13-Calling Forth Baghdad’s Destiny

Scripture: “For nothing is impossible with God.” -Luke 1:37

Prayer: Lord, in You we live and move and breathe and have our being. You are a God of wonder and glory, who rules the nations by Your great power. There is nothing beyond Your reach, or out of Your sight. What seems impossible for us, is nothing to You.

baghdad-sunset1.jpgBaghdad needs an impossible solution, and so we come to You because You are God of the impossible. We cast off the vision of what Baghdad has become, and we embrace the vision of what You want Baghdad to be — a city of peace and harmony that will bless the people of Iraq and the Middle East.

We agree with Your desire Lord, and say in faith, “Baghdad come forth out of darkness and into the light of your destiny. Cast off your cloak of violence and fear, and step into the garments of harmony and freedom that will bless your people.”

Lord, release hope and a fresh anticipation into the hearts of the Iraqis: free them from despair and enable them to see the possibilities. We ask that You would pour out a great big dose of the impossible over Baghdad, and usher in a new season for that city and its people. In Jesus name, amen.

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  1. 487
    Joan Gintella Says:

    Lord in Heaven, we give you the praise and the glory that you are doing the impossible in Iraq right now. We know there is still violence, but not as many deaths as there were. We ask that you dispatch your warrior angels and put them with each and every person in Iraq who wants peace and around each and every one of our soldiers who are fighting for peace in Iraq and Afghanistan. Guide their steps Lord and protect them from all danger and harm. In Jesus name, Amen and Amen.

  2. 486
    Joyce B. Says:

    Awesome God of the universe we praise You today because You are worthy of all praise, Thank You for Your mercy that is fresh and new EVERY MORNING. God we pray for Your people in Iraq that are being persecuted by church & car bombings and assignations in their neighborhoods. We pray as You give them strength to endure these attacks that You will surround them with Your mighty angels to protect them from the enemy & we ask You to deal with those that are trying to stop Your Word from spreading in Iraq so that many will be saved. We pray Your will be done Your kingdom come in all of Iraq today in Jesus name

  3. 485
    Sharon W. Says:

    Lord, we bring honor and glory to you today not just for all the ways you bless us, but for who you are. Your greatness and power are beyond compare. We ask that your sovereign will be done in Iraq and Afghanistan. We bring the Christians in these countries before your throne and ask your protection over them. Even though it seems that the enemy of our souls is winning we know the final outcome and he is already a defeated foe.

    We pray especially for the soldiers and the military leaders in these dangerous countries today. We plead for their protection from these terrorist who kill and destroy. In the name of Jesus, we pray.

  4. 484
    Jackie Says:

    Father, you have promised to keep your church alive and now with the bombings of your Church in Iraq I pray that You would protect and encourage our brothers and sisters in Christ as they are scared and don’t know what to do next. Let their faith not be shaken but through this persecution make them strong and provide hiding places for them to meet. Provide for them Lord in all ways Lord. We pray for the destiny of Iraq. Let the enemy not take back what was won. Iraq is Your territory Lord, we delcare JESUS KING OVER IRAQ!!! In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

  5. 483
    Kim Says:

    Lord I ask that you send your holy spirit afresh to the churches in Baghdad. That not one drop of the blood that was shed there would be in vain. Rise up Lord and let your enemies be scattered. show them to be ashamed and pour out your peace and comfort on those that were affected by the bombings and the whole church in Iraq. I ask for your mercy and your spirit Lord to be released and cause a great revival in the neighborhoods of Baghdad. I ask that you break revenge and replace with your Love and forgiveness! I ask that you convict the bombers and that they turn to you. I ask for division in the camp of the enemy and supernatural solutions to this wave of terrorism. In Jesus Name I pray!

  6. 482
    Lily bright Says:

    Dear Heavenly Father
    Today, more than ever, we call forth the Destiny of Baghdad; and while we wait, we cry out for protection and Your grace Lord Jesus;
    Lord, we need You more than ever, now.
    In Jesus name I pray,
    Amen and Amen

  7. 481
    Sharon M Says:

    Oh Holy God,
    We cry out to you on behalf of the Christians in Baghdad. Do not let them lose heart. Holy Spirit encourage them. Give them the heart to stand strong in the power of their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
    Bless them Lord in ways only You can do. Give them resolve and a hope for the future. Unite them in purpose. Give them a vision of hope in You.
    Thank You holy God. Thank You. In Jesus precious Name.

  8. 480
    nina Says:

    Thank You Father for Your love.Yes Lord make clear their way and continued path to liberated and secure nation of peace and prosperity. I pray that Your word be heard and spread like wildfire in this region. Protect them Father from those who want to harm them and destroy their success. I pray Father for the courage of all the people of the region to stand up and bring down the corruption and reckless leaderships that will only lead the people and possibly many nations to devastation. Rise up Your anointed, brave, wise, peace loving people to say what is right expose the lies. I pray for extra supernatural strength to well up amongst them and for the coming together in numbers and in power. Only by the stirring of Your almighty power can this be done, may Your will be done Father for the sake of Your kingdom. In Jesus name I pray in faith, Amen.

  9. 479
    Dottie Says:

    Dear Father bless our troops as thay put their lives on the line for us. Father bless Iraqi and especially the city of Baghdad. May peace prevail in this city. May the people agree to strive for a peaceful city. May they put their differences aside and work together for the good of all the people. Father we come thanking you for all you have done to move this peace process forward. Only you know the many lives that have been saved because of the BPP. We thank you for this place where we can pray together for the peace of Iraq and Afganistan. We add Pakistan because of all the turmoil that is going on there. May your angels of peace hover over these places to bring and restore order. I pray in Jesus name. Amen

  10. 478
    M. Thompson Says:

    Dear Lord:
    Let us call forth Lazarus Iraq from the grave. IRAQ, COME FORTH. IRAQ, COME FORTH!!!
    Let us go up to the Mountain of the Lord and seek the God of Jacob, and He will teach us His Ways.

    Let these Nations take off their grave clothes and begin their journey Home to their Creator, Jesus Christ, in whom all things are made.
    Let there be rejoicing before the Lord for all that He has made.
    In Jesus Name, we will see this some day soon!

  11. 477
    Sandra Says:

    Lord, please bless the son of my cousin, Kenneth, who has been serving in the Army in Iraq since almost the beginning of these worst trials. Bless him, please, that he will come home to his Mother,Mary, soon and safe.

  12. 476
    lula jasper,al Says:

    Amen to todays prayer for the future of Iraq and it’s people…In Yeshua

  13. 475
    Jan Says:

    Heavenly Father, thank you and praise you for being with our Military as they work to do your will throughout the world. Today we lift up the city of Sadr and pray favor with a shield over all of our Military as they stand before the people of Sadr City to be a witness of your goodness. Send down a cover of light, peace, calm and joy to the people and our Military. Let the
    people feel your presence. Help them to cooperate and help our Military in their efforts to bring freedom and peace to Sadr City. Send the Holy Spirit to give them wisdom, discernment, strength and help them KNOW they are the head and not the tail, that no weapon formed against them will prosper, and most of all that YOU are with them every step they take. Give them peace, hope, laughter and joy. Today is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it. We ask all in Jesus name. Amen

  14. 474
    Lily Says:

    Dear Lord,I in agreement with thousands of Intercessors, we, CALL FORTH BAGHDAD’S DESTINY, in Jesus name.
    In JESUS name,
    Amen and Amen

  15. 473
    Chris Mene Says:

    God is sending men to Persia to strategically pull down the Prince of Persia, so that the Daniel Company can have a deeper insight to what the Lord is doing in this endtime.
    As we keep on in fasting & praying there will be a release again of supernatural help for the Messenger Angel carrying the goodnews for the liberation of the nations.

  16. 472
    Tress Cole Says:

    Father we thank you that your hands are in this place. We can see your handy work taking place in all the lifes that have been spared!
    Lord move upon this Nation today and do your will! We know and believe that all things are possible with the living God. So today let it be known that we place all faith in the One, Who Created the heavens and the Earth. Things seen and unseen.
    Set this Nation on the change for the better and help them to trust in you. Use the men and women of God to spead like butter the word of your Mighty Return. In the Holy Name of Jesus Christ we pray and believe for the change! Amen

  17. 471
    Judy Chase Says:

    Father God you are all seeing and all knowing of what is transpiring in Baghdad and Iraq. We agree with the prayers of the committed Prayer Warriors that have prayed today. Send legions of heavenly warriors to surround the men and women who protect and free the people of Iraq to come into into their destiny and truth of your Peace. We thank you God that the spirit of wrath,anger and malace has been broken over Bagdad and Iraq in the Mighty name of Jesus, Amen

  18. 470
    Dottie Says:

    Dear Father how blessed we are when we put our hope and trust in you. You Lord who are over all and in all. Father we come praying for Baghdad. Restore it to a City of Peace. Send your angels of peace and mercy over Iraq. Stay the hand of the enemy who seeks to harm the innocent. Please watch over our troops,we thank you for each one of them who is sacrificing for us. LOrd keep them mentally healthy in this very hard time in their lives. Thank you for who you are. I pray in Jesus name. Amen

  19. 469
    Marnie Says:

    Lord, please hear our prayer. I ask you to go befor my son, Billy USN Corpman serving with the USMC. He believes, he is in Iraq. I have given him to you. Please protect him and bless him. Give him an opportunity to share his favorite verse with someone today, that it may bring them to you, Father. Phil 4:13 Amen

  20. 468
    Becky Says:

    Lord Jesus,

    “…I will sing of Your Power; Yes, I will sing aloud of Your Mercy in the morning; for You have been my defense and refuge…” Psalm 59:16

    God of Mercy. God of Love.
    Defend Iraq against the rulers of darkness.
    Protect our warriors.
    If You do not defend or protect us, we have no hope.

    Blessed be Your Name.

  21. 467
    Mary Tebault Says:

    Father, how blessed I am be all these prayers of your people. I usually look in the morning, when few have left messages. And I know that for the few who leave messages, there are many more of us who simply pray everyone else’s prayers. Jesus, thank You so much for giving us the privilege of a partnership with You in prayer. Be glorified today in miracles and saved souls in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Israel as well as in the United States.

  22. 466
    Sherrill Says:

    Father, we pray today for the needs of our soldiers in Iraq. Father, help us to know what needs to be done in order that our military has everything it needs (including water) to be triumphant over the enemy in that foreign land. Open the eyes of our leaders to move on their behalf to rectify this disgraceful neglect of our fighting men and women. God repay those who are responsible for this dereliction. We ask it in Jesus’ Name, amen

  23. 465
    tress cole Says:

    Lord You are the God of peace and we look to You for the answers. We know that You can do all things, but fail! There is no other God. You are the One True God. Beside You there is no other. We hold tight to the hand that never lets go. You promised us that You would never leave nor forsake us at anytime!
    It is so wonderful to know that we can place our trust in a God who is always there. All we have to do to reach You, is pray. It fills our hearts with Joy to know just how much we are loved and cherished.
    There is nothing in the whole world that can take the place of Our Lord Jesus Christ! He is our shelter in the storm of this life. A true friend in our time of need.
    We send up our hearts prayers to a God of Love, who never sleeps nor slummbers. It doesn’t matter the time of day or the time of night. He listens each and everytime we call. The line is always open and we never get a busy signal!
    Oh how we Love and trust the King of Kings and and the Lord of Lords. Our Savior Jesus Christ!

  24. 464
    tress cole Says:

    Dear Lord crash all the scemes of the wicked. Let all the planns of the evil ones fall to the ground and burn before their very eyes.
    Lord we know that You have a plann for all mankind to love each other in peace and harmony. Let all who seek You have peace of heart this day.
    No matter what may go on around them, let the peace of Your Spirit reign Oh Lord! Send joy to the hearts of the people and so the enemy may see. For all who places their trust in thee shall have peace in all situations.
    There is no one like You God in all the universe. Contintue to send Your love that surrpasses all understanding. In the Holy name of Jesus Christ we pray! Amen

  25. 463
    Alice Carrel Says:

    All Mighty God, here we are again in Your Holy presence, humbly before Your Throne of Grace. We thank You Lord for this day, for the MANY BLESSINGS YOU HAVE BESTOWED UPON ALL of us. If Your blessings were rain we would all be flooded over our roof tops. Thank You Dear Lord for all the PRAYERS that is going up for Iraq, Afganistan, Israel and all the Middle East. Thank You Father God for hearing these CRIES for help for Your INNOCENT ones. I too ask You to release them from the evil that has Baghdad held hostage. In the name fo our Lord Christ Jesus I COMMAND the EVIL one to FLEE FROM BAGHDAD. I BIND Iraq up to You Lord, I BIND their WILL to the WILL OF THE CROSS, THEIR MINDS TO KNOW CHRIST and the THINGS of GOD. I BIND THE STRONG MAN SATAN and LOOSE, CRUSH, SHATTER, MELT and TEAR APART ALL HINDRANCES, DEVICES and INFLUENCES he is trying to bring to Baghdad. Matthew 16:19 and 18:18 says what we BIND and LOOSE on Earth will BE BOUND and LOOSED in HEAVEN. We RELY on Your WORD and STAND on Your promises Father. In Jesus name I ask these things…..Amen

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