Stop-Light Prayer

stoplight-tag.jpgI’ve had several people ask me about sponsoring some sort of effort to mobilize prayer for our Nation. As I was praying recently, God suggested the idea of a Stop-Light Prayer Patrol where wasted downtime at a stoplight can be recycled into valuable prayertime for the needs that face our nation.

What do you think could happen if we all prayed for the concerns of our nation at every stoplight in every city?

I have designed a Prayer-Tag that you can hang from your rear-view mirror for a couple of weeks until you develop a habit of praying for these needs.

Please help spread the word on this, it can make a huge difference in the future of America.
Download yours here, then cut out the tag.
Each page has 2 tags on it.

Churches can also use these as Bulletin inserts to get their congregations involved.

Together, we can blanket our nation in prayer at every stop.

Wayne Dillard
Baghdad Prayer Patrol

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