13-Calling Forth Baghdad’s Destiny

Scripture: “For nothing is impossible with God.” -Luke 1:37

Prayer: Lord, in You we live and move and breathe and have our being. You are a God of wonder and glory, who rules the nations by Your great power. There is nothing beyond Your reach, or out of Your sight. What seems impossible for us, is nothing to You.

baghdad-sunset1.jpgBaghdad needs an impossible solution, and so we come to You because You are God of the impossible. We cast off the vision of what Baghdad has become, and we embrace the vision of what You want Baghdad to be — a city of peace and harmony that will bless the people of Iraq and the Middle East.

We agree with Your desire Lord, and say in faith, “Baghdad come forth out of darkness and into the light of your destiny. Cast off your cloak of violence and fear, and step into the garments of harmony and freedom that will bless your people.”

Lord, release hope and a fresh anticipation into the hearts of the Iraqis: free them from despair and enable them to see the possibilities. We ask that You would pour out a great big dose of the impossible over Baghdad, and usher in a new season for that city and its people. In Jesus name, amen.

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  1. 12
    shirley Says:

    LORD GOD OF HEAVEN, we lift before you the city of Bagdad. LORD this is a city that you have made for your purposes. I pray that your HOLY SPIRIT would pervade this city and reveal your presence and your power. Praise be to GOD. Amen.

  2. 11
    C Anne Dail Says:

    Keep on Praying . Never stop while there is Breath in us. We don’t really know how effective our prayers are. God id faithful, we are called to pray about everything. Amen

  3. 10
    Kathy Hilliard Says:

    Lord today, May 13th is Mothers Day. I lift up the mothers in Iraq, soldiers as well as civilians, and ask You to bless them with Your love, power and mercy. Bring peace to their souls Lord, let them feel Your touch. To all in Iraq Father, make yourself known. The soldiers, civilians, men, women and children, let all feel Your presence today and know you are real. Protect them my Lord, Amen

  4. 9
    Jim Says:

    Sovereign Lord, we pray for unity among the people of Baghdad and all of Iraq. We pray for the people to forget their differences and come together — Sunnis, Shia, Kurds and Christians. May there be a great spirit of cooperation as they work together with coalition forces to put down this insurgency. We pray for the leaders of Iraq. We pray for unity.
    —In Jesus mighty name!

  5. 8
    Betty Deshon Says:

    Let the Son of Righteousness arise with healing in His wings. In Jesus Holy Name.

  6. 7
    Cathy Says:


  7. 6
    Rosangela Says:

    Lord God Almighty, we lift to your Holy Presence all the men and women in service and the entire city of Baghdad. Lord God Almighty, we ask you to please end the violence in that city. Cause the insurgents to run away. Lord, let that city know what peace is. Lord, you can make everything happen. You are our creator, the creator of the whole Universe. You created Baghdad, Lord please let this city be cleaned and cleared from all men of violence. Let, those who love to kill and explode people be brought to Your Holy Presence, so that they will finally know the truth. Lord, let the world see that we are the ones who bear the weight of helping Iraq and cause them to help us more intensely. Let those who cause shame to our country with their poisonous words be brought to Your Holy Presence. Lord, let the truth shine inexorably for jackals are making their lives on the blood of those who are sacrificing themselves to our country, by attacking and questioning them.
    Lord, please reign in this situation. Lord, You are Mighty, come , be present in Baghdad, erase violence from that city and that country. Lord, come to our country and make all the lies and poisonous words be dismantled by the truth. Make all who are constructing a life for them by slandering and confusing the public be put to inexorable shame. In the name of Jesus we pray.AMen!

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    Dewayne Standridge Says:


  9. 4
    Katie Rhodes Says:

    Father God, forgive our nation for all its sins, and especially forgive the church for all her sins. Wash us by the Blood of the Lamb and by the Living Water of the Word, that we might live worthy of Your great sacrifice of love, and worthy of our high calling in Christ Jesus. We so long for You to pour out mighty blessings and rescues and heavenly huge revivals here and in Baghdad; we are not able to do any good on our own, but let us live tight in the Vine, so that You can accomplish all Your heart’s desire in and through us. Lord, be glorified, for Your own Name’s sake. Not to vindicate us, but to bring glory and honor to the Name of Jesus who loves us and delivered Himself up for us. Hallelujah!

  10. 3
    Joyce Says:

    Father God You are Holy and we praise you for your Mercy and Grace. Thank you Father that you hear our prayers and You care about our needs. We ask you for peace and safety throughout Iraq. That You wil be glorified through your mighty works there and that You will keep those safe that are standing against terrorism, comfort the helpless and the needy .Bless Sadar city with miracles in Jesus Name

  11. 2
    ann Says:

    Unto YOU, O Lord, we give honor and GLORY and praise for all that You *are* doing, unseen and unknown to our limited human ‘vision’, and we THANK You, Lord, that You *are* in control of your world. Change the hearts of stone into hearts of flesh,O Lord. Agreeing with this powerful prayer over Baghdad and all ‘places of conflict’ today, and praying in the Powerful Name above all Names, our Lord Jesus Christ ~ AMEN.

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    Katie Rhodes Says:


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