13-Calling Forth Baghdad’s Destiny

Scripture: “For nothing is impossible with God.” -Luke 1:37

Prayer: Lord, in You we live and move and breathe and have our being. You are a God of wonder and glory, who rules the nations by Your great power. There is nothing beyond Your reach, or out of Your sight. What seems impossible for us, is nothing to You.

baghdad-sunset1.jpgBaghdad needs an impossible solution, and so we come to You because You are God of the impossible. We cast off the vision of what Baghdad has become, and we embrace the vision of what You want Baghdad to be — a city of peace and harmony that will bless the people of Iraq and the Middle East.

We agree with Your desire Lord, and say in faith, “Baghdad come forth out of darkness and into the light of your destiny. Cast off your cloak of violence and fear, and step into the garments of harmony and freedom that will bless your people.”

Lord, release hope and a fresh anticipation into the hearts of the Iraqis: free them from despair and enable them to see the possibilities. We ask that You would pour out a great big dose of the impossible over Baghdad, and usher in a new season for that city and its people. In Jesus name, amen.

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  1. 587
    Peggy Says:

    Father of mercy and grace, You are such a loving GOD. There is none like you. All of your attributes are so mighty and great. You hold all of cration together. Not one can ever compare with you. You are everywhere present and see all things. You know our thoughts before we think them. You created us with a purpose in mind to fellowship with you. God, I am asking for all the people who are in this land, that you would stand up before them and display your mighty power. Let no weapon formed against your people, who are called by your name succeed. I pray for searching hearts to find YOU, who are the author and finnisher of our faith. I pray their trust will be in you alone. I ask you call out to those who don’t yet know you, for I know you see their hearts and will answer. Lord you are our peace. I pray that you will raise up a strong army and advance your kingdom taking down all with evil hearts that your people might live. Father, we cry out for the innocent men, woman and children..deliver them from evil. Let them live in peace and begin to fulfill your purpose in them. AMEN

  2. 586
    lula Says:

    ~Father we here on BPP come into your pressence with thanksgiving and praise. You have been so faithful in answering our prayers for the protection of our sons and daughters and the innocent ones caught-up in this battle of mans doing…I ask you to place your Angels/messangers in stratigic places on Thursday; hold the peace…In the name of Mashiach Yeshuah amen…

  3. 585
    Elizabeth H Says:

    Father, we totally agree with the above prayer…
    how could anything be added…
    We do say thank you Father for your many answers to our hearts cry for these precious people.

  4. 584
    Dottie Says:

    Dear Father I pray that Baghdad would cast off the darkness that invades the city and turn to the light. The true light does not come from the sun but from the Son. May the Iraqi people learn of your goodness and mercy and may they live in peace as you planned for Baghdad. The City Of Peace. Stay the hand of any who would have plans to do harm to innocent people. I pray in Jesus name. Amen

  5. 583
    Betsy P. Says:

    Lord, bring forth the destiny of Baghdad. Help those who are grieving, angry, confused, bitter to forgive their enemies and persecutors. Pour out Your Spirit on those in Adhamiya. Bring more souls into Your Kingdom so that Your destiny for Baghdad can come forth more quickly. I ask this in the name of Jesus Who died for all mankind before the foundation of the world, amen.

  6. 582
    M. Thompson Says:

    Dear Lord: Please bring Baghdad under Your Sway of Righteousness and let the people rejoice in what You are doing in their midst. Let them inquire of the Christians among them how to become saved so they can worship their God. They feel their darkness because the Light has come and lives around them embodied in the Christians of the US Soldiers they encounter in the streets and marketplaces, and the Christians that are martyred in their midst. They see their peace and light and love and it is always Your Wooing of them, Your courtship of those that live in darkness. Lord, seek out those that have a heart for You and bring Christians to them to mentor and desciple them into Your Glorious Kingdom. Thank You ahead of time for what You are about to do. A mighty work in Baghdad….all to the Glory of God! In Jesus NAME we pray, Amen.

  7. 581
    ruth Says:

    My Father in Heaven hear my plea,Father,I love and adore You.The One true Father of us all.I worship You in awe.Father ,Your plans are not known to us,but I claim a healing for Baghdad.Bring peace,love and harmony to this City and this land.Father let Your will be done in Baghdad and throughout the world.Dear Father thank You for Your Grace,Salvation and Faithfulness.Thank You for the leaders who will carry us foreword to Victory.I thank You in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ,Savior,Prince of Peace.Amen

  8. 580
    Lily Bright Says:

    Dear Lord
    Thank You for Yor Goodness and Mercy towards the men and women in Baghdad.
    I agree with Your prayer Intercessors in calling those things which be not, in Iraq, as though they were.
    I call forth Baghdad’s Destiny,this day, in Jesus name!
    Lord, I pray for a powerful and Godly Revival in Iraq; and the rest of the Middle East, in Jesus name.
    Amen and Amen

  9. 579
    Lois Taritas Says:

    Father We come before you this morning praising you for this day. this is the you have made, we will rejoice and be glad in it. May your people praise you and rejoice today. Blessed be the name of the Lord!!!!!!! Thy Kingdom Come!Your Will be done!!!!!

  10. 578
    Peggy Says:

    Father, I don’t want to be out of step with You and those who are praying here. We stand united in absolute agreement that nothing is impossible for YOU. I agree that your plan for these people is not to live in darkness with evil opressing them. Lord, we call forth light and dispell the darkness in your name and by your authority. God by your mighty power, the same power that raised Jesus from the dead, we apply that power to this land and these people that YOUR Will be done and YOUR Kigdom Come here in this place on earth as it is in heaven. We cry for these people that they be set free to live and love and enjoy the plans and purposes You have for them. Thank you Father for hearing our prayers and for ALL the goodness you give to your children. Please bless this land and these people. AMEN

  11. 577
    Lois Says:

    We totally agree that You are the God of the impossible, and ask that YOUR DESIRE and DESTINY, Lord, for Baghdad. Thus, I say in faith, Baghdad “COME FORTH out of darkness and INTO THE light of your destiny. CAST OFF your CLOAK of VIOLENCE and FEAR, and STEP INTO the garments of HARMONY and FREEDOM that will bless your people.”

    Lord Jesus, I RELEASE hope and A FRESH anticipation into the hearts of the Iraqis. I give you praise and glory that your GIVING FREEDOM to the Iraqis. Thank you Father, that Baghdad and the rest of Iraq is coming out of their despair and seeing the possibilities of a free nation. Elohim, this land is part of Abraham’s descents promised inheritence, thus, I ask boldly in Jesus’ name that you would pour out a MIGHTY DOSE of YOUR POWER over Baghdad, and bring a refreshing new season for the people. Pour forth BLESSINGS on those who know you as their Savior. Holy Spirit may they receive boldly the holiness of Jesus. In Jesus’ name I pray and agree whole heartily with YOUR answers from above. Amen.

  12. 576
    Joan Gintella Says:

    Father, you are Lord of the impossible. Things that man cannot do, you can. We put our faith, hope and trust in you to deliver Iraq out of Satan’s hands. Bring sunlight to Iraq, bring salvation to Iraq, bring hope to Iraq. I pray for the safety of our solders and police. Bring them safely home to their families Heavenly Father. In Jesus name, Amen and Amen

  13. 575
    Ann from AL Says:

    Father, we know that nothing is impossible with you. Thank you that you have watched over your people in Iraq. Bless them with unity and a righteous government. Protect those who are seeking the TRUTH and give them dreams and visions of Yeshua, their savior who sacrificed his life for them. Show them signs, wonders, and miracles to confirm your Holy Word. Expose the evil one who only seeks to kill, steal, and destroy. Bring salvation to this nation today. in Jesus’ mighty name. AMEN

  14. 574
    Betsy P. Says:

    Lord, I come to You so grateful that You planned a destiny for Baghdad, and all of Iraq before the foundation of the world. We, Your people, are calling forth that destiny today. Thank You that Baghdad is coming ever closer to the dreams that You have for it Elohim.
    We are certain that vengeance is not part of Your dream destiny for the people of Baghdad, particularly the part of the city called, Sadr City. We declare that the Kingdom of God is coming near to you, Sadr City, Baghdad, Iraq. Open wide your gates to receive the blessings of the Living God. We profess these things to You in faith, Father, in the name of Jesus, Who is God, and was with You and the Holy Spirit when You formed the universe, amen.

  15. 573
    Lois Says:

    We totally agree with YOUR DESIRE, Lord, and say in faith, Baghdad and Iraq “COME FORTH out of darkness and into the light of your destiny. CAST OFF your CLOAK of VIOLENCE and FEAR, and STEP INTO the garments of HARMONY and FREEDOM that will bless your people.”

    Lord Jesus, I RELEASE hope and A FRESH anticipation into the hearts of the Iraqis. I give you praise that you are GIVING FREEDOM to the people of Iraq. Thank you Father, that Baghdad and the rest of Iraq is coming out of their despair and seeing the possibilities of a free nation. LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, this is part of the land You promised Abraham his descents would inherit, thus, I ask humbly that you would pour out a MIGHTY DOSE of YOUR POWER over Baghdad, and bring them into a refreashing new season for the people. Pour forth BLESSINGS on those who know you as their Savior. May they receive boldness through the Holy Spirit to see the light and love of Jesus. In Jesus’ name I pray and agree whole heartily with YOUR answers from above. Amen.

  16. 572
    Pat Says:

    Abba, Amen to these prayers. I pray Psalm 91 for our troops each day, especially my loved one, Bryan and a friend Rob who serve our nation there. Thank you Father, in Jesus name. Amen

  17. 571
    Janice Says:

    Heavenly Father,

    You are to be praised for Your utter greatness! You made the sun to shine and the rain to fall on the earth today. Thank You for the growth that comes through Your actions. Plants grow, harvest comes, grain is converted to food and then people grow. You are the One who puts it all in motion. We come today to ask for You to act in Baghdad and all of Iraq to continue the process of making the land and people to be peaceful. I pray that any spot on the land that is harboring enemy bombs or weapons that are used to harm innocent people would be cleared of the harmful device or that it would go off at a time when no person would be there to be injured. Please keep the people safe from such evil devices that have been set in place by wicked people intent on hurting people to advance their agenda of terrorism. Lord, You are a good and caring God and I know You care for the Iraqi people. I am reminding You that Your Christian children, those people who follow You are living in the land and are persecuted for their faith by those who believe in another god. Please make a way of safety and let love filter into the hearts of those who act unkindly toward Your own. Show them how to live peacefully side by side. Our troops did not sacrifice lives for one religion to dominate over the other. Please Lord, help the persecuted in Iraq. I pray in the name of Jesus, Amen

  18. 570
    Luann Beasley Says:

    Father God, I praise Your holy name for You alone are worthy of my praise and of all glory and honor. You alone are righteous and gracious and trustworthy. Lord, have mercy upon the dear people of Iraq. Lord, You know their needs and I pray today that You will meet those needs. Lord, help them to see that You are the one blessing them. Open their hearts and minds to You, Jesus, as You are the only begotten Son of God. There is no other. May they hear of Your mighty miracles and of Your great love and forgiveness of sins. I thank You, Lord, for Your great faithfulness, for I know You will hear my prayer. In Jesus’ name I pray forever. Amen.

  19. 569
    ruth Says:

    Abba,Thank You for bringing us to the beginning of another day.Abba,You have so blessed us in every way.I have the gift of salvation through Your Son Jesus.Thank You.
    Abba,shine the light of freedom,peace and properity into the city of Baghdad.Light up the peoples’ heart and give them a hunger for Jesus. Free up the leaders give them wisdom and a heart for peace and freedom.Abba,show the world Your Glory and Faithfullness to us,light up Baghdad now.Bind up the wicked and evil ones,the one who wish to inslave and keep the people in darkness.Father God,Abba,I climb into Your arms today and ask that You Bless and Sanctify the believers in this land.Keep them safe and give them the courage to contiue to good fight for the people of this city.Abba,Thank You so Much.Amen and Amen!!!!

  20. 568
    Sharon M Says:

    Holy Father, I pray for a concise and clear result from the election. I pray for a new level of patriotism among the people especially the elected officials. A pray for a vision for them of a free and functional Iraq. I pray that there would be an end to revenge and spite but a new level of trust and cooperation. You are the only way. You can do the impossible. I pray for the darkness to flee in all directions and the light to come forth over Baghdad. A new level of truth to emerge. I pray for the church in the green zone to come into her destiny with power and favor to call forth Your will. Come forth Iraq into your destiny. Take your place of influence in the middle east. In Jesus name.

  21. 567
    Ellizabeth H Says:

    Yes Lord! Nothing is too hard for You…
    Do what only You can do..

    bless them with Your Shalom
    Let them feel Your Love Mercy
    Longsuffering Kindness compassion.

    In the midst of the suffring come in
    power and put and put an end to Your
    enemies…save Your people.

  22. 566
    Terri P. Says:

    Abba Father, we are your children and we see what You are doing in Baghdad. There is a future and a hope for the people of Baghdad. We believe and say You Are the God of impossibilities…You ARE the One who gives life to the dead and calls things that are not as though they ARE! They ARE full of Life and not death in Baghdad! We say “Come forth Baghdad, step into your rightful place, this is your time and destiny to shine as God would have you shine!” In agreement with brothers and sisters praying and believing In Christ Jesus Name amen!

  23. 565
    Dottie Says:

    Dear Father work a mighty work in Baghdad. Restore Baghdad to “The City Of Peace”. Nothing is impossible for you Father and I praise you and thank you for all you have done thus far. Once again bind those who go about seeking to do harm to the innocent. May your Holy Spirit permeate the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people so that they will be in your will. Bless them and protect all the peacekeepers. I pray in Jesus name. Amen

  24. 564
    Dawn Says:

    In the words of Chris Tomlin”s “You are God of this city”
    You are God of this City
    You’re the King of these people
    You’re the Lord of this nation
    You are
    You’re the light in the darkness
    You’re the hope of these people
    You’re the peace to the restless
    You are
    There is no one like our God
    Greater things have yet to come
    And greater things are yet to be done in this City

    Lord having served in Baghdad, I know the light that can shine in this city. Your servants there are dedicated to loving everyone, even their enemies. They know you’re love, believe in your love and know that you will bring great things to Baghdad.

    Do not forget these servants. May your spirit continue to strengthen and encourage them so that the enemy will be vanquished. In you all things are possible and we know that in you the enemy will be defeated.

    In your name we pray, Amen.

  25. 563
    Faye Says:

    Father God I praise Your Holy Name. I pray for all those living in Baghdad to be able to hear the truth of your Word and believe. I pray also that the impossible happens in the future for this city. I know that You are the God of the impossible. I have seen it happen over and over again and I pray that You let the Iraqi people who call Baghdad their home will someday see it too. We are all Your children and I hope and pray that they can know the Truth and that Truth will set them free.
    In Jesus’ Precious and Holy Name. Amen

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