greater manifestation of Your kingdom in our world today. We cry out for Your will to be done here on earth as it is in heaven. Change us into powerful and effective examples of Your light, strength, healing, and love. In the mighty name of Jesus, amen.

  12. 275
    Lily Says:

    Lord; send forth a spiritual breakthrough in Baghdad this day! Show forth Your mighty powers. Cover each area of Iraq from the north, south, east and west.
    Bagdad needs a Holy Ghost breakthrough! Lord, they cannot fully operate in a weakened state.
    Be thou exalted, O God,( In Baghdad) above the heavens:and thy thy glory above all the earth;
    That thou beloved (Baghdad) may be delivered:save with Thgy right hand, and answer me.
    Psalms 108 verses 5 and 6.
    Lord I am believing in a spiritual breakthrough(In Iraq (Baghdad) this day, this hour, in Jesus name,
    Amen and Amen

  13. 274
    Laura Says:

    Almighty God and Heavenly Father
    Bless those who are poor in Spirit, bring Your mercy and justice to Iraq Father, set Your plan in motion for this country and Father please watch over and protect those who are serving in this war to protect the people of Iraq, BInd up and stop those who would do harm.
    In Jesus Name we pray

  14. 273
    lula Says:

    Amen & Amen.. There is none lile unto you of my lord and my god…Praise and glory belong to you and you alone, beside you there IS no other from beginning to end. You are tha alpha & the omega.. What could we mere creations epress in words of Who and All You Are!!! Praise to you in good times and bad times YOU are in control and Your will for creation Will BE!!!

  15. 272
    Jean Says:

    Dear Loving Heavenly Father, thank You for Your great mercies You have extended to us all. I pray again for Your will to be done in Baghdad and for healing of that land. I thank You for victories already won. Please give Your people courage to press on to the intended victory and may it be known that You have done great things for Baghdad. Dear Heavenly Father, I pray also for Your will to be done in Afghanistan. May it not be that the efforts given until now are wasted because of apathy among the supporting nations, but may that land also be set free from the powers that would rule it with oppression. Please give courage and renewed strength to everyone who stands in the gap, and please watch over the safety of the citizens and of the troops. In Jesus’ Precious Name. Amen.

  16. 271
    Angela Says:

    Father God who art in heaven,
    Hallowed be Thy name. May Your kingdom come and Your will be done in Baghdad as it is in heaven.
    May every plan of the enemies of peace in Baghdad
    be brought to confusion, turned back, and caught in their own snares.
    Lord, bless the good people of Baghdad and keep
    them safe. Make Your face shine upon them and
    bring Your peace to this region of Iraq and the
    surrounding areas. Deliver the innocent children
    and people of Baghdad and cause all things to work
    together for their good. May our military men and
    women find divine favor with the Iraqi people and
    government and protect them mightily in Jesus
    name. Amen.

  17. 270
    Dottie Says:

    Dear Father
    We praise and thank you for answered prayers for Iraq. We know that the work is not done so we continue to come asking for peace for these innocent people. Spare all the peacekeepers from harm tonight,today and in the days ahead. You are an awesome God and we put ALL of our trust in you. Praise your name Lord Jesus for being faithful in hearing and answering. Cover Iraq and all of the middle east so that peace may abound.Give wisdom to the leaders so that they may have the peoples well being first and formost in their thoughts. We pray in Jesus name. Amen

  18. 269
    char Says:

    Oh, Lord! Your High and lifted up! And Your train fills the temple, and all cry-holy! holy! holy is The Lord! Yet , You bend down with compassion, and mercy! Your mercies are new every morning! Oh, Lord- that You would lavish Your mercy in Bagdhad, on the innocent people, I pray ,In Jesus Name!

  19. 268
    mary Says:

    Lord, we thank You and praise Your name that You are the ruler of heaven and earth and with You nothing is impossible. You are able to pierce the darkness of this world and overcome the confusion of circumstances and events. I pray for those in Iraq and in all nations of this world who do not know the salvation that comes through your Son, Jesus. Lord Jesus, establish leaders in our country who would stay Your course and seek to follow Your Ways, rather than the way that seems right to men. Forgive us Lord for holding on to our ideas and refusing to be open to your directions. Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised. Amen and Amen, In His name, Mary

  20. 267
    Sarah Says:

    Dear Father, Please bind Satan and all his forces from Iraq and Afghanistan. Please put Your protecting hand over these nations and don’t allow Satan to kill and destroy precious lives that You died for. I thank You for the saving work You are doing in peoples’ lives; please continue to draw many to Yourself.

  21. 266
    Sharon Morris Says:

    Dearest Lord Jesus,
    You are our Creator,Lord. In You we move,breathe,and have our being. Nothing can be accomplished without you,Lord.
    There are those who would move to thwart your purposes in Iraq,Lord. They are both there and in our country dear Lord.May your spirit seek these evil ones out and defeat them. May your legions of angels go before our troops and defeat the enemies of the Lord. Lord,may we elect a President that will stay the course,someone who will seek your face,for leading and wisdom.
    May your will be done for Iraq and for our world.
    In Jesus’ most precious Name.

  22. 265
    Lois Lively Says:

    Lord, Our Most High God, how I thank you for your love and Word. You are the loving creator, who made everything on earth for your pleasures. You LORD GOD are our strenth, our rock, Savior, Healer, and the PRINCE OF PEACE. In you we have breathe and a reason to live.

    Lord, I bring before you your Word in Isa 42:13 and AMP version, “the Lord will go forth like a mighty man. HE will rouse up His zealous indignation AND vengeance like a warrior; HE will cry, yes, He will shout aloud, He will do mightily against His enemies. Father and Lord Jesus Christ I ask now along with all the prayer warriors here to show forth your mighty hand against the enemy in Iraq, and show them that you will no longer hold back your peace or restrain Yourself. LORD, come in POWER AND GLORY to the land of Iraq and the Iraqi’s. Let your Light breakdown ALL STRONGHOLDS of the enemy, and bring PEACE and LOVE to this land. LORD, be the Father to those that are fatherless, and the husband to those who are widows. Bring forth comfort, love, peace, shelter, food, and clothing to these people. I pray this in the Holy name of Jesus, and ask that YOUR WILL BE DONE IN IRAQ AS ITS WRITTEN IN HEAVEN for this day. I give you all the glory, praise, and honor. Amen

  23. 264
    Janice from Georgia Says:

    Heavenly Father,

    You are so worthy to be praised for You are the greatest, God, the triune God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We humans can not fully fathom the depth, width, height and total expanse to infinity of Your powers. They are beyond anything we can imagine. They exceed the powers of darkness. Hooray for You God! We of the Baghdad Prayer Patrol are proud to be on Your side. Today we call on You to go all out to execute a spiritual breakthrough. Pierce the powers of darkness and take the force of death away from their abilities. Let them no longer have control over people by stirring up fears and anxieties. Yes Lord please this day bring the long awaited spiritual breakthrough that will signal that finally peace has taken hold in Baghdad and it will be known worldwide as the new thing in Iraq. Your will be done, God. Your kingdom come, God. Thank You for however You choose to enact a spiritual breakthrough because I know in advance that it will be a good work because You are forever known as the God of good work. All praise, glory and honor to You. Through Jesus, Amen

  24. 263
    nhele Says:


  25. 262
    Natalie Turner Says:

    Amen,Lord let it be!! take over Baghdad,rule over them Jesus!Break the powers that be there.
    Send your Warring angels into Baghdad,and help it to be a City for your glory; don’t let anything that isn’t for your glory be there!
    I ask this in your beautiful Name, Amen

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