31-Thank God for His Answers

Scripture: “O Thou who dost hear prayer, To Thee all men come.” -Psalm 65:2

sun_clouds.jpgPrayer: Lord Jesus, You are the God who hears our prayers. You listen with Your heart and respond with Your hands. You are a rewarder of those who seek Your face.

In all the earth and the heavens, there is none like You dear Lord, a God whose ear is open to the cry of His people. We take a minute right now to thank You for all of the answers You have sent, as we have cried out to You.

Thank You Lord for the decrease in violence, thank You for all the lives that have been spared, thank You for the courage of the Iraqi people to arise and enforce what is good and right. Thank You Lord for a new day that is dawning over Baghdad, over the nation and over the region as a whole. You are the God who makes the impossible, accessible.

We are humbled by Your amazing answers; nothing is too difficult for You. Help us Lord to continue to sow seeds in prayer, and to not be slack before Your throne of grace. It is our privilege to make Your house a house of prayer for all peoples, as You have said. amen.

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