13-Calling Forth Baghdad’s Destiny

Scripture: “For nothing is impossible with God.” -Luke 1:37

Prayer: Lord, in You we live and move and breathe and have our being. You are a God of wonder and glory, who rules the nations by Your great power. There is nothing beyond Your reach, or out of Your sight. What seems impossible for us, is nothing to You.

baghdad-sunset1.jpgBaghdad needs an impossible solution, and so we come to You because You are God of the impossible. We cast off the vision of what Baghdad has become, and we embrace the vision of what You want Baghdad to be — a city of peace and harmony that will bless the people of Iraq and the Middle East.

We agree with Your desire Lord, and say in faith, “Baghdad come forth out of darkness and into the light of your destiny. Cast off your cloak of violence and fear, and step into the garments of harmony and freedom that will bless your people.”

Lord, release hope and a fresh anticipation into the hearts of the Iraqis: free them from despair and enable them to see the possibilities. We ask that You would pour out a great big dose of the impossible over Baghdad, and usher in a new season for that city and its people. In Jesus name, amen.

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  1. 362
    Lynn Says:

    Lord, thank You that we can know with certainty that nothing is impossible with You! Reestablish Baghdad to Your original intentions. We pray Your will be done here on earth as it is in heaven. Keep our soldiers safe, Father, while they are in Baghdad, in all of Iraq and Afghanistan. Shower them with Your grace and mercy, encourage them and let them know we continue to lift them up in prayer, we love and thank them. In Jesus mighty name I pray! Amen and Amen.

  2. 361
    char Says:

    In Jesus Name, Lord! Nothing is impossible for You! We truly do ask for a big dose of the impossible. I ask You for Your revival fire to burn in Iraq, Lord. And I ask that You would send Your fire to burn up Your enemies! Lord, Lord, I prophesy to those bones and say to them. O you dry bones, hear The Word of The Lord, and live! Realize! He is the Sovereign ruler, who calls forth loyalty and obedient service. Lord , put Your Spirit in them so they can live!!! Nothing is impossible for You, Lord, Nothing!

  3. 360
    Natalie Turner Says:

    Dear Jesus,I come to you tonight praising you for all your blessings! Be with the people of Baghdad today,and help them to come to you and worship you..
    Have your way there,and bring real peace to them as only you can give.. In your name I pray.

  4. 359
    Dottie Says:

    Dear Father I am in complete agreement with the prayer of Warren. May your Holy Spirit hover over Bagdad and may you fill each heart with your Holy Spirit. I pray in Jesus name. Amen

  5. 358
    Jean Says:

    Great and Glorious Heavenly Father, You have made the heavens and the earth, nothing is too difficult for You!(Jeremiah 32:17) I continue to pray for Your will to be done in Iraq and for the healing of that nation. May Your purposes for the citizens of that land be fulfilled and may they know that there is a Living God in Heaven Who cares about who they are and about what is going on in their lives and their surroundings. May we soon begin to hear reports of good things coming out of Iraq because of the good that can be done there. In Jesus’ Precious and Holy Name. Amen.

  6. 357
    mary Says:

    Honor and glory to your name O Lord! Thank you for you great love and mercies for your people and for the salvation you offer through our Lord Jesus. We pray that you would raise up leaders in our country that would hear your voice and receive your directions. We know that you will do a mighty work by your power to establish your kingdom. We do pray that your people will have listening ears and open hearts to hear your plans and not be filled with plans of our own. We do ask your protection for those who must be in difficult and dangerous circumstances. Thank you that you are doing mighty works at this time in preparation for the return of our Lord Jesus and may the hearts and spiritual eyes of your people be toward you. Blessed be the name of Jesus!

  7. 356
    Lois Lively Says:

    Our Father, which art in heaven, may your name receive all the glory, praise, and honor you are so worthy of. You are the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, who lives, loves, and gives forth knowledge of your Word. Thank you Father for lovingly protecting our soldiers, Iraqi soldiers, Afgani soldiers, and the Israelites. these are ALL YOUR CHILDREN that you love, long for to have fellowship with, and give them life eternall through your Son Jesus.

    LORD, I say unto the people of Iraq and Baghdad; “Baghdad COME FORTH OUT OF DARKNESS and INTO THE LIGHT of your destiny. CAST OFF your cloak of violence and fear, and STEP INTO THE GARMENTS OF HARMONY AND FREEDOM that will bless your people.” Lord, we ask that You would pour out a great big dose of the impossible over Baghdad, and Afghanistan, and usher in a NEW SEASON for their city and its people. In the name of Jesus, the name obove all names, and give in advance all the glory unto your Holy name. Amen

  8. 355
    Nursella Says:

    In times like these Iraq needs the Saviour. Heavenly Father,we bow down to You Lord and we worship You as King of Kings and Lord of Lodrds. We can sence Your presence hovering over the entire country of Iraq.
    We bind up the plans of the enemy right now Lord. We demand that he goes back to the pit of hwell where he belongs. The people of Iraq- the entire Iraq belong to YOU and no one else. The children were made in YOUR own likeness,and image, and because of this LORD we ask that YOU will now send their Guardian Angels to cover, and hove all around them today and tonight,and ALWAYS.
    We ask for a “SPECIAL” Blood coverage over Wayne and his family. Continue to be their Guide,Their Friend,Their Provider,their Strength;
    The evil one dose not like what they re doing for YOU, and he will try his best to hurt them,but we plead the strong hands of the ALMIGHTY over their lives. Bless,bless,bless we ask.
    Dispatch the Archangels, the Seraphins,Michael ,Gabriel to stand,and spread their wings over the entire country of Iraq now and forever more AMEN and AMEN

  9. 354
    Janice from Georgia Says:

    Heavenly Father,

    You rule with authority over all the earth. May You ever be exalted as high above all. Sometimes the devil tries to make a stand against You and Your rule but he is always in the long run fully defeated and makes his abode in the lake of fire. Please Lord keep him down. Do not let him try to create hell on earth in Iraq. Please make a new day in Iraq where there is no doubt in the minds of people that You are in charge and that the devil has lost any footing that he had there. Thank You Lord for looking out for the police, troops and innocent civilians in Iraq. Please may they be like sheep in Your pasture always receiving their sustenance from Your gracious hand. May Jesus be their Good Shepherd. Do not let the wolves into the sheepfold. I pray thanks to You for all that You do to bring about the destiny of peace in Baghdad and Iraq. Through Jesus, Amen

  10. 353
    M. Thompson Says:

    Dear Lord:
    Thank you and Praise you for all the victories that you alone are winning through our US Soldiers. I know by faith that even tho we hear of trouble through the news that Your Holy Spirit is still breaking up the clods of violence and darkness where-ever our Soldiers go.

    We saints are in prayer agreement for the work they do to usher in a new destiny for Iraq and for our them as well, our Soldiers.

    May Iraq be cleaned and polished up and be a vessel of honor among the nations. May Iraq serve the soldiers that served them! Please hear our prayer today, dear Father, In Jesus Name I pray, Amen

  11. 352
    Betsy P. McAllister Says:

    You alone are God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We worship You! We honor You with our praises! And we love You because You first loved us. O how excellent is Your name in all the Earth! Thank You that You love all those in Baghdad, Sadr City, all of Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel, Pakistan, the entire Middle East and throughout the whole Earth. You alone are able to comprehend the needs of each one of us. You alone are able to provide for the needs of each one of us. You alone love each one of us….with a deep, and abiding love. You reach out to us, You draw us, You enfold us in Your loving arms. O dear Lord, succor Your people; speak tenderly to the hurting ones; bind up the broken of heart and body. Do what You alone can do. We love You, Lord so much, and we are so grateful that You sent Your Son to represent You and to die for our sins that we might live with You forever. O haste the day when our faith becomes sight! I extend my arms to You to receive Your embrace. Because of Jesus, amen.

  12. 351
    nina Says:

    Blessed is Your name Father. You are our God of wonder, Your ways are mysterious and wonderful. Your ways, Your being, Your intentions are beyond our understanding. In the word so often You showed us Your glorious power in changing lives, turning nations around, lifting the righteous, saving victims, destroying evil, bringing down those of evil deeds, and so many others. In the name of Your son we pray for Your wonderful and mysterious inventions for this nation of Iraq and of the people of that region. Allow them to know You and Your glory. I pray for Your Holy Spirit to open eyes and minds to the truth and know the love of Jesus. I pray for their protection, their freedom and unity of all peace seeking people and may they stand bravely and firmly against the darkness. In Jesus precious name I pray, Amen.

  13. 350
    Joan Gintella Says:

    Lord, we come to you today speaking what we want in Iraq, not what we have. We want peace, not war – We want courage and confidence among the Iraqi leaders, not confusion and distrust – we want normalcy and joyous life to come back into Iraq, not death and destruction. Continue to protect our soldiers and bring them home safely and soon Lord. In Jesus name, Amen and Amen

  14. 349
    Anne White from GA Says:

    LORD, You are the God Who makes all things possible. You sovereignly control all things-time, history, nations’ destinies. And You have brought out of darkness into light the truth about good and evil. You have shown that good can overcome evil. In Sadr City are souls whose minds are blinded to the truth. May the glorious light of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ shine on them in the ways You have decreed. May the blood of the martyrs who have given their lives for His name’s sake cry out from the land of Iraq. May many receive Him and be delivered from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light. May the people have true hope for their future as a nation. And may they be a light to the nations around them which hold prisoners by a religion which denies Your Son as the Way, the Truth and the Light. Thank you for mercies new every morning and for boundless salvation through grace alone.
    Keep those who labor for freedom under Your wings. Let them see how “loving their neighbor as themselves” is producing the needs of the Iraqi people. May many souls enter your family this day and may Your name be praised throughout that ancient land where Abraham heard You speak.
    Amen and Amen

  15. 348
    Ann Says:

    Lord, As the conflict continues we ask a blessing on our weary troops and on the new units being established. Give them all the strength and courage to do what must be done. Give them rest at night and alertness in the day. Send your Holy Spirit to minister to their spiritual and emotional needs and be with the Iraqi families whose lives they touch. Ann

  16. 347
    lula of Jasper, Al. Says:

    Father God we come togther through trust in You knowing that You all-ways hear and answer our heartfelt prayers for the peoples of Baghdad that are in harms way. Lord we ask that You cover our sons & daughters that are so dear to us here at home and that You cover Your future children there in that far land,also Pakistan and Afghanistan,and all the other countries that are in tourmoil. The earth truely does groan awaiting Your return. Come soon Lord Yeshua. Amen

  17. 346
    Deb Says:

    Lord, we Cry out for help. We need you Lord. Simply You

    All of You. In every area. I cannot even muster up a Holy Prayer

    this evening… I just KNOW we need you. I also know Lord that

    You love us and You are protecting us and helping all of us- even

    if it does NOT feel like it. None of our worlds problems are a

    shock to You. You really do have the WHOLE world in your hands

    Help us to remember that You are Sovereign and Wonderful. ..

    and answering our crys. Be with this war God, the one raging

    in Baghdad and the wars inside each of our lives. Selah!

  18. 345
    Faye Says:

    Father, Holy is Your Name. Help us to always remember those less fortunate than ourselves. I ask You, please, to give the people of Baghdad “showers of blessings”. Help them to be “Joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer”(Romans 12:12)
    I pray these things in Jesus’ Precious and Holy Name. Amen

  19. 344
    Sarah Says:

    Father, please have Your perfect will in Iraq today. May it’s destiny be one of peace and joyful worship to You, the Loving Creator of all mankind.

  20. 343
    Loretta Worthy Says:

    Father, We lift up Baghdad and surrounding area and call forth light and peace and prosperity. God’s will is done in Baghdad and all Iraq as it is in heaven. Darkness is a thing of the past. All is love, joy, peace, prosperity and kindness. The past is released and today is full of compassiona and love. All good things are shared and all look in the direction of blessing for others around about them. Every heart is filled with forgiveness and love. Mercy abounds. All minds are aligned with God. We declare it is so in the authority of Jesus.

  21. 342
    audrey West Says:

    Dear Father,

    I hope and pray for peace for Baghdad. I pray Lord, that You will send your doves of peace there today. In Jesus name, Amen!
    I LOVE YOU ,LORD!!!!
    Audrey West

  22. 341
    Jean Says:

    Merciful Heavenly Father, how great You are! How wonderful are Your ways. Thank You so much for all the good You have already done in Baghdad. I pray again for Your will to be done in that city and in that nation. And in other nations that are experiencing conflict, violence and loss of life I pray for Your will to be done there too and that spiritual hosts of wickedness would no longer be able to incite people to carry out acts of violence and destruction. Help Your people in every place to be alert and to take action in prayer or works to stand against the powers of darkness in this needy world. May there be help and healing wherever it is needed today. In Jesus’ Precious and Holy Name. Amen.

  23. 340
    Lois Lively Says:

    Oh Father, our wonderfull and gracious El-Eyon, we thank you for loving us, for the things you have done, and will do in the future for the nations of Iraq and Afghanistan. YOU FATHER, love these nations and love these people with all your heart and soul. Thank you that YOU ARE THE GOD OF THE IMPOSSIBLE. Thank you for knowing all our needs and desires, but you want to hear our voice asking for help in the name of Jesus, whom you love and sent for our redemption. Lord, I now give unto you the nation of Iraq and Afghanistan and say for the Iraqi soldiers and to the Afghani soldiers in faith and love: “BAGHDAD AND AFGHANISTAN, COME FORTH OUT OF THE DARKNESS AND INTO THE LIGHT OF YOUR DESTINY. CAST OFF your cloak of violence and fear, and STEP INTO HARMONY AND FREEDOM that will bless you and your people.” Oh precious Jesus, SEND FORTH your LIGHT TO SHINE DOWN on these nations and let your love dwell there. Jesus and Holy Spirit, please open their eyes and ears (physically & spiritually) that they MAY SEE the truth, and that they MAY HEAR your Word. LORD HEAR THEIR CRIES UNTO YOU FOR HELP. May the enemy hear your voice saying “LET MY PEOPLE GO”. In the name of Jesus I pray this now and DECREE THIS IS DONE, and give you all the glory, honor, and praise that you so richly deserve. Amen and Amen

  24. 339
    Natalie Says:

    Dear Jesus, You are the great IAM,have your way with Iraq!bring peace where there is no peace;tear down the enemie’s stronge hold.
    Give our troops strengeth and courage,and help the people here in America to truely appreciate what the troops are going through,and pray for them.. Bless our troops Lord,and help them to win the battle..In you we can do All things.
    Thank you Jesus for what you are doing,and what you are going to do.In your name I pray

  25. 338
    Sherrill Says:

    Father, we thank You for Your wisdom which far exceeds the wisdom of the world. Help us to learn to love our enemies for love never fails. Protect our servicemen and women who are showing their love today by standing against those who would take away our freedom and the right to worship You. We pray for the peace of Jerusalem and the rest of the world, in Jesus’ Name, Amen

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