Mansur – Hot Spot

Mansur – Named after the caliph who founded Baghdad, this mixed Shiite-Sunni district west of the Green Zone was once a prosperous neighborhood the New York Times labeled it “Baghdad’s Upper East Side.” In recent years it has slid into sectarian chaos, resulting in an exodus of locals fleeing the violence. *

Touch this map and bless the people of Mansur in Jesus name,
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*Copy from the Council on Foreign Relations

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    Mike Karslake Says:

    Lord, we bless you in Jesus Name and proclaim freedom and healing over the city of Mansur and over the entire country of Iraq. Things are difficult, but not too difficult for your great power, your forgiveness and your love. Bless and strengthen all who call upon your name this day. In Jesus might and Salvation.

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    tom romano Says:

    Father as we hear the news from the vicar of baghdad concerning the beheading of children we ask for protection courage and steadfastness for all believers and that you’re love would would encompass the evil sought to be done. May you’re holy spirit permeate the hearts and mind of those who seek to harm.

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