13-Calling Forth Baghdad’s Destiny

Scripture: “For nothing is impossible with God.” -Luke 1:37

Prayer: Lord, in You we live and move and breathe and have our being. You are a God of wonder and glory, who rules the nations by Your great power. There is nothing beyond Your reach, or out of Your sight. What seems impossible for us, is nothing to You.

baghdad-sunset1.jpgBaghdad needs an impossible solution, and so we come to You because You are God of the impossible. We cast off the vision of what Baghdad has become, and we embrace the vision of what You want Baghdad to be — a city of peace and harmony that will bless the people of Iraq and the Middle East.

We agree with Your desire Lord, and say in faith, “Baghdad come forth out of darkness and into the light of your destiny. Cast off your cloak of violence and fear, and step into the garments of harmony and freedom that will bless your people.”

Lord, release hope and a fresh anticipation into the hearts of the Iraqis: free them from despair and enable them to see the possibilities. We ask that You would pour out a great big dose of the impossible over Baghdad, and usher in a new season for that city and its people. In Jesus name, amen.

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  1. 187
    Kathy Says:

    Amen Katie Rhodes May 12th Prayer.
    (Jeremiah 33:3 Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.) Father God, I pray in the name of Jesus, your wide hand of protection over the troops who fight this war, which People in higher places began. Lord, I pray with each prayer added to this on going line: Sends so many Ministering angles to this, very beginning of our Biblical world, and does bring in the LIGHT of your LOVE to them again. Lord, I do pray, that if there be a defeat it be of the Sharia, Muslim’s, who have been so lied to by their extremist leaders. I pray in Jesus name, you Father show them the TRUTH. AMEN

  2. 186
    Jeanne Says:

    Oh Lord, You ARE the Lord of impossible, and we are so thankful for You in this regard. We ask that You show the Iraqi peoples that Your end of their chapter is completely different in what they imagine it to truly be. We ask that You indeed change the hearts of stone and bring Your vision to them, refreshed and in a new way that would bring a total awe among them. Thank You dear awesome Lord of the universe, of heaven and of earth for Your great mercies for all of mankind. In Jesus’ precious name – Amen.

  3. 185
    Dottie Says:

    Thank you Lord for the good reports that are coming from Iraq. Lord we pray that their people could have hearts of forgiveness for their fellow man and learn to live together in peace. May your Holy Spirit come upon those who do not know you and may they be turned to your love and justice. Forgive us for not holding these in prayer more often. Protect the innocent. Bless our troops and may they exibit your love as they work with the citizens of Iraq. Thank you for each one who are sacrificing their lives each day. Bless their famalies as well. May they be reunited soon. We pray in Jesus Name .Amen

  4. 184
    Phyllis Lowe Says:

    Dear Heavenly Father: Your Love has longed for the salvation of each soul, soldier, police, civilian both young and old in Iraq, in Baghdad. We remind You of the terrible price You paid for each one as you sent Jesus, Your Only Begotten Son, to pay with His life on a cross outside of Jerusalem all those centuries ago. Remember that He cried out to You to forgive His torturers and killers that they knew not what they did. So we lift each soul in Baghdad, even those who have killed and hated, and we ask You Lord to visit them with a knowledge of who You are and how much you have loved them. We know only when they know You, can they have hope, for that is how we, too, can hope. That hope which comes because in that precious Blood has come the washing away of our sins and a new beginning as Your Children. Please release Your great Mercy, which triumphs over Judgement, on each soul in that nation, especially in that city. In Christ Jesus Name we do ask it. Amen

  5. 183
    Lois Lively Says:

    Oh Most High God, I come before you and pray that you would see all the humbliness, truth, and love in the hearts of all the prayer warriors you brought in to pray for Baghdad and our troops over there fighting for freedom and justice for that land and the people. I also want to add this portion of a old famous hymn to express how wonderful you are.

    “O Lord my God! When I in awesome wonder
    Consider all the worlds Thy hands have made.
    I see the stars, I hear the rolling thunder,
    Thy power through-out the universe displayed.”

    And Father, after this comes “Then sings my soul, my Savior God to thee, how great thou art, how great thou art.” LORD, YOU ARE AWESOME AND GREAT, and everything you made with your hands is beautiful. Now may I say this for the Iraqi soldiers in Baghdad in faith and love: “BAGHDAD, COME FORTH OUT OF THE DARKNESS AND INTO THE LIGHT OF YOUR DESTINY. CAST OFF your cloak of violence and fear, and step into harmony and freedom that will bless your people.” Father, I ask that you would do the impossible here where we as people could not ever do. RELEASE YOUR LOVE AND LIGHT upon this land, and make it into a beautiful masterpiece like it once was before all these wars amongst each other in hatred. Touch their hearts and mind and teach them of your live and love. In the Holy name of Jesus I pray and give you praise, honor and glory. YOU ARE THE ONE AND ONLY TRUE GOD HALLELLUAH. Amen

  6. 182
    jane Says:

    Lord, we know you are in love with all people, especially those who have been deceived and live in darkness. Your heart’s desire is to see all come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ, and that includes Iraq and it’s neighbors in the Middle East. This war has given Christians a chance to pray for our enemy, and to believe that with You all things are possible; even to call them out of the darkness and into Your Light. What a privilege! Thank you for this website that reminds us of your truth that with prayer, all things are possible.

  7. 181
    Janice from Georgia Says:

    Heavenly Father,

    In this world You created some special places deserve and receive more attention than other locales. Baghdad is just such a place with a special assigned destiny in Your agenda. I call on You to quicken Your steps to fulfill the blessed destiny of Baghdad. Please dust off the ashes accumulated from fires and bombing, scrub the wounds of war with Your divine astringent, wash and rinse the city clean of any lingering stains of violence and war so the city will sparkle with the radiance You meant for it. Let Your love glow forth and act as a soothing balm to all who come into contact with the city or its inhabitants. The Baghdad Prayer Patrol believes in the strength You have to put things in order and back on the right track. Please hasten peace to quickly spread throughout the city and make the force of peace so strong that it can not be shattered no matter what is hurled at it. Jesus is the good Shepherd and He watches over the flock in Baghdad and they are safe in His loving care. Thank You for loving Your children only as You the good Lord can do. Through Jesus, Amen

  8. 180
    Laura Says:

    Father we pray in one accord and Shout out “BAGHDAD COME FORTH!!! out of the darkness!!!”
    We know this is possible with You Father and we entrust this to You to accomplish according in Your Purpose You are Lord and King – Your are Sovereign and this will be done when it is Your TIme.
    IN Jesus Name we pray

  9. 179
    Laura Says:

    Father we pray in one accord and Shout out “BAGHDAD COME FORTH!!! out of the darkness!!!”
    We know this is possible with You Father and we entrust this to You to accomplish according in Your Purpose
    IN Jesus Name we pray

  10. 178
    Rebecca Says:

    “O Lord my God! When I in awesome wonder
    Consider all the worlds Thy hands have made.
    I see the stars, I hear the rolling thunder,
    Thy power through-out the universe displayed.”

    Oh Lord YOU are THE GOD Of ALL things POSSIBLE! I have full TRUST in YOU! In Psalms, King David tells us to Sing to You, to tell of Your Mighty works, of your miracles. Lord, you parted a sea, Your people escaped on dry land. To the human eye, IMPOSSIBLE. For You done! I hear the wheels of the chariots, chasing after Your people, are still under water. You fed Your people from heaven, food no man could produce. Their sandles did not wear out. So many miracles to remind you,
    Ps 40:5 –
    O LORD my God, you have done many miracles for us. Your plans for us are too numerous to list. If I tried to recite all your wonderful deeds, I would never come to the end of them.

    Lord we look to You for one again in Iraq and Afghanistan. To our human eye, Peace, Revival, Restoration in these nations looks “IMPOSSIBLE” but we serve a God of THE POSSIBLE! Lord, I have realized I am seeing things through the eyes of FAITH. Thank You Lord, for helping me to change my viewing. Your word says..”If you had Faith as small as a mustard seed you could say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it would move. Nothing would be impossible.”
    Lord I’m there!
    Jesus said in…Mr 9:23 –
    “What do you mean, ‘If I can’?” Jesus asked. “Anything is possible if a person believes.”
    Matthew 19:23-30
    23 Then Jesus said to his disciples, “I tell you the truth, it is very hard for a rich person to get into the Kingdom of Heaven. 24 I say it again – it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter the Kingdom of God!” 25 The disciples were astounded. “Then who in the world can be saved?” they asked. 26 Jesus looked at them intently and said, “Humanly speaking, it is impossible. But with God everything is possible.”

    Lord, To some, Iraq could be that “CAMEL” trying to go through the eye of a needle, but the SPIRIT see’s a Miracle! Lord give me patience to wait, to receive The Miracle. As Elijah kept praying for the CLOUD to appear, we, those You have called, placed here, intercessors, Your Watchmen & women, give us Your wisdom to know how and what to pray “Your will be done.”

    “Baghdad come forth out of darkness and into the light of your destiny. Cast off your cloak of violence and fear, and step into the garments of harmony and freedom that will bless your people.”

  11. 177
    MThompson Says:

    Glorious Father:
    Thank you for a new day to call Iraq a nation that will come forth shining as the dawn!
    Lord please send mighty angels that excel in strength and obey Your commands, to walk with our soldiers, be active in the counsels of the leaders on both sides of this war. Please bring this conflict to a peaceful end.
    Thank you for our soldier’s lives that have been spared and escapes from bombs along their paths.
    Please patrol with our Soldiers, helping each foot and each tire stay out of harm’s way. Lord, we have to look to YOU for this miracle for only YOU and your angels are capable of such knowledge.
    We hope that through it all many souls will inherit Your Kingdom and Your will for Iraq and our Soldiers will prevail over the will of the enemy of their souls.
    Be exalted O Lord, above the Heavens and be exalted among the Nations, and be exalted in Iraq for You alone are worthy O lamb of G-d. May the Lamb who was slain receive His reward. Amen

  12. 176
    tony Says:

    Father God I come to You in the name of Jesus thanking You and giving You Praise like everyone else and
    father we know that this world is lost and dying Lord it is filled with sinful child molesting people hell bent on molesting your children Lord I agree with you for peace, and before another explosion in the air happens I ask that you provide a covering for those who are in danger Lord a way of escape Father God , healing in the minds and in the body dear Lord, deliverance from whatever tool the devil uses from whatever weapon the devil forms whether it is seen or not seen spoken or whispered I ask that you bind his hands and his feet his tongue and his very core in Jesus name and God I give you all the honor and all the glory in Jesus name, Amen.

  13. 175
    Ruth Nunn Says:

    Father, we call forth the destiny You have always purposed for this land and this people. Absolutely NOTHING is impossible with You. You called this place forth even as You called light forth. We look to You for them. We trust You with their lives.

  14. 174
    N. Bowens Says:

    Almighty God, you alone are our strong defender, and ever-present help in time of trouble. O Lord God of hosts stretch fort your almighty hand to strength the men and women of our armed forces. Give them the wisdom in all things, that they may serve without stumbling or stain. I pray for the people of Afghanistan,Bagdhad,Iraqi,Israel,& the whole world who have no fresh water or food. People whom war or opperession or famine have robbed of home and friends, and aid all those who try to help them. I pray that the Jewish Nation will recognize (Jesus) you. I also pray for dying & the dead the ones whom have no one to pray for the. Lord your will be done in all things. In Jesus most Holy & mighty name I pray. AMEN. MARANATHA!!!!!

  15. 173
    Dawn Says:

    Dear Lord of all, we pray for Baghdad to become a haven of peace. We pray that in future years, though people may speak of the terror of the “old days” it will hardly seem real. Lord, You have the power and know the ways. We thank You for Your wisdom and power and the greatest love of all. In our Savior’s Name, Amen

  16. 172
    Jean Says:

    Dear Loving Father in Heaven, I praise You for what You have been doing in Baghdad and for what You are doing. Thank You so much for the good news that has come of a reduction in casualties and of the people turning their hearts to seek peace rather than aggression. Dear Lord, now I pray that the good works You have begun in Baghdad will continue on and that You will see Your purposes and intentions for that city fulfilled. May Your people who have trusted in You set their hearts on serving and obeying You and may we be so blessed to see Your perfect will being done in that city. Father, even beyond that, may this become an example to all of the middle east of what can be done when a people puts aside their prejudices, anger, ignorance and hatred and submits to Your wisdom and Your authority. May it be in Jesus’ Precious Name. Amen.

  17. 171
    Lily Says:

    Dear Father
    Again I humbly Thank You for Your watching over Baghdad; I am in totally agreements with Wayne, and other Intercessors, in praying for Baghdad’s Destiny.
    Help us God not to be slumber in this Great Move of Yours. Help us to realize that the enemy of our souls is waiting for a slip, and some opportunity to slip in.
    We slumber, nor sleep! We are all watchmen on the wall, of that country; and we defy the enemy!We interessors declare the enemy of ours; a Defeated foe!,in Jesus name.
    Lord complete this great move of yours in Baghdad, Afghanistan, and the whole Middle East.
    In Jesus name,
    Amen and Amen

  18. 170
    Renae Says:

    Dear Lord, We thank you for so many answered prayers concerning Iraq and our soldiers over there. You are the God of the impossible. We ask for a mighty move of your Holy Spirit to flow through the people of Baghdad. May they forget their difference and be united under the banner of peace. Give them wisdom on how to govern and stability in their lives in all areas. Protect them from evil and give them a new vision of who Jesus Christ is and what he did for them on the cross for your Glory we pray. Amen.

  19. 169
    Nancy Says:

    Thank you Lord for your mighty works that you are doing in Irag. Continue to give wisdom to the leaders of the soldiers and the Iraqi people. May those who are against freedom and peace in Iraq be uprooted & defeated. Though they will come from one direction but flee in seven directions. Convict their hearts to get rid of all hatred and feel the peace of Jesus who alone can bring that kind of miracle and PEACE. O Lord, do the impossible in this land. May there be a mighty move of your Holy Spirit across this land to convict and show the people who Jesus is. LORD, pour out a big dose of the impossible over Baghdad, and usher in a NEW SEASON for this city and its people. Thank you Lord for hearing and answering our prayers. In the precious name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, AMEN

  20. 168
    Carolyn-mother of a soldier Says:

    Lord of Heaven and earth, I pray that heaven would come down into Baghdad, loose the people Lord and bring peace to this troubled region. I pray for the peace of Jeruselem and I pray for the peace of Iraq. I pray for our mighty warriors, protect them with your shield, and I pray Lord that you would bring many dreams and visions to the Iraqi people, as well as our soldiers during this season that we celebrate your birth. I declare and decree miracles, signs, and wonders come forth in Iraq, in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ! AMEN!

  21. 167
    Judith Connell, Greenbank, On., Canada Says:

    A new dose of peace and love, what a wonderful prayer. Bagdhad as a city called Peace and Jerusalem as a city called Peace – Lord it would be wonderful if these two cities could learn from the very citizens who would love to live in peace. The Middle East is the centre of our Holy Bible and we should never forget that. Always look for the impossible whenever possible. It is right there sent by the Trinity and delivered by His strong and willing angels. Today I say ‘Hurray’ for the goodness that comes from all these prayers.

  22. 166
    Dottie Says:

    Dear Father as we hear the news there has been another bombing in Iraq. Innocent lives have been taken. Father we pray that the enemy would be confounded and bound by your Holy Spirit. Lord nothing is impossible for you. We come with thankfull hearts for answered prayers. We honor and praise you and know that whatever happens, happens for a purpose. Save your people Lord we pray. Honor our troops and keep them in your care. May all they do work for the peace of Iraq and the middle east. We pray in your precious name. Amen

  23. 165
    Faye Says:

    Father God, we know that You are in control and that with You, NOTHING is impossible! I just ask, Lord, that You will step in and end this war, if it is Your will. These people of Bagdhad have been in torment long enough, I feel. But God, no matter what happens, help the military that are Christian spread the Word among
    these people. Let their light shine through the darkness so that these poor innocent people may believe and have hope of a better tomorrow.
    In Jesus’ Precious and Holy Name I pray. Amen

  24. 164
    Scott Says:

    Great God.

    I pray that You would protect our brothers and sisters in Christ still living in the oppression of Islam. Turn the hearts and spirits of those now in power in Iraq. Please pour out your spirit on all Iraqis In accordance with the prophecy of Joel.

    I humbly ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen!

  25. 163
    Lois Lively Says:

    Heavenly Father, I come before your throne with a humble heart and thankgiving of all the wonderful things you give to those that love you as their Lord and Savior. Father, let the people in Iraq and all the Middle East understand all the wonderment of BIRTH IN BETHLEHAM, and why we celebrate your birthday. Put it into their heart Holy Spirit why we celebrate Christmas and why He came to be the light of the world, healer, peacemaker, counsellor, etc. Give them the Joy and Peace of your love within them. Let your light shine down upon them heavenly father, that the darkness will disappear.

    Heavenly Father I SPEAK FORTH in faith and say to Baghdad “COME FORTH OUT OF YOUR DARKENESS, and STEP INTO the light of your destiny.” I say unto you Baghdad “Take your cloak of fear and violence and CAST IT OFF, AND PLACE ON THE GARMENTS OF HARMONY AND FREEDOM UPON YOU THAT WILL BLESS YOUR PEOPLE.” LORD, pour out a large dose of the impossible over Baghdad, and usher in a NEW SEASON for this city and its people. In the name of Jesus I pray this and may ALL THE GLORY go to you Lord. Amen

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