A Chaplain’s Heart

Get a sense of a chaplain’s heart as you read some “post action” thoughts from Ch. Dave (reprinted from the Adopt-a-Chaplain newsletter)

“The pain and cries of the tough injured are muffled by the organized chaos of trauma medicine. I find it a high privilege to embrace a dirty, bloody Soldier and have him sink his head into my chest and find peace. It is also an amazing thing to bend down and speak softly into the “good ear” of a Soldier, wipe away his tears and bring Jesus to the occasion, and watch his pain subside, and his fears melt away.

I step outside to the triage area and I am informed of a Soldier who was having real difficulty. I recognize him as the line medic of these Warriors. He is beside himself. “Sir, there were bodies and parts everywhere! I need to get back out there! As I held this warrior I reminded him of the lives he had already saved this evening. I reminded him that he too is injured and needs proper care, and that there are already reinforcements in place. He was done for the day. He did good! I held him as he pulled himself together, and I softly prayed over this wounded warrior.

Summary: 12 Wounded in Action all will survive, 0 Killed in Action (1 miracle) Ch D.S.

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